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part 17 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 17

Ri : "hello.. kaun??"

Ar : "hello janeman.."

Ri : "armaannn' u moron.. stop being cheesy.."

Ar : "achcha toh I'm being cheesy?? Aur yeh kis tarah tum reply de rahi ho apney pati ko,haan??"

Riddhima bit her tounge in embarrassment.. "wohh.. wohh toh itney din Belgium mein rehna ka asar hua hain warna main aisey baat kaha karti hoon.." she whispered nd he smiled fully flashing his both dimples nd all teeth..

Ar : "oyyee hoyyee.." riddhima turned crimson hearing him..

Ri : "armaan.. kyaa tum bhi?? Kuch toh saram karo, grand paa banne wale ho aurr abhi bhi romance se fursaat nhi tumhey??"

Ar : "kya karoon sweet heart.. jab biwi itni khubsurat ho toh dill pe zor kahan??"

Ri : "arrmaannn' aab bahot zyada ho raha hain, haan.."

Ar : "arrey sach mein yaar.. aur waisey bhi hum toh besharam category mein belong karte hain.. humesha se' yeh toh tum hi ho joh bekar mein mujhey tokne mein apni sari energy waste karti ho.."

Ri : "uff!!! Okkey merey besharam pati dev.. main harr manti hoon.. u carry on wth ur nautanki.."

Ar : "hayyee!! Patthar ke sanam.. merey pyaar ko nautanki keh rahi ho.. hey bhagwan.. kis kis.. mmm.. kya kehte hain hindi mein yaar.. well.. forget it.. haan toh kaha tha main.. yeah.. kis cruel hearted ladki se shaadi ki mainey.. mera toh bad luck hi kharab hain.."

nd with this riddhima burst out into laughter' nd dat's all wat armaan intended.. the sole reason behind all his nautanki is her melodious laughter.. he juz love to see her laughing her heart out.. nd jab haste haste uski aankhe bhar ati hain, he juz loves to kiss them off her face.. goshh!! He is missing her terribly all over again.. it's being two months he is away from her due to his foreign assignment.. now he is very excited to engulf his love wthn his arms..

Ri : "omg armaan' I so so soo love u.. mujhey aaj tak yeh samajh nhi aya ke tum humesha mujhey kaisey hasa dete ho.. main chahe jitni bhi koshish kar loon par tumse naraz?? juz impossible.. nd u knw wat.. I'm missing u soo much now.. come soon,na.. plzz.." riddhima confessed..

Ar : "my pleasure sweet heart.. aur yeh toh mera secrect hain.. u knw i'm a magician.. merey pass ek magic potion hain.. main woh roz tumhe chup chup ke pila deta hoon tumhari coffee mein daal ke.. dat's y u're ful2 fida on me.." he said proudly mainly d last line..

Ri : "achcha ji??" she teased smiling beautifully..

Ar : "aur nhi toh kya?? aisey hi na tum fida ho mujh par woh bhi itni boori tarah??" now it's his turn to tease her..

Riddhima smiled widely bt thn said slowly.. "i missed u armaan.. i missed u so muchh.. tumhey andaza bhi nhi hain kaisey yeh do mahiney guzarey hain mainey..."

Ar : "me too riddhima.. me too.. aisa ek pal nhi tha jab mainey tumhari kami ko mehsoos nhi kiya ho.." he said in a loving whisper..

Ri : "armaan.." she called him painfully nd he came bck to d reality..

Ar : "by d way, where is my princess?? Wohh thik toh hain na??" armaan's sudden off track question made riddhima shake her head sideways.. he is truly a sweetheart.. nvr he leaves any possible try to divert her mind nd cheer her up.. smilingly she answered.. "yess boss.. aapki princess ekdum thik hain.. mainey poora khayal rakha hain.. dnt wrry.."

Ar : "good work mrs. mallik' i must say dat mr. mallik is truly impressed.." nd wth ds both laughed out loudly at their crazy banter..

Ri : "armaan.. sach mein.. tum sath hote ho, na.. toh main apni umar (age) bhul jati hoon.. aisa lagta hain.. ki aaj bhi main wohi school jati riddhima hoon jissey abhi abhi ek pagal ashiq se pyaar hua hain.."

Ar : "arrey wat do mean by 'umar bhul jati hoon'.. hello madam.. hum itney bhi buddhey nhi hue hain.. juz bcoz princess ne jaldi shaadi karli, we r gonna be grand parents dis soon.. warna abhi toh main bahot young hoon.. dubara shaadi kar sakta hoon.. u see.. gals still go ga-ga over me, mrs. Mallik.."

Ri : "haan haan merey handsome pati dev.. I knw kitney young ho aap.."

Ar : "yeh compliment tha ya sarcasm??"

Ri : "wat do u think??"

Ar : "tum aur mujhey compliment do.. is dat possible??"

Ri : "correct.."

Ar : "I knew it.. sarcasm tha' oyee hello madam itna bhi lightly mat lo mujhey, koi churake le gaya mujhey toh pachtati (regret) rahogi.."

