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part 17: Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

PART 17: 

After Armaan left, Riddhima sat down with Ishaan and hugged him. She sobbed quietly and thought, "Armaan...I am sorry.....lekin mere paas aur koi raasta nahin tha.....jaanti hoon mainey tumhey bahut dard diya hai.....aur tumhare bina, main bhi sirf apni yaadon ke saath hi zinda hoon......kitna ajeeb rishta hai rishtey mein sirf dard aur yaadein basi hain.......aur ek hamara bachha......kaash main tumhey samjha sakti ki mainey yeh sab kyon kiya......I love you Armaan....I still do......main tumhey kabhie bhool nahin payi." She dozed off with her son in her arms, lost in her own thoughts. 


Riddhima and Sapna were talking at Ishaan's bedside. Ishaan was engrossed in his newly acquired video game.

"Sapna….Armaan ko Ishaan ke baare main pata chal gaya hai….." Riddhima said softly.

"Haan….aakhir kab thak chupaati tum?"

"Main jaanti thi ki Mumbai aakar main yeh risk ley rahi hoon…..parr Ishaan ki bimaari ke aagey main majboor thi," Riddhima lamented.

"Ab kya karogi?" asked Sapna.

"He wants to be involved in his care now," Riddhima informed her.

Armaan walked in as they were talking, "Hey…buddy….who is winning? The Mavericks…or Lakers?"

"DOCTOR UNCLE!" Ishaan's eyes lit up as he saw his favorite doctor walk in.

"Good morning ladies" he greeted them cheerfully and started examining Ishaan. Sapna was pleased to see the change in Armaan's demeanor over the past couple of days.

"I think Ishaan is making good progress…..bas thodi physical therapy chahiye hogi…for his legs….he still doesn't have much strength in his legs…..discharge ke baad bhi you can continue to bring him for physical therapy," Armaan informed Riddhima. He was behaving like a total professional this morning; not letting his conversation with Riddima about Ishaan last night interfere in his work.

"Wo….physical therapy tho Delhi mein bhi ho sakthi haina?" Riddhima asked with some hesitation.

As soon as she said that, Armaan gave her a sharp look. Riddhima could not meet his gaze; she knew she had touched a sore chord.

Sapna sensed the tension, 'main chalti hoon…..baad mein aaoongi…" she walked out as Ishaan said, 'bye…bua…."

"bye…beta…"she replied back.

Armaan stared at Riddhima in anger, "Please don't do that to me again…..please," his voice choked with emotions.

"Parr, Armaan…how are you going to explain this to your family?"

"Family ki fikr mat karo……they don't need to know anything……Ishaan will live with you but I just want to be involved……mein usse roz mil saktha hoon…..I can take care of him…..please stay back…if not for me….do it for Ishaan….please Riddhima," he pleaded. Riddhima gazed into his deep blue eyes; she knew that was an earnest request from a father and not Ishaan's surgeon.

He was right; since Armaan had started interacting with Ishaan, he was a different kid-much happier and did not miss Aditya as much.

"Theek hai….main Sapna se baat kar loongi….maybe I can stay with her ," Riddhima saw the relief on his face as she said that.

Later, Riddhima spoke to Sapna about her conversation with Armaan. Sapna was delighted. Sapna, who was now married to Atul could not hold her excitement, "That would be great….Atul bhi 6 mahiney ki training ke liye US gaya hai….meri bhi company ho jaayegi….you know how close I was to Aditya bhaiyya and you are my best friend" she hugged Riddhima joyfully.

After Ishaan was discharged from the hospital, Riddhima moved in with Sapna. Riddhima had resigned from her job in Delhi when Ishaan had been diagnosed with brain tumor. Fortunately, Aditya was well off and had left a lot of savings for them. Riddhima's focus was now Ishaan and his rehabilitation after his brain surgery. She would want to go back and practice as a Pediatrician once again but that would have to wait till Ishaan was back on track.

Armaan started visiting them almost every evening. He had cut back on his workload; they had hired some new surgeons in their department and that made it easy for him to divide his attention between Ishaan and Anjali. Riddhima and Armaan acted more like friends and never discussed their past. Sapna acted like the catalyst between them and was always there when Armaan visited. They would often have dinner together, then play with Ishaan and sometimes talk till late in the night after Ishaan was in bed.

