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part 7 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta


Another senior resident, Shubhankar Bajaj, who had just come back from vacation, joined their team. Shubhankar Bajaj was an obnoxious kind of character; he particularly got on Armaan's nerves. Armaan did not have much respect for him as a surgeon, he also thought he was too talkative and loud-"empty vessels make the most noise" Armaan thought about Shubhankar.

Shubhankar was a big time flirt also; he would go for the young and nave medical students and on his first day back, Shubhankar could not help noticing the pretty young girl, Riddhima Sharma.

"Hello, Ms Sharma….I am your senior resident" he stuck out his hand to shake Riddhima's hand

"Hello, sir!" she replied politely

"No sir wir, yaar… me Shubhankar…..I feel too old otherwise…..ha….haa"

Riddhima smiled and nodded. Armaan was watching her friendly interaction with Dr. Obnoxious, as he referred to Shubhankar.

"Riddhima, why don't you join me for surgery today…..I have a couple of hernias and appy's (short form for appendicitis in medical lingo) to do….chalo scrub in with me" Shubhankar stared at her from head to toe and said enthusiastically. Riddhima's eyes lit up at the thought of scrubbing in for surgery but his gaze did make her feel a little queasy…....well may be she would be able to actually assist rather than just watch for a change she thought. "Sure, Shubhankar!" She knew the only way to learn was to have an hands on experience and not just by being a bystander.

Armaan was a little upset and intervened when he heard that, "Riddhima, you forgot, Dr Jain is doing the Whipple's today……tum kal keh rahi thee naa ki you want to see it…..we will be starting in 20 minutes….come on!"

"OH sorry, Shubhankar, I need to go and see Dr Jain's surgery-after all that surgery is not done everyday….I am sure I can assist you some other time….thanks for the offer, though" Riddhima could sense some tussle between Armaan and Shubhankar but preferred to stay out of it.

Armaan walked with Riddhima towards the OT, "Riddhima…..I am warning you….stay out of Shubhankar's way… will repent otherwise….."

Riddhima was a little offended, "main koyi choti bachhi nahin hoon…..and if you have some issues with Shubhankar, that is your problem……don't drag me into it……I can take care of myself…!" she snapped.

Armaan made a disgusting face and muttered under his breath, "whatever!"

After the laborious 6 hour surgery, Riddhima needed a break, so she went to the cafeteria where she saw Shubhankar sitting on a table with a soft drink. "Aao, Ridz.....can I call you by that name? How was the Whipple's? I am sure you enjoyed being a spectator! Mere saath aati tho tumhein scalpel hi pakdaa deta."

Riddhima understood what he meant, "It was a pleasure, Shubhankar….I think Dr Jain is a great surgeon ….and Armaan did a great job too…..bahut mushkil surgery thee"

"Ya right! Armaan likes to impress all the attendings…..he has his eyes set at the coveted Neurosurgery program……I think he is just an ordinary student….usse sabney bahut chadhaa rakhaa hai…just because he is the Dean's pet!" Shubhankar gulped down his coke and slammed the bottle on the table.

A startled Riddhima did not agree with the last comment specially now that she had seen Armaan's expertise in the OT. She kept quiet and bought a drink for herself.

"Ridz, aaj shaam ko mere saath dinner parr chalo" Shubhankar was quick to change the subject.

"Shubhankar....just like you don't like being called sir....i don't like being called Ridz...specially by someone as senior as you....I hope you inderstand."

"OK..OK...jaisa tum chaaho," he chuckled, "dinner tho chalogi na?"

"Nahin, aaj shaam Riddhima free nahin hai….she needs to present the case of the week in front of everyone tomorrow morning….she needs time to prepare for that…." Armaan appeared from nowhere. Riddhima looked up in surprise as no one had mentioned this before. Before she could protest, Armaan interrupted, "Riddhima, I need my book I lent you last night…in fact can you bring it now?…..bahut zaroori hai….wo patient ki abhi surgery huyi hai naa….I need to read up about it now."

Riddhima was fuming as she was beginning to understand this cat and mouse game between Armaan and Shubhankar. She gave Armaan a dirty look and left for the hostel, "OK...I WILL DO AS YOU PLEASE!" and walked off.


Riddhima saw Sapna and Muskaan chatting in the hallway "Riddhima, itni jaldi mein kyon ho?" asked Sapna

Riddhima explained what was going on. "Riddhima, you are lucky, Armaan ney tumhein uss pervert se bachaa liya" said Muskaan.

Riddhima was surprised, " kya matlab?"

"Yes, Riddhima that Shubhankar Bajaj is a total pervert….wo tum parr line maar raha hoga…tabhi Armaan ney tumhein yahan bheja hai, " Sapna defended Armaan for a change.

"But why does Armaan care?" she asked

"Yeh tho pataa nahin….parr Shubhankar se bach ke rehnaa….ussney kayi ladkiyon ki zindagi ….hmm…cough…cough….you know what I mean?" said Muskaan

Riddhima felt bad that she had misunderstood Armaan…."parr wo mujhe harr baar protect kyon karta hai….?" She questioned herself.

