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part 14 & 15 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 14

Arima is now completely in her normal self laughing nd njoying with armu and riddhima.

"chal arii.. aaj milke armu ki favorite dinner banate hain.." riddhima suggested.

"mummaaa.. aap hi bana lo na.. main banayungi toh yeh shaitan bilkul bhi nhi khayega.. better main preparations mein help karti hoon.." arima complaint while striking junior's head very lightly.

"of course mom.. master chef ke hote hue main aap jaisi bekar ke chef ka banaya khana kyun khaoon bhala!!!" junior said with attitude teasing arima more.

"achcha beta.. main bekar ki chef hoon.. thik hain.. yaad rakhna.. kabhi kahega bhi tohh bhi nahi banayungi teri liye kuch bhi.." arima threatened junior weakly.

"zaroorat bhi nahi padegi.. meri darling naani hain , na.." junior poked her while hugged riddhima cozily.
Arima smiled. She,too, can't ingnore the fact that how awesome cook her mother is. She always avoided having lunch at her frn's houses only because she nvr felt comfortable eating foods which is not made by her mumma. Even her dada always took home made food at his office. Now her darling son.. he,too, is a crazy fan of her mumma's cooking.

Both mother nd daughter are in the kitchen preparing armu's favorite dinner. Arima was cutting panner when junior slowly entered kitchen.

"kya ban raha hain??" he asked enthusiastically.

"tu?? Tu yahan kya kar raha hain armu?? Ek toh itni chhot lagi hain.. upar se yahan wahan ghum raha hain.. tu chup chap rest nhi kar sakta kya??" arima started.

"offoo mom.. relax.. aap knife pe dhyaan do warna ungli (finger) kat jayegi.." junior teased his mother.

"huh.. I know hw to do.. tang mat kar mujhe.." arima,too,was adamant.

"main aur aapko tang kar raha hoon??? (he said in full nautanki manner, thn turning to his granny)' naani.. aab aap hi batao.. ek bachcha jissey itniii (stressing the wrd) chhot lagi ho, wohh bechara, dard se mara' arrey wahh .. yeh toh poetry ho gayee.. not bad armaan.. (junior felt proud on himself while riddhima burst out into laughter nd arima juz stroke her head with her palm seeing her crazy son)' toh kya keh raha tha main.. haan.. wohh bechara.. dard se mara.. kya kisi ko tang karega??"
junior asked riddhima tugging her saree pallu going near her. Riddhima understood junior's clue behind the tug of her pallu nd hlped him to climb nd sit on the kitchen counter. Junior alwaz sit on the kitchen couter wenever his darling naani cuks his fav food.. the mouthwatering smell of the hat n delicious food brings junior to the kitchen always. Riddhima,too, love junior's presense. It mkes her feel happy dat her armu luvs her cooking dis much. Nd undoubtedly it reminds her crazy husband.
After helping junior, riddhima opened the fridge nd gave him his favorite dark chocolate. Junior happily stated eating in between entertaining the ladies with his nautanki..

Soon, armu and arima are sitting in the dining area for dinner. Riddhima went inside the kitchen to bring hot delicious aalo ke paranthe wen she felt a lill tap on her shoulder nd turing st once she asked seeing d person..

He smiled nd said.. "tumhari parantho ki khushboo ne khich laya.."
Riddhima smiled.

"main aayun bahar dinner karney??" he teased..

"trespassers are not allowed, mister.." riddhima shot back cheekily.

"oouchhh.. it hurts.." he said melodramatically placing his hands ovr his chest.

"no wonder.. junior itna nautanki hain.. aapney grand pa pe jo gaya hain.." riddhima said smilingly.

"I accept it as completement, lady.. thank u.." he smiled, too..

"uff!!! Armaaannn.. hato' abhi chillana start kar dega tumhara pagal junior.." riddhima's words din't finished properly dat junior shouted'

"naaniii'. Itni der kyun ho rahi hain???"

Both riddhima and armaan (senior) laughed whole heartily hearing junior nd armaan moved from her way so that she could quickly go nd serve their laadla.

"yummm'." Junior dipped his 1st piece of parantha in palak paneer nd felt divine. Riddhima smiled as well as arima.

"tohh fir kya hua??" came junior's question after swallowing 1st bite.

Riddhima smiled understanding his clue while arima became confused. She looked at riddhima for confirmation who mouted.. "teri dada ki luv story.." . arima smiled nd waited her mother to start.. She nvr tires to hear the same story again n again. At least it makes her feel dat she is living the time again with her dada. Lill she knew dat in reality, she is living every moment with her dada, who is now sitting with them on the chair juz nxt to riddhima.

