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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


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"Pata nai kaun hogi hamaari... Nayyi Dance teacher" Kriya spoke confusedly leaning against the mirror

"Plz koi boring si... Bharatnatayam types si naa ho" Sharon spoke while keeping her hairs aside wd an attitude

"Haa sahi kaha... Yaar varna dance b boring ban jaayga..." Neha joked to which everyone laughed

"Koi hot types si ho..." Nilesh said dreamily

"Haa yaar collage mein b... Mehfil hogi" Vickey put his hand on Nilesh's shoulder

"But yaal... Vo gogi ton??" Amar spoke confusedly

"Abbe yede... Proffessor ne.. Bola na uska naam..." Bharat hit Amar's head light to which the guys started thinking they all were in Dance practice room waiting for their new Dance teacher

"Unka naam Shilpa Malhotra hai..." Rimi whispered in Simi's ear slowly to which she smiled

"Par guys ye Rey aur Sawayam kaha hai... Miss Shilpa k aane ka time ho raha hai... Aur ye dono ab tak gayab hai" Sharon spoke in her attitude tone

"Haa aa rahe honge vo dono..." Nilesh informed "Tu sunn na Vicky agar vo Hot nai hui to??" ignoring Sharon he asked Vicky who thought for some time

"Toh hum kuch nai kar paaynge... Sirf unki sunenge.. Par agar hot hui to... Wooohhh" Vicky said excietedly to which all the boys started hooting making girls irritated

"Huh... Har koi Proffessor Karan ki tarah nai ho sakta... Hot Handsome k saath Smart" Neha taunted

"Point hai... Point hai" Rimi hi5 wd her

"Haa vo to hai... Vo bahoot Handsome aur Hot hai... Yaad hai na... Unke six packs" Divya said dreamily in her tom boy style

"Kaash vo b... Fest mein aaye" Simi spoke happily

"Nai aaynge to hum bula lenge unhe..." Neha smiled

"Haa yaar... Vo to hai" Sharon agreed

"Haa... Aur unke dimples b cute hai" Kriya smiled dreamily which made boys looked at each other

"Ab to main chahta hun... Ki jo hamari nai Dance teacher ho vo... Bahoot hot ho... Proffessor Karan Malik se b hot" Vicky whispered to the boys who nodded


"Yaar aaj fir late na ho jaaun..." Reyansh spoke worriedly while running beside the basket ball court when he slumped wd someone

"Ouch!!!" her melodious voice reached his ears

"I am sorry..." Reyansh spoke dreamily looking at her face who gave a sweet smile to him and picked her purse from ground

"Its ok..." she smiled "But aglibaar dekhe chalna samjhe" she warned but in sweet way but Reyansh was lost in her green almond eyes he looked her from up to down wearing a black knee length skirt while her hairs were in a pony "Kya huaa kuch problem hai...??" she asked frowning to which he immediately nodded in NO giving sleeplessly smile

"Kuch nai..." he smiled dreamily to which smiled

"See yaa..." saying this she went from there leaving a dazed Rey there She entered in Collage where all eyes were on her "Sab aise kyun dekh rahe hai... Jaise ladki pehli baar dekha ho... Kahi maine kuch over to nai kiya" she thought staring at everyone when she bumped wd someone whose book fell down "I am sorry..." she apologized in her sweet tone

"No no its ok..." But Swayam stopped, starring her

"Hmm tumhari book..." bending down she picked his book and gave that to him who was lost in her beauty "Acha kya tum... Mujhe Principal ka cabin bata sakte ho...??" she asked politely to while he was staring at her "Helloo... Maine kuch pucha.." clicking her fingers infront of him who came out from her trance

"Yaa... Voo... Haa... Seedhe se right" he pointed after coming from trance

"Plz boys bathroom ka rasta mat bata dena... U know maine filmo mein dekha hai" she joked making him smile

"Nai nai... Maine jo bola... Sahi hai" he spoke politely and thanking him she left from there living a smiling Swayam behind

"Na vo dance teacher aayi aur naa hi... Swayam aur Rey" Sharon spoke angrily when the door of dance room flew opened like a wind making everyone to looked at there

"Ye kaun hai??" Nilesh asked dazedly to boys who were also shocked to see a stunning girl who just opened the door she looked at everyone wd a smile her green eyes chubby cheeks and long hairs which was tied in a pony and her black one piece was suiting on her curves

"Good morning everyone" her cheerful voice wished them who were stunned to see her

"Aap...??" Sharon asked frowning when

"I am sorry..." Entered Sawaym & Rey together to which everyone looked at them

"U guys are... Late..." her cute voice made both to looked at her

"Aaap... Yaha??" they both asked frowning as they entered

"Okk... I know lots of confusions... So let me clear it" she smiled seeing their confused faces "My Self Shilpa Malhotra... Ur New Dance teacher" Shilpa spoke smilingly making everyone stunned

"Hamaari new dance teacher??" everyone asked in chorus making her smile

"Yess... Koi problem" she asked smilingly

"No..." boys replied dreamily

"No...Mam..." while girls replied normally

"Good... Ab chalo... Tum log ki baari... Khudko introduce karo... First wd name" she spoke politely to which boys nodded together while girls smiled and they started introducing themselves "Ok... Ab meri baari... Jaisa ki aap sab jaante hai main yahan sirf Fest tak hun to tab tak aapko meri sunni hogi... Mere kuch khaas rules nai hai... But teen chizo ka dhyaan chahiyee... Concentration Focus & Passion... Bas... " She spoke in her sweet way making everyone smile "Aur mujhe late aane wale pasand nai" she looked at Swayam & Rey who looked down slowly "Lekin plz mere saath vo teacher wala nai... Friend wala teacher samjhe... Ok" she smiled

"Aap to hamari tarah Cool ho..." Nilesh spoke dreamily making Shilpa giggle where as everyone smiled

"Toh fir aaj se hum ek team hai..." Shilpa spoke cheerfully to which they shouted 'Yes'

A Week Later...

