Wednesday, 31 May 2017

part 5 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 5

"Aur kuch??" Arima said irritatingly handing over a packet of chips to her darling son nd coffee to her mumma..

"no mom.. abhi ke liye bass itna hi.."
Junior replied with attitude..

Arima threw herself on the couch being extremely exhausted.. after working whole day at office, then again making coffee tired her lots..

junior sang nd in return got a curtly "what??" nd he stopped then n there seeing the danger ahead nd going nearer to his granny he whispered..
"aaj ke liye kuch zyada ho gaya, nahi??"
Riddhima juz ruffled his hair in agreement..
"naani.. i'll sleep with u tonight.. okkey na??"
Arima looked at junior at once, hearing him.. he saw his mom nd again said his naani.. "ooppss!! some one seems really pissed off.."
Riddhima juz smiled seeing the frightened expression on junior's face..

"mm.. mommm.. i think u must go n sleep.. it's really late now.. (then turning to his granny).. lets go naani.. we should go in the room too.. mujhe baki ki story bhi to sunna hain.."
Riddhima nodded nd both started walking towards riddhima's room slowly dreading Arima's anger..


junior bit his lower lip nd closed his eyes hearing his mom.. neither riddhima nor junior dared to turn to face arima.. Soon they found the light went off nd Arima came in front of them.

"late night gossip!!! woh bhi MEREY bina??"
Arima said cheekily nd hearing her, junior juz opened his eyes nd shouted..

"yess son.. waisey mujhey bhi chips chahiye nd wait main aapni coffee kitchen mein rakh ke ayyee hoon.. i'll be back soon.."
Arima flew from there to get her coffee leaving both her mother nd son completely shocked.. She came back within a few seconds nd found her son still shocked.. she chuckled..

"by the way son.. don't forget that i'm ur MOM "
she said with attitude nd winking to her naughty son entered Riddhima's room nd sat on the bed comfortably resting her head on the bed post..

"momm... " junior said in astonishment nd ran to her.. Riddhima simply smiled mumbling.. "bilkul aapney papa ki tarah hain.. biggg nautanki.. (then nodding her head side ways smiling widely).. bahot din baad tumhari princess ko dekha, armaan.. she is still the same "dada's shaitan princess"... "
Riddhima was lost in her thought wen she heard her daughter's impatient voice..
"mummaaa.. come, na... we r waiting..."
She smiled nd went to them..


"do aaloo ke parantha aur dahi.. "

"ji paa ji.. aur kuch?? " the bell boy said to Him nd he looked at Her again..

"aap sach mein kuch nahi khayengi??"
She nodded her head negatively nd replied..
"maine thodi der pehle hi khana khaya tha.. fir se nahi kha sakti.."
He smiled nd turned to the bell boy..
"baas paa ji.. aap yeh hi le aao.."
The waiter nodded nd left from there..

"lagta hain aapko aaloo ke paranthe bahot pasand hain??" she asked smilingly nd he smiled widely exposing his cute dimples.. "bahot.."

"waisey aap se ek baat poochoon??" he asked her softly..


"aap ne merey sawal ka jawab nahi diya??"

"par aapne sawal poocha kab??" she replied at once with lill naughtiness over her lips nd lill blush on her cheeks..

He turned his gaze smiling widely.. yess!! he confessed his feelings but didn't ask about hers... goshhh!! she is soo cute nd naughty as well.. He was feeling lucky to fall for such a cute gal.. but before he could ask her..

"ye lijiye paa ji.. aapki paranthe aur dahi.."
the waiter served steamed hot paranthe with white butter on it nd dahi beside it..

Armaan saw his favorite meal nd attacked it at once.. he bit the first slice nd dipping in cold dahi put it in his mouth nd closed his eyes to feel the taste... "mmm.." he whispered in appreciation.. He did the same again.. He completely forgot that someone was juz sitting in front of him nd admiring his childish antics with a million dollar smile across her lips.. After enjoying few bites he felt someone's intense gaze on him nd raised his gaze nd the scene simply left him speechless.. He was feeling embarrassed for eating paranthas like this nd that too in front of HER but at the same moment he got mesmerized by her angelic smile.. she was looking so pure, so innocent, so cute that he could happily spend his whole life staring at her.. On the other hand, she too was lost in his child-like cute expressions nd that wasn't enough.. as wen he raised his gaze, his heaven blue eyes simply captivated her.. She saw lill curd on his lower lip nd unknowingly she bent forward nd cleared that with her thumb very softly.. her very touch simply bowled him out.. her soft, feather-like finger wen brushed across his lips, created immense pleasure in his heart nd he closed his eyes capturing her 1st touch in his heart for ever after.. She saw him closing his eyes nd became lill confused nd trying to register the matter, she remember wat she did.. she backed off quickly.. feeling extremely embarrassed nd shy.. he opened his eyes as soon as he felt the touch vanished nd saw her looking nervously every where except him.. he smiled seeing how naive she was.. nd completed the rest of paranthas happily.. never in his life, he ate with this much of happiness..

They didn't say any thing after that nd paying the bill, they started walking again .. back to the spot from where they started, means to her kheth (field).. After reaching the kheth, she turned to him nd said not meeting his eyes..
"bahot der ho gayee hain.. mujhe aab chalna chahiye.."
He nodded his head unwillingly without uttering a word.. on the other hand, she waited for his answer but wen she didn't hear him, she looked at him finally.. He was looking at her hopefully nd longingly with lill nervousness, lill uncertainty nd lill happiness.. She smiled reading his eyes nd softly asked..
"kya main jaan sakti hoon ke iss CHOR ka naam kya hain??"
he became confused with her sudden question but then smiled widely seeing her blushing nd smiling at the same time..
"haan.. sirf ek shart par... (he paused nd she looked at him with questioning eyes)..jis insaan ne ek CHOR (emphasizing this word) se uska dill churaya hain agar unhone aapna naam bataya toh..."
he smiled nd but without waiting for her answer he said.. "ARMAAN"
"RIDDHIMA" she too smiled nd replied..
"riddhima.."he whispered nd stored her name in his heart securely..


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