"main bhi wait kar raha hoon, riddhima.. tohh fir hua bhi toh kya hua??" armaan (senior) whispered near her ear.. she gasped feeling him so close to her. Till now she shivers whenever he comes so close to her. How funny yet innocent!!! Armaan (senior) smiled seeing her closing her eyes nd decided to tease more..

"admit it riddhima.. tum aaj bhi merey kareeb aane se nervous feel karti ho.."
Riddhima opened her eyes nd turning her head side ways she looked into armaan's eyes lovingly. Both smiled but their romance broke due to junior's voice.
"fir kya hua naani????"


"haan.. puttar ji.. yehi sach hain.. shamsher mallik aur main itney bade dushman hain ki'" riddhima's father said..

Both armaan nd riddhima's breathe got stuck in their throats. Every second felt eons to them now. Finally riddhima asked showing lill courage.."ki??"

"ki' ek dusrey se door reh hi nahi sakte.. bachpan se aisey chipkey hue hain jaisey judwa(twins) bhai.. pyaar toh bahot hain.. aur dosti bhi par dushmani bhi kuch kam nahi.. akhir mujh se har baar har ekk khel mein har (lose) jo jata hain yeh.." came an unknown voice.. Riddhima turned hearing the voice..

"chintu chacha.. aap??"
Riddhima asked astonished.. "aap kab aye??"

The person came nd blessed her while riddhima touched his feet.. "janam din ki bahut bahut mubarika puttar' aur meri laadli beti ki janam din hain aur main na ayuu aisa ho sakta hain kyaa??"

Riddhima smiled nd hugging him she complained.. "par.. aap late ho gayyee ho chacha ji.. 12 toh kab ka baj gaya.. aur aap aab aye ho??"

"arrey beta ji.. main bahot pehle hi aa gaya tha par iss kambaqt ki wajah se der ho gaya!!" riddhima broke d hug nd looked at him who was looking at some1.. following his gaze she found he was looking at armaan only.

Chacha ji left her nd went near armaan..
"khote ka puttar.. tu ek pedh (tree) pe thik se nahi chad sakta.." he smacked armaan's head who whispered while massaging his head..

"papa ji.. aap yahan?? Kaisey??"


PART - 15

Riddhima smiled nd hugging him she complained.. "par.. aap late ho gayyee ho chacha ji.. 12 toh kab ka baj gaya.. aur aap aab aye ho??"

"arrey beta ji.. main bahot pehle hi aa gaya tha par iss kambaqt ki wajah se der ho gaya!!" riddhima broke d hug nd looked at him who was looking at some1.. following his gaze she found he was looking at armaan only.

Chacha ji left her nd went near armaan..
"khote da puttar.. tu ek pedh (tree) pe thik se nahi chad sakta.." he smacked armaan's head who whispered while massaging his head..

"papa ji.. aap yahan?? Kaisey??"

Riddhima was shocked to her wits hearing armaan calling chintu chacha as his 'papa ji'.. it took a few minutes to realize that chintu is not his real name.. it is her chacha ji's pet name.. 'hayyo rabba!! yeh mujhey pehle kyun nhi soojha.. chintu chacha ka surname bhi toh mallik hain.. aur unka asli naam Shamsher Balvinder Mallik hain!!!! thank u baba ji.. tussi toh great ho.. mujhey abhi bhi yakeen nhi ho raha hain ke armaan chintu chacha ka beta hain.. sachchi mucchi' I love u babaji.. aapney meri luv story bacha li.." riddhima thought happily but thn she chuckled thinking about her own stupidity.. "main bhi kitni jhalli hoon.. ekbaar bhi dhyaan mein nhi aya ke armaan chintu chacha ka beta bhi ho sakta hain.. uska poora naam sunney ke baad bhi nahi.. kya yaar riddhi.. itna bhi budhdhu koi hota hain bhala.. par meri bhi kya galti hain.. beeji se leke papa ki, tau ji yaha tak hum bachchey bhi chintu chacha ko 'chintu' hi kehte hain.. mujhey toh yakeen hain ke bitto aur bki bachcho ko toh unka asli naam tak pata nahi hoga.."

She thought nd looked at bitto who was highly shocked unable to understand anything.. she couldn't help but smile seeing her lill cousin's confused yet adorable expression.. suddenly bitto looked at her direction nd found his dear didi staring at him lovingly.. he pouted indicating chintu chacha nd others through his eyes nd asked his didi to clarify his doubts.. riddhima's smile brightened at her possessive, now helpless, lill brother' she gestured him to come to her through her hands.. nd he, getting her didi's clue, ran quickly nd hugged her tight around her waist' riddhima, too, ruffled his hair lovingly wth one hand nd wth other she hugged him around his head.


