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part A : OS on ArSh - Rango Me Hai Pyaar Ki Holi...~"

PART A <3 
"Armaan bhaiyaaa ye aapki aur Shilpa flowerji ki shaadi k baad pehli Holi hai na" JP asked to which Armaan smiled and turn to put his lab coat in his locker to escape from their teasing
"Dr Armaan is baar to aapne apne ghar par Holi rakhi hai maza aayga...jab aap aur Dr Shilpa saath honge yaad hai na JP kitna ladte the dono shuru me" Jiggy spoke excitedly making Armaan go back to their fights and masti in beginning
soch m hoon zara yeh kya hogaya..
lag rha h mujhe sab naya naya...
"Ab to ladai nai sirf pyaar hoga" Sid teased Armaan who rolled his eyes and started reading his file he wore a blue shirt wd denim jeans when Riddhima arrived to which everyone looked at her except Armaan who was busy on his locker while checking some files everyone greeted her to which she smiled at them and looked at Armaan who wasn't looking at her

"I hope Armaan tum Shilpa k saath khush ho...plz Shilpa use khush rakhna after all tum meri sis ho...aur kash Armaan mujhe bhul jaaye...vo aaj b mujhse pyaar karta hai...mai janti hu tabi meri taraf nai dekha" Riddhima thought looking at her corner of eyes to Armaan when
"Aree Shilpa tum kab aayi" Sid spoke loudly making Armaan immediately looked at the locker room's entrance where she wasn't everyone started laughing to which Riddhima also smiled Armaan shook his head and turned again towards his locker
"toh fir parso sab party me milte hai" Sid spoke to which everyone agreed when Shilpa walked in
"aree Shilpa flowerji aap" JP spoke to which Armaan thought that they are again making fun of him
"acha hua tum aa gayi...hum tumhari hi baat kar rahe the.." Sid spoke while coming infront of her who smiled while standing beside JP and Jiggy
oh jaaniya...
hal yeh kaisa h
ishq k jaisa h
tunne mujhe kya krdiya..
"acha to kya baat kar rahe the tum log" she asked surprisingly making Armaan's eyes snapped open who was reading his file he kept the file in locker and slowly wd increasing heart beat turn towards Shilpa and froze at her mesmerized view she wore a pink dress her hairs were opened he saw her smiling wd JP and Jiggy
"ye smile maine pehle kyun nai observe ki...kyaaa aaj tum itni khubsoorat lag rahi ho...yaa aise hi hamesa se thi bas maine hi andekha kar diyaa"he thought staring at her when someone tapped on his shoulder making him look at it
"to ho gayaa...kab kahega tu use..." Sid asked making him looked down"Armaan...mai janta hu jo tune kiya galat kiya but abi b tere paas ek din ka tym hai...varna vo chali jaygi tujhe hamesa k liye chorke" he spoke concernedly making him looked at him
"par kaise Sid kis right se ...usko roku" he spoke sadly
"Husband k right se jo tu abi b hai...varna ek baar chali gayi to nai aaygi" Sid assured to which he nodded and hugged him
"Sid chale..." Riddhima called making them look at her
"haa...tum chalo mai aata hu" he spoke to which she nodded and smiled at Armaan who returned the gestured "mai jaaoon na mujhe chod de bye"he spoke and winked at Armaan who chuckled
"bye..." he spoke while looking at Shilpa who was no where in sight he shook his head and leaned against the locker "hmmm Dhanno I know maine tumhe bohoot hurt kiya hai...plzzz mujhe maaf kardo" he looked up wd moist eyes he closed them remembering his past life wd her
Well it started when Shilpa left the Sanjeevani and after that the fire scene where Riddhima choose Sid over Armaan and Sid over heard and gave divorce papers to Riddhima on which Armaan decided to bring them together and thought to make them understand that he is moved on and he knew wd whom he can move on
So he immediately reached Panchgani and took Shilpa's hand from her Maasi who immediately agreed but Shilpa refused and after lot of forcing from Massi and Armaan's request and told about Riddhima-Sid divorce so she agreed and they got married in court
When they reached Mumbai everyone was shocked including Ridz-Sid he told he realize his love for Shilpa. Sid was not convinced but Armaan made the situation's like he really love Shilpa wdout letting her know so at last everyone agreed and accepted while Sid canceled his divorced