"Girls... Karan Sir maan gaye Fest k liye..." Kriya spoke excitedly

"Yeeyyeee..." all the girls shouted excitedly

"Finally Sir b hamare saath fest mein rahenge" Neha smiled dreamily

"Kya kaha tha us Vicky... Ne haa... Yehi na ki Shilpa Mam k muqable koi nai hai... Ab dekhna khub maza aayga" Rimi smiled

"Haa girls... Kal Sir aa rahe hai..." Sharon smiled to which all girls cheered Yes, Proffessor Karan Malik is going to enter again in St.Louis Collage reason the new Dance teacher Shilpa Malhotra whom boys were giving more attention than girls and when girls tried to talk them boys ignored so getting irritated Neha argued Vicky who directly told comparing to Shilpa no other teacher is Smart Hot & Beautiful and girls started thinking over it they didn't have any problem wd Shilpa she is sweet & polite wd everyone equally but Boys are drooling over her so it clicked on Kriya's brain that to bring Karan for fest and show boys that they also have a Handsome Hot & Smart teacher so they called Karan to come who refused coz he was busy in his other work but today girls took permission from Principal who agreed after lots of pressuring also, their Economic teacher took leave for few weeks and called Karan who directly answered a big No but Kriya's constant request on phone he agreed

Lets see what will happen when Shilpa meet Karan?? ;)

Next day in Collage

"Ohoo smiling n all haa... Kuch khaas hai aaj... Kriyaa??" Shilpa asked smilingly as she saw Kriya lonely smiling standing behind a pillar but hearing her she got startled

"Mam... Vo kuch nai... Bas yuhin" Kriya replied slowly to which Shilpa smiled

"Nai batana to mat batao... Par ye bolo tum... Bahar kyun dekh rahi ho baar baar" she asked teasingly crossing her arms

"Sach bataun Mam..." Kriya spoke slowly to which Shilpa nodded "Main kisi ka wait kar rahin hun...infact sirf main nai aaj puri girls kisi ka wait kar rahe hai" she spoke smilingly holding the railing to which Shilpa frowned

"Aisa kaun aane wala hai??" she asked frowning

"Hamare Sir..." she replied happily "Jo aaj aane wale hai... Fest k liye kal se shuru haina fest to aaj vo aane waale hai... Bahoot mehnat se manaya hai unhe... Vo ek bahoot ache teacher plus friend hai... Aur bahoot Handsome hai vo..." she spoke excitedly making her giggle

"Come on Kriyaa... Ek teacher hi to hai" Shilpa spoke normally

"Mam vo sirf ek teacher nai... Bahoot hi ache person hai... Aap dekhna jab unki bike collage k saamne rukegi... Jab apna vo helmet hataynge... Aur jab vo apni goggles utaarenge apni aankhon se... Tab pure collage ko dekhna kaise... Unko ghurenge" Kriya spoke dreamily which maked her laugh

Aankhon ke panno pe

Maine likha tha sau dafaa...

"Omg... Fir to main b dekhna chahungi unko" Shilpa spoke controlling her laugh

"Mam... Aap khud unko dekh k diwaani ho jaogi dekh lena" Kriya spoke confidently to which Shilpa smiled

"We will see... Vaise unka naam kya hai??" Shilpa asked normally

"Unka naam... Ka..." but she was stopped by her phone's msg which was from Neha "Omg Mam... Sir aa gayyye..." she looked at her excitedly who smiled at her cute face

"Ok calm down... Main samajh gayi" Shilpa chuckled seeing her looking out from the balcony

"Mam yaha se dikhenge... Vo aayiye aur dekhiyee unka charm... Dekhna kaise pura Collage ghurega unko" Kriya spoke happily to which she stood beside her calmly "Mam vo dekhiye Sir ki bike..." Kriya pointed as a bike entered inside the collage gate

"Main b to dekhun ye hai kaun jiske liye pura Collage... Intezar kar raha hai"Shilpa thought staring at the bike on which a man was sitting wd his helmet on head where as the whole collage was looking at him whose bike stopped and moving down from his bike he stood up

"See ab dekhna Mam... Sir ko dekhe kaise sab ladkiyaa jaha hai vohi ruk jayngi" Kriya spoke excitedly making Shilpa shook her head wd a smile and looked at the person who removed his helmet from his head and removing his goggles he looked at the Collage where all the girls were drooling over him some of them were just staring him where as Shilpa's smile faded "Dekha Mam mere Sir ka jaddoo" Kriya spoke happily looking at Karan but unnoticed Shilpa who moved some step back Stunned n Shocked!

"Yeh yaha kya kar raha hai..." she mumbled under her breath staring stunned at Karan who hugged Reyansh and his Group of boys

"Main b jaati hun bye Mam..." Saying this Kriya went from there living a shock Shilpa

Lafzon mein jo ishq tha

Hua naa hothon se bayaan...

"Nnooo... Nooo...no... Ye yaha nai ho sakta... Varna meri to band bajegi aaj" she whispered worriedly "Par Shilpa ek baar dhyaan se dekh to le kitne saal baad... Tujhe dekhne ko mila iska charming face" her heart spoke to which she looked at him who just showed his dimples as he saw Kriya and seeing this she also smiled slowly "Par ye proffessor kaise... Aur iski wife kaha hai??" she thought "Gadhi koi collage me apni wife ko lekar aayga" her mind scolded her "Par pehle dhyaan se dekhne to de... Kitna Handsome ho gaya hai... Ab to aur b..." she looked at him dreamily Kriya was right anyone can became 'Diwaani' after seeing him "Par Shilpa tu iske saamne chupna hoga... Agar isne tujhe dekh liya tu to gayi... Fest tak bachna hoga mujhe isse" her mind warned her to which she nodded like a kid

Khud se naraaz hoon

Kyun be-aawaaz hoon

Meri khamoshiyan hain sazaa...

