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Intro & part 1 : Want to spend everyday with U


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He is a business tycoon. he is very gud loking n amazing man. he loves to do charities he had done so many things for the socites n aspacialy for the orphens. he is not like any other other ppl who get al egoistic when they got popularity n monny at very early age but he very humbal man he has built a huge orphanage in the heart of Bombay he had personaly see to the constroction of the building n also needs of the childrens He is son of Abhimanu n Naina Malik but he has lost them in a car accident few years ago

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She is very sweet n nie hearted girl. way differnt then the new morden girl. she thinks that keeping the tradition n folowing a culture is must but she is very morden in thinking but there is only one problem that she is totaly crazzy for ARMAAN MALIK she is a student in IIM so is in to business world n armaan malik is her idol she even wrote her term paper on him n thats how she found a lot about him n fell totaly crezzy for him her only dream is to work for him as his BA advisor but god knows what will happen to her. she is a daught of Shashnk gupta n Padma gupta they r middle class family but for them keeping their only child happy is must n they will see to it.  



We see a beautiful girl wearing her pink night suit n siting on her bed writing something in her diary she is none other then our ridhima gupta
OMG D this guy is driving me crazzzzzzzzzzzy I cant belive I agine had a dream about him n thisone is just toooooooooooo much ok so far I had 2 dream one was about meeting him in college, second one was him telling me that he love me n the third one OMG I just cant belive it I m so scared exited n happy n confused.
ok let me tell u the dream I was wering butiful red party gown n he was wering white suit we were at the college velantine ball'''.. then we bothe danced on few song n suddenly al the music stoped n he was on his knnes n he was holding a dimond solitore ring n said " Ridhima Gupta ever since I have meet u I cant do anything but think about u, u r the one n only persone who got me all creezy about u never in my life I felt anything like this I meet so many girls n al but not one of them have enterd my life like u have did, u come to my dreams n now I have come to knowe how I feel for u I love u ridhima I just love u n for me u r like my janat the sole reason for me to stay alive Ridhima Shashnk Gupta will u marry me" ''''''.. "I have seen the new hight I m a milonare businessman I have seen the success n I thnk god for thatbefor u came my reason to stay alive is just that I m Armaan Malik n I have lots of things to do I have to ful fill my parents dream but after metting u have learn the new things that there are other things besid my parents dream n now that dream of my parents have come true I want to fulfill my dream which is to marry u so will u marry me'''''"
OMG D c what I told u I just cant understand y I m having this types of dreams I m kinda scared coz u know my dreams have came true so far but this dream r just'''.. I don't know d what shud I do u know I was watching dostana last night n I thought that the perfect song right now for me is
armaan armaan
oh oh oh oh
u drive me crazy
oh oh oh oh    
he he he he
I know its realy stupid but it's the fact d I sooooooooo hate my professor eho told me to do the report on the new age business man n that's where I came to know about him ARMAAN MALIK the owner n the CEO of the Malik enterprise the most well known n reputed young businessman. n then the more I read about him the more I started to like him then I starts to think of him as my idol n now I m totally deeply in love with this guy''''''''.
I was not used to write a diary but after starting that report I have wrote this diary n it feeld with al about him his articales his pic n my thought on his views this is more like a scrapbook then just a diary I m sooooooooooo glad that no one knows about it n to keep it that way I always have it in my purse so no one can take it n read it
any way d I have to go now I have a college
c ya then bye
We c a girl comes from the huge gates wearing pink colored salwar khamis n had her handbag on her soulder n few books in her hand then we c her green eyes n then we c that its non other then Ridhima gupta the toper of IIM n one of the best student
al the class has been started its realy quit on the campuse n then we hear a car stoping n we c toe guys coming out of black sports car n one of then is on the phone n the other on os the following the first one
the phone guys cut the call n says " Arjun lets go quickly we shud finish this fast n then leav I need more time at the office over here I want to meet al the employee n al the worker befor I go back to Bombay n ya mack sure that they r not scared to tell me the truth n no one truble them"
Ar: yes sir I will''''''
" arjun how many time do I have to tell u to call me ARMAAN n not sir I heat it when u do that I know u r my PA but to me u r my friend aso let it b like that"
Ar: ok armaan I will do that n here is the deans office
A: can we come in sir??
The dean was reading a book when he heard someone asked permition to come in he raised his head n found him self staring at ARMAAN MALIK the business tycoon n at once he got up n went to them
D: of course come in u don't even have to ask for permeation
A: thank u sir
D: oh ur very wel come wude u like to have some tea coffe or cold drink or anything??
A: no thank you actuly my reason to come here that I wanted to hire few student that can fork for me as my advisor like finac , leage, n administrstion I was wonduring If I cud meet with some of ur top student n get them to think if they r interested in the offer this is more like a on campuse interview'''..
D: sure y not I wud point out few tope student to u but ther is one student who is consedured as one of the best student n her level of smartness in way better then any other student she is our last year student n let me get u her fill but sir I oersonely asour u sir that she wud b the best can didat for u company she in doing her MBA in Management n also in Markating with administration she is very intelligent student n I shall say one of ur followers she takes u as her Idolei will b just right back
the deam left the office to get that girls file leaving totally stunt armaan n arjun
armaan turned to look at arjun n asked: I m her idol I never in my wild dream thought that someone wud realy admire me as their Idol
arjun: I was shoked to n the way dean was smithen by her she had to b the smarty pant amraan n getting in to this college n stating at the tope n also getting referd by the deam him self is quit an achievement I think that this girls has got some potetionl in her
armaan: u r right arjun I think we shud meet her n I want interview her
just then the dean enter with the file he hand that file to armaan to read it but instead of opening the file armaan asked the dean
armaan: is there a way I cud meet her n do her interview??
D: ya sure let me just announce her name n u can talk to her in this office I have go to take n rounds of the college
ridhima was in her class taking notes when she heard this she imedeatly looked up tp her professor who told her to go
she left the lassn took al her belongings with her
while walking to her class she thought about al the things that migh have caused the dean to call her to his office but was unseccsesfull in it she enterd the office after knowing on the door
D: ridhima plz come in
then se saw something that was truly feelt like a dream
she saw ARMAAN MALIK standing right in front of her

to be continued..........

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