In home they lived in different rooms Shilpa managed everything in house and took care of it they rarely come face to face and in hospital also they were behave professionals but somewhere Shilpa felt bad about his behavior, he ignored her but when they were in front of Siddhima he behave different wd her and that hurted her
After one week of their marriage Sid told Ridz and Shilpa's secret to Armaan who was left stunned and when he knew that Shilpa already knew this he was angry. He asked her about her relation wd Gupta's she didn't spoke anything coz she knew when Sid and Ridz will together he will leave her so she didn't spoke anything to him and he blasted on her and didn't talk wd her for one whole week which didn't bother her coz they already didn't talk much
But Armaan decided to unfold this secret especially infront of Padma & Shashank so he talked wd them and Padma cried listening this while Shashank accepted and they talked wd Shilpa who was stunned to see this and after lot's of crying they accepted each other and when Riddhima got to knew this she was shocked why? coz - first Armaan's marriage wd Shilpa and second Shilpa being her sister she refused to accept her
Anjali also took tym to accept her after 2 weeks they all accepted her except Riddhima then Shilpa decided to stay away from Gupta family after that incident she didn't talked wd Armaan neither she came infront of him in morning she did make breakfast for him and left for hospital before Armaan could woke up and in hospitals she stays 100 mtr away from him sometimes they came face to face but they ignored each other completely and in night's she cooked dinner for him and left early for her bed
After 2 months of their marriage first tym Shilpa gone to met wd her Maasi coz she was ill so she left wdout informing Armaan but she left a note for him in which she had written "Maasi bemar hai to mujhe jana padega sorry" but when Armaan came at night he saw the note on his bedside table wdout opening it he put that in his drawer
Next morning when he had his breakfast he asked Kaka why today's breakfast is different then Kaka told about Shilpa! Armaan was shocked to hear this he didn't knew about this and within in two days he got to knew everything about his home like laundary, milkman, newspaper etc. and also wdout her his home is messed up and on third day he opened that note and read it!
oh jaaniya...
chiir gaya aap hi tu woh saz h
khul gaya aap hi tu woh raaz h...
o jaainya ...
In forth day he reached Panchgani Orphanage and saw Maasi was still in fever and Shilpa is taking care of everything in orphanage he talked wd maasi and he enjoyed her company Shilpa was shocked to see him but somewhere she hoped that may be now her life will change may be now he will love her back but she also knew he still love Riddhima and she respected that
One week later they returned from Orphanage in this week they didn't interacted much. Armaan in this one week in Panchgani he got to know about Shilpa more from her Maasi and he also enjoyed wd the kids there he was confused that what can he do for Shilpa to make her forget him coz he still love Riddhima
And when they reached Armaan was left stunned to see his parents there. They scolded him but also accepted Shilpa later Armaan talked wd Shilpa that they have to leave in same room coz of his parents she just gave a small nod and moved to bring her clothes from her room and in just two days his parents love her more than Armaan
One day Armaan came late from hospital coz of rain and he suffered from high fever which Shilpa took care of him whole night and in morning before Armaan knew she left from there and later Armaan's Mom asked about his fever and also informed that how Shilpa took care of him whole night and wd that his Mom also asked
"Armaan kya ye shaadi tum dono k marzi k khilaf hui hai" Ananya asked which made him shocked
"no Anyaa.. aisa kuch nai hai" he lied which made his Mom serious
