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part 11 & 12 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 11

"saza toh tumhe milegi' kya kar rahe ho tum meri beti ke kamre mein?? Aur ho kaun tum??"

"papaji.. wohh.. yeh'"

"tu chup kar puttar.. mainey iss ladke se pucha hain.. ho kaun tum??"

"ji wohh main.. wohh uncle ji.." armaan started mumbling with words in nervousness. Gosh!! It's more aweful to talk to galfrn's father for her hand dan proposing his gal for the 1st time. "bhagwan ji.. aaj bacha lena" armaan prayed quickly in his heart.

"kya hua??" the aged person enquired again. Meanwhile, all other members came to riddhima's room. They all are looking towards armaan for answer. Only bitto whispered..

"chacha ji yeh wohh hi CHOR hain.. mainey aapko kaha tha, na'"
Riddhima dropped a dirty glare toward bitto as if she's gonna eat him surely. Bitto gulped seeing his didi 's expression nd hide behind Riddhima's mother.


"what?? Uss Bitto ne aisa kiya.. arrgg naani' aap mujhey milwao uss bitto se.. ussey toh main chorunga nahi.. merey naanu ko fasaya!!"
Junior blew his strand of hair falling over his forehead nd massaged both of his fists.. as if he would beat bitto then n there. Both riddhima n arima started laughing their hearts out. Arima remembering her childhood.. wen her dada told her this scene, she too was ready to beat her bitto mama.. arima, even called him nd gave him a long lecture over phone for causing problem to her dada. Wen arima was busy remembering her childhood days, riddhima was laughing seeing how similar both arima nd junior are. Thank god!!! Junior bitto ko nahi janta thik se warna wohh bhi lag jata ussey dant ne me.. bechara bitto.. warna iss umar mein bhi bachpan ki bato ke liye junior se dant sunni padhti.. riddhima thought smilingly.


"bitto beta.. tu chup reh' tere chacha ji baat kar rahe hain, na!!" riddhima's mother sushed him.

"haa toh aab tum kuch bologe bi ya sari himmat chali gayee??" riddhima's father asked again.

Armaan had no way left. he closed his eyes nd said in one go.. "ji.. main aapki beti se bahot pyaar karta hoon.. yahan ussey janamdin ki Mubarak baat dene aya tha.. aur biswas kijiye uncle ji, main chor nahi hoon.. wohh toh bitto ko galatfehmi'"

"baas.. bahot keh liya tumne.." armaan was cut in between by riddhima's father once again. As soon as he heard his voice, armaan opened his eyes dreading the future. No change of reactions.. all were staring at him blankly.. Armaan gulped nd looked side ways to see riddhima's reaction nd found her standing closing her eyes, breathing very fast in tension nd her erratic heartbeat can be heard by armaan clearly. He sighed sensing riddhima's mental state. May be he had said too much.. much more dan needed. But wat could he do? They caught him red-handed.. now accepting the truth was the best thing.. aur shayad agar aaj nhi kehta toh pata nhi kab himmat milti ke jake riddhima ke family se baat kare.. agar pehle kaha hota toh shayad aaj riddhima ke janamdin pe har waqt wohh apney pyaar ke sath hota.. par kya yeh mumkin hota?? Kya riddhima ki family ussey apnate? Kya aab yeh sab ussey aapnayenge?? Hey bhagwan.. koi kuch keh kyun nahi raha.. main pagal ho jayunga is tension me.. Armaan thought.

"puttar aap aao mere sath.." riddhima's father called her..

Riddhima opened her eyes nd pleaded.. "papaji.. aap samajh nahi rahe.. iss mein ar'" but she was interrupted again.. "puttar mainey bulaya na aapko.. aap aao idhar.."

"par papaji'"


Riddhima went to her papa unwillingly continuously looking back to armaan in between her steps. her father held her shoulder nd started going outside the room with riddhima.. all other members followed.. but he stopped at the door nd without turning he said..
"tum bhi aao.. mujhey baat karni hain.."

Armaan nodded gently nd followed them praying in his heart continuously.


"fir??" junior asked biting his nails..

"bacchhaaa' stp eating nails.. bad habit'" riddhima scolded junior lill..

"sorry naani.. par wat can I do? Mujhey bahot tension ho rahi hain naanu ke liye.."

"haan wohh toh dikh raha hain.. par iska matlab yeh thoda hi hain ke aap nail chew karo!!"

"hmm.. aab nahi khayunga.. pakka.."

"good boy.."

