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part 6 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,


Armaan and Anjali were walking towards her parent's house when Anjali said, "pata hai Armaan….maine suna hai….yeh jo nayi ladki Riddhima hai na….bahut chaaloo type ki hai….usse Delhi se medical college se suspend kar diya tha…..tabhi wo yahan aayi hai…..aur ussney aate hi bahut ladkon ko pataa bhi liyaa hai…..tum zara bachke rehnaa"

Armaan knew Anjali had a habit of exaggerating facts, "Anjaliiiiiii….tumhein yeh sab kahan se maloom hota hai?…..I don't think so…..jab se aayi hai wo bechaari surgical floor parr hi rehti hai…..kahan time milta hoga usse? Tumhein galat khabar mili hai," for some strange reason Armaan tried to defend Riddhima.

"Armaan tum bahut bhole ho….she is not a bechaari….just because you are a workaholic, you think everyone is like you…..tumhein impress karne ke liye tumhare saamney kaam karti hogi….I know her types…."

"OK…OK…whatever" he knew there was no point in arguing with her "chalo ghar aa gaya….." He rang the doorbell.

"Aao, Armaan beta….bahut din huye….." Padma received them at the door.

"Anjali, beta oopar jaao….dad wait karr rahe hain" PAdma ordered.

"Aunty main chalta hoon" Armaan was about to leave when he heard someone call his name.

"Arre, ARMAAN?" Shashank Gupta was descending down the stairs, "Aao, baitho, baitho"

Armaan could never say "no" to his mentor.

"Yes sir," Armaan and Shashank sat down "Main coffee bhijwaa thi hoo" said Padma.

"Beta, tumsey kuch baat karni thi…." Shashank heaved a sigh.

"Haan, kahiye SIR…"

"Beta….ab finals aa rahe hain…..tum tho jaante ho Anjali kitni nervous ho jaathi hai exams ke time….main chahtaa hoon, tum usska zara zyaada dhyaan do…just be more understanding…..I hope you understand….just try to spend more time with her……try to keep her happy……I know after MBBS, she will not work in any clinical field…..usska interest bhi nahin hai…..may be kuch hospital administration mein kaam karr legi……she really likes you……you know that…..i hope you understand what I mean…."

"Aap fikr mat kariye sir, I will take good care of her" Armaan finished sipping his cup of coffee and stood up.

"Aur haan Armaan, next year Neurosurgery ke liye sirf ek opening hai…Dr Mani ney doosri seat kissi UK ke student ke liye reserve kar di hai….so the competition is going to be tough my boy….." Shashank shook his hand as Armaan departed. Dr Gupta knew that as long as the carrot of the Neurosurgery program dangled in front of Armaan, he would never abandon his daughter, Anjali.

Shashank and Padma looked at each other after Armaan left……Dr Gupta had given enough hints to Armaan that his spot in the Neurosurgery program would be guaranteed if Anjali was taken care of. They were keen on Armaan marrying their daughter. They both had managed to conceal from rest of the world that Anjali suffered from Paranoid Schizophrenia. That is why they were very protective about her. They did not want Armaan to know either; at least till he married her………

(Patients with paranoid schizophrenia are out of touch with reality, they tend to be paranoid about people trying to harm them, they can become delusional and live in their own imaginary world- in this case Anjali has been under the delusion that she will marry Armaan one day and she gets paranoid about any woman getting close to Armaan… far Armaan has not suspected that Anjali has an illness….he thinks she is just possessive)

Dr Phatak, the chief of Psychiatry came downstairs after checking Anjali (that is why Padma had asked her to go upstairs), "Dr Gupta, maine Anjali ki dawaa ki dose change karr di hai….hope that will help and get her through the finals……" he shook hands with Shashank and bid goodbye.

Armaan walked back towards the men's hostel. He passed the women's hostel on the way and stopped for a moment, "Wonder, Riddhima kaun se room mein rehti hai?" He walked towards the guard, "Mujhe Riddhima jee sey milna hai" he could not resist seeing her one more time tonight.

"Sorry, sir, 10 baje ke baad, no visitors in ladies' hostel sir…."

"OH, sorry" Armaan started to walk away when he heard some laughing and giggling noises approaching the hostel. It was Sapna, Muskaan and Riddhima returning from the library.

"Oh, Armaan! Tum yahaan kya karr rahe ho? Anjali tho hostel mein nahin rehti….pataa hai naa?" Muskaan could not control her laughter and teased him.

Sapna also joined in, "Bechara Armaan….bina Anjali ke kitnaa lost lag raha hai……poor thing! Ha….ha….ha." Armaan just tightened his fist in anger.

Riddhima felt bad for Armaan; for some reason she had a feeling that Armaan had actually come to meet her, "Armaan…wo hostel ab visitors ke liye bandh hai….." she spoke politely.

"I know….I was just returning from Anjali's and I wanted to lend you this book on Pancreatic cancer….that is why…." He lied and he gave her the book he was planning to read that night.

"Thanks…..OK…Goodnight!" they all waved and went inside.

"Kyon pareshaan karr rahi thi bechaare ko" Sapna teased Muskaan

"Aisa mauka bahut kum miltaa hai….you know ….warna tho Anjali hamesha chipki rehti hai chipkali ki tarah…." Muskaan chuckled.

Riddhima somehow did not like the idea of "Anjali chipki rehti hai" and went off to her room. "Why am I bothered? Why is he letting him be the laughing stock of everyone in the college?……It is none of my business……" thought Riddhima as she walked back to her room.

Armaan was disappointed, as he could not spend more time with Riddhima. With hands in his pocket, he looked up at the moon- how come he had never noticed the moon looked so beautiful on a clear night like this? Why was he beginning to notice these things?….he walked, smelling the fragrance of the flowers in the beds adjacent to the street and started whistling to a song playing at a distance on someone's radio…..

"ab mujhe raat din, tumhara hi khayal hai…." Sung by Sonu Nigam from his album, "Deewana"

Hindi Lyrics:
Hey zu Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm
hey hey hey hey hey hey
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain
kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain
deewano jaisa haal hain tumhara hi khayal hain
Ho ho aa ha ha ha la la la la la la
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain
kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain

Tum ko dekhe beena chain milta nahi
dil pe ab to koi zor chalta nahi
jaadu hain kaisa dil ki lagi mein
dub gaya hu is bekhudi mein
Ho ho aa ha ha ha la la la la la la
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain
kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain

Har pal dhunde nazar tum ko hi jaaneman
had se badhne laga mera deewanapan
dil mein basa lu apna bana lu
ya phir nazar mein tumko chupa lu
Ho ho aa ha ha ha la la la la la la
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain
kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain
deewano jaisa haal hain tumhara hi khayal hain
Ho ho aa ha ha ha la la la la la la
Ho ho aa ha ha ha la la la la la la

….to be continued
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