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part 16 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,

PART 16: 

Armaan spent the night in the surgical ICU. He kept an eye on Ishaan all night.

"Sister….agar Ishaan jaag jaaye, tho muhje bataa dena" he told the 
nurse as he settled down with his laptop to finish some work. 

In a short while, a nurse informed him that Ishaan was awake and 
throwing a fit. "Sir….thodi morphine aur de doon usey?" (morphine is a 
very strong painkiller and is used post operatively to help with pain 
and calm patients down)

"Nahin…let me see what is going on" Armaan hated pumping the little 
boy with drugs and got up to see what was going on with Ishaan.

He sat down on his bed and put his hand on his bandaged head…"beta….kya hua?…kahin dard ho raha hai…?" he asked affectionately

"NAHIN….MUJHE MAMA CHAHIYE," he cried loudly. Armaan felt sorry for 
Ishaan. He lifted him and placed him on his lap so his head and body 
could rest on his chest. The monitors connected to Ishaan started 
beeping as Armaan lifted him …BEEP…BEEP!!!! 

A nurse ran to his bed.."OH…sir aap hain?…. lagta hai yeh monitor 
disconnect ho gaya hoga…." She tried to re connect the leads. It was 
important to monitor Ishaan's breathing and heart rate after the surgery
with the monitor.

"Rehney do sister….I can feel his heartbeat and breathing…..he is 
alright…..don't connect the monitors….he doesn't need them," Armaan 
ordered. Armaan knew that as long as he could feel Ishaan's breathing 
and heart, there was no need of any artificial monitors. Ishaan's little
heart was beating fast through Armaan's shirt. Armaan held him closely 
and calmed him with his gentle touch and soothing words. Ishaan's sobs 
died down as he hugged Armaan tightly and fell asleep. Strangely, 
holding Ishaan worked as a soothing sensation for Armaan also. He fell 
asleep with Ishaan in his arms…..they both slept all night like 
babies….the sounds of the loud monitors and beeps in the ICU could not 
disturb them…..Armaan had never felt this comfort before. Even Ishaan 
did not feel any pain all night; neither did he wake up for his mother 
that night. 

(On a scientific note, it has been shown in little babies and kids 
that if their parents hold them after traumatic procedures, it helps 
their healing process, so what Armaan did for Ishaan does have a 
scientific basis too!)

The nurses and ICU staff were puzzled and surprised, "hamare Dr 
Mallik ko kya ho gaya hai….? Aisa tho unhey kisi patient ke saath nahin 
dekha," they all gossiped and mumbled.

One of the older nurses had recognized Riddhima earlier. She used to
work on the surgical floor a few years ago and still remembered the 
days when she had seen Armaan and Riddhima's love story blossom on the 
surgical floor. She smiled to herself as she understood what was going 
on, she had tears in her eyes……

Riddhima was back at the hospital early in the morning. She found Ishaan sitting up and talking to Armaan. 

"Achha, doctor uncle….aap basketball kheltey hain? Mere Aditya papa mere saath hamesha kheltey the," little Ishaan blabbered on.

"Haan…zaroor…balki main apne school ki basketball team ka captain tha," Armaan replied proudly.

"Aap mere saath khelengey basketball?" Ishaan's eyes lit up.

"Bilkul…aap bas theek ho jaayo, in fact aap ke liye main basketball yahin le aaoonga," Armaan had a brilliant idea!

"Hello Ishaan beta" Riddhima walked in and gave him a hug. She was 
surprised to see an unshaven and sleepy looking Armaan at the bedside, 
his hair all messy as if he had just woken up.

"Armaan…tum raat ko…..yahin the?" she could not help asking.

"Haan…wo koyi emergency ho gayi thi ICU mein….I had to stay back…but
don't worry, Ishaan is fine…..I kept an eye on him last night" He 
reassured her. He never told her that he slept with Ishaan in the tiny 
ICU bed all night.

He got up and said, "kal…you and I will play a special basketball 
game," he gave Ishaan a high-five and mischievously looked at Riddhima, 
"Kahin maa pe height chali gayi tho…basketball kaise khelegaa 
bechaara….baap pe gayi…tho achha hai" he winked and walked off. Riddhima
was stunned at his last comment and looked at him as he walked out of 
the ICU, "kya …matlab?" she could barely ask but he had walked off by 

Armaan walked into his office to get his belongings. He saw an 
envelope addressed to him from the lab. "Itni jaldi aa gayi report?" he 
unsealed the report and was not surprised to see, "perfect DNA match 
between sample A and B": his heart always knew that, now his mind was 
convinced too! This was the happiest day of his life- yes Ishaan was his
son…..their son.