Junior smiled' "ice creammm'" arima came with ice creams for trio..
"mumma.. yeh aapki vanilla.. (she handed riddhima her fav flavor who smiled in response).. armu, yeh rahi teri fav choco chips (riddhima tuk ds one as well for her beloved grand son who was thinking about his naanu deeply) nd yeh meri butter scotch.." arima said chirpily nd sat on the bed.. njoying the 1st bite of her ice cream she asked enthusiastically, "tohh.. kaha tak pahuchi story??" arima went for 2nd bite.. "beta.. wat happened?? Tu kha kyun nhi raha??" arima asked junior njoying her ice cream.. goshh!! She loves ice cream soo much.. it's clear from whom junior got the craze for ice creams.. "betu.. eat na.. melt ho jayegi.." arima said in between enjoying her ice cream..

"tch.. mom.. hw could u juz relax n enjoy ice crm?? Aapko pata bhi hain.. great grand pa ne naanu ko sath jane ko kaha.. becharey merey naanu.. bahot daant padegi unhe aab.. aur aap ice cream kha rahe ho.." junior shot back..

"arrey wahh.. mumma aapney yehi pe story pause ki hain?? Awesome.. tohh aaj mat batana baki ki story iss shaiyan ko.. bilkul bhi padhai nhi ki aaj isney.." arima told riddhima casually..

"not fair mom.. juz bcz u knw d stry aap aisey keh rahe ho.." armu said dejectedly..

"wohh jo bhi ho.. baki ki kahani kal.. now come with me.."

"no na mom.. plshhh.."

"no use armu.. teri in cute faces ka mujh pe koi asar nahi hoga.. finish ur ice cream n cum wth me.."

"nahi khani mujhe.."

"u sure?? Mujhey koi problem nahi hain.. main aram se kha lungi.. but yeh last piece hain terey choco chips ki.. fir mange ga bhi toh nhi milegi"

Nd as soon as junior heard dat he snatched the plate from arima who was about to eat that one also nd threatened.. "don't even try mom.. aur waisey bhi aap intni ice cream khaogi toh moti ho jaogi.. waisey hi kuch kam moti ho kya aap??"

"aarggg' armuu'"

But he poked his tongue to annoy her more.


PART - 12

"bye mumma.. aapna aur iss shaitan ka khayal rakhna.." arima said as usual while leaving for office.

"drive carefully.. arriii'" riddhima's reminder was also the usual..

"yes mumma.. bye"

Arima left for her office nd soon junior came outside his room with his cricket kit..

"bye naani.."

"armu beta.. dhyan se khelna.."

"don't worry naani.. I'm champ in cricket.. dekhna aaj toh humari hi team jitegi.."

"wohh toh mujhe pata hain.. aakhir captain kaun hain.."

Armu raised his collar hearing his naani who laughed seeing his nautanki..

Riddhima was sitting on her bed resting her head on the bed post.. her glasses were on and she was engrossed in her novel.. being a book -lover, she often forgets her surroundings emerging herself completely within the story.. she is soo busy that in spite of being troubled by the coming sun rays through her open window juz in front of her bed, she didn't bother to take a break for couple of seconds nd close the curtain to soothe her eyes. She is juz reading nd reading crunching her eyes when suddenly she felt there was no pressure of excessive bright light on her eyes. She looked in front for confirmation nd found her darling hubby closing the curtain. She smiled whole heartily. Armaan then came near to her nd sitting near her leg on the bed he said..
"pata nahi kya rakkha hain inn bejaan kitabo mein ke tum humesha khud ko bhul jati ho.."

She smiled nd placing the bookmark, she kept the book beside her on the bed.
"tum kab aye??" she asked her lovable husband.

"main toh yahi tha.. tumhe inn kitabo ke bahar kuch dikhta ho tohh tum dekhogi na!!"
Armaan pouted complaining against her love for books.
"kabhi kabhi toh mujhe lagta hain u love books more dan me.."

Riddhima smiled nd now removed her glasses.. armaan smiled knowing that she won't resume reading her novel now. Finally he'll get some moments to spend with his love.

"waisey I love some one more than my books'" riddhima said casually as armaan came nd sat beside her resting his head on her shoulder.

Ar : "kaun??"

Ri : "armaan!!"

Armaan smiled whole heartily n entwined his fingers wth hers.. "par senior nahi junior armaan" riddhima completed her sentence nd burst out into laughter seeing HER armaan's dejected look..

"oh my god!!! U still have this cute effect" riddhima said pinching his nose..

"haslo haslo.. merey team mein koi nahi hain.. main hoon kyun yahan.. jab ki kisi ko meri kadar (importance) hi nahi hain.. issey behtar meri soul ko mukti mil jati.." nd next moment armaan regretted about his words. He again said a lot more dan it was necessary.. goshh!!! He still forgets where to stop wen he starts to tease riddhima.. the frown on her face makes her so adorable dat he nvr able to resist himself.

"umm.. riddhimaa.. sorry.. mera wohh matlab'" armaan started to console her but all was in vain..