Ri : "regret my foot!! I'll throw party in happiness.."

Ar : "says who?? Huh.."

Ri : "achcha.. toh u dnt believe me.. good.. bhag jao.. fir dekho main kitni badi party deti hoon.."

Ar : "arrey yaar.. ajeeb patni ho tum bhi.. khud apney hi husband ko bhagne ki salah (opinion) de rahi ho??"

Ri : "well.. u knw wat mr. mallik.. I knw the extreme limit of my husband.."

Ar : "aahaan' itna confidence apney husband pe??"

Ri : "issey bhi bahot zyada.. u've no idea" nd hearing ds, again armaan flashed his most charming n satisfied smile'

Ar : "I love u riddhima.. I love u a lot.."

Ri : "i love u too armaan..."

a lone tear escaped from their eyes as they remembered how they spent these two months.. 1st time in their lives, they were away from each other after their marriage nd dat's becoz of arima's pregnancy.. their son-in-law works at navy nd dats y arima stays wth dem nd now due to her late pregnancy she wasn't allowed to take flight nd hence for their daughter they hve to stay away from each other nd it was d worst torture after their marriage.. they are to used to wth each other so much that every second they felt the absence of their partner.. yes, they did video chat during these months around thousand times but that cant gve the satisfaction of feeling each other's warmth..

Both r still on phone but silent.. both r now emotional nd dreading to talk.. they knw if they strt talking other will guess that he /she is crying.. so both stayed mum..

Armaan was 1st to recollect himself.. he wiped his tear nd checked the traffic.. still long distance to be crossed to meet his wife nd daughter' he calmed himself down nd controlling his emotion he asked..

"princess jag rahi hain kya, riddhima??" hearing his sudden question she became lill startled.. she wasn't expecting this.. but soon she answered..
"haan.. she's in her room.. t.v dekh rahi hain.. wait I'm calling her.."

Ar : "arrey nhi.. let her relax.. ussey disturb karne ki zaroorat nhi.. waisey bhi bahot mushkil hoti hain iss time move karne main.. I knw.. mainey dekha tha tumhey.. kitni takleef hoti thi na tumhey.."
Armaan said remembering riddhima's pregnancy days nd on the other hand riddhima smiled remembering those days.. how possessive he used to be' nd not to forget all panicky.. every lill thing used to mke him worried for her nd their baby..

Ri : "armaan.. it's okk.. uskey room mein chordless hain.. she won't hve any problem.. aur waisey bhi tumhari princess morning se bahot excited hain.. bass mind divert karne ke liye t.v dekh rahi hain.. warna poocho mat.. subah se sau bar (100 tyms) pooch chuki hain.. 'mumma , dada kab tak ayenge?"
Riddhima finished her painful story pouting widely nd armaan laughed loudly..

Riddhima shouted from their living room.. "arrriii' bachcha' dada ka phone hain.. receive kar le.."

Armaan heard her shout nd waited smilingly to hear his princess' voice.. god!! he loves his princess soo much nd he still can't believe dat his lill princess is going to be a 'mumma' soon.. time truly flies so fast.. again a tear came to his eyes.. but soon his smile widened wen he heard his princess..

Ari : "dada??" armaan clearly understood how excited his princess is..

Ar : "kaisi hain meri princess??"

Ari : "ekdum rocking.. aap kaha tak pahuche,dada??' she is really impatient..

Ar : "cool down princess.. abhi time hain.. kafi traffic hain road pe.. I guess 1 nd half hour toh lag hi jayega.."

Ari : "ohh" she became disappointed..

Ar : "bachcha' thodi hi der ki baat hain.. main bass aa hi raha hoon.." armaan consoled his ladli princess nd finally she smiled..

Ar : "achcha princess.. yeh toh batao mera junior kaisa hain?? zyada tang toh nhi karta na aapko??" nd hearing this arima blushed badly..

Ari : "haan dada.. he is fine.." armaan smiled sensing her pink cheeks.. she is juz lyk her mother..

Ar : "he?? aur yeh khushfehmi aapko kaisey ho gayee?? for ur kind information madam.. Mujhey aur merey betey (talking about arima's husband) ko toh ek pyari si gudiya ka wait hain.." nd with this arima blushed more..

Ari : "kya dada, aap bhi.." that's all arima was able to utter..

this father-daughter pair is really close.. there is no distance or hesitation like many father-daughter pair.. one can say that arima has two mothers.. armaan is nothing less dan a mother to her.. she is his every thing.. he spent sleepless nights to mke his lill princess sleep staying all awake after hectic days at office.. he nvr hesitated to give her bath or changing lill arima's diapers.. he is juz a too sweet n caring father nd best frnd of her.. there is no secret that arima nvr shared wth her dada.. he is her angel, her best frnd, her councillor, her guide.. in short her dada is d most perfect nd best father to her..

Ar : "ok ok.. stop blushing like ur mother.. I won't tease u any more.." armaan chuckled nd arima blushed even more..

