Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Intro,part 1 & 2 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Intro :

Ridhima: Ma, we'll go for shopping tomorrow...pleaaasee
Padma: why? Wat do u want to buy?
Ridhima: A new salwar suit for first day of my college next week
Padma: ok
Ridhima: (enthusiastically) And new shoes also

Padma: (smiles) ok, granted
Ridhima: Papa, plz take me to optician, i want a new pair of glasses
Shashank: Why, wats wrong wid the ones u r wearing now?
Ridhima:They r very big
Shashank: but they look good on you beta
Ridhima: (with a complaining face) nooo, i want a smaller it is mamma wont let me cut my long hair, With this glasses i look like champu...and i have also put on some weight in these holidays..
Padma: ridzy, You look cute now
Ridhima: ahh, nooo...plz glasses
Shashank: OK, we'll buy a new one

9pm, Dining
Ridhima: thanks papa [yippeee, i m going to get all new things]

Next day in shopping mall:
Ridhima: (holding a suit) Ma, howz dis one
Padma: No way ridzy, not a pink one again
Ridhima: but dis is so nice, its my favorite color
Padma: i know, but u already have 3 suits of that color
Ridhima: ma plz plz, dis one is last..n see the pattern is different from those
Padma: ridzyyy
Ridhima: maaaa
Padma: ok, i know you wont listen
Ridhima: hehehe..thank you

Ridhima: Ma, howz dis one
Padma: no high heels ridzy, u know u cant walk in them
Ridhima: but let me try dis time, i will get used soon
Padma: no beta, u'll fall n hurt ur leg, its risky, choose anyone from these flat models
Ridhima: plzzz
Padma: noooo
Ridhima: (disappointed) ok
(looking at the gals wearing short skirts n high heels)[will i ever look so trendy n modern??]

The day before the college starts,Ridhima in her room:
Checked her dress, shoes, bag, books, papers...set everything ready for next day..switched off the light..jumped onto the bed..[new college, new classroom, new subjects, new friends..hopefully atleast one guy dis time, never got a chance to know how boys are...dis college has a very big, can read so many books,i never get tired of exciting but a bit nervous too]..closed her eyes..smiling and holding her big teddy bear tight..


Breakfast time:
Shashank: So, ridzy..excited or nervous?
Ridhima: both
Padma: hehe..relax beta
Ridhima: (smiles)
Shashank: I will drop you at the college
Ridhima: (putting down the emptied juice glass) no..i will go in the college bus
Shashank: (worried) But ridzy, today is ur first day in college, how will u manage?
Ridhima: I will manage papa
Shashank: but..
Ridhima: (seriously) I will never learn to do things on my own if u come with me everytime
Padma: Its ok, let her go, dont worry
Shashank: ok, i will drop in the busstop then, is that ok?
Ridhima: ok

(Ridhima is ready to go, wearing the new light pink suit, pearldrop earrings, white shoes, sling bag, glasses, long straight hair left loose with a small pin on the left side)
Ridhima: Am i looking ok?
Padma: yes my angel
Ridhima: (kisses her mom) Bye ma
Padma: Bye, all the best
(the car drove to the busstop)
Shashank: ok, so here we are, all the best n be careful
Ridhima:(hugs him) ya dad, bye

In the busstop:
(Ridhima sees a girl in jeans and a simple plain white kurta, she walks up to her)
Ridhima:(hesitantly) excuse me, do u know if SPCollege bus has left?
Girl:(smiles) not yet, I am waiting for the same
Ridhima: (smiles) ok
Girl:first year?
Ridhima: yes
Girl: which branch?
Ridhima: computers
Girl: oh, i m in the same class, Hi.. I am Sapna
Ridhima: Hi...Ridhima
Sapna: nice name
Ridhima: (smiles) thanks
(Bus comes n they get in..reach the college)

(Ridhima while entering the college, at the gate) [wow!! dis is so nice, God, please be with me to fulfil my n my parents dreams n become the kind of person i always wanted to be...independent, strong and a confident individual]