"plzz.. mujhey abhi koi baat nahi karni.." riddhima said with lots of difficulty fighting her tears..

Ding Dong !!!

The door bell rang. Riddhima wiped her eyes nd went to see who was on the door. She opened the door only to find a panicked rohan.

"kya hua beta??"

"naani.. wohh.. wohh armaan.."

As soon as riddhima heard rohan she panicked. Rohan is junior's friend. He also lives in same apartment but in different block. Both junior n rohan play together nd study at same class in same school..

"kya hua merey armu ko??"

"naani wohh armaan.. usseyy chhot lag gayee hain match khelte hue.."

Riddhima shuddered hearing the news. She balanced herself holding the door nd asked with chocked voice..
"kahan hain mera armu??"

But rohan did not need to answer. All other friends brought junior carefully holding him by his shoulder.. "armuu?? Bachcha???" riddhima quickly knelt down infront of him nd cupped his face tenderly. He got a deep cut on his forehead which was bleeding nd also his right hand nd leg were bleeding. Riddhima gasped seeing her armu in so much pain. She hugged her carefully while her eyes started flowing. Soon she brought armu in her room with the help of his frnz nd called their family doc. She cleared the wound in between changing armu's clothes which was full of dust nd blood stains n also got torn in many places. Thn sitting beside armu she started running her hand over his forehead affectionately.

"riddhima.. kuch nahi hoga.. humarey junior ko.. he'z a brave boy.. mera grand son hain.. weak kaisey ho sakta hain, haan?? Ridhimaaa.. tum sun rahi ho na??"

Armaan (senior) consoled her kneeling next to the bed where armu is sleeping nd riddhima is sitting. Soon again door bell rang nd riddhima hurriedly went to welcome the doc.

Doctor checked him thoroughly nd giving an injection he wrote necessary medicines. As soon as doc left riddhima said to armaan (senior).. "armaan.. tum plz junior ke pass raho.. main bas gayi aur abhi aye.. filhaal wohh uthega nahi.. main jald hi aa jayungi.. tum manage kar loge, na??"
Armaan assured her nd she left to buy the medicines.

"riddhima .. wohh thik hain.. tum kyun itna dar rahi ho??" armaan tried to make her understand.

"ussey kuch hoga toh nhi,na!!" riddhima was still in trauma.

Armaan sighed nd asked.. "ho kya gaya hain tumhe?? Bachcho ko aisey khelte waqt chhot lag jati hain.. pehle bhi junior ko chhot lagi hain par tumney aisey toh behave nahi kiya tha!!"

"ar..maan' tum dono mein meri saansey basti hain.. pehle tumne kaha tum yahan nhi rehna chahte fir junior ko chhot lag gayee.." riddhima admitted her true reason of fear nd armaan cursed the moment he said dose wrds.. it's bcz of those wrds riddhima was disturbed nd before he could mke her feel normal, junior got injured making her condition bad to worse'

"sshhh' ridhima.. main kahin nhi jaa raha.. wohh toh bas mazak mein mainey pata nahi kya kya keh diya.. u knw dat, ri8??"

"tum humesha merey sath rahoge,na?? meri aakhri saans tak??"

Armaan sushed her at once nd hugged her.. she , too, hugging him cried her heart out.. wen she heard a soft.. "naani.."

She quickly broke the hug nd found junior coming to his senses.. she quickly moved to his forehead nd ran her fingers through his hair after placing a quick affectionate kiss on his bandage.. "bachha.. aapki naani yahi hain.."
Soon junior opened his eyes nd smiled forcefully seeing his frightened grand maa'

"I'm fine naani.."


Riddhima stopped him to talk more nd make him sit after placing some pillows behind his back..
She handed him some water nd then ran to kitchen to make hot soup for junior. Soon junior was lying placing his head on his granny's lap after having soup nd medicines. Riddhima was tenderly messaging his hair while he was enjoying his grand maa's love closing his eyes..

"naani.. main sach main thik hoon.."
Said junior knowing very well wat his naani felt during last a few hours..

"haan.. pata hain mujhey.."

Junior smiled nd opened his eyes sensing her chocked voice nd found riddhima's eyes still teary.. he closed his eyes once again nd said..
"tohh great grand pa ne kya kaha naanu se??"

Riddhima stopped running her fingers.. it took couple of seconds to register wat junior asked.
"armuuu??? Bachcha.. aapko abhi bhi story ki padi hain.. yaha meri jaan ja rahi hai aur aap.."

"tch naani.. batao na kya hua uske baad.."

Riddhima very well knew armu won't leave her without hearing the story .. so, she rested her head on the bed post n again started stroking his hair..

Armaan (senior) who was seeing the duo from a corner of the room smiled seeing their junior's wittiness.. he, again, successfully diverted riddhima's mind.. truly he was proud of his grand-son.


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