Armaan looked forward to his evenings with Ishaan…..and of course Riddhima…..each day she looked more beautiful than ever…..she was no longer a young medical student, he had fallen head over heels for…..she was a mature young woman…..who unfortunately had seen more than her fair share of sorrows in life……he knew he still was head over heels in love with her…..and would always be, even when she was an eighty year old woman!

Armaan never asked her about Aditya, although he did wonder at times how they would have met?….How could Aditya have resisted Riddhima's beauty and charm? Of course, Sapna had mentioned that their marriage was a compromise, but did Aditya and Riddhima have the same passion as Armaan and Riddhima had? Was Riddhima still attracted to Armaan the way he was to her??? All these questions nagged him constantly but he preferred to keep his distance for now. He resisted from touching or holding her at Sapna's house-even accidentally; he knew once he did that, he would have a hard time holding back. She stirred feelings in him like no woman ever had, or ever would.

One day, Sapna said, "Yaar….my hubby is really missing me in the US….he wants me to join him for sometime…I have 15 days vacation… mind if I go?"

"Arre….Sapna….ismein poonchney ki kya baat hai?….Of course you need to go….warna main bahut naraaz ho jaaoongi…" Riddhima scolded her.

"I know you are comfortable with this area now…..kuch bhi problem ho tho phone karr dena….main next flight le kar waapas aa jaaoongi…." Sapna hugged Riddhima.

"Aur nahin aayi tho?" Riddhima teased her.

"Tho…tho….apne aap manage kar lena," Sapna chuckled back as the two friends sat down for dinner.

Sapna left the next day. The same evening, when Armaan did not show up at his usual time, Riddhima changed into her lilac colored silk pajamas with a sleeveless, button down top. She was getting ready to tuck Ishaan in bed when she heard the doorbell.

"Itni raat ko….kaun ho sakta hai..?" she wondered

She was surprised to see Armaan at the door, "Oh…Armaan…itni late? I thought you would not come tonight."

"Haan…aaj kuch emergency aa gayi thi…Ishaan soya tho nahin?" Armaan looked around as he walked in.

"NAHIN DOCTOR UNCLE!" Ishaan answered from his room when he heard Armaan's voice.

Riddhima laughed, "tumhey apna answer mil gaya…lagta hai Ishaan tumhara hi intezaar kar raha tha."

Armaan smiled and said, 'main bas washroon ho kar aata hoon…I WILL BE RIGHT THERE ISHAAN!"

Riddhima went back into the bedroom. "Mama, please mera superman waala game de do….mujhe doctor uncle ke saath khelnaa hai….please," Ishaan pleaded.

Riddhima was initially reluctant but gave in when she saw the pout on her son's face, 'OK….kahan rakha hai?"

"Wo….almirah ke oopar waale shelf mein…."

"Uffo…..stool laana padhega" she brought a stool and climbed up to find his game.

"I can't see it beta…."she tried to get on her tippy toes.

Armaan came back and saw her trying to reach something really high…her night top had lifted up to reveal her thin waistline above her pajamas. Armaan got distracted by the thin sliver of bare skin staring at him. She suddenly lost her balance, "O….OUCH….!!!" Armaan came out of his trance and managed to get there in time. She fell down but fortunately landed in his arms. They both looked at each other; their eyes met and were locked in each other momentarily. How they wished that moment would last forever.

"HA…HA…HA! Mama gir gayee……doctor uncle aap hi superman ban gaye…." Ishaan interrupted their eye gazing session.

An embarrassed Riddhima felt got off his arms…. "kuch peeyoge….?" She tried to distract her attention and asked.

"Haan…ek cup coffee," he had turned red and tried to compose himself.

"1/2 spoon sugar and extra hot…." She smiled as she remembered her first day of ragging when she had joined college. He smiled back as he remembered the same incident- how upset he was with Riddhima then as she had not followed his specifications.

Riddhima was relieved to get away but was still having goose bumps as she could still feel his touch on her body…..he was still able to arouse her just like he used to six years ago…..she had never forgotten that touch… could she? He was the only man who had ever been so close to her, and perhaps would be the only one all her life.

When she got back with the coffee, she saw Armaan was trying to put Ishaan to bed. Riddhima sat next to a sleepy Ishaan and patted him gently. Armaan hummed a little lullaby for his son as their hands patted him to sleep…..

