Wednesday, 28 June 2017

part 11 : Loves Me Loves Me Not


(Ridz is lying on her bed...recollecting the lovely moments of the her friends surprised her...the fun she had with the dim light she saw the gift they gave her..grabbed it.."dimpy" she said..then she remembered how armaan made fun of that name..his gaze..that touch on her he licked her finger..that mischievous look in his eyes)
Ridz: Armaan!! (she uttered his name without her knowledge..but immediately realises)

Ridz: [y did i say his name?!! but i really feel like talking to him]
(picks her mobile..looks at the time just before pressing the speed dial)
Ridz: [ ahh!! its so late..he must be sleeping...hmm..will call tomorrow]
(she tries to sleep, but cant..she closes her eyes, she sees him...opens her eyes, still sees him...then she remembers keerti's words)
Ridz: [that means it was not my imagination..but that may also mean he is flirting...he knows i m dumb in these matters...may be he is just playing around to confuse heart says he cant flirt with me..but mind says he can..whom to listen?!]
(she keeps thinking..rolling on her bed...falls asleep after a while)

Next day:
(ridz is getting bored..she calls up armaan, his phone is switched off..she calls at his landline n his mom says he has gone to a his granny's place for one week)
Ridz:[one week!! then i can meet him only after college starts]
(she calls up sapna n goes to her house..they talk about some things n in the course sapna talks about amit)
Ridz: sapna, shall i ask u something?
Sap: haan, pooch na
Ridz: u n amit were friends right? then how did u fall in love? i mean when did u start feeling that way?
Sap: that even i donno ridz..i just knew it
Ridz: how did u know?
Sap: u feel the difference when he touches you, when he looks at you, when he is near you..when he is not around, u miss him, u just want to be with him all day n night
Ridz: hmm..sounds like heaven if u have him..
Sap: ya..u dont feel that way for other guys or other friends
Ridz:(smiles) so u just know..hmm [but how will i know, i donno any other guys to compare..hey no..i have...atul..yess..i will see how is it different..hmm...good idea..wah ridz, u r so intelligent!! shabaash!!]

(college starts...ridz is waiting to see armaan..she enters the class...professor is already in..sits in her place..turns back to see armaan..suprisingly, he is looking at her...they exchange smiles)
Ridz: [ oh! he is also looking at me]
(lecture is over..attendance time..ridz is waiting for armaan's roll number..hears his voice..smiles to herself)
Ridz:[ye sab kya ho raha hain? y am i smiling?]

(coffee break time..ridz is walking in to the canteen..first she goes towards armaan)
Ridz:[no..i will sit beside atul n see today]
(she goes n sits near atul..looks at armaan..he is slightly surprised)
Armi: chasmish, did u call up at my home?
Ridz: ya
Armi: why
(armaan has a subtle naughty look on his face)
Ridz: wat do u mean by why? just like that..bcoz ur mobile was off
Armi: oh ok
(ridz feels nothing when she is near atul and when he touches her accidentally)

After one week:
(ridz n anji r walking in the corridor..she sees vicky at some distance..she knows he is walking towards her..drags anji in different direction)
Anji: where r u taking me? i need to go to washroom
(she turns to go)
Ridz: (pulls her back) dont go
Anji: (frowning) what???
Ridz: i mean, dont go to the one on this floor, we'll go downstairs
Anji: but why
Ridz: vicky is coming..he will definitely try to talk to me..we'll take this staircase
Anji: ahh!! tu bhi na..usne dekha kya?
Ridz: haan, he has to know that i'm avoiding him
Anji: ughh!!! OKAY!! u r crazy

In the canteen:
Atul: tho ridz..wat happened to ur mission "dont hurt vicky"?
Anji: it is in "avoid talking to him" stage
Armi: i saw how u both were running away from him (coming in and laughing)
Ridz: nothing to laugh, ok
Armi: kyu chasmish, bura laga apne aashiq par comment sunke??
(he said this n dragged a chair close to her to sit)
Ridz: shut up, he is not my aashiq
Armi: (smiles) lets see wat ur mission results in
Ridz: i just want to make him understand the reality, thats it

