Friday, 30 June 2017

part 12 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(Two weeks pass by...ridhima is waiting to see and talk to armaan every day...she looks forward for their daily meetings in canteen, their hangouts on holidays, feels happy when he sits beside the class, she turns back now n then to see him..waits for attendance to hear his day she hears a different voice, turns back to see..armaan is not there..confused, she looks around the class..he is not in the class...she comes out after the class is over..sees armaan outside)
Ridz: u were not in the class?
Armi: nah, dint feel like attending

Ridz: then who gave ur attendance?
Armi: someone must have given
Ridz: proxy??
Armi: ya, done that many times
Ridz: oh, i noticed only today
Armi: why today? (with a naughty smile)
Ridz: woh..woh..aise hi..i just turned back [bcoz i've been waiting to hear u]
Armi: ohh, y r u turning back so often?
Ridz: often??
Armi: yup, i saw
Ridz: haan tho koi rule hain kya ki main peeche nahi mud sakti?
Armi: saaf saaf bolo na ki mujhe line maar rahi ho
Ridz: huh!!??? line aur tumhe?? get a life armaan!! duniya ke saare insaan mar gaye kya jo main ab bandar ko line maroongi
Armi: tu bandar
Ridz: get lost
Armi: u get lost
(both turn in opposite directions)
Ridz: ey wait
(both turn back)
Ridz: (raising one eyebrow) by the way how did u know that i was looking at u?
Armi: i was looking to see what you were seeing
Ridz: jhoota, tho tum saaf saaf bolo na ki mujhe line maar rahe ho
Armi: am i blind like you to leave all those girls from my fanclub n see u chasmish?
Ridz: tum aur tumhare fans!! sab milke go to hell [O no! he is observing me, be careful ridzy]

Coffee break:
(Rahul comes in running)
Rahul: Armaan, can u pls give ur bike?
Armi: (arrogantly) no
Rahul: ahh!! ok (turns to leave)
Ridz: armaan, y r u so rude??
Sap: he looks very nervous yaar
Armi: oh, is it?
(gets up quickly n goes behind him)
Armi: rahul, kya hua?
Rahul: dad is in the hospital, he's got a stroke..i need to go immediately..n my bike has got some problem
Armi: ohh!! i m so sorry, chalo, i will come with u
Rahul: no, bike is enough
Armi: u r trembling man, i will drive, come
(both of them leave)
Anji: ye armaan bhi na, he is so touchy sometimes
Ridz: and wats the reason for their clash?
Atul: no idea
Sap: jo bhi, he has gone to help him..he is such a sweetheart
Ridz:(smiling happily) [y am i so happy if they praise him?]

After two days:
(The class is not yet started...ridz n friends n standing outside the class)
Atul: (seriously looking at the corridor) The world is gonna end today
Anji: kyaa??
Atul: woh dekho
(they turn to see armaan n rahul coming together..laughing)
Sap: tum dono? ek saath??
Rahul: kyu? nahi ho sakte?
Anji: nahi, u guys used to hate each other na
Armi: nah, nothing like that, woh tho..
Sap: hey, sir is in, lets meet in the break

(Rahul is also with them)
Anji: rahul,hows ur father now?
Rahul: he is fine now, a minor stroke..i was so tensed till reached there, thanfully armaan was with me..thanks yaar
Armi: never mind
Ridz: y were u guys fighting earlier?
Rahul: we never fought
Armi: ya, we never had any fight..just ego problems
Rahul: i donno y but he used to get cranky whenever i talked to him
Atul: kyu armaan?
Armi: nothing yaar, chodo na, we r fine now
Anji: ya, thats good
(muskaan is passing by)
Rahul: do u guys mind if she joins us?
(everyone says no problem)
Rahul: hey muskaan, idhar ao
(she comes saying hi to all)
Anji: join us
(they talk for some time...laughing and enjoying each other's company)
Muski: tum log kitne cool ho yaar, i should have been with u all these days..
Anji: u can be with us from now onwards
(muskaan n rahul joined their group in coffee breaks)

After a week:
Muski: i m having fun with u guys..u r not like other gals..they r so boring...always gossiping, complaining, spreading the rumors...thats y i always used to be with rahul..
Ridz: i dont remember you even speaking to any of us, y?
Muski: rahul never let me talk to u, he used to say u ppl dont like him
Sap: its not like that
Rahul: arey, armaan made me feel like that
Armi: abhi sab set hogaya na
Muski: ya, but i missed so much fun...all bcoz of this idiot (slapping rahul on the shoulder)
Ridz: and this idiot too (hitting armaan on head)

(vicky doesnt stop trying to talk to ridz..she keeps day she takes a long route to the canteen to escape from him)
In the canteen:
(sapna n ridz come gasping)
Atul: kya hua?
Sap: (sitting in the chair) this moron, she made me roam the whole college!!
Armi: but y
Sap: she had to avoid talking to vicky
Rahul: vicky?
Anji: ya, he is interested in her n she is not..n she doesnt want to hurt him, so she does all this nonsense
Armi: (giggles) kya ridz, i gave u such a simple idea, so generously..instead of taking it u r working so hard n making others also work so hard..(looking at sapna)
Muski: wat was the idea?
Ridz: i will tell u his stupid idea..he said we should pretend like girlfriend boyfriend...does that sound sane to u?
(muskaan n rahul look at armaan n then look at each other..smiling)
Ridz:[why r they smiling like that??]
Rahul: hmmm...actually that works, see no one troubles muskaan
Anji: hey, i thought u both r actually going around..isnt it so?
Rahul: yup, we r
Ridz: then how is it acting man!
Muski: hmmm