"aahista aahista" from "swades"-

Nindiya… tu aa hmm…hmm…hm…

Aahista aahista, aahista aahista
Nindiya… tu aa, in do nainon mein
Halke se holle se, kuch sapne bhole se
Nindiya tu laa, in do nainon mein ho…
Bahe soyi soyi jaise, saari hawaayein
Sama bhi hai soya soya sa
Nindiya re, nindiya re, tu mere angna re, aaja re
In jhukti palkon pe, chhaa jaa re
Aahista aahista, aahista aahista
Nindiya… tu aa, hmm...hmm…hm…

Mulaayam mulaayam si neeli neeli raat hai
Thapakti hai is dil ko, yaadein kayeen
Yaadon ke paalne mein koyi khoyi khoyi baat hai
Woh nindiya ab aake tu, meri di thi lori gaake
Mere khoye sapne dikhlaade haay
Yaadon ka palna jhula dein
Aahista aahista, aahista aahista
Nindiya… tu aa, in do nainon mein
Aahista aahista, aahista aahista
Nindiya… tu aa, um hmm…hmm…hmm…

Hmm…hmm…hmm…hmm hmm hmm…
Mehki hawa ki reshmi chaadar, kaho toh bichha doon
Neel gagan se chaand ko leke, takiya bana doon
Chaandni laake, tumko odhhaake
Main gungunaaun geet koyi
Us pal hi, chupke se, phir nindiya
Aa jaaye
Palkon pe jaise thhaher jaaye oh…
Meethhi meethhi nindiya aaye

Aahista aahista, aahista aahista
Nindiya… tu aa, in do nainon mein
Halke se holle se
Kuch sapne bhole se
Nindiya tu laa, in do nainon mein
Bahe soyi soyi jaise, saari hawaayein
Sama bhi hai soya soya sa…
Nindiya re, nindiya re, tu mere angna re
Aaja re…
Aaja re…
In jhukti palkon pe, chhaa jaa re
Aahista aahista
Aahista aahista

Their hands met as Ishaan fell asleep and the lullaby ended. Armaan held onto Riddhima's hand as Ishaan stirred a little and placed his little hands on top of his parent's hands. The three of them held onto each other; Ishaan's tiny hands grabbed their hands as if he did not want to let go of either hand.

Riddhima noticed Armaan gazing at her intently; the symbolism of Ishaan holding onto their hands did not escape her thoughts. She withdrew her hand and asked, 'khana khaa liya tumney?"

Armaan withdrew his hand and picked his coffee, "nahin khaaya….lekin tum pyaar se banaaogi…tho khaa loonga…..just like old times," he grinned mischievously.

They both smiled as they remembered the ragging incident when Riddhima had to cook for a room full of hungry medical students.

She went back to the kitchen and started frying some 'paneer.'

Armaan put out the bedroom lights so Ishaan could sleep in peace and followed her to the kitchen. "Sapna kahan hai?" he wondered.

She turned around to see Armaan nibbling on the 'paneer' pieces she had just fried, "Oh…Armaan…..yeh kyon kha rahe ho?….Sabzi kaise banaoongi? Aur…haan…Sapna aaj hi US gayi hai….oh please….saare mat khaao….pleas eleave some for the sabzi," she whined and moved his hand away from the plate.

As soon as she touched his hand, he grabbed her by her wrist and turned the stove off. With his other hand, he removed the ladle in her hand and brought her close to him. He came closer and kissed her neck, then behind her ears…then down to her lips….she tried to protest but he did not budge…he carried her to the guest room and kept kissing her passionately. Riddhima could not hold back either and responded equally to his lips. He started unbuttoning her top; she suddenly realized what was happening and pushed him away, "NAHIN Armaan!…Hum aisa nahin karr sakthey….tum shaadi shuda ho….this is WRONG!"

"I don't care Riddhima…..I just want you…I love you," he tried to grab her again but she pushed away, 'Please go away Armaan……you can't do that!" she was sobbing with her face turned away from him. Armaan was red with humiliation. He picked his bag and walked out, buttoning up his own shirt.

Riddhima ran to the bathroom and turned the shower on…..she could not take it anymore…..she stood there in the cold shower crying her tears out….

Song in background: "kya janoo sajan" from "baharon ke sapney"

(Kya jaanoon sajan hoti hai kya gham ki shaam
Jal uthe sau diye jab liya tera naam) -2
Kya jaanoon sajan

(Jabse mili nazar, maathe pe ban gaye
Bindiya nayan tere dekho sajna) -2
Dhar li jo pyaