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part 8 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

The following month, Riddhima started her new rotation in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, which meant a lot of night calls as most deliveries tend to happen in the middle of the night.

Riddhima was glad Muskaan was also posted with her but their call nights were always different. Rahul (Anjali's brother in this ff) was the senior student; he seemed to be particularly pleased to have his callnights with Muskaan.

"hmm" Riddhima teased Muskaan as Muskaan turned red whenever Rahul's name was mentioned. Riddhima would willingly change her duties with Muskaan so that Rahul could be with her.

Meanwhile, Riddhima started missing Armaan's company…..she remembered the long days and evenings she spent with him on the surgical floor. By the end of her Surgical rotation she had actually become fond of him....the way he looked at her, his smile, his arrogance....everything seemed very appealing to her by the time her rotation was over. "Well such is life….jo mera nahin hai…..uski chaahat karne se kya faida!" she consoled herself. She knew that Armaan and Anjali were together and Riddhima felt it was best to stay away from them as much as possible.

Armaan in the mean time was doing his rotation in the Emergency Room which was extremely busy-he had no time to even sit down and think-whenever he did, he would remember that evening out with Riddhima and sigh! Anjali had confronted him the very next morning but he had dismissed her fears saying that Riddhima was just a friend.

Anjali had looked very emotionally labile when she had come to him and he did not want to get her more worked up. Anyways, he had decided to wait till their finals when he would tell her the truth about his feelings.

One night when Armaan was dealing with an emergency, he saw Riddhima and her senior resident in the ER. He was thrilled to see her; he left what he was doing and walked towards her, "HI Riddhima….long time no see….stranger…..tum gynae mein ho?"

Riddhima's face also lit up when she saw Armaan. They started discussing the case and before they knew it, Armaan was walking upstairs with Riddhima to the Gynae floor. He followed her to the Doctor's sleeping room and settled on the sofa there.

"Armaan, tumhein ER nahin jaana?" she was surprised to see him so relaxed.

"Meri shift tho pehle hi khatam ho gayi thi, I was just hanging around to see if there would be any interesting cases…..well I found something even better…" he winked mischievously.

Riddhima blushed at his flirtatious comment but did not mind it. "Ab mujhe sone do, pataa nahin kab mera pager baj jayegaa…..now you go" she snapped her fingers at him.

"Tho so jaayo, main bas yahin sofa parr baith karr computer parr research karr loonga" he logged on to the computer in the room. Riddhima was soon fast asleep as Armaan sat on the sofa pretending to work on the computer but kept staring at her, "sote huye tho aur bhi khubsoorat lagti hai" he got up and sat down beside her, he was about to kiss her face when her pager went off…BEEP….BEEP…..Riddhima woke up with a startle and saw Armaan beside her, "tum yahaan?"

Armaan was embarrassed, "Wo mein tumhein jagaane aaya tha….kab se baj rahaa tha tumhara pager…..jaao….jaldi….delivery ke liye bulaa rahe hain!" he tried to hide his embarrassment.

Riddhima jumped off the bed, put on her clogs, her stethoscope around her neck and ran out the door.

She came back after an hour to find Armaan fast asleep on her bed. She smiled and sat down on the sofa….and started humming one of her favorite (and mine too) song:

"tumhe ho na ho, mujhko to" from "Gharonda"


Hindi Lyrics:

tumhe ho naa ho, muz ko to itanaa yakeen hai
muze pyaar tum se naheen hai, naheen hai

muze pyaar tum se naheen hai, naheen hai
magar maine ye raaj ab tak naa jaanaa
ke kyon pyaaree lagatee hai, baaten tumhaaree
mai kyo tum se milane kaa dhanoodhoo bahaanaa
kabhee maine chaahaa, tumhe chhoo ke dekhoo
kabhee maine chaahaa, tumhe paas laanaa
magar fir bhee is baat kaa to yakeen hai..

fir bhee jo tum door rahate ho muz se
to rahate hain dil pe, udaasee ke saaye
koee khwaab unche makaanon se zaanke
koee khwaab baithhaa rahe, sar zukaye
kabhee dil kee raahon mane faile andheraa
kabhee door tak roshanee muskuraye
magar fir bhee is baat kaa to ..

Riddhima sat on the sofa with her legs curled up and arms around her legs, her chin resting on her knees. She knew Armaan belonged to someone else, but why was she getting attracted to him? …..Why did she miss him when he was not there?……Yeh pyaar nahin tho aur kya hai…….yeh tho zaroori nahin ki wo bhi mujhse utna hi pyaar kare jitna main usse karne lagi hoon……Pyaar karna koi paap nahin hai.....he does not need to know that I have fallen for him.......she fell asleep on the sofa thinking about Armaan.