Ridhima and Sapna walking in the corridor:
Sapna: The college looks good na
Ridhima: yeah
Sapna: Hey, i need to look for a professor who is my dad's friend. I will see you in the class. I guess its the last one in this row, not sure though
Ridhima: ok (She walks slowly in to the last room, looking hesitantly if its the right one..she sees "welcome to freshers" (computers branch)..she looks for a place to sit..settles down in the first bench beside a modern looking girl)

In the classroom:
Madam: Welcome boys n gals, good morning
Class: Good morning ma'm
Madam: Since today is ur first day, your permanent roll numbers r not yet ready, i will take attendance according to ur enrollment list.
Madam: Anjali Sharma
Anjali: ya ma'm (replied the girl sitting beside ridhima)
(Ridhima looked at her n smiled, she smiled back)
(blah blah..calling out other names)
Madam: Atul Joshi
Atul: present ma'm
Madam: Ridhima Gupta
Ridhima: yes ma'm
(blah blah..other names)
Madam: Rahul Garewal
Rahul: (sitting on the bench just beside ridhima) yes ma'm
(Ridhima turned to look at him..aww, he is so good looking with a sweet smile)
Madam: Sapna Shah
Sapna: yes ma'm
Madam: Armaan Malik
Armaan: yes ma'm (came a deep voice from behind)
(Ridhima who was busy searching her bag for a pen lifted her head unwittingly on hearing the voice n turned back...she saw a guy sitting in the last bench with right leg stretched out, leaning back to the wall, relaxed, setting his hair with a naughty grin on his face)


Madam: Ok students...
(Ridhima turned to the board)
Madam: Introduce yourselves to the class
(All the students tell their names one by one...Some introduction classes n the day ends)

Ridhima at home:
Padma: how was ur first day in college?
Ridhima: good
Shashank: did u find it difficult to handle anything?
Ridhima: no papa

(One week passes by..Ridhima is busy coping with the college atmosphere and studies...meanwhile she grew slightly close to sapna and anjali...going to the college together, sharing lunch,discussing about the professors, classmates,subjects...)

Madam: Students, we need to choose a monitor for your class...generally the class topper is given that responsibility but since u r in the first year we can have the one who has the best rank in the entrance test...let me check the list
(checks the list)
Madam: hmmm...ok, so who is Ridhima Gupta?
Class:ohhh... [who is she??]
Ridhima:(gets up) yes mam [i know the whole class is looking at me...ughhh]
Madam:So, u will be the monitor
Ridhima:(confused, frightened and hesitant) mam..i dont want to be..
Madam: r u sure?
Ridhima:(still confused) hmm...yes mam, i m sure
Madam:ahh..okay, then we can look for the next top ranker..(checks the list again)..who is Rahul Garewal?
(no answer)
Madam: is he not in today? ok..Ridhima, u can talk to him if he wants to take the responsibility n let me know tomorrow..if he doesnt agree, then u have no choice..
Ridhima: ok mam
(sits down relieved) [but i need to talk to that guy...hmm....i hope he agrees]

Padma: Howz ur college ridzy? made any friends?
Ridhima: its good ma..friends...hmmm...not yet...but i know anjali n sapna...u know sapna's house is just 2 streets away from ours..
Padma: ok...n how about studies?
Ridhima: ya ma, going good...i want to top in college also..but i dont like it when...
Padma: when??
Ridhima: when...hmmm...actually, today i was given a chance to be a monitor but i refused
Padma: ridzy...when will u shed your fears beta...u need to learn to speak freely..dont be so shy...
Ridhima: i know ma...but i donno..i get tensed when i see many faces looking at me at once...n the tension shows on my i get more tensed that people will make fun of me...wat to do ma...(disappointed and sad)
Padma:(comes near her) its ok beta..relax..u will learn..u just need to put some effort...
Ridhima:(hugs her) hmmm

