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part 5 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,


Since the day in the OT, when Armaan's eyes caught Riddhima staring at him, his attitude towards her changed.he unknowingly started paying extra attention to her and her was like his eyes followed her wherever she went. Once he caught himself staring at her when she was talking to a patient; he was thinking, "how would she look without that long white coat....yadi wo baal khule rakhe tho.." he shook his head as he was ashamed that he was getting distracted by her. The next moment, he could not help noticing how beautiful her smile was... "yeh tumhey kya ho raha hai, Armaan Mallik.." he came out of a trance. 

 The patients seemed to particularly like Dr Riddhima as they called her. A few times, patients had refused to show their post op wounds to him, "Nahin, hum tho wo lady Doctor Riddhima ko hi dikhayenge.wo bahut aaram se dekhti hai" He was shocked when he heard this from a patient. 

Riddhima noticed that Armaan had stopped bullying her too much. She even saw him talking more to his patients, in fact she was surprised that he sat down beside Mr Verma's bed and explained his biopsy results, his stage of cancer and the treatment that would follow, in detail. 

She overheard the nurses, "Wo.apne Dr Mallik ko kya ho gaya hai.." "Aajkal patient ke saath itna baat kaise karne lage hain.." The two nurses then gave Riddhima a naughty smile. 

"Sister, wo hamesha se aise nahin hain kya.." Riddhima acted ignorant. 

Riddhima had already struck a rapport with all the floor nurses. She had figured out that they knew the patients better than anyone else; it was in her interest that she befriends the nurses early on. A lot of students and doctors tended to show a lot of attitude towards the nurses but then the nurses could also make life hell for them. 

"Dr Sharma wo tho nurses aur students se bhi theek se baat nahin kartey hain..patient tho bahut door ki baat hai" one of the older matronly nurses added. 

As Riddhima was chatting with the nurses, her pen accidentally fell down. 

She bent down to pick her dropped pen and as she was getting up, she bumped into Armaan who was talking to someone on his phone with a cup of coffee in the other hand. 

"OUCH!" she screamed as the hot coffee spilled on her crisp white coat and her hair clip fell to release her thick waist long hair. Riddhima immediately took her white coat off as the coffee was very hot. 

"Uffo, dekh kar nahin chalti!" Armaan screamed back but paused when he saw his wish come true.he saw a slim figure in jeans and a sleevless blouse with her straight hair falling on her face and neck down to her waist..he stood still unable to take his eyes off.

"Arre, Dr Sharma, apna coat mujhe do, main abhi wash karke laati hoon. Fresh stain jaldi nikal jaayega" one of the nurses took her coat as Riddhima could feel her face turning bright red from Armaan's piercing gaze! 

The two nurses went inside a room and whispered to each other, "lagta hai apne surgical floor parr hi ek soap opera shuroo hone waala hai..ab Madam Anjali ka kya hoga.." they both giggled as they like everyone else on the campus was aware of Anjali's possessiveness regarding Armaan. Anjali had her informants everywhere and the daily updates from the ward would be wired to her in no time! 


The SMI boasted of having one of the finest medical libraries in the country. A lot of students and residents would come to the library in the evenings after their daytime rotations to study, research or purely socialize as one would run into practically anyone from the Institute at that time. 

Riddhima was busy with a bunch of surgical textbooks when Armaan approached her. He sat down beside her, "Kya padh rahi ho..hmmm ..pancreatic cancer.." 

"Haan, wo kal Dr Jain Whipple procedure karne waale hain naa...tho main kuch fundae clear karr rahi thi" 

"I know that is a difficult procedure" He took out a pen and started drawing something on Riddhima's notepad. In a few minutes, he had drawn sketches of the various stages of the surgery and explained them in a simplified manner. They were both engrossed in the drawings and textbooks; they did not even notice that their heads were touching each other; Armaan would take the pen from her hand when he had to explain something as their hands kept brushing with each other both seemed to enjoy studying the details of the operation together as this was a challenge for Armaan also. Armaan was pleased that Riddhima was showing so much interest and asking all the right questions. Riddhima was impressed at his depth of knowledge and his ability to simplify the most complicated subjects.that was a sign of a very smart person! 

He suddenly looked up and stared at her as he remembered the coffee incident, "Wo..wo.I am sorry I got upset about the coffee accident today."

"OH, wo.. Don't worry, it was my fault. I should have looked up before standing." Riddhima almost blushed as she remembered how Armaan had been staring at her. 

Armaan thought, "Kaash aise accidents roz roz ho" as he remembered her image from the morning and smiled wickedly. 

"Tumnein kuch kahaa.." she asked 

"Nahin, kuch nahin..OH NO!.MARR GAYA!" he suddenly changed his expression as he saw Anjali entering the library. That was a rare sight; there were few places on the campus Anjali never ventured: the library was one of them! 

Armaan got up and hid behind a bookshelf. 

Riddhima looked up and was disappointed to see the figure walking towards her; she muttered, "Darpok kahin kaa!" 

"Riddhima, tumnein Armaan ko dekha hai.." Anjali asked rudely 

"Maine subah ward mein dekha tha" Riddhima lied as she knew Armaan was still hiding behind the shelf. 
Anjali frowned, "Riddhima, I don't want you hanging around with my boyfriend.UNDERSTAND!." 

"I don't understand Anjali, he is just my senior this rotation, why are you upset.." 

"Never mind! If you see him.keh dena main aayi thi yahan" She turned around to leave but was stopped by Armaan who magically appeared in front of her. 

"Anjaliiiiii.tum yahan ho....main kab se tumhey dhoondh rahaa hoon.let's go.I will drop you home.raat ho rahi hai" Armaan put her arm around her and walked out of the library. Riddhima was confused when she saw them walking out of the library, "inka relationship kuch ajeeb hai..kahin kuch gadhbadh hai.." 

Anjali lived at her parent's house on the campus itself. Her parents were very particular that she come home on time, "she needs her full quota of sleep .warna uski tabiyat kharaab ho jaati hai" PAdma Gupta would say. Anjali was not allowed to take any night call either for this reason. There was something mysterious about Anjali and her parents which Armaan was yet to figure out .why were they so protective,after all she was a final year medical student and soon would be expected to take night call once she was an intern and residenthe never dared ask as he held both Shashank and Padma Gupta in high regard; they were practically his parents in Mumbai-they had taken care of all his needs since he had joined the college. 

He still remembered how devastated he had been as a first year student when he heard of his father's death from a brain tumor. He had almost quit medical college but Dr Shashank Gupta had encouraged him to continue and even granted him full scholarship for the entire course of MBBS. It was during that period that Anjali had become close to him; she took care of all his needs and he in return started helping her out with her studies. He was never attracted to her as a lover but cared for her as a well-wisher and friend. 

.to be continued................

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