Armaan and Riddhima kept meeting often whenever she was on night call. He would bring his books to study to the Gynae floor even when he was not supposed to be in the hospital. Anjali was promptly informed of this development by one of her many informers at the hospital.

One day when Riddhima was alone in the doctor's room, she heard a loud knock. "Armaan, darwaaza khula hai….andar aa jao" she assumed it was him at that odd hour.

"Armaan nahin……uski hone waali patni!" Anjali barged in. "Riddhima, main tumhein pehle bhi warn karr chuki hoon…..Armaan aur meri shaadi hone waali hai…..stay out of his life...will you?"

"Anjali…..hum dono mein aisa koyi rishta nahin hai…..we are just friends…..please don't misunderstand," she pleaded.

"Armi does not like girls like you anyways……he thinks you are just another colleague….tumhi uske peeche padhi ho……," Anjali scoffed at her angrily.

"Anjali, you are going too far…….main aisa kuch bhi nahin kar rahi hoon….you can please leave….." Riddhima looked away angrily.

"I will make sure you are not even invited to our wedding……you…..dekh loongi tumhein…..!" she left in anger.

A little later, Armaan walked in with his books. He could tell Riddhima was a little upset, "sorry...I am late...iss liye naaraaz ho? Dekho...aaj mess mein gulab jamun bane the...have some," he opened a box and offered her the sweet.

Riddhima did not look at him , "Armaan please!Tum chale jao……yahan ab mat aana! I am not interested in talking to you right now."

Armaan was perplexed, "kal tak tho theek thi...aaj kya hua?" he wondered, "Ok...gulab jamun tho khaa lo Ms Mirchi!"

"I hate sweets!" she snapped

"Kyon kya hua…..senior resident ko mera yahan aana pasand nahin aata kya?" Armaan asked gently.

"Armaan....hamari bhalayi issi mein hai ki tum yahan se chale jao....bas!" she clenched her fists in frustration.

"Waise....mmm," he stuffed a gulab jamun in his mouth, "you are really missing these awesome GJs...mmm...kya baat hai!" he tried to lighten up the air.

"Armaan," she sighed finally, "I don't want to create any problems for you....Anjali aayi thi yahan," Riddhima revealed.

"OH Anjali? you know....uski baaton ka bura mat maanaa karo....she is just a good friend," Armaan wiped his mouth with a napkin.

"Tumhein yaad dilaa doon, tumhari usse jaldi shaadi ho rahi hai….so is she still a friend?" she asked sarcastically.

"Riddhima....Riddhima....believe me....that is just Anjali's figment of imaginationr….shaadi ki tho baat bhi nahin huyi hai…..please believe me" Armaan pleaded with a soulful expression.

"Armaan koyi ladki itna badha jhooth nahin bol sakti, I don't believe you Armaan.I think sab ka bhalaa issi mein hai, ki hum apni dosti aur naa badhayein." She picked her stethoscope and walked put of the room.

Armaan left with a disheartened feeling and headed for the Gupta residence. He had to clear matters tonight....there was no way he could wait till the finals now.


"Aunty, Anjali hai?"

"Beta, kya aaj tumhari ladhai huyi hai kya? Wo aaj apne kamre mein bandh baithi hai…naa khaa rahi hai….naa baat karr rahi hai…bas Armaan.....Armaan kahe jaa rahi hai," Padma lamented.

"Main dekhta hoon" Armaanwent upstairs to her room
She finally opened the door after he pleaded repeatedly. She hugged him tightly as soon as he walked in, "Armaan….I can't live without you…..please don't go any where….." Armaan saw an empty bottle of sleeping pills at her bedside. He saw her collapse to the ground. "ANJALI!!" he panicked and called for an ambulance immediately.

After a few hours of resuscitation, she was out of danger.

Dr Gupta was a broken man,"Armaan, please isska dhyaan rakho…koyi ladhai jhagda mat karo….I know young logon mein kabhi kabhi ladhai ho jaati hai….par she is very sensitive…..yadi aaj usse kuch ho jaata tho main apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahin karta…." he started sobbing on Armaan's shoulder.Armaan stared blankly; he was speechless- how could he break his news to her or her parents at such a sensitive moment?

"Yes, sir….I will try my best….to keep her happy…." Armaan said tearfully.

…..to be continued…

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