He smiled, picked his bag and walked towards the elevator, whistling
to himself. The staff riding with him was surprised as Dr Mallik, the 
serious Dr Mc Terror was smiling and whistling?

"inhe kya hua hai" they all questioned. As they stared at Armaan, he
just returned their curious glares with, "Good morning sister! How are 
you this morning? Isn't it a beautiful day?" The nurses almost fainted 
at hearing such pleasantries from Dr Armaan Mallik that morning.

As he was leaving the elevator, he saw Sapna walking towards her office.

"SAPNA!" he ran after her, "I need to talk to you"

Sapna was surprised to see Armaan, who was normally Clean shaven and
well groomed, looking so shaggy…unshaven with ruffled hair. 

"Bistar se seedhe hospital aaye ho kya?" Sapna chuckled as she unlocked her office.

"Kuch aisa hi samjho….I need to talk to you NOW!"

"OK..OK andar tho chalo…."

They walked into her office. Sapna was surprised when Armaan shut 
the door. She had a nagging feeling that Armaan's had come to talk to 
her about Riddhima.

"Sapna….tumney mujhey itney saal yeh kyon nahin bataaya ki mera ek beta hai?" Armaan asked frankly.

Sapna turned red and lowered her eyes, "tumhein….uh…tumhein kisney kaha?"

"That is not important ki mujhe kaise pata chala…accha yeh 
batao….Riddhima 6 saal pehle Institute chhod ke kyon gayi thi?" he was 
anxious to know the truth now.

"I can't say anything…I have been sworn into secrecy by 
Riddhima….haan itna zaroor bataa sakthi hoon ki it was not the reason we
were all made to believe…you know Ridz….there was no reason for her to 
resort to something that cheap to get good grades….I can't say anymore,"
Sapna said softly.

"That is enough for me Sapna…..I know Riddhima could never do 
something that cheap…..I am glad my instincts were right," replied 
Armaan as he turned around to leave.

"Ek aur baat Armaan," she stopped him, "…..Aditya bhaiyya aur 
Riddhima ki shaadi ek samjhauta tha…for Ishaan's sake….Riddhima was very
clear with him….I don't think she has ever loved or will ever love 
anyone else but you….Armaan," her voice cracked with emotions as she 
told him the truth.

Armaan walked towards her, "Sapna….. Riddhima is very lucky to have a
friend like you……kaash mera bhi aisa koi dost hota," he hugged her and 
wiped his tears.

"I think I am the lucky one…..Riddhima jaisi ladki maine aaj tak 
nahin dekhi…..anyways…I have said enough…Riddhima maar dale gi 
mujhe….and remember… are as dear to me as much as Ridz is," Sapna 
smiled through her tears.

"Main dekh loonga usey….kaise maarti hai tumhey?" Armaan smiled and 
punched Sapna's nose playfully. Armaan felt like a little boy once 
again; he wanted to jump around in joy. He had not been this happy in 
years. "Riddhima theek kehthi thi….jo hota hai…achha hota hai….agar 
Ishaan ke brain tumor nahin hota….tho main apney bete se kaise 
milta…Riddhima se phir kaise milta??" he whistled all the way home. 

Armaan came home to find Anjali talking to someone, "Chintu…aur 
Monu…idhar aao….chalo homework karo.." she was talking to her imaginary 
kids once again. Armaan felt sorry for her whenever he saw her like 
that. The first few years after their marriage, Armaan would get upset 
with her imaginary behavior but now he had learnt to ignore it and take 
it in stride. He had accepted Anjali the way she was; it was his duty to
take care of her and he would make sure he would do that till he lived.
He had learnt never to mention the word, "Riddhima" in front of Anjali-
the very mention of her name would often trigger a major psychotic 
relapse which could make her very aggressive or even suicidal!

"Anjali, mere saath shopping chalogi?" he asked her, "Chintu aur Monu le liye toys lekar aathey hain."

"Armaan tum?" she hugged him as he walked in, "haan chalo….main tayyar hoon"

"OK main shower lekar aata hoon, phir chalengey," he peeled away 
from her. He did not mind taking care of Anjali but detested any 
intimacy with her, and now that Riddhima was back, he had no desire to 
get close to Anjali. 

They drove to an electronic toy store. Armaan purchased a video game
console with some games. "Oh, basketball? Armaan…..Chintu tho football 
kheltaa hai." Anjali protested when she saw the shopping cart.