"So sir aap fest tak yehi ho na..." Reyansh asked smilingly to which he smiled all the boys were sitting on stairs of collage wd Karan b/w them

"Fest k liye hi to aaya hun..." he replied smilingly "Vaise kuch naya huaa Collage mein..??" he asked calmly looking around

"Sir... Kya mast chiz huaa Collage mein" Nilesh spoke excitingly

"O really kya naya huaa bhai..." he asked coolly moving closer to him

"Sir hamari nayi Dance teacher aayi hai... Fest k liye" Vicky spoke dreamily

"Aayi hai??" he asked teasingly to which boys smiled

"Haa... Thal...bbbahoot... Hoth...hai" Amar replied in his usual tone

"U mean Hot...?" he winked to which boys giggled

"Haa... Sir kya dance sikhati hai... Kya moves hai unke... Aur bahoot poliet b hai" Swayam spoke normally

"Haa Sir.. Kya faddu... Aur bindaasss hai vo" Bharat spoke coolly to which he chuckled

"Ab to mujhe b unse milna padega..." Karan grinned to which all boys smiled "Kya naam hai unka...??" he asked smilingly

"Ji...Shilpa... Pura naam yaad nai... Par Shilpa pata hai" Nilesh replied confusedly but his reply made Karan stopped for sometime and he looked down at his finger where a ring was shinning it

"Aree yaad hai unka naam Shilpa..." Vicky spoke doubtfully "Kuch to tha.. Shilpa... Shilpa..." he scratched his head

"Malhotra..." he whispered softly which no one heard "But vo yaha kaise ho sakti hai... Vo to chali gayi thi... Chod k mujhe sabko... Ye koi aur hogi..." he thought playing wd his ring

"Let it b guys... Staff room me Sir khud hi mil lenge" Swayam said calmly to which everyone agreed

"Par Sir pehchanenge kaise...??" Vicky asked confusedly

"Simple si baat hai yaar... Vohi ek nai teacher hai to Sir pehchaan jaaynge unko" Rey spoke coolly "Haina Sir..." he looked at Karan

"Ammn yaa offcourse..." he smiled at them and then boys started doing their fun

Two days later...

"Shilpa... Tu pichle do din se.. Karan se chup rahi hai... Aur kitna chupegi.. " her mind scolded her from two days she was hiding trying not to go infront of Karan which she succeed also but from how long she is going to hide from him she don't know she was thinking over this while walking on corridor but when she saw Kriya sitting there quietly she stopped "Kya huaa Kriya kuch problem hai??! Shilpa asked politely to which Kriya stood up

"Nai Mam main to bas aise hi..." Kriya spoke looking away from her

"Jhut mat bolo baat kya hai... Rey se jhagra huaa??" She asked strictly crossing her arms to which she looked up "Hmmm matlab Rey se jhagda huaa hai..." she smiled to which Kriya looked down "Kyun??" she asked politely

"Vo Mam .. Vo mujhe hamesha ignore karta hai.. Pata nai kyun...??" Kriya spoke slowly

"Bas itni si baat... Iska to bahoot easy solution hai..." she spoke coolly

"Kya Mam??! She asked happily and Shilpa whispered something in her ear making both giggle

"To shuru kare..." she hifi her who giggled while nodding in 'yes'

10 minutes later..

"Hmnm... Ab main jaisa karti hun vaisa karo... Thik hai" Shilpa spoke on phone making Kriya to smile "Hasso mat Kriya... Jaise hi Rey jayga vaise shuru karna... Behave like i am some ur male friend... Tab zor se hasna" she whispered staring at her from behind a pillar

"Ok Mam..." Kriya spoke slowly

"No Mam jaaneman... Call me jaan or something" Shilpa giggled "Acha Rey aa raha hai tumhare peeche... So ready steady start ..." she spoke excitedly hiding behind a pillar

"Omg... Baby.. Kya baat kahi hai aapne" Kriya spoke loudly making Rey to stop in his track which makes Shilpa giggle while watching them from behind a pillar

"Ab itna hasso... Jaise tumne duniya me isse bada joke nai sunna ho" Shilpa spoke happily to which Kriya laughed loudly

"Omg.. Haahaaa.. Aap b kya joke maarte ho" Kriya said in fake laughing tone making Rey frowned

"Kriya tumm??" he frowned which makes Shilpa giggled when she heard some students saying 'Gud morning Sir'

"Gud morning" Karan wished them back smilingly which made Shilpa's eyes big who saw him approaching at her side wd his hands behind his back while he was looking at other side

"Nooo... Noo..." she shook her head and turned behind immediately snatching a student's book she hided her face making the student confuse "Plzzz jaldi jao yaha se..." she prayed hiding her face behind the book and as he came ahead she hided behind a pillar

"Gud morning Kriya... Kaafi khush lag rahi ho??" Karan asked smilingly as he saw Kriya laughing on phone while Rey was confused

"No Sir... Bas ek friend joke maar raha tha..." she replied sleeplessly making him smile

"Sir aap kal Mask party mein aaoge" Rey asked suddenly making him looked at him

"Amm..." pressing his lips he started thinking

"Sir plzzz..." Kriya requested while cutting the call making Shilpa's mouth fell open

"Haww... Uske sunte hi mera call kaat diya..." Shilpa whispered wd pouted lips

"Aaunga..." he smiled

"Wow... Great bahoot maza aayga... Sir fir main aapko Shilpa Mam se milaaungi..." Kriya said happily

"Sure... Main b milna chahunga unse... Kaafi sunaa hai unke baare mein..." he said smilingly "See yaa..." waving them he went from there living them excited

"Chal Shilpa... Yaha se chal" peeping from the pillar she bit her nails when someone tapped on her shoulder making her eyes big and she turned back at him

"Mam mera book" the student asked hessisstely to which she took a relief and gave his book

"Sorry..." she apologized and carefully went from there

"Ammm Shilpa ji..." Raghav sir called from behind to which she turned

"Yes..." she smiled

"Aap aa rahi haina... Kal party mein??" he asked politely while walking wd her

"Amm nai actually... Kal main busy hun..." she replied wd fake smile

"I think aapko aana chahiyee... Aap bi to dekho hum kaise celebrate karte hai..." he requested which she cant refuse