After 2 weeks:
(the professor is not in today..they r free for an hour..assembled outside under a tree)
Ridz: hey i want to learn how to ride a bike, but anji is not in today, she told she will teach me
Muski: oy, main hoon na..chalo i will teach
Ridz: pakka?
Rahul: dont go n hit someone, be careful
Muski: chup kar, shubh shubh bol
Rahul: (smiles) ok baba, can i say this..dont let anyone hit u..
Atul: u mean the ones walking
Rahul: yeah
Muski: tu zyada smart mat ban
Armi: (laughing) bhagwan, is college ki raksha karna
Ridz: shut up
(muskaan goes n gets her scooty)
Muski: u know how to ride bicycle na
Ridz: ya i know
Muski: ok, so u know how to balance, see u just have to do this
(she tells her the basics n sits behind her..ridz starts the bike..tries to balance...goes ahead to some distance...sees a guy coming on her way..she wants to stop)
Ridz: muskaan, how to stop
Muski: break maro yaar
Ridz: which one?
(the guy is very near..he is confused looking at them...she is confused...puts the front break n the bike stops suddenly..she doesnt know how to balance almost hits the guy..ridz loses balance n bends the bike totally to the right side)
Muski n ridz: (scream)
(ridz says sorry to that guy...muskaan gets down n takes the bike..they hear laughs from behind..turn to see sapna, atul, rahul n armaan laughing crazily)
Muski: dont laugh
Ridz: bola na dont laugh
Rahul: its not ur fault yaar, that guy doesnt know how to walk..(again laughs)
Muski: teri tho
Armi: bechare ka raam naam saty hojaata!!
Ridz: armaan, stop now
Armi: u were driving fine..suddenly kya hua ridz
Ridz: (pouting) i lost balance
Armi: (looking at muskaan) but u could have balanced
Muski: in front seat its ok..but in back seat, payr kaha neeche tak jaata hain yaar
Armi: hmm...chalo, i will sit behind, i can balance
Ridz: tum??
Armi: ya, come on
(ridz nods her head hesitantly..sits on the bike..armaan sits behind her..she starts driving...he balances it a couple of times)
Ridz: armaan, ye button kya hain?
Armi: kaunsi??
Ridz: this yellow one
Armi: that is indicator
Ridz: i cant press it
Armi: its not for pressing, u need to move it to the this
(he leans forward..touching her hand all the way..n shows her how to use it..ridz is having butterflies in stomach..remains silent for a while)
Armi: if u want to go fast, u need to raise the this
(again he leans forward n shows her..ridz can hear her heart..beating fast)
Armi: ok, now stop n try to put ur leg down
(ridz stops..this time she is fine..starts driving again)
Ridz: hey, i learned
(no response)
Ridz: armaan
(no response)
Ridz: armaan, r u there?
(no response)
Ridz: [did he get down when i stopped the bike??]
(she wants to turn back n see but scared..scared to stop the bike also..knowing that he is not there)
Ridz: oh no! ab kya karoon..i will stop, jo hoga dekha jayega
(she puts the break..struggling to balance...suddenly armaan holds her from behind..feeling his two hands holding her waist...she is struck like a statue...numb to her surroundings..she can only listen her heartbeat..fastest in her lifetime)
Armi: ridhima
(no response)
Armi:(louder) ridhima
Ridz: (getting her sense back) haan??!!!
Armi: r u ok??
Ridz: ya ya i m fine [aise pakadke poochta hain "r u ok", how the hell can i be ok?]
(she gets down, he moves to the front seat)
Ridz: i thought u got down..y dint u speak when i called u?
Armi: woh..i got an sms, i was reading it
Ridz: kyaa??? peeche baitke sms pad rahe the?? arghh! u r such a retard!!
Armi: par girne nahi diya na
Ridz: aaha..waise pakadke?
Armi: (wittily) kaise??
Ridz: woh..hmm..forget it [better not to discuss, again he'll make some fun out of it]

(ridhima is unable to sleep..seeing armaan everywhere..she can still feel that touch on her waist...rolling on the bed..smiling..she wants to see him)
Ridz: [this feeling seems to be getting stronger by the day..shayad pyaar hi hain...but i donno wat he feels..if he doesnt reciprocate?? no, its so scary to think]
(her mobile rings..armaan is calling..happily lifts her phone)
Ridz: hi
Armi: gayi thi?? did i disturb u??
Ridz: no [woh tho tumne bahut pehle kar diya]
Armi: then wat were u doing?
Ridz: nothing [thinking abt u]
Armi: thinking abt results?
Ridz: results??
Armi: they will be out tomorrow
Ridz: oh ya, forgot that
Armi: aaj ke liye khush raho..kal tho rona hi hain
Ridz: dekhenge
(they talk for a while..cuts the call off..goes to sleep)

Next day:
(armaan n ridhima r walking in..they see atul coming towards them..running)
Atul: results r on the notice board n the topper is..(pauses)
Ridz: jaldi bol na
Armi: abbey, ek doo kya, bol
Atul: Ridhima...congrats

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