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part 11 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

PART 11:

Armaan and Riddhima came back to Mumbai after spending the best
one-month of their lives at Madhupur Gaon. Armaan got busy with his
preparations for the Neurosurgery entrance exam, which was just two 
months away; Riddhima had a grueling schedule in the Emergency room.
They could not see each other for days after they got back. Whenever
they were tired or exhausted from their work, they would just shut their
eyes and remember their wonderful days at the village. They never
talked about that rainy night when they had lost control over their own
bodies. That night was a sacred night for them and would be their little
secret forever.

One evening, Riddhima had just returned from an ER shift around
midnight, she showered in the common hostel bathroom and walked towards
her room in her bathrobe. She entered her room and was surprised to see
the lights out, "main light tho jalaa ke gayi thi….tho yeh andhera..?"
she shrugged her shoulders as she thought she was just too tired and
probably did not remember.

"AH! AH! AH!" she screamed as someone caught her from behind but her
protests were soon smothered with someone's hand on her mouth. The
lights came back and she saw Armaan standing in front of her!

"Armaan? Tum?" she was startled.

"Kyun kisi aur ka intezaar tha kya?" he asked wickedly.

"Badmaash!…..Mujhe darra hi diya tha!" she was still trembling in fear.

"I missed you," he hugged her and kissed her forehead, "Mumbai wapas aakar tum mujhey bhool tho nahin gayi?" he teased her.

"Armaan…PLEASE!" she panicked, "tum chale jao…iss waqt girls hostel mein tum allowed nahin ho."

"Well….jab main kisi se poonch kar aaya nahin…tho kisi ke kehne par
jaaoonga bhi nahin," he pulled her closer and was about to kiss her when
someone knocked at her door.

"RIDDIMA! RIDDIMA! Kya hua? Are you alright?…Tumharey cheekhnay ki awaaz aayi thi?"It was Sapna.

Armaan hid behind the door as Riddhima answered the door, "kuch
nahin, ek machchar ney kaat liya tha" she kept elbowing Armaan as his
hands kept crawling into her robe from behind.

"Bahut mota machchar hoga?" Sapna asked worriedly, "jo tum itni zor se cheekhi thi?"

"Haan….bahut mota aur khatarnaak….."she smiled and shut the door as
she said good night to Sapna. Sapna guessed that the machchar was no
other than Dr Armaan himself. She smiled mischievously and winked,
"machchar se kehna apne limits mein rahe…bye…good night!"

Armaan grabbed her again, "achha tho main ek mota aur khatarnaak
machchar hoon?….abhi dikhaata hoon ki kaise kaat tha hai…."he nibbled on
her ear.

They both teased each other and fell on her bed.

Riddhima looked into his eyes and said, "achha tum yahan aaye kaise….?"

"Deewar chadh karr…tum se milne main koi bhi deewar thod sakta hoon," he gazed into her eyes romantically.

"WOW, Dr Perfect Armaan Mallik ab aise kaam bhi karne lage hain….?" She teased him

"Arre kya batayein….ishq ney humein nikkama bana diya….warna hum bhi
the aadmi kaam ke….." he recited a famous "sher" and chuckled.

"Ab doctor se shaayar bhi ban gaye ho?" she laughed

"Tumhare liye kuch bhi ban ney ko tayyar hoon…" he cuddled and kissed her neck

"Jhoote kahin kay….." she said as she remembered their conversation
in Madhupur when she had asked him to settle there with her forever but
he insisted on staying in Mumbai for his Neurosurgery program.

"Ab tum jao…." Riddhima tried to push him away…. "warden ney dekh liya…tho suspend ho jaogey….."

"Itni risk lekar tho aaya hoon….kuch tho award milnaa chahiye….." he drew her closer.

"Mil gaya jitnaa milna tha….ab jao" she tried to get away again

"Nahin….abhi nahin" Armaan was in no mood to leave.

She pulled away, "OK…aankhein bandh kar lo…I need to change."

"Tho kar lo," he sat up with his arms folded.

She threw her pillow on his face, "naughty DR!"

As they monkeyed around with each other, Armaan's cell phone rang,
"Hello…..kaun Anjali? ……Oh main bhool gaya tha tumhari flight aaj aa
rahi hai….kal subah milein….abhi main busy hoon….bahut lambi duty thi
aaj….kal tumhare ghar aa jaaoonga….bye!" he hung up and saw Riddhima
leave the room to change in the bathroom.

He got up and scratched his head, "Kal main Anjali ko sab bata doonga," he climbed out of her window and escaped in the dark.

Riddhima got back and was disappointed to see that Armaan had left,
"lagta hai Anjai wapas aa gayi hai…..I hope he clears all
misunderstandings with her."

Riddima lay on her bed and dreamt about Armaan all night.

Please enjoy this wonderful VM by Muniza on AR based on "Tum mile" from "Criminal"


(Tu mile, dil khile

Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye) - 2

(Na ho tu udaas, tere paas paas

Main rahoonga zindagi bhar) - 2

Saare sansaar ka pyaar maine tujhi mein paaya

Tu mile, dil khile

Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye

Haan tu mile, dil khile

Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye

Chanda tujhe, oh dekhne ko nikla karta hai

Aaina bhi, oh deedaar ko tarsa karta hai

Itni haseen koi nahin - 2

Husn dono jahan ka ek tujh mein simatke aaya

Tu mile, dil khile

Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye


Darling, every breath you take

Every move you make, I will be there with you

What would I do without you?

I want to love you forever and ever and ever

Pyaar kabhi, ho marta nahin hum tum marte hain

Hote hai voh, ho log amar pyaar jo karte hain

Jitni adaa, utni vafa - 2

Ek nazar pyaar se dekh lo phir se zinda kar do

Tu mile, dil khile

Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye


Haan tu mile, dil khile

Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye


Na ho tu udaas, tere paas paas

Main rahoongi zindagi bhar


Na ho tu udaas, tere paas paas

Main rahoonga zindagi bhar


Saare sansaar ka pyaar maine tujhi mein paaya

Tu mile, dil khile

Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye

to be continued.....................

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