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part 10 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

Armaan returned from the clinic that evening to find Riddhima fast asleep on her bed with a book on her chest. He sat beside her and recalled the harrowing events from the snake bite accident. He still shuddered at the thought of what might have happened if the poison had spread further. Armaan tenderly moved some loose hair tendrils from her face and caressed her face with his fingers. He bent down and kissed her forehead gently. Riddhima felt his lips brushing against her skin and stirred a little. His lips moved down slowly and touched her lips. As soon as she felt his lips against hers, she startled and woke up.

"Armaan…..tum? Kab aaye?" she tried to sit up and covered her neck with her dupatta lying next to her.

"Yahin leti raho" he pushed her down and then to her surprise, lifted her with both arms and carried her outside to the patio.

"Armaan…..yeh kya kar rahe ho?" she turned red in his arms.

"Wahi jo ek premi ko apni premika ke liye karna chaahiye," he smiled with a twinkle in his eyes. Riddhima could not help blushing at his comment. The word 'premika' and 'premi' sounded so strange, yet so endearing. He sat her down on the wooden swing and ordered some tea for both of them. Armaan placed his arm around her and pulled her closer.

"Kaisa raha aaj ka clinic?" she felt an unusual twitch inside her as his breaths warmed her face.

"Bahut soona…..tumhare bina kahin achha nahin lagta," he drawled romantically as his lips brushed against her neck softly.

"Armaaan," she moaned and shut her eyes. His fingers and lips on her skin were sending chills down her spine.

"Sahib, Chai!" Ramu kaka startled them back into their senses.
"Uh,…Oh…Ramu kaka? Wo…yeh….yahin rakhdo…." Armaan fumbled.

Ramu Kaka kept the tray on the table and smiled to himself; this was not a unique site for him- he had seen several romances blossom in the past years- some of them were even married with children now and often would visit the clinic to remember their old days!

"Hamare Madhupur gaon ka paani hi pyaar se bhara hai….becharon ka kya dosh?" he smiled to himself and returned to the kitchen.

Riddhima started laughing, "Dr Armaan Mallik ki reputation tho gayi ab…..log kya kahengey," she teased.

"Yahi kahengey ki Dr Armaan Mallik bhi ek normal aadmi hai jo ek khubsoorat doctor ke jaal mein phans gaya hai" he pulled her closer and buried his face in her thick hair.

"Armaaan," she just moaned and hid her face in his chest.

They spent the evening in each other's arms, swinging gently on the wooden swing and saying sweet nothings.

"Armaan, mujhe nahin pata tha, tumhey bhi itni romantic batein karni aati hain….kahan se seekhi?" she was stroking his hair as he lay on the swing with his head on her lap.

"saari medical textbooks mein aur kya likha hota hai?" he teased her and pinched her nose gently.

"Hmm….ab samajh aaya…tabhi padhney kaa itna shauk hai…." She laughed and kissed his face as her hair fell on him; he grabbed her and pressed his lips against hers.

"Armaan, jaante ho meri mom kehti hain jo bhi hotha hai usmey hamesha koyi achhayi hoti hai…..ab dekho main yadi Delhi se transfer kar ke nahin aati….tho tumsey kaise milti….?" Riddhima reflected.

"Achha, phir yeh bataao, uss saanp ke kaatney mein kya bhalayee thi?- Tumhari jaan bhi jaa sakthi thi…" he retorted back.

"Haan…par gayi tho nahin naa….aur dekho is accident ke bahaane hum dono ney apne dil ki baat ek doosrey se keh di….warna pata nahin kabhi keh paate ya nahin?" She stroked his hair.

"That is true…kitni samjahdaar ho tum Riddhima…I am a very lucky man," Armaan grinned.

"Wo tho hai," she giggled back and pinched his cheek lovingly.

Ramu kaka served dinner on the patio that night. They both fed each other little bites of food and teased each other playfully.

"Chalo andar chalte hain….bahut raat ho gayi." he got up and carried her back inside. He hung around for a few moments after she settled in her bed.

"Armaan…goodnight…..ab jao," she glared at him.

"Tumhein help chaahiye ho tho main…main yahin so sakta hoon…you might need my help tonight," he grinned mischievously.

"Armaan!" She limped to the door, "I don't need any help….and please don't get any ideas……shaadi se pehle kuch nahin…..main jaanti hoon ki main sirf tumhari hoon….parr thoda sabr karo," and held the door open for him.

He pouted and grumbled as he left her room, "kaise kaise mareez hai yahan….doctor ki fees bhi nahin dete hain!"

She chuckled and shut the door behind, "men!"


Riddhima's foot gradually healed and she was back at the clinic. Soon, they started going out for long walks in the evenings. They had discovered a little river near the village where they would sit for hours and chat about everything and anything.

One day as they were sitting at the riverbank in their typical fashion-Armaan resting his head on her lap, she asked:

"Armaan, aisa nahin ho saktha ki tum aur main hamesha yahin reh jaayen, Mumbai kabhi waapas hi naa jaayen?"

"Waapas tho jaana hoga madam…..mujhe is desh kaa sabsey achha Neurosurgeon jo ban naa hai….Madhupur gaon mein kaise banoonga….tell me?" he was shocked at her suggestion.

"Main tho yahin rehnaa chahti hoon…bas tumhara saath chahiye…ek chota sa ghar aur paas mein hi hum dono ki clinic," she said dreamily, "mujhey aur kuch nahin chaahiye Armaan."