"aap aur bitto mama bahot close the na, mumma??" arima asked smiling sweetly.. in return riddhima juz nodded her head in yes'

"haan.. bahot' wohh mera ladla bhai tha.. in fact abhi bhi hain.. aaj bhi jab kabhi main phone karti hoon woh itna khush hota hain ke kabhi kabhi main bhul hi jati hoon ke hum dono aab chote nhi rahe.. balki nana, nani ban gaye hain.." riddhima laughed a lill saying this.. "tujhey pata hain arii' woh bilkul waisey ka waisa hi hain.. buddhu.. par dill ka bahot sachcha.. aaj bhi merey liye itna concerned hota hain mano main abhi bhi uski wohi choti si pagal si 'di' hoon.. aur meri protection aur dekh bhal ki har responsibility abhi tak uskey kandhe par hain.. jab bhi phone pe baat hoti hain toh pehla 10minute sirf main kaisi hoon, mujhey koi takleef hain ya nhi, main zyada kaam toh nhi kar rahi.. yeh sab poochta hain aur dhamki deta hain agar mainey aapna khayal nhi rakhi toh tujhey complaint kar dega.. pagal.."

Riddhima finished nd arima smiled understandingly.. "haan.. bahot parwa karte hain aapki.. I wish woh kabhi yahan pe aye aur aap dono ko fir se kuch tym sath mein spend karne ko miley.. kitney saal ho gayee hain na mumma, aapko unsey miley hue.. tab toh main college mein thi jab dada hum sab ko native le gaye the.. that was last tym I saw him.. par mummaaa, woh kabhi humarey ghar kyun nhi aye??"

"actually arri..  ussey saher (town) pasand nhi.. aur aab toh tabiyaat bhi thik nhi rehti uski.." riddhima said being quite emotional nd concerned for her brother..

"koi baat nhi mumma.. kabhi possible hua toh main aapko village zaroor le chalungi.." arima assured her' nd riddhima smiled at her understandingly nd gestured her to come near her.. arima, too, without wasting a minute went nd lie on d bed putting her head on her mumma's lap'

"cuse me ladies'" someone's cheeky voice broke the mother-daughter emotional moment'

They looked at the source nd found junior standing on the bed wth his both hands on his hip..

"I know.. GALS TALK chal raha hain.. aur mainey aisa suna hain ki GALS TALK ke beech mein kabhi bhi nhi ana chahiye.. (both riddhima n arima raised their eyebrows hearing junior).. Halt ur queries ladies' I knw aap dono abhi kya poochne wale ho.. toh for ur kind information.. I'm in co-ed school, remember?? nd as u know i'm too smart n good-looking, I hve quite a few gal frnds, u see.. (junior winked at them proudly nd both arima n riddhima made O-shape on their mouths).. close ur mouths warna makkhi chali jayegi.. (riddhima closed her mouth nd smiled at her usual expression, her darling hubby also used to tease her in d same manner.. on d other hand, arima juz closed her mouth sighing deeply nd looked at junior deadly crunching her eyebrows..).. chill mom.. mujhey baad mein kha lena.. now listen to me.. (junior said teasing her more, in return arima juz narrowed her eyes more at her dramebaaz son).. so ladies, I know u both r busy wth ur most popular GALS TALK but sweet hearts, dnt forget here is this GENTLEMAN who is getting highly bored from lasttt (he stretched d wrd nd looked at the wall clock nd pretended to count).. haan.. from last 7minutes.. u know SEVEN MINUTES.. I mean 420seconds?? Nd u think u're doing justice to this gentleman's gentleness??'" he completed his nautanki nd pouted deeply' "I knw.. I knw.. aap ladkiya baatein karney baith te ho toh sab bhul jate ho.. par naniii'(junior whined his head to his darling granny nd continued).. aap dono mujhey kaisey bhool sakte ho?? It's me.. ur armu.. how can u forget ur armu for some bitto sitoo?? Aur agar aap dono bhul gayee ho toh let me remind you.. main bitto.. (then thought for sometime).. haan naanu.. ri8?? May be.. I mean.. arrgg.. u knw na.. I'm not good in solving riddles wen it's related to relations.. it's way too complicated.. (he sighed at his helplessness).. anyways, toh main kya keh raha tha.. main unhe nhi janta.. mila nhi na aaj tak.. aur aap dono MEREY nanu ko chodke unhey leke busy ho gayee.. wat is this naani.. aap mujhey aapki aur naanu ki love story suna rahi thi' main kitna pamper karke buttering kake mumma se permission leke aya aapkey pass aur aap bitto.. mmm..  nanu ke baat karke time waste kar rahe ho.. very bad.. I didn't expect this from u.. abhi thodi der mein mom ka FM start ho jayega' armuuu'. Go to ur room.. kuch nhi padha tuney aaj.. bla.. bla.. bla..bla.. bla.." armu completed his complaint  mimicking his last wrds juz like his mother' "now wat?? Say something, no??" he expected them to apologize but here they are looking at him blankly.. junior waited for a few seconds but again no answer.. he juz fumed in frustration.. "gr8.. jab aap dono ko meri parwa hi nahi then wat's d need to stay here.." he paused nd waited for them to stop him but again no response.. "thik hain.. toh main jaa raha hoon.. suna kisi ne.. MAIN JAA RAHA HOON".. he said loudly uttering each wrd wth gr8 emphasize nd finally losing all hope he decided to leave actually.. he was about to get down from the bed wen he heard a loud roar of uncontrollable laughter.. he turned to the source of noise at once nd found both mother n daughter laughing like maniacs.. he wasn't expecting this.. he was trying to do emotional blackmail but it looks like he, himself, was made 'bali ka bakda' by his sweet hearts.. so, he frowned thinking how poor he is still in acting.. "beta armaan.. u still have to practice lots to be an expert' aargg.. was I dat bad ke mom nd naani emotional hone ke wajah has rahi hain.. (sigh).. godd!! I think Sonia mam was ri8 to reject me from d lead role of our play.. par meko lead role chahiye.. (thn controlling himslf).. no problem dude.. u'll be an expert soon.." junior was thinking while frowning wen his chain of thoughts broke hearing his mom.