"Thik hai main koshish karungi..." she said slowly and went from there "Main yahan aayi hi kyun..."she cursed herself mentally while moving out from Collage


@ 11:45 Night

Shilpa's House

"I hope main is musibat se jaldi niklun..." she whispered slowly pulling the pillow on her lap "Tujhe b yehi aana tha... Yehi collage mila tha..." putting her back against the bedpost she whispered angrily when her eyes landed on her finger where a diamond ring was shinning "Tune aaj b yeh ring pehni hai... Aur usne to Shaadi b karli... Tera wait b nai kiya" playing wd her ring she whispered sadly "Tune teen saal kaha tha... Aur ab Paanch saal ho gaye hai us baat ko Shilpa aur kitna wait karta tera vo..." Her mind reminded her "Haa ye b hai... I hope usko uski wife bahoot pyaar de... Jitna usne socha b nai ho..." looking at the ceiling she whispered softly

Next Night @ The Mask Party

Dil hai yeh sochta

Phir bhi nahi pataa

Kis haq se kahun bataa...

"So... Tum nai dance kar rahe??" Raghav asked Karan who was looking at the dance floor

"Mera chodo apna dekho... Tum kyun nai dance kar rahe??" he asked teasingly making Raghav smiled "Yaa fir koi mila nai... Kaho to Proffessor Priti ko bulaaun..." he said wd a wink

"Aree nai yaar bahoot pakati hai..." Raghav spoke horrifyingly making Karan laugh they both were standing at corner looking at everyone enjoying together the Party

"Oookkk... How about Proffessor Shakshi..." he teased to which Raghav gave a shy smile "Ohhoo... Chehra to dekho..." Karan said teasingly hitting his shoulder lightly

"Acha mera... Chodo apna batao.. Tumne to mask b nai pehna" Raghav asked in same tone making Karan smiled

"Mera dekhne ka maan hai... Dance karne ka nai... Aur jiske saath dance karna hai vo yaha hai nai... So let me enjoy Dude... See Rey Kriya Swayam Sharon... Sab saath mein kitne ache lag rahe hai dance karte hue..." Karan pointed on dance floor where everyone was dancing as couples to which Raghav nodded

"Hey Shilpa... U r late" Shakshi said smilingly as Shilpa entered in dance hall

"Haa vo... Thoda sa..." she spoke slowly holding her hand bag wearing a Golden one piece which was just above her knees wd high golden heels her hairs were straight wd golden earing she has done liitle make up which was not so loud

"Chalo andar... Vaise seriously yaar achi lag rahi ho" Shakshi commented to which she passed a light smile and they walked inside where her eyes stopped

"Karan..." she whispered softly as she saw Karan standing wd Raghav joking on something "Oh no... Ab mujhe chupna hoga..." she thought standing at corner staying away from the crowed she looked at Karan who was looking handsome in black jacket wd black t-shirt and jeans "Haa ye acha rahega..." she smiled as she saw a waiter holding a trey where Masks were kept picking a golden mask she wore on her eyes "Ab thik hai..." she smiled when

"Cool haa... Aao chalo tumhe kisi se milvaati hun" Shaksi dragged her towards Karan actually Shakshi and she became good friends so reluctantly she have to go "Hey Karan... Tum Shilpa se to mile hi nai..." she said happily as they stand infront of them to which Shilpa gulped

"Acha hai mask hai face pe varna ye to pehchaan jaata" she thought correcting her mask looking at him who smiled at her

"Oo haa... Hi Karan Malik..." he smiled formally and forwarded his hand to shake to which she gulped and hessisstately forwarded her hand shaking it wd his whose smile faded feeling her touch

"Kuch mat bolna... Shilpa... Varna aawaz to pehchaan hi jaayga" Shilpa thought worriedly staring at him whose expression was blank and she pulled her hand back slowly

"So... U r the new teacher of Our Dazlers" Karan asked in his cool way to which her heartbeat raised

"Ab kya karegi iske liye to tujhe kuch bolna hi hoga" she thought while Shakshi & Raghav were confused about her reaction where as Karan looked at her strangely

"Ye dumb hai kyaa??" he whispered in Raghav's ear who nodded in NO

"Nai yaar acha khasa class lagati hai sabki... Pata nai kya ho gaya achanak" Raghav whispered back making Karan frowned

"Main to kehta hun tumhe Shaksi ko Dance k liye puchna chahiyee" Karan gestured him who smiled

"Dekh Shilpa agar tu aise hi chup rahi to ye log pagal samjhenge tujhe... Kya farq padta hai agar Karan ko pata chal jayga... Uski shaadi ho chuki hai... Move on ho chuka hai aur ab tu b dikha ki... Tum b Move on ho chuki ho" her mind scolded her to which she agreed

"Amm lagta hai aapko bolna pasand nai..." Karan joked to which Shilpa looked at him

"Nai pasand haina... Actually main kuch soch rahi thi" She replied instantly making Karan stunned

"Acha mask to utar dijiye..." Raghav spoke to which she gulped "Vo koi nai follow kar raha... Except me and students... Party to mask ki hai na" she didn't knew what she replied looking at Karan who was looking somewhere else

"Haa vo b hai..." Raghav smiled

"Acha vo sab chodo... Chalo dance karte hai... Karan aap dance karenge mere saath" Shakshi asked smilingly

"Nai... Mera mood nai hai sorry... But Raghav is free u can take him..." Karan spoke in teasing way making both smiled "Go..." giving Shakshi's hand in Raghav's hand he pushed them lightly on floor while winking at Raghav who shook his head and started dancing wd Shakshi

"Ammm... Mujhe ek important call karna hai... Excuse me" she excused in polite way as he stood beside her

"Yaa sure..." Karan smiled to which she immediately turn to go when

"Mammm...Mammm" Vicky & Nilesh stood infront of her blocking her way

"Kya huaa??" she frowned

"Mam ek request hai... Aap mere saath dance karengi" Nilesh asked excitedly making her giggle