"Not possible yet…..kuchh saal wait karo….jaanti ho mere zindagi ki sabse badhi khwaish yehi hai, mere papa ki maut ke baad aur bhi zyaada ichha hai meri ki main bahut achha neurosurgeon banoon…..jis se unki tarah brain tumor se kissi ki death naa ho…" his voice almost cracked.

Riddhima realized that Armaan's dream meant a lot to him and she could never ask him to leave his dream for anything…..not even for her.

"Accha, Armaan tum Anjali ko hamare bare mein kab bataaoge?….I don't want to face her accusations again when we get back…."

He sat up and said, "bas jaise hi wo US se aa jayegi….I will let her know." He told her what happened a few months ago when he intended to inform her….her attempted suicide and the way Dr Gupta pleaded with him to take care of her…..

Riddhima was a little puzzled, "Armaan, agar tumney us se kabhi shaadi ke liye nahin pooncha hai tho wo aisa kyon soch thi hai?….aur phir suicide?….that is serious….I think that girl needs help…."

"Nahin aisa kuch nahin hai…..she is just a young dreamy girl…..uske parents ney thoda bigaad rakha hai usse….I think ek baar baith kar samjhaoonga usse tho samajh jayegi," he said confidently.

Riddhima was not sure it would be that easy. Her instincts told her there was more to Anjali's obsession than just a spoilt girl's wish list! She did not want to probe any more as she was confident that Armaan loved her a lot and would never leave her for Anjali or any other girl.

They walked back towards their "house" hand in hand, teasing and playing with each other.

"Riddhima, zara wahan chalo….ek bahut sunder mandir hai…..I need to thank God for something…," he pulled her by her hand.

"For what…?" she asked as they walked towards an old temple.

"Pehle chalo tho sahi…" he held her close and kissed her cheek.


They both prayed and were blessed by a priest at the temple. Riddhima saw Armaan walk towards the deity and smear some kum kum on his fingers. He then turned around and touched her "maang" with the kum kum. Riddhima was stunned…"Armaan…yeh? Yeh kya kiya?…."

"Maine wo hi kiya jo mere dil ne mujhse kaha Riddhima," he looked at her soulfully, "Main chahta hoon yeh din hum kabhi naa bhoolein…..yeh meri zindagi kaa sabsey khubsoorat daur hai……tumhey apna banakar isse aur bhi khubsoorat banana chahta hoon…."

Her eyes felt moist- she was speechless; she just buried her face in his chest, "itnaa pyaar karte ho mujhsey?" she sobbed

"Apni jaan se bhi zyaada" he put his arm around her and they walked to get blessings from the priest again.

"Sada suhaagan raho beti…."the priest said as they both touched his feet.

Armaan took his watch out and gave it to the priest, "yeh aapki dakshina….mere paas abhi paise nahin hain…"

"Isski zaroorat nahin hai beta…." The priest shook his head.

"Nahin rakh lee jiye" Armaan smiled and put his arm around Riddhima as they walked out together, arm in arm! They had both accepted each other as husband and wife in front of God and the priest, it did not matter what the world thought about their relationship at this point.

As they were walking, it started pouring cats and dogs. They started running but were completely drenched by the time they came back to the house. Riddhima ran to her room but was shocked to see water everywhere. Her window was open and all the rainwater had drenched her bed, all her clothes in her suitcase were soaking too.

"Armaan!" she shouted. He ran to her room and quickly shut the windows, as the storm was getting stronger. "Tum jaldi sey kapdey badal lo….bilkul geeli ho rahi ho" he yelled.

"Armaan, mere suitcase mein paani chala gaya…saare kapdey bheeg gaye hain…" she started sobbing. He saw that she was shivering as her lips and finger nails turned blue in the cold.

He ran to his room and came back with one of his dry shirts, "yeh pehan lo….I know thodi badhi hai…parr sookhi tho hai naa" he was still dripping with water himself.

She looked at him and then the oversized shirt but had no choice. She came out of the bathroom after changing and saw the lights were out due to power failure.

"Armaan?…kahan ho tum?" she panicked as the room was pitch dark.

Armaan walked in with a candle, "abhi aaya…"

He was startled to see Riddhima in his long white shirt…. She had never looked more desirable….her long wet hair dripping, her face glowing in the dim candle light….he came very close to her…their bodies touching and feeling each other's heat….

Riddhima lowered her eyes and placed her hand on the flame. She could not face his eyes- those blue eyes looked like two piercing, smoldering arrows.

"Roshni bujhaane sey, tumhara ehsaas tho kum nahin hoga….tumhari khushboo tho kum nahin hogi….Riddhima…." he whispered and then kissed her chest, her neck and then lips…..he picked her up and carried her to his room……looked like even the Gods wanted them to be one tonight……

please enjoy this song…"jaadu hai nasha hai" from "jism" to convey their feelings as they become one body….one heart… one soul that night……

Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan
Dekhti Hai Jis Tarah Se Teri Nazrein Mujhe
Main Khud Ko Chupaao Kahan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan
Dekhti Hai Jis Tarah Se Teri Nazrein Mujhe
Main Khud Ko Chupaao Kahan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan

Yeh Pal Hai Apna To Is Pal Ko Jee Le
Shwalo Ki Tarha Zarah Chal Ke Jee Le
Pal Jhapakte Kho Na Jana
Chuke Karlo Yakin Na Jane Yeh Pal Paaye Kahan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan

Baahon Mein Teri Yun Kho Gaye Hai
Armaan Dabe Se Jagne Lage Hai
Jo Mile Ho Aaj Hum Ko Door Jana Nahin
Mitado Saari Yeh Duriyan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan
Dekhti Hai Jis Tarah Se Teri Nazrein Mujhe
Main Khud Ko Chupaao Kahan


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