"dekho Armaan mai janti hu...tum jhut bol rahe ho...plz mujhe batao" she spoke which made Armaan quite and he narrated the whole story infront of her "tum pagal ho Armaan..tumne Riddhima k khushi k liye Shilpa ki zindgi ki bali chadhadi...sirf is liye ku ki vo tumse pyaar karti hai.." his Mom scolded him
"but Anya mere paas option nai tha..mai kya karta Riddhima already mujhe aur Shilpa ko galat samajhti thi to mere paas wohi ek tarika tha.." he spoke in low voice while resting on headboard of the bed
"tum kabse selfish ho gayye Armaan..tumhare pyaar ne mere aur Billy k bich divorce rok diya...aur tum ek masum si ladki ki zindagi barbaad kar rahe ho"Ananya spoke
"Mom mai vaise b use divorce dene wala hu...vo apni life me aage badh jaygi Mom..." he spoke wd guilt
"acha to ab jab tumhara kaam ho gaya to divorce...great to ye hai Dr.Armaan Malik jo logo ki problem solve karta tha" she spoke which made him look down
"to aur kya karu mai" he shouted
"try karo apne is rishte ko bachane ki...pyaar do Shilpa ko..bohot pyaari hai vo aur masum b shayad Riddhima se zyada kyunki uske paas ek Parivaar hai rehne aur kehne k lie aur ye..kise apna kahe Armaan?" she spoke lovingly "kya tumhe use kabi ek din k liye b pyaar nai hua?" she asked
"Anya jab in dhaai mahino me mujhe use pyaar nai ek din kya chiz hai"he spoke wd sad smile
"Armaan beta pyaar k liye dhaai mahine nai bas ek pal hi kafi hota hai...tum dekh lena ek din tum use jaroor apnaoge" she spoke to which Armaan just stared at her
"dekhte hai" he spoke and closed his eyes while Shilpa who cameback for her wrist watch moved from there listening this
She cried all her way till the Sanjeevani she knew this already that he will never love him back but listening from his mouth she was hurt whole day she tried not to break down but at last she broked in fire escape and then she decided to leave him forever when his parents will be gone
Three days later when Armaan was talking wd his patient (his parents were gone after blessing them) Riddhima called him to meet him and when he reached Riddhima shouted on him and blaming that he only married Shilpa for her coz he wanted her happiness
"mai janti hu Armaan tum ye mere liye kar rahe ho...but Armaan Shilpa se shaadi karna tumhari life ka galat decision hai...vo bohot achi hai mai janti hu...but Armaan tum dono ek dusre k liye nai ho...plz ab to vo meri behen hai..Armaan use alag kardo...mai janti hu vo tumse pyaar karti hai but Armaan sirf uske pyaar k sahare tum dono ki life sahi nai chalegi...tum aaj b mujhse pyaar karte ho mai janti hu.." she spoke which not only broke Armaan's heart but also Sid's and Shilpa's to, who just walked in locker room
"Riddhima haa ye sach maine Shilpa se shaadi sirf is liye ki kyun ki..mai tumhari aur Sid ki khushi chahta tha...aur ye b sach hai ki mai aaj b sirf tumse hi pyaar karta hu...aur aage b karunga" he spoke in serious tone which made Shilpa cry and she moved from there leaving Sid alone who felt bad for her "but mai ab apne aur Shilpa k rishte ko ek mauka dena chahta hu...aur ye isliye nai kyunki vo mujhse pyaar karti hai balki isliye kyunki...mai chahta hu hamari shaadi successful bane..." he spoke which made not only Sid but also Riddhima smile
And Armaan made her understand to move on her life and he on his life and Sid came to inform him about Shilpa who also listened that and Armaan searched whole Sanjeevani but didn't found her he asked about her from Nurse who informed she just took a half day coz of her headache and at night when he reached his home and searched her everywhere then at last he found her on terrace she was standing looking at the sky when Armaan walked closer to her
"Shilpa...I am sor..." he spoke hesitantly when she turned wd blank look and forwarded a paper towards him while looking down Armaan looked at it took from her hand and was left stunned it was a divorce paper "Shilpa ye kya hai..."he asked angrily to which she didn't spoke anything and moved ahead when Armaan pulled her towards him angrily "mai puch raha hu kya hai ye" he asked
jaise hotto pe halki si ae hasi lekin
aankhe yeh gilli ho
tu h woh asso jaaniya...