(A week later..rahul invites ridz, anji, sapna for his bday party..they r in the canteen..armaan walks in)
Ridz: hey, where is atul?
Armi: he is in library, will join us in, wats going on girls?
Sap: we were just talking abt rahul, its his birthday today
Armi: (with a straight face) i know
Anji: he has invited us to the party..i think he invited everyone in the class
Armi: not everyone
Ridz:(surprised) dint he invite u??
Armi: no
Anji: ohh!!
Armi: and...i wont allow u ppl to go
(everyone is shocked)
Anji: allow??!! r u passing an order?
Sap: wats that armaan? its our wish if we want to go or not
Ridz: yes, u cant dictate..and its just a party, y r u so fussy?
Armi: yes, i m fussy, i dont want any of my friends to go
Sap: is this a kind of gang war or wat?
Armi: i donno wat it is, but u r not going...thats it
Anji: i hate this domination armaan, i will go
Sap: me too
Ridz: u r so egoistic!!
Armi:(seriously) ok, ur wish, choose me or him
Sap: i cant believe this..our friendship is at stake just bcoz of a party?
Armi: yes
Ridz: u r overreacting armaan
Anji: u have seriously lost ur mind, we'll talk later
(saying this she gets up to go)
Ridz: [ Oh no! this is getting serious!!]
Armi:(angrily) not later..never talk to me again
Sap: happy with ur foolish ego
(both anji n sapna walk away from there)
Ridz: [hey bhagwan, ab main kya karoon, yeh atul kaha marr gaya..gussa tho main bhi hoon par unke saath jaao ya ruk jaoo??]
(she looked at armaan..he is extremely angry n upset...looking in some other direction)
Ridz: [no! if i also walk out, this will become more serious..and...i cant leave him alone here!]
Ridz: armaan
Armi: what?? (he said in a furious voice..looking at her with storming eyes)
(after the college annual function, she never saw him angry...but this time..she is not scared)
Armi: y dint u go with them?
Ridz: (in a soft voice) armaan, i know you are angry but you r more important to us than rahul..after we knew that he dint invite u, none of us would have gone to the party, but the way u ordered us, dont u think it was rude?
(armaan is thinking)
Armi: hmm
(Atul comes in..seeing both of them serious, he is confused)
Atul: kya hua yaar, aur anji, sapna kaha hain?
Ridz: they will come, u sit
(anji n sapna r back after 2 mins..came n silently sat in the chairs..armaan looked at them..with guilt n relief..they looked at him n smiled..he smiled back..everyone is silent and smiling except atul)
Atul: is there a smiling competition going on here, koi mujhe batayega kya ho raha hain?
Ridz: these three had a fight 5 mins ago n they patched up just now
Atul: kyaaa?? kab?? kaise?? kyu??
Armi: abbey question box, they were going to attend rahul's party, i just overreacted, they were angry n walked out n came back now..(a small pause).. thankfully (sighs at the end and looks at ridhima..she smiles)
Atul: ohhh!!
Sap: acha hua tum yahi ruki ridz
Anji: ya, it wud have turned in to ego problem if everyone who has to make the first move
Armi: yup
Ridz: (smiles sweetly)

Next day:
(the last two classes are cancelled for the day)
Anji: hey, ghar jaake kya karenge..i'll get bored..shall we go n watch some movie?
Ridz: i m ready
Sap: me too
Anji: i'll ask armaan n atul also
(everyone agrees)
Anji: the theatre is near my house, lets go to my house first

At anjali's house:
(anji is getting ready, atul n sapna r browsing the net for a gift for amit, armaan n ridz r watching TV)
Ridz: anji, jaldi karo
Anji:(from inside) ok
(armaan is browsing the channels..stops at a wrestling program)
Ridz: (frowning) ugghh!! i hate this show...switch to a different channel
Armi: i like it
Ridz: (making faces) they fight like freaking psychos..yuck!! how can u like it
Armi: its so much fun, just see once
Ridz: disgusting show..i cant even look at it (blocking her vision with hand)
Armi: arrey, dekho tho sahi, every guy watches this
Ridz: all guys r sick then, change the channel first
Armi: no
Ridz: armaan
Armi: no
Ridz: i will change then
(she tries to grab the remote from his hand..he holds it away from her..she keeps use)
Ridz: i know wat to do
(she starts messing his hair)
Armi: dont touch my hair
Ridz: (giggling)
Armi: stop it
(he gets up )
Ridz: it
(she grabs the remote n runs..he starts chasing her...after running around the hall..he gets hold of her)
Armi: gimme the remote
Ridz: no
(hides it behind her n messes his hair again...with an irritated face he holds her hand n bends it backward...she tries to get her other hand to the front...he bends it back coming very close to her..looking deeply with passionate eyes...her heart is beating fast..knees going weak)
Ridz: [armaan, y do u look at me like this?!! y dont u say something?!!]
(armaan gently blows away the hair falling on her face..she closes her eyes with a small cringe...suddenly, he releases her...leaving her speechless)
Armi: remote
(Ridz silently gives him the remote control)

(Ridz meets keerti over the weekend)
Keerti: hey, i heard riya and varun broke up
Ridz:(shocked) kyaaa??? howz that possible? they were so much in love from like almost 2 years
Keerti: they are going around with someone else now
Ridz: O my God, these break ups r so scary, how can they just move away like that after loving a person?
Keerti: who knows..if it was love or something else
Ridz: something else?
Keerti: they say attraction looks like love in our age..which just fades away after some days
Ridz: hmm [wat is my feeling towards armaan? attraction or love??]

(at night..ridz is lying on her bed..listening to a song..a love song...enjoying the music n lyrics...closes her eyes..she remembers armaan..the song is reminding her of armaan...she is trying to relate to every line...the song is over..she realises wat she has been doing)
Ridz: [y am i doing this? y am i always thinking about him? do i love him??]
(suddenly..she remembers wat keerti told her..about attraction)
Ridz: [wat if i m just attracted to his charms?]
(she remembers his looks, touches, words n how she feels everytime she is with him)
Ridz: [no, i think it is love!]
(then she remembers how he flirts with the gals)
Ridz: [may be they also think the same abt he flirting with me too??]
(gets if she decided something)
Ridz: OK, decided..he is flirting n i m attracted to him..thats it..everything will be over in a few days
(relieved..she lies down on the bed)
Ridz: [hmmm..may be not, but how to find out? i really need to test myself...if the feeling remains.. it is love, else it is attraction...ok, done...i need to wait n see...but how long?? hmm..until i m sure..i hope this feeling is love, its so beautiful !!]

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