"omg armuu' tu kitna cute hain, yaar.. I juz love u sooo muchhh.." hearing his mom, he couldn't help but smile fully.. "do hell wth the play.. who said I'm not gud.. u're genius armaan.. see.. u brilliantly made ur mom nd naani forget everything.. proud of u, dude.." junior thought nd chuckled over his crazy thoughts'

"come here.." arima called him gesturing through her hands as well.. nd without any delay, junior more than happily went near his mother.. arima moved a lill, giving armu better access to sleep beside her.. armu, too, comfortably adjusted himself in the gap offered by his mom nd hugged her lovingly.. arima kissed his forehead nd started ruffling his hair smilingly..

On the other hand, riddhima smiled widely cherishing the scene in front of her eyes.. there is her daughter lying wth her head on her lap.. beside her, it is her son who is sleeping peacefully hugging his mother.. she thanked god in her heart again n again for gifting her such a wonderful family nd again started massaging arima's scalp lovingly.. arima looked at her mother's direction tilting her head juz a lill nd smiled warmly.. riddhima, too, blinked her eyes assuring her that she knows wat arima is feeling now nd gestured her to live the moment.. arima nodded understandingly nd looked at her son once again.. on one hand, there is her son in her arms nd on the other, she was cherishing the comfort offering by her mother's fingers.. life felt heavenly beautiful to her.. nd unknown to her, this utmost satisfaction brought her d most comfortable sleep of her life.. soon riddhima felt arima to be asleep nd bending a lill she found both mother n son sleeping peacefully in her lap.. she smiled seeing the duo.. they are sleeping but still there is sweet smile adorning their lips showing the satisfaction they are feeling now.. she backed off nd put her head on the bed post but fixed her gaze at her lap only becoz sleep is now far away from her eyes.. nd isn't it natural.. how could she sleep wen life is too blissful in front of her eyes.. no dream can give her this amount of happiness that her open eyes are offering now.. nd no matter how long she admires this scene, it will still seem too short to her.. she sighed contently nd got lost in the moment.. god knows how many days are left in her kitty but if life gives her every day like this, she will never complain to have a shorter life.. because it is not imp how many years one lives, wat matters is how many lives one can live in each moment.. nd thanx to her stars, she is living unforgettable lives everyday nd it's all becoz of her darling junior.. he came nd every thing changed in a better way..

"a picture perfect.. isn't it??" riddhima shivered hearing the sudden whisper in her ear.. nd automatically her eyes blinked breaking her trance nd a sweet smile came across her lips.. now it is going to be a perfect picture to her with HIM beside her cherishing this moment TOGETHER.. she sighed contently nd looked side ways to see the love of her life...


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