"OK…aisa kartey hain, basketball aur football dono le lete hain…." 
Armaan had learnt not to argue with her and purchased both the video 

He decided to stay back with Anjali till lunchtime as he had no 
surgeries scheduled that morning. He made sure she ate properly and took
her medicines before he left for the hospital. Armaan had learnt to 
treat Anjali like his child, he tucked her in bed, kissed her forehead 
and left with the shopping bags.


Ishaan had been transferred back to the regular patient room. Armaan
walked into his room and saw Riddhima trying to walk Ishaan to the 

"Mama, mujhse nahin chalaa jaata," Ishaan started crying.

Armaan put the bags down, "Riddhima…..hang on…… abhi uske pairon 
mein kuch din weakness rahe gi….don't worry…..let me help," he came 
forward and carried Ishaan in his arms to the bathroom. He helped him go
to the bathroom and cleaned up after him. Riddhima was stunned to see 
how comfortable Ishaan and Armaan were with each other. The night that 
the father and son had spent together had no doubt created a deep bond 
between the two of them. 

Armaan carried him back to his bed and said, "buddy, are you ready to play basketball?"

Ishaan's eyes lit up as Armaan set up the video game console in front of the TV. 

"Armaan…yeh sab kya hai..?"Riddhima was confused.

"I always keep my promises Riddhima," he glanced at her and replied.
The cynical undertone did not escape Riddhima's conscience. Armaan 
realized that his statement had hurt her feelings.

"Sorry…mera matlab yeh nahin tha," he looked at her soulfully, 
"actually….I had promised Ishaan that he would be able to play 
basketball…..that is why I got this for him."

"That's OK," she replied sadly.

Armaan sat down next to Ishaan and gave him one game control and 
kept the other one in his hand. They both started playing and shooting 
basketballs, oblivious of the fact that Riddhima stood there with her 
face to the window trying to control her tears. 

Armaan looked up and saw her reflection in the glass window. His 
heart melted at the sight of her glistening eyes. He kicked himself for 
his sarcastic words.

A nurse came in and saw Armaan playing with Ishaan, "Dr Mallik…aap 
tho bachchon ke saath bahut achcha khelte hain….aapke apne bachchey bhi 
nahin hain… bhi?"

Riddhima was shocked to hear the last statement as she still 
remembered their conversation from last night when Armaan had told her 
he that had one son.

"Armaan? Tumne tho kaha tha ki tumhara ek beta?" she turned around to question him.

As the nurse left, Armaan stood up and said, "tumney mere bete kaa naam nahin pooncha tha kal." 

He walked towards her as Ishaan kept shooting baskets with his controller.

Riddhima was baffled, "naam?"

"Haan…mujhe Ishaan ke baare mein sab pataa chal gaya hai," Armaan came closer and gazed at her tearful face.

"Sapna? She told you?" Riddhima asked angrily.

"Nahin….ussney kuch nahin kahaa…don't get upset with Sapna……pehle 
mujhey shaq tha, phir kal raat ICU mein Ishaan ke saath ek raat bitaaney
ke baad yakeen ho gaya aur phir apne dimaag ki shanti ke liye maine yeh
DNA test karwaaya hai," He took the lab report out from his pocket and 
gave it to her.

Riddhima was dumbfounded. She was embarrassed and ashamed for keeping such a big secret from him.

"Main nahin jaanta tumhaari kya majboori thi….par ab mujhe apney 
bachche ki zindagi se mat nikaalna Riddhima……waise hi jaise tumney mujhe
apni zindagi se nikaal diya tha…..hamara rishta bahut purana aura toot 
rishta hai Riddhima……isey phir se mat thod dena," he turned around to 
hide his tears and then walked off.

tera yakin kyon maine kiya nahi, tujhse raah kyon juda

mujh pe yeh zindagi karti rahi sitam, tune hi di hai panah

tera mera rishta puraana - 3

hai kya tadap hai, hai yeh kaisi saza

tu kyun mujhe aaj yaad aa gaya

bechain din mere, bechain raat hai

kya main karu kuchh bata

yeh mere paanv hi khud meri bediyaan

uss se tu mujhe chhooda

tera mera rishta purana - 4

kya mujh mein hai shaks woh keh raha

aa aab main du karz tera chuka

aankhen hai nam meri, saasein chubhan meri

zakham huwa pir haara, dil ke viraane mein

mere phasane mein, tu hi toh har dum raha

tera mera rishta purana - 4

oh tera mera rishta purana - 2

… be continued…..


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