Riddhima kept her distance from Shubhankar Bajaj after that day but on the last day of their rotation, Shubhankar came up to all the students, "Hey guys, as you are aware of our tradition in surgery, on our last day of our rotation, the senior resident takes all the students and interns out for dinner….so we will all go out to Caf babaloo tonight- dinner and dancing….what'u say?"

"Sounds great" said one of the 4th year students. Armaan normally stayed out of the after rotations partying, as he considered it a waste of time but when he heard Shubhankar's plan, he could not stay out, "kitney baje mil rahe hain?"

Shubhankar was stunned, "Armaan….tum kabsey party karney lage?"

Armaan looked at Riddhima and said, "there is always a FIRST TIME, DR BAJAJ….why not tonight?"

Shubhankar said, "You are welcome …of course…..8 baje…see you all there."

Riddhima smiled, as she understood the reason behind Armaan's "first time"


They were a group of 8 students and interns along with Shubhankar. Riddhima could not help noticing how handsome Armaan actually was, now that he was not in a hospital environment-the blue jeans and half sleeves red t-shirt accentuated his well sculpted physique. His deep blue eyes looked even more intense as he gazed at her sub consciously.

Riddhima was herself looking very desirable in a knee length black dress; she noticed Armaan had already scrutinized her from head to toe with his piercing gaze.

After dinner, they all went up to the dance floor and danced to some latest hip hop and bhangra music. Armaan preferred to stay seated with a drink. Riddhima, Sapna and a couple of other women students danced together as a group.

In a short while, Shubhankar went up to the D.J and whispered something.

"OK ladies and gentlemen…I have a request for a slow dance number… you go…."the D.J announced.

The song that played: "aage bhi jaane na tu" from old movie "waqt"

Aage bhi jaane na tu, peechhe bhi jaane na tu
jo bhi hai, bas yahi ek pal hai
Aage bhi jaane na tu…

Anjaane saayo ka raaho mein dera hai
Andekhi baaho ne ham sabko ghera hai
Ye pal ujaala hai baaqi andhera hai
Ye pal gawaana na ye pal hi tera hai
Jeene waale soch le yahi waqt hai kar le puri aarzoo
Aage bhi ...

Is pal ke jalwo ne mehfil sawaari hai
Is pal ki garmi ne dhadkan ubhaari hai
Is pal ke hone se duniya hamaari hai
Ye pal jo dekho to sadiyo pe bhaari hai
Jeene waale soch le yahi waqt hai kar le purii aarzoo
Aage bhi ...

Is pal ke saaye mein apna thhikaana hai
Is pal ke aage hi har shae fasaana hai
Kal kisne dekha hai kal kisne jaana hai
Is pal se paayega jo tujhko paana hai
Jeene waale soch le yahi waqt hai kar le puri aarzoo
Aage bhi ...

As the song started playing, Shubhankar approached Riddhima for a dance but before he could get to her, he saw Armaan holding her hand and walking to the dance floor. "Yeh Armaan kabsey dance karne lagaa?" He was furious and took his phone out to dial a number, "Hello, Anjali….I need to talk to you…"

In the mean time, Armaan and Riddhima enjoyed each other's company and were lost in each other's eyes as the song played on. Armaan could feel her heart pounding against his chest. Riddhima could feel his warm breathe on her face….their fingers intertwined and bodies touching each other……the warm energy flowed easily from one to the other……

Shubhankar soon left without saying goodbye. The students and interns decided to hail a taxi back to the campus. As it was past mid night, they were having a hard time finding a cab. Finally, the seven of them decided to squeeze into one cab. Armaan sat in one corner on the back seat as Riddhima and 3 other girls squeezed in together with him. 2 of the interns sat in front with the driver. Riddhima kept falling from the seat as there was barely any room. Everyone else was laughing and talking loudly; they did not notice that Armaan quietly grabbed Riddhima's waist and lifted her onto his lap. Riddhima did not protest either….they both enjoyed the ride back to their campus. She could feel his strong thighs below her and Armaan enjoyed encircling his fingers around her tiny waist……he could smell the sweet fragrance of the shampoo in her hair…..they both wanted this magical cab ride to go on forever…….

As Armaan walked back to his room, he was sure of one thing, no girl had ever touched his heart the way Riddhima had managed to. He had never felt this distracted by any woman in his life till Riddhima came…… "Main kal hi Anjali ko saaf saaf bataa doonga….she should not have any misconceptions…..abhi tak main uski baat hunsi mein udhaata raha….parr ab she needs to know I don't love her. He remembered Dr Shashank Gupta's words, " Anjali ka zyaada dhyaan rakhna….finals ke time wo nervous ho jaati hai" Well, he thought , "finals ke baad bata doonga…. But I need to also find out what Riddhima feels about me……"

He went to bed thinking of the evening……how close he had been to Riddhima while dancing and in the cab…….. "uski bheeni bheeni khushboo abhi bhi mere kapdon mein hai", he went to bed in the same clothes so Riddhima's aroma could be close to him all night…….

… be continued….
love u all

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