Monday, 26 June 2017

part 10 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(Ridhima stood at the gate looking at the empty road..lost in her thoughts..)
Ridz:[ he loves me? is that wat his eyes r trying to say? but...he says he doesnt believe in love...then??]
Padma: ridzy, andar ao na, wahan kya kar rahi ho?
Ridz:(coming out of her thought process)haan..aa rahi hoon

(she went into her room n sat on her bed...his face, his eyes, that smile..fllashing in her mind)
Padma: ridzy, is your computer ok now?
Ridz: haan?..yes mom
Padma: then y do u look so tensed, nervous about exam?
Ridz: exam?? ...ya ya, exam tension
Padma: relax ok, dont strain urself too much
Ridz: hmm
(padma left the room)
Ridz:[ ridzy, dont think about anything now, concentrate on studies, u need to top the exams, forgot the bet with armaan?...hmm...ya...armaan...his behavior...his intense eyes...ok stop..dont think abt him now]
(she shakes her head, decides to continue with her preparation for the exam)

(the next day...before entering the computer lab...she sees armaan...coming towards her)
Ridz:[ wat should i do now? dont disturb urself ridzy, concentrate on exam]
Armi: hi chasmish
Ridz: hi
Armi: did u practise well?
Ridz: ya
Armi: anyway u will lose the bet but still all the best
Ridz: hah!! dream on! all the best to u too [he sounds so normal now, but yesterday??!!]
Sap: hey, time is up, lets go in

(The exam is finished...everyone came out...ridz is searching for armaan)
Ridz: anji, did u see armaan?
Anji: no, i think he left already
Ridz: ohhh ok
Anji: y, u had some work?
Ridz: wanted to discuss some thing about the exam..
Sap: exam or result?
Ridz: hehe..exam
Sap: lets go home...need to sleep like a donkey..very stressed
Ridz: ya..chalo

(there are holidays for 2 weeks before the next semester starts...its been a week since holidays one has called up ridz..she is sitting in her room..missing her friends)
Ridz:[does anyone remember me?? no call no sms!! hmmm may be busy with their own work..but everyone is busy?? and armaan, he also doesnt remember me!]
(she remembers his looks on the day he came to her house)
Ridz: [ i want to meet him, talk to him but he dint call from one week...should i call or not??]
(thinks for a while)
Ridz:[no, lets see when he remembers me..i will meet keerti, long time dint speak liesurely with her]

At keerti's house:
Keerti: toh, how was ur exams?
Ridz: good, i think i did well
Keerti: hmm..n how r ur friends?
Ridz: they r fine
Keerti: and armaan?
Ridz: y r u specific abt him
Keerti: just like that, he used to irritate u na
Ridz: woh tho he can never stop
Keerti: (smiles) hmm
Ridz: he fixed my computer a day before the exam, i wud have been lost without him..he is very nice but
Keerti: but??
Ridz: i donno if its my imagination or if its real but his behavior is very different
Keerti: different??
Ridz: ya, i donno wat it means but the way he looks at me...i donno..its very confusing
Keerti: how is he with others?
Ridz: others?
Keeri: i mean with anjali n sapna
Ridz: donno..never observed
Keerti: probably its just his normal behavior but may be u r finding it different
Ridz: hmm...may be
Keerti: so wat did u plan for birthday?
Ridz: nothing yaar
Keerti: wat did u buy?
Ridz: nothing yet, shall we go for shopping now?
Keerti: ok chalo

In the shopping mall:
Keerti: ridzy, u r not bored of salwars? i m tired of seeing u in them, y dont u try jeans now?
Ridz: no yaar, it wont go with my long hair
Keerti: first try it, we'll think abt ur hair later
(Ridz comes out of trial room wearing jeans n a nice top)
Keerti: wow ridzy, u r looking very second thoughts,u r going to buy this
Ridz: but my hair?
Keerti: its looking good, u just need to know how to carry it off..hmm..lets try if aunty agrees for a haircut, u can get a nice style done for your birthday
Ridz: hmm, ok..lets try

