Thursday, 18 May 2017

Part 40 :Meri Pehli Khataa...

Armaan said nothing. And when Riddhima got tired of staring at him he finally replied, "I don't know Riddhima. Par agar aisa kuch hai bhi to tumhein fikar krne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Police ko inform kr diya gaya hai aur kal tak ABhimanyu jail mein hoga." Riddhima slightly smiled.


Armaan picked up his jacket and was about to go somewhere when Riddhima's voice stopped him, "Kahan ja rhe ho?"

"Police station, woh abhimanyu.. woh arrest ho gaya hai." He replied.

"Whatt!! Kab?"

"Abhi thori der pehle. Mein bas jakr details lene wala hun."

"Mein bhi chalungi."

"No riddhima."

"Armaan please. I need to. I have to. Please."

The police officer opened the gate to Abhimanyu's jail cell and Armaan and Riddhima entered. Abhimanyu stared at Riddhima, who was undoubtedly uncomfortable under his gaze. Armaan held her hand noticing the look on her face. Abhi's gaze fell to their hands and a nasty chuckle escaped his lips.

"Tu marr hi jata to acha hota." He said.

"Marna chahta kyun tha tu mujhe?" Armaan asked.

"Heh, mujhe pata hai tune Riddhima ke sath kya kiya tha. Sab dekha tha mene." Abhi said. Riddhima's grip tightened around Armaan's hand and she moved behind his back. Abhi continued, "Jabse college se nikla tha tab se Riddhima ke sath hone wali har cheez dekh raha hun mein. Aur tune jo iske sath kiya uske baad tujhe marr hi jana chahiye."

"Aur tu jo kitne salon se kr raha hai wo..." Riddhima held Armaan back. And he stayed.

Abhi looked at Riddhima and said, "Aur tum Riddhima? Iss se shadi kr li? Isse? Apne rapist se? Shadi to kar li hai lekin kabhi pyaar nahi kr paogi isse. Aise insaan se hi shadi krni thi to mujhme kya kami thi? Mene to tumhe hath bhi nahi lagaya tha... aur isne to tumhe smjho maar hi diya tha... "

Armaan no longer stood back and pounced on Abhi. Riddhima no longer held him back either because she left.

Armaan rushed inside his house. His eyes were bloodshot, his hair were messed up and nothing but worry clouded his face. He ran into Arzoo.

"Arzoo.. Ridhima kahan hai.. wo ghar hai na?" He asked.

"Han bhai wo ghar par hi hain kuch der pehle ayi thin bohat pareshan lag rahin thin par mene pucha nahi." She replied.

Armaan ran up the stairs.

Armaan opened the door of his room. The small bed side lamp was the only source of light in the room at the moment. Everything was a mess. A broken vase laid in front of Armaan. And there she was. On the other side of the room, Riddhima had her back against the bed. She was sitting uncannily quiet and still. Armaan approached her and whispered, "Riddhima?"

She looked up at him, her eyes held the deepest of sorrows but yet not one tear was to be seen in them. For the first time, her absolutely beautiful eyes scared Armaan. Their emptiness scared him. And believe me when I say, there wasn't a thing in the world that scared Armaan Malik, that is until now.

He sat next to her. She was still mum. He looked at her and almost cried, "Riddhima please kuch bolo.."

A tear escaped her eye. Then another. And yet another. Until her cheeks were all wet and she was shaking uncontrollably. Armaan held her by her shoulders. "Abhi sahi tha Armaan..." she cried some more and then yelled louder, "Abhi sahi keh raha tha Armaan. Mein... mein tumse .. apne rapist se kese shadi kr skti hun. Wo sahi tha Armaan jab usne kaha ke tumne mujhe maar diya tha..."

Armaan hugged her and he, too, cried. He bit his lower lip in order to stop crying but he couldn't. He just couldn't stop. Riddhima continued, "Mein apne rapist se kabhhi pyaar nahi kr skti Armaan." Armaan froze for a moment. And if you listened closely, under Riddhima's loud cries, a small noise was to be heard; the noise of Armaan's heart breaking. His grip loosened on her. Riddhima, too, moved back and looked at him. "Par Armaan.. agar mere rapist ne mujhe mot di thi, to tumne mujhe zindagi wapis lakr di. Mein apne rapist se nafrat krti hun. Par Armaan tumse.. tumse mohabbat krti hun mein."

To be continued...


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