"Tu chup be... Mam aap mere saath dance kariyee na" Vicky requested which Neha heard and got angry

"Nai Mam kisi k saath dance nai karengi... Except" Neha came from behind followed by Rimi & Simi

"Except??" they both frowned including Shilpa also

"Abi batati hun..." saying this Rimi excused and stood beside Karan "Sir... Aap hamari ek help karenge??" she asked slowly

"Bol k to dekho" he smiled making Rimi smiled

"Sir vo kya haina... Neha ko Vicky k saath dance karna tha... But Vicky ko Shilpa mam k saath dance karna hai... Agar aap Shilpa mam k saath dance karenge to Neha ki problem solve ho jaygi" she whispered slowly making Karan raised his bows pointing at himself "Plzz sir..." she requested

"Ok... Chalo..." he agreed making Rimi jumped wd excitement "Offo koi batayga kya baat hai" Shilpa asked confusedly seeing everyone's face when

"Excuse me... Miss Shilpa... Kya aap mere saath dance karengi" Karan offered his hand infront of her who gulped "Plzz..." he said softly to which she looked up at him who cannot see her face coz of mask

"Wow... Karan Sir aur Shilpa Mam... Great" Neha spoke excitedly making everyone smiled except these two

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Main hoon hero hero tera...

"Chaliye..." Karan spoke slowly taking her hand in his where as she unknowingly went wd him on floor "I am sorry... Mujhe aapko aise kheech k nai laana chahiye tha... But Neha ko Vicky k saath Dance karna tha... Aur Rimi ne mujhe request ki.. Agar mai aapke saath dance karunga... To ye problem solve ho jaygi" he was telling this to her who didn't listened anything from him only staring at him dazedly her hand was on his shoulder where as her other hand was on his one hand his other hand was on her waist

"Kitne saal baad tumhe apne karib paaya Karan..." Shilpa thought staring at him who was looking everywhere except on her "Aap yaha kab tak hai...??" she asked softly making him looked at her

"Amm... Main.. Fest tak" he replied smilingly "Vaise aap kab tak hai... Yaha...??" he asked politely going wd the music which was slow romantic number

"Main b... Fest tak hi hun .." she replied slowly staring down on floor making him smiled

"Vaise aapne mask kyun pehna hai... Jab kisi teacher ne nai pehna... Kisi se chup rahi hai kya??" he asked pressing his lips together

"Mmmaain... Kyun kisi se chupungi... Mmain to bas aise hi... Theme yehi tha na to..." she fumbled but was stopped by his sudden pull by her waist towards him making them more close

"Toh...??" he whispered softly staring deep at her their noses were inch apart


"Toh... Vo... Karan..." she was lost yes she was lost in him who pulled her more closer and holding her hand he twirled her around which made her mask fell on floor and she landed on his chest making him stunned she was staring at him quietly who has shocked stunned hurt look on his face which made her frown seeing his look and then her eyes widened realizing her mask was fell on floor and immediately she stepped back looking at him stunned who smiled

"Kya huaa Miss Shilpa..." he asked calmly as if taunting her and moving closer to her he decreased the distance b/w them where as seeing this she ran from there "I knew it ye tum ho Shilpa" he smiled and ran behind her

"Tu bhaag kyun rahi hai Shilpa..." she whispered to herself moving inside the corridor when someone pulled her suddenly by her arm and jammed her b/w him and the pillar "Aaahhh..." she shouted but was stopped by Karan's palm who was staring at her wd grin

Ke Main Hoon Hero Tera

Main hoon hero hero tera...

"So playing hide n seek... Haa" he smirked staring at her who tried to free herself by her hands which were hitting his chest "Stop it Shilpa... Koi faida nai..." he spoke piercing his teeth to which she didn't stopped still trying to free herself "STOP IT...!!" He shouted angrily making her scared who stared him quietly "3 saal keh k 5 saal kardiye tumne..." he said softly removing his palm from her lips making her heartbeat skipped "Kyun??" he asked softly staring at her who gulped and tried to go but he again pulled her back "Enough Shilpa... Face the reality" he whispered angrily

"Mera haath chodo..." she also said in same tone trying to free herself making her hairs fell on her face making him smile

"Vaise aur b beautiful ho gayi ho tum haa..." he smiled staring at her who looked down coz of his gaze and he removed the hairs from her face making her closed her eyes feeling his touch "Chalo... Shaadi karte hai..." holding her wrist he dragged her whose eyes became big hearing this

"R u crazy...??" she asked shockingly pulling her hand back making him looked back at her

"Crazy to tum ho gayi ho..." he spoke angrily to which she turned to go but he immediately pulled her back by her shoulder towards him "Kya ek baar b peeche mud k dekha... Ki koi tumhara wait kar raha hai..." he asked wd moist eyes making her weak but she immediately composed herself and hit his foot by her heel "Aawww..." he whined in pain holding his foot

"Wait mai foot... Shaadi karli tumne... Kaha tha puri life wait karoge..." she spoke angrily crossing her arms making him stunned

"What?? Shaadi...?? R u crazy??" He asked shockingly

"Crazy main nai... Tum ho gaye ho... See mai tumhe warn kar rahi hun... Ki" she spoke in warning tone pointing at him

"Ki... Kya... Pehle ye batao... Teen saal kaha tha to panch saal kaise lag gaye" he asked authoritatively to which she crossed her arms

"Nai bataungi..." she replied calmly making him angry

"Tum..." he pointed at her to which she rolled her eyes and he grabbed her arm firmly "Kaha thi tum Shilpa... Ek baar b mere baare me nai socha tumne??" he asked softly to which she stared him quietly but immediately stepped back

"Ye right tumhe nai hai mujhse puchne ka... Apni wife se pucho..." she said angrily stepping back

"Konsi wife... Shaadi to hamari hone wali thi... Jisse tum bhaag gayi thi... Aur main aaj b sirf tumse shaadi karna chahta hun..." he spoke narrowing his eyes