At ridhima's house:
Ridz: ma please
Padma: no
Ridz: i m bored of the same hairstyle..i need to cut it a bit for better hairstyle
Padma: kitne acha baal hain beta, kyu kaatna chahti hain
Ridz: (making a sad face) i just have to stick to salwars bcoz of this long hair
(after some cajoling padma agrees)
Padma: ok, but not shorter than this (strictly showing the length)
Ridz:(kisses her) ok.. thank u so much
(Keerti n ridz go n get a nice layered hair cut done)
Keerti: wow ridz, u have changed completely..looking very pretty
Ridz: (smiles) i m so excited

On ridhima's birthday:
(7am..she is sleeping in her room...she feels something tingling her ear..brushes it off with her hand..back to sleep..tingling again..she is half awake now...suddenly she hears many voices.. shouting at once "happy birthday"..she springs up on her bed..confused..eyes wide open..jaw dropped)
Everyone: surprise!!
Ridz: aaahhhh!!!
(she sees all her friends standing infront of her)
Ridz: tum log? yahaan??
Anji: tumhe kya lagaa? hum tumhe bhool gaye?
Ridz: haan
Sap: well, we wanted u to think like that
Atul: thats y we dint call u all these days
Anji: we remember u n ur birthday
Ridz: (smiles)
(her eyes took a quick glance of the surroundings..secretly looking for armaan..he is standing at the end..smiling...everyone come n wish her seperately)
Armi: happy birthday chasmish!!
Ridz: thanks
Armi: this is from all of us
(he said passing over a big teddy bear)
Ridz: awwww!! mere liye?? its so cute!!!
Anji: u liked it?
Ridz: ya, very much, thank u!! O my God, ye sab kya horaha hain subah subah!!
Sap: its ur birthday darling, it has to be special na
Armi: actually hua ye ki, yesterday pintu called up n told us that he is feeling lonely when u r not at home..he wanted a girlfriend, so we brought this for pintu, its not for u ok?
Ridz: hehehe..tho iska naam kya hain?
Armi: oh no, hum shopwale se iska naam poochna bhool gaye...stupid, jo chahe rakhlo, naam kya hain it seems
Ridz: hmmmmff...main hi rakhti hoon...hmmm...dimpy??
Armi: dimpy??!!! watever..tum kuch alag dikh rahi ho aaj
Anji: she got a haircut
Atul: its nice
Ridz: ab tum log bahar wait karo plz..mujhe fresh hona hain
Sap: abbey, itni kya jaldi hain, cake kaat le
Ridz: wat?? i dint even brush my teeth!!
Armi: koi baat nahi, bed cake samajh ke kha lena
Ridz: bed cake??
Armi: ya, like bed coffee
Ridz: no no, plz mujhe tayaar ho ne do
Anji: ok, hey lets go
(everyone is moving out...ridz is looking at her gift..she turns her head n sees armaan..still in the room..smiling at her...ridz smiles back)
Armi: i knew u will like it
(he is looking at her with the same intensity)
Ridz: hmm [ahhh!! these eyes!!]
Sap:(shouting from outside) armaan!!
Armi: ya, coming...jaldi aana
Ridz: ok