Ari : "dada' stop,na.." she said pouting..

Ar : "okk baba.. zip locked.. happy??" armaan said nd arima juz smiled..

Ar : "by d way princess.. aapki mumma apka dhyaan rakh rahi hain,na??" armaan asked to chnge d topic but wat he dint know that some one else was still there on the other receiver..

Ri : "armaannn.. u stupid.. tumhey meri baat ka bharosha nhi kya jo tum arrii se confirm kar rahe ho?? dnt forget mr. over protective father, i'm her mother.. not step mother.. joh tum ussey confrm kar rahe ho.. stupid.."

actually riddhima thought of putting dwn d receiver but she couldn't able to resist herself hearing the father-daughter conversation.. she juz loves nd adores d bonding they share.. sumtyms she thinks agar wohh nhi hoti, toh kya sach mein arri ko koi problem hoti.. after all armaan 'maa' se kuch kam nhi hain uskey liye..

Hearing her mother's fuming voice arima laughed out loudly where mr. poor hubby juz wanted to beat his head on the glass window of his car.. now this is gonna be hell difficult to manofy his darling wifey.. stupid!! Idiot!! Jerk!! Tujhey yehi topic mila tha arima ki mind divert karne ke liye?? Armaan cursed himself in mind.. wait a minute!! Why is she listening to our convo.. well.. well.. well.. mrs. Mallik, u hve to pay for ds now.. huhahaha' armaan laughed evilly in his mind as he got his most fav pass tym.. 'teasing mrs. Mallik''

Ar : "princesss' yeh apki awaz ko kya ho gaya, bachcha?? Meri koyel jaisi princess ki awaz, aisey kauwey (crow) jaisey kyun sunai de rahi hain..??" armaan asked in ful2 innocent manner..

Ri : "wat?? Meri awaz kauwey jaisi hain?? armaan.. u juz come home.. fir tumhari khair nhi.." riddhima fumed more..

Ar : "oh ho.. riddhimaa.. tum ho.. tabhi main sochoon.." armaan said dramatically..

Ri : "mr. mallik u r soo dead today.. aao tum ghar pe.. fir main dikhati hoon.." she was hell angry now..

Ar : "aahaan.. galti khud karo aur meri khair nhi.. yeh achcha hain.." he said innocently..

Ri : "wat?? Kya?? Galti?? aab mainey kya kiyaa??" riddhima became confused wth ds sudden accusation..

Ar : "yeh loh princess.. aab aap hi apki mumma ko batao EAVESDROPPING karni boori baat hoti hain aisa wohi kehti hain,na.." armaan finished streching d particular wrd more nd arima again strted laughing like a maniac.. while riddhima closed her eyes tight in embarrassment..

Ar : "aab kya hua.. bolti bandh kyun ho gayee kisi ki??" armaan teased more nd riddhima juz turned crimson in embarrassment..

Ari : "hahahaha' haan haan mumma.. bolo na.. aab kyu chup ho aap??" arima joined too..

Ri : "arrii.. tu kabhi meri side pe ho sakti hain kya??" riddhima complained'

Ar : "tch tch tch.. jealous ppl.. keh do bachcha.. ke u love ur dada more.." armaan teases again..

Arima smiled where riddhima pouted' "nahi dada.. I love u both.. lots n lots n lotss.. u two r d best parents one can hve.." arima said smilingly nd thankfully.. nd her parents smiled hearing her.. they also luv their daughter very much nd feel blessed to hve such a caring nd sweet daughter..

"sureshh.. dhyaan se" armaan's sudden shriek broke d happy moment'

" kya hua dada??"... "armaan.. kya hua.. tum thik toh ho,na??" both his sweet hearts asked him all panicked..

"yes ladies.. relax.. I'm fine.. wohh signal red ho gaya toh suresh (driver) ne suddenly break press ki.. dat's all.." armaan assured..

"sorry sir.. achanak signal red ho gaya.. mujhey laga tha hum crossing cross kar lenge signal red hone se pehle.." suresh, his driver, apologized..

"it's okk suresh.. no problem.." armaan said smiling understandingly..

"thank god.." he heard both arima n riddhima sighing in relief hearing the cause..

Ar : "main thik hoon princess.. (thn after brief pause, with more care in his tone).. riddhima.. main sach mein thik hoon.. u calm down, plzz.."

Ri : "hmm.." riddhima juz whispered..

Ari : "mumma.. dada is fine.. relax, okk??" arima assured her too..

Ri : "yes.. I'm fine.. mmm.. armaannn.. aur kitna time lagega??"

Ar : "45 minutes I guess.. achcha riddhima.. I'm putting down nw.. office se call aa raha hain.. i've to attend dat one.. u both relax.. see u soon.. love uu.."

Ari : "okk dada' come home safely.. luv uuu.."

Ar : "luv u too princess.. u take care.. bye.."

Nd wth ds the call ended. Armaan received his work - call while riddhima still held d receiver near her heart nd whispered' "come home safely armaan.. I'm waiting eagerly.."


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