"Aur kitni shaadi karoge tum..." saying this she ran from there before he could catch her

"SHAADI KAISE KAR SAKTA HUN MAI... JAB PYAAR TUMSE KARTA HUN MAI..." He shouted staring at her running figure and hit his leg angrily on wall


@ Shilpa's Apartment

"Jerk... Idiot... I hate him" she yelled hurtfully as she entered in her room and throwing the sandals on a corner side she slumped on bed and cried her heart out "Khud to shaadi kar k baitha hai... Aur mujhse shaadi karega..." she whispered while sniffing and hided her face in pillow while crying

@ Karan's Apartment

"Yeh kis shaadi ki baat kar rahi hai... Yaha paanch saal se mai iska wait kar raha hun... Sry paanch nai saat saal... Aur is pagal ladki ko lagta hai mai... Dusri shaadi kar chuka great..." he muttered angrily and threw the first thing which came on his way "Jabse mili hai sirf Intezar kar raha hun iska... God!! Ye mili hi ku mujhe" he slumped on bed straight and closed his eyes going 7 years back...


Raahon mein bhi, har kadam

Main tere saath chala

Haathon mein thhe ye haath magar...

"Dad Mom k roz k drame se tang aa gaya hun... isse acha to ye dono Divorce hi le le..." Karan spoke to himself while driving his bike he was still thinking about his parents widout looking at the road when his eyes landed infront of road where a girl just came infront of his bike and he abruptly stopped his bike just infront of her who had her eyes closed while her hands were stretched like in Titanic pose "Wow...!!" he whispered dazedly as he lifted his helmet staring at her beautiful face who opened her one eye to see

"Thank god..." she smiled "I am sorry... Mujhe tumhari bike k saamne aise aana pada... Par koi option nai tha mere paas" she apologized cutely where as he was still staring at her adorable face wearing a white top wd orange printed flowers on it and jeans looking stunning "Vo Actaully... Mujhe aapki help chahiyee..." she spoke slowly moving side from his bike "Aaap sunn rahe haina..." she asked confusedly seeing him staring at her still but he didn't listened anything he was only staring her green eyes rosy lips when she clicked her fingers infront of him who came out from his daze

"Ammm... Yaa sure..." he didn't knew what she was talking about then also he spoke

"Really... So sweet of u... Main abi aayi" she spoke smilingly and went to bring someone he saw she bought a small girl wd her making him frowned "Actaully hum iske school se aa rahe the... Aur hamari rikshaw kharab ho gayi thi... To hum chalke aaye par ab ye thak gayi hai... Aur road pe ek b vehicle nai aayi... Isiliye to mujhe aapko rokna pada" she put her reason infront of him who smiled at her childishness but suddenly something clicked inside his brain

"Ye aapki beti hai...??" he asked slowly praying No in heart

"Yehi samajh lijiye" she smiled and ruffled the little girls hairs who pouted but hearing this his heart fell reason he also didn't knew

"Oo.. Aayiye chod deta hun main..." He spoke slowly wd half heart and wore his helmet "Plz... Sambhal k baithiyega..." he spoke wdout looking back at her who sat quietly wd the kid b/w them "Amm chalun..." he asked slowly his heart was already fell hearing she is mother of that kid

"Amm chalo bhaiyaa..." the little girl shouted excitingly making him smile

"Arya... Sshhh" she gestured the little girl to stay quiet who giggled which he heard and started his bike

"Ye kisi angle se ek bacche ki maa nai lagti... Kitni choti lag rahi hai... Impossible"he thought while staring on road "Acha aapko jana kaha hai??" he asked formally

"Sanjeevani orphange..." before she could answer Arya spoke making him smile and wdin ten minutes they reached there

"Aa gaya..." he spoke as he stopped his bike infront of the gate to which they both moved down

"Thank u..." she smiled which made his heart skipped

"Haa... Thank u... Ghar mein aaoge... Hamare Maasi kehti hai jo help kare aur acha ho... Usse ghar mein bula kar uski care karni chahiyee.. Haina Didi" Arya spoke in her kidish tone and looked up at her who smiled but hearing 'Didi' Karan's heart started dancing happily

"Ghar??" he asked confusedely

"Haa yehi to hamara ghar hai... Hum yehi rehte hai..." Arya replied cutely making him realize that they are Orphange

"Oo... Nice haa... Mai b aaun andar" He spoke in her tone making Arya smile where as Shilpa was already staring at them

"Haa sure... Hamare ghar me koi b aa sakta hai" Arya spoke proudly making him chuckled

"Aru... Andar jao... Maasi wait kar rahi hogi" Shilpa spoke cutely making Karan smiled

"Ok didi... By uncle" saying this she ran inside living the both

"Thank u once again..." Shilpa said polietly

"Ur Welcome" he smiled to which she went inside the house "To... Vo uski beti nai thi..." he whispered happily wearing his helmet "par tujhe kya karna vo uski beti ho yaa naa ho" he asked wd himself and shaking his head he started his bike somewhere thinking about her

After one week..

Phir bhi rahaa faasla

Seene mein hain chhupe

Ehsaas pyaar ke

Bin kahe tu sun le zaraa...