(ridhima got ready, wore her jeans...went out...observed armaan's stare for a second...happy that he noticed her)
Armi: who is this girl? she looks like our ridhima na..r u ridhima's sister?
Ridz: dikta nahi hain? mera chasma doo kya??
Sap: wow ridz, wats this makeover?
Anji: looking nice yaar
Ridz: thanks
Atul: ab vicky ka kya hoga? bechara, he will fall for u again!!
Ridz: ssshhh!! mere ghar mein ho bewakoof!!
Atul:(biting his tongue) sorry sorry
Armi: ok, now cake cutting session
(they get the cake, ridz cuts it..they sing for her..she feeds the cake to her parents first n then to everyone..armaan licked her finger along with the cake with a naughty smile in his eyes)
Ridz:[O God! wat is he doing?]
Anji: khana bahut hogaya, ab cake ke saath kuch aur kare??!! (she said winking at others)
Atul: ya ya why not
(sapna took a piece of cake n started coming towards ridz...ridz understood wat they r planning to do...gets alert immediately)
Ridz: no way...i took a shower just sapna.. no
(saying this she is looking for a route to escape from there)
Anji: catch her
(ridz scurries from there...everyone is running behind her..trying to catch her from every direction possible...jumping in n out of sofa..hiding behind her parents..running all over the house..finally armaan caught her)
Ridz: armaan, plz chodo mujhe
Armi: just last makeup to complete ur birthday getup
(he held her from behind...holding her two hands in his one hand...she is jumping..atul is taking pictures)
Ridz: ahh!! leave me!!
Armi: jaldi ao yaar
(sapna is trying to put cake on ridz face..ridz trying to escape..jumping here n there)
Sap: armaan, teekh se pakdo yaar
(armaan grabbed her towards him..putting his other hand across her neck...she cant move now..but shouting)
Anji: ab aayi oont pahad ke neeche
(everyone is putting cake on her...she is tilting her head to escape...rubbing her face on his shirt)
Armi: my turn now
(he said this n let her go..taking his hand off gently..softly touching her bare neck..ridhima's heart skipped a beat...stopped shouting)
Armi: (searching for a clean place on her face n then looking into her eyes) u r looking gorgeous now!
(she is dumbstruck...the intensity of his eyes has captured her)
Atul: someone take this camera yaar
(sapna took it)
Atul: kya hua ridz, u dont want to run?
Anji: she understood its no point struggling now..
(everyone is laughing..the laughter awakened her)
Ridz: u will pay for this
(she ran after everyone n messed up their faces with the cake left..they took group pictures at the end..washed their faces)
Sap: we'll go now
Padma: have lunch n go beta, i've already started cooking
Ridz: good idea, i will call keerti also
Anji: ya, u keep telling abt her but never met

(keerti comes to ridz house..she introduces her to all)
Ridz: this is armaan
Keerti: hi
Armi: hey wonder she never let us meet till now
Keerti: (surprised smile)
Ridz: (angrily) stop flirting with my friend
Armi: she is my friend now, right keerti?
Keerti: (smiles) right
Armi: and you..stop getting jealous (pushing her with his finger on her nose)
Ridz: huh!! jealous??!! bhaad mein jao dono
(they have lunch n leave..keerti is still with ridz..they r looking at the pictures in the cam)
Keerti: i noticed
Ridz: wat?
Keerti: that he behaves differently with u
Ridz: really? when did u see?
Keerti: i was just observing him..he never leaves a chance to come near u or touch u..he is not the same with others..but very smart hun, he makes it look normal, i could see bcoz u already told me...and look at this (pointing to a picture)
(she showed a picture when they had the eyelock)
Ridz: hey, this is wat i was telling u that day, he looks at me like this
Keerti: u r so dumb ridz, dont u know the meaning of this look
Ridz: but he always says he dont believe in love
Keerti: oh is it, he must be saying that just for the sake of it
Ridz: (confused face) n he flirts with so many girls
Keerti: hehe..i know, i saw that today
Ridz: (smiles) ya, may be he is flirting with me too, i mean serious flirting
Keerti: do u think he will flirt with a friend like u?
Ridz: may not be or may be, donno..
Keerti: ok, forget that...tell me, wat do u feel for him?
Ridz: me? i like him, infact i like him a lot, more than my other friends
Keerti: like or love?
Ridz: donno, i cant figure out anything now..he is special but he is the first guy i m so close to...may be just a crush...and i dont want to jump into conclusions...bcoz for me, love is a very sacred thing...let me wait n see wat my heart says

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