Next day:
(Ridhima sees Rahul standing in the corridor outside the class...walks up to him)
Ridhima: ahem...excuse me(hesitantly)
Rahul: (turns to her) ya
(Ridhima is dumbstruck...[Awww....this guy is so handsome...and he is looking at me right now....hey ridzy, come out of trance..stop gazing to him]
Ridhima: (with a small jerk) ya..actually...
Rahul:(with no expression) ya
Ridhima: ah..actually i am ridhima
[huh!! wat did i say? "actually i am ridhima" wah ridzy wah...wat kind of a stupid statement is that?? so dumb!!]
Rahul:(smiles) hi
Ridhima: hi..i need a help..
Rahul: ya, tell me
Ridhima: Do you want to be the monitor of our class?
Rahul:(surprised) wat?
Ridhima: actually, i am the top, ma'm asked me but i am scared, if u r ready to take it then i can escape
Rahul: ok, no problem
Ridhima: thanks
(Rahul smiles sweetly n turns back to talk to someone)
Ridhima:(walking slowly) [O God, wat is dis new feeling?..never felt like dis before..i feel like going back to see his face again]

(Applied Physics class)
Sir: Write down the problem while i dictate..lets see who answers are not allowed to use calculators in the first 2 months...we encourage manual calculations bcoz later on you will anyway use the calculators..ok?
Class:(noisy) ok sir
Sir:(reads out the problem from book) wat is the relative speed of the object?
("57" pat came an answer from the back bench just a second after sir completed the question)
Class:(silent..everyone looked back in awe..including ridhima)
Sir:(angrily) i told you not to use calculators..wats ur name?
("Armaan" came a reply)
Armaan: and i dont have a calculator
(sir goes to armaan n checked if he really dint use a calculator)
Sir: well...good job...
Ridhima:[he seems to be very smart..hmm]

Next week, in the library:
Librarian:No, we dont have an extra copy of that book, there is only one and its already issued.
Ridhima: oh, when can i get it?
Librarian: depends on when that person returns it
Ridhima:oh ok, can u tell me the issued date?
Librarian: today morning, someone from your class took it
Ridhima: (peeps into the register with curiosity) Armaan Malik..oh ok
Sapna:you can try to borrow it for a day if he agrees
Ridhima:ya, u r right, but will he give? he took it just today
Sapna: wats wrong in trying
Ridhima: ya, i really want to solve the challenging question sir gave today..

Lunch hour, classroom with few students:
(Armaan standing there..laughing along with Atul, Ridhima walks to him)
Ridhima: excuse me
(Armaan turns around...first thing ridhima noticed is his eyes...hazel straight into her eyes...his hair falling on the forehead)
Armaan: ya
Ridhima:(feeling uneasy with his deep stare) hi, i am..
Armaan:(interrupts her)..Ridhima..i know
Ridhima:(surprised) ah...hmm..ya...did u take the reference book on algorithms from the library?
Armaan: ya
Ridhima: Do you need it?
Armaan:(with a straight face) No..i took it just for tear the pages and make kites..u know kites..i will fly them in the college cricket ground...
Ridhima: (shocked, stares at him with mouth open)
Armaan:(cheekily) ofcourse i need it..thats y i took it..wat a stupid question?
Ridhima: huhhh !!!!???
Armaan:(with a naughty smile) by the way, y did u ask such a stupid question?
Ridhima: (still in shock) ah..bcoz..hmm..i wanted to ask if i can borrow it for some time..but..
Armaan: ok, take it (swiftly puts the book forward) want to crack the question... right?
Ridhima: ya but dont need it?
Armaan: no..i mean..i really mean "no"...u can take it..i m done with that question anyway..
Ridhima: ok
(ridhima takes the book and turns to leave..thinking about his kite statement) [fly kites??!!!]
Armaan: yo chasmish !! ..thanks tho bolo na
(Ridhima turns to see him...with a frown...Armaan giggles)
Ridhima:(shakes her head in disbelief) huhhhh!!!??? (with a bit of stammer)
(ridhima walking back to her place)
[watttt??? chasmish?????!!! wat the hell does he think himself as?? this is the first time i am speaking to him n he is talking as if he knows me from much arrogant, so annoying, battameez, besharam, be...ughh..i dont even know more words...huh!! disgusting!!!]


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