"I hope aaj office k pehle din late na houun..." Karan prayed while turning his jeep when suddenly he stopped his jeep seeing someone infront of his jeep "Oh... Shit...!!" he spoke shockingly seeing the person fell on ground and he moved out from the jeep "I am sorry... Maine dekha nai aapko..." he apologized bending beside her who was picking her papers in hurry

"Its ok... Par agli baar se dhyaan se" she said normally while collecting her books and papers still looking down where as he was mesmerized by her the same girl whom he met one week ago dressed in green dress she is looking gorgeous Cool haa first time western and second time Indian he was amazed by her

"Main help karta hun..." he moved his one hand to help her who already picked her papers and looked at him

"Aap..." she smiled and stood up

"Yaa... I am sorry..." he too smiled and stood when she looked at her wrist watch

"I am sorry... Mujhe jaana hoga... Mera exam hai" saying this she moved towards a texi stand and taking it she left living a Dazed Karan

"Hayyeee... Kitni pyaari hai yaar" he said dreamingly when his eyes landed on ground where something maked him to pick that up "Shilpa Malhotra..." he whispered smilingly as he picked her Collage Id "Omg... Ye to iska collage Id hai... Aur usne kaha tha ki aaj uska exam hai..." saying this he ran towards his jeep and started his Jeep towards her collage address which was written on her Id "I hope vo mil jaaye..." he whispered as he stopped his Jeep infront of her Collage gate the whole collage was empty right now "I think papers start ho gaye... Par Id bina andar kaise liya hoga usse ..." he mumbled confusedely and appraoched at the watchman "Excuse me...!!" he called polietely to the gaurd and watchman looked at him

"Jii..." watchman replied

"Aapne inko dekha hai.. Actaully ye apna Id bhul gayi thi... Unka exam haina..." he showed her Id to them

"Aree haa... Ye Shilpa hai.. Par Id na hone ki wajah se... Humne unhe nai liya... Aur vo chali gayi..." Gaurd replied and hearing this he was stunned

"To kyaa aap bata sakte hai... Ye kis taraf gayi..." taking a sigh he asked

"Vaha??" he pointed at a corner side which leads to a garden and he immediately ran towards there

"Itni mehnat ki... Padha..." Shilpa sniffed wiping her constant tears which were not stopping sitting on a bench she was crying "Aur agar exam nai diya to mera pura future barbaad" she cried when Karan came behind her

"Hmm..." he forwarded her Id infront of her eyes who stopped and looked up at him "Lo tum bhul gayi thi... Ye road pe gira tha" he spoke calmly sitting beside her "Aur agar jaldi nai gayi to exam miss kardogi..." he spoke smilingly to which she took slowly

"Thanks..." she whispered when he forwarded his hankerchief towards her who frowned

"Isse lo aur daudo... Varna pura paper miss kardogi" He spoke in joking way to which she smiled and ran to go but stopped suddenly and turned back at him to which he stood up frowningly

"Thank u..." she shouted and ran towards her collage making him smile

"Ur welcome..." he whispered to himself smilingly still staring there where she dissappeared and since then she entered in his heart

Next Day

Dil hai yeh sochta

Phir bhi nahi pataa

Kis haq se kahun pataa...

"Main pata nai yaha kyun hun?? Par I hope dikh jaaye mujhe" he muttered slowly staring on road which go towards her Collage he was inside his Jeep waiting for her when a Taxi stopped and from it she moved out wearing a pink dress wd her purse and giving the money to the Taxi Driver she moved ahead while praying to god "I think paper k liye maang rahi hai" he chuckled seeing her reaction and then she went inside her Collage "I want her... In my life" he took a sigh resting her back against his seat and then he decided that he wants her in his life thats it and he announced his decision to his parents who left stunned hearing this


"Karan dimaag kharab ho gaya hai... Tumhara" His mom shouted

"Mom plz... Ye pehli aur aakhiri baar aapse kuch maang raha hun" he spoke annoyingly

"Karan... Kisi ko do teen baar milne se tum shaadi ka faisla kaise kar sakte ho..." his Dad spoke angrily


"Par vo anaath hai..." his Mom spoke angrily

"Kya farq padta hai... Main b to anaatho jaise jee raha hun" he spoke slowly making them quiet "Plz mere liye itna kardo" he requested joining his hands infront of them

"Thik hai..." his dad hugged him and after that his parents went to her Orphange and ask for her hand from her Maasi who was very happy to hear this

"Ye to bahoot khushi ki baat hai... Hamari Shilpa lucky hai... Ji hamari taraf se rishta pakka" Massi spoke happily making them smile

"Par mai ye shaadi nai kar sakti..." Shilpa spoke slowly from behind which made his parents turn at her

"Kyun nai kar sakti... Itna acha rishta hai.." Massi spoke in scolding voice

"Beta Karan tumhe bahoot khush rakhega..." His mom spoke polietely

"I am sorry Aunty... Par main shaadi nai kar sakti" saying this she ran from there living everyone shocked

"Kyun nai kar sakti tu shaadi... Itna acha rishta hai... Varna koi tujh jaisi anaath ko puchta b nai... Beta har kisi ko nai milta aisa chance..." Massi spoke as Karan's Parents went from there

"Par Maasi mere studies ka kya... Mujhe kuch banna hai... Kuch haasil karna hai vo b apne dum pe" Shilpa spoke softly to which maasi held her head

Next Day

Ke main hoon hero tera

Ke main hoon hero tera...

"Problem kya hai?? Aap ye shaadi ku nai karna chahti hai??" Karan asked loudly as Shilpa gave the money to the Taxi driver who went from there

"Main aapko batana jaruri nai samajhti..." she said slowly moving ahead when he suddenly stood infront of her

"Reason..??" he asked blocking her way

"Pehli ki mujhe Padhna hai... Dusri mujhe kuch job karna hai kuch banna hai... Aur teesri aur sabse badi main aapko zyada janti nai" she replied slowly staring up at him who smiled hearing this

"Bas itni si baat..." he spoke smilingly which made her confused " See tumhari pehli reason ka answer hai ki tum jitna chahe utna padh sakti ho... Dusre ka tum job kar sakti ho aur jo banna chaho ban sakti ho... Aur teesra tum mujhe jaan b jaogi..." he spoke nonchantly making her stared him quietly "Kyun ki in sabka solution hai main wait karunga... Jitna chahe utna time lelo par main wait karunga aur shaadi to sirf tumse karunga" he said softly making her relief "Tum mujhe jaan b jaaogi... Aur padh b logi... But engagement to kar hi sakti ho mujhse taaki... Mujhe lage ki tum sirf meri ho" he whispered moving closer to her who smiled