"Divorce Papers hai...padha nai tumne..." she shouted angrily while controlling her tears which made him more furious and pulled her towards him
"janta hu but kyun.." he asked to which she jerked him
"Showpiece nai hu mai Armaan..insaan hu kuch kehti nai iiska matlab nai feelings nai hai mere jante hue ki tum Riddhima di se pyaar karte ho...maine tumse shaadi ki kyun ki...tumhari tarah mai b chahti hu di ki khushi...varna mai tumse kabi shaadi nai karti...kyun ki mujhe tumhe pana nai tha...mai ye b janti hu ki tum kabi mere ho hi nai sakte...aur na hi mai chahti hu...bas ye sab maine Riddhima di aur Sid jiju k liye kiya..."
"tumhe kya lagta hai mujhe nai pata ki kaise tum..." She sniffed "kaise tum undono ko ye dikhane k liye mere karib aate the taki vo ye samjhe ki tum move on ho chuke ho..but Armaan agar tum mujhe ye bata b dete na mai fir b tumhara saath deti...aur agar tumhe ye shaadi nai nibhani asli kyun fake shaadi kar lete" she break to which he moved towards her and she raised her hand "vo b sirf isliye kyun ki mai tumse pyaar karti hu...par ab nai di aur jiju khush hai...hum dono ka kaam ho ab hume alag ho jana chahiye" she spoke after controlling on her self
"nai Shilpa...mai ye shaadi..." he spoke slowly but she walked out from there making him shocked and from that day he tried to make her understand but she ignored him then he drop the idea of giving their marriage a chance one day in morning when he knocked at her room's door but she was no where in sight he slowly walked in when his eyes landed on her bed where his dairy and something was kept
wo oo...
waise nadan hoon haera hoon
thora pareshan hoon...
samjhaun kya khud ko
haas doon ya ro dun janiya..
He pick his dairy and one more dairy was there which was not his he picked and read that it was her dairy he had half read her dairy where she written about her childhood days he smiled coz he reminded when she met first tym wd him how she used to be, when suddenly the bathroom's door clicked and he moved out wd her dairy
Later he read everything about her how she first tym fell for him and named him'Dhyaanleva' he smiled at this and also found out about her feeling towards Riddhima whenever she rejected her but the dairy hold only about him more he got to know how much she loves him and how much she is innocent lonely just like him and that tym his Mom's word echoed in his ears "Armaan beta pyaar k liye dhaai mahine nai bas ek pal hi kafi hota hai...tum dekh lena ek din tum use jaroor apnaoge"and he knew he has fallen for her
When suddenly someone knocked outside his room he opened wd thudding heart and was left mesmerized by her beauty her wet hairs and her fresh smell making him crazy
"tumne meri dairy dekhi hai kya kahi.." she asked hesistatly making him come out from her beauty
"nai...naii dekhi" he fumbled while hiding the dairy behind his back to which she nodded and turned when "Shilpa..." he called her which made her to turn"tuummne pakka soch liya hume alag hona hai" he asked hopefully
"haa...don't worry Holi k baad mai chali jaungi..sirf do hi din to hai" she spoke and walked out leaving him shock there and since he was thinking how to stop her
"late ho raha hai...pehle us patient ko dekh lu fir ghar jaati hu...abi ghar jakar arrangements b to karna hai...kal ki party k liye" she muttered while entering in locker room which was empty right now she put all her things in her locker when a note fell from it she picked that note and read it!
"I am sorry Shilpa...I know maine tumhe bohot hurt kiya hai ...but trust me vo sab sirf Sid aur Riddhima k khushi k liye kiya tha...plz mujhe maaf kardo Shilpa..."
Only your's Armaan
She folded that paper and kissed it wd teary eyed and walked towards Armaan's locker she touched his name and caressed it "kyun aisa karte ho Armaan...mai nai jaa paaungi...I know tum ye sab sirf sympathy k liye kar rahe ho...par mujhe use b pyaar ho gaya hai ...plz aur mushkil mat banao" she leaned against his locker she closed her eyes

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