"Fine..." she nodded

"Toh thik hai... Mujhse dosti karogi... My self Karan Malik" he forwarded his hand towards her who giggled and shook her hand smilingly so after that they became good friends and also they got engaged Two years are gone Karan supported her fully in her every mode she too started falling for him who didnt even tried to go close wd her or make her felt uncomfortable in these two years which maked her fell for him she compeletated her study and also joined business Karan was already a Businessman they are getting married after two days but something was bothering Shilpa

"Sapna sahi kehti hai... Agar shaadi k baad sab change ho gaya to... Kahi sach me Karan mujhe sirf apni jaroorat tak k liye shaadi to nai kar raha... Varna mujh jaisi anaath ko ku vo accept karega..."she thought looking at her hands which were full wd dark colour Henna Actually Sapna her classmate spoke that its to early for marriage and why Karan wants to marry her knowing she is an orphan he just wanted to use her its his Lust not Love but somewhere Shilpa knew he is not that type of person or else why he waited for her patiently for two years "Par Shaadi bahoot... Badi responsibility hai... Main ready nai hun..." she stood up from bed and deciding she will talk to him but busy in marriage preparation he didn't got chance to receive her call so at last she decided and packing her stuffs she ran from the house when her cell's ring made her looked at it where Karan's name flashed wd thudding heart she received while sitting on a bench "Hello!!" she spoke slowly looking at the sky

"Sorry... Busy tha na... Hamari shaadi ki taiyaari mein so call nai pick kar paaya... Soo sorryyy..."he spoke lovingly resting his back on his Jeep's seat "So bolo.. Kya baat karna tha... Ku call kiya meri jaan ne" he spoke smilingly but frowned hearing her sniffed "Shilpa... Kya hua...??" he asked worriedly sitting straight to which she cried more "Shilpa... For god sake mujhe bataogi kyun ro rahi ho??" he asked worriedly

"Ii... I... I am sorry... Karan... Main tumse shaadi nai kar sakti... Is liye main bhaag rahi hun" she spoke while crying but hearing this he left shocked world was spinning around his head

"See... Shilpa reason kya hai.. Ek baar batao... To sahi..." he asked after composing himself to which she cried "Ok fine... Milkar baat karte hai... Bolo kaha ho tum...??" he asked slowly plus lovingly to which she spoke she was in a Garden and he immediately dragged his Car towards there "Kya baat hai Shilpa... Maine koi galti ki..??" he asked softly as he sat beside her who looked up at him fearly "Trust me agar galti ki hai to I am really sorry... Par aisa mat karo main nai jee paunga tumhare bina... Agar tumhe time chahiyee to main wait karunga... Par yaar plzz mujhe chod k mat jaao" kneeling infront of her he held her hands and spoke wd moist eyes

"Nai.. Tumhari galti nai hai... Par main ready nai hun... Shaadi k liye..." saying this she stood up following by him

"To koi baat nai... Main wait karunga... Par mujhe chod k mat jaao" holding her by her shoulder he whispered softly making her stared his hurt painfull face which she didn't like at all

"Thik hai... Kya tum mera 3 saal aur wait kar paoge??" she asked slowly to which he stared her

"Haa..." he whispered hurtfully

"Thik hai..." she smiled wd tears "Mujhe Paris se job offer aaya hai... Main vaha jaake kaam karna chahti hun... Akele... Koi b nai chahiyee tum b nai... Aur main contact mein b nai rehna chahti hun so no calls... Messages kyun ki vo mujhe distract karenge.. Mere dream se" she announced her decision slowly making him stunned "Fir main aake tumse shaadi karungi pakka..." she said softly to which he gave her sad smile

Ke main hoon hero tera

Ke main hoon hero tera

Ke main hoon hero tera...

"Thik hai... Tumhari khushi k liye ye b sahi..." he said hurtfully making her heart ache "Kya main tumhaare saath nai aa sakta...??" he asked slowly to which she nodded quietly making him smile "Thik hai... Par tumhe mujhse ek promise karna hoga..." he asked in strong voice making her looked up at him confusedly "Tum sirf meri rahogi... Kisi aur ki taraf dekhogi b nai... Sirf mai aur koi nai tumhare dil me" taking her hands in his he said in determined voice making her smile while nodding in yes "Toh fir main nai rokunga tumhe" saying this he hugged her tightly making her surprized he engulfed her more into him fearing to loose her who first time in history responded equally and after that he convinced her Maasi and his Parents for her who fell more for him and after lots of drama he sent her Paris company wd Sapna and fours years are gone still no sign of her as he promised her he didnt called or texted her the only thing he does was just to wait for her whose condition was worse of him in these years she missed him like hell she always picked her cell to call him but everytime she kept also thinking about her only decision but her friends always distract her from Karan's thinking and also put some bad things inside her brain like after three years of staying in Paris she was excieted to meet wid him as she landed in India but they manipulated her saying he just wanted her in bed etc and also showed some of his pics which was recent one from a Party where he was smiling standing wd a Hot type of girl (Truth was that she was his cousin) and that made her stay away from Panchgani for one more year and here Karan started searching about her but no trace of her in Paris also where she worked her boss informed she left Paris a year back which made him stunned and as he came Panchgani his Parents fixed his marriage to some unknown person who was their Business Partner but Karan refused for marriage and his Dad got attack which made him agree for this mairrage reluctantly where as Shilpa decided she will meet him once coz now she realized how much she loves him and she went to meet him in his house where a huge board was kept on his main gate in which written Karan weds Radhika which made her shocked and hurt so she left him forever and started learning dance and here Karan refused the wedding which was about to held next week coz his one of a friend called him and informed him that she saw Shilpa in Mumbai which maked him to come Mumbai and search her while he had already grabbed a job of teacher which he does only for short period of times coz at other times he was busy in his job and after five years of wait he found her today Yes when his students informed him about their new dance teacher named Shilpa his heart felt dancing but when he didn't got chance to see her he was sad but in today's Party as they shaked their hands he felt its her but little confusion was there but her voice made clear and when her mask fell he saw her after five years and now he just wanted her back in his life also to ask some questions that why she didn't came when she herself promised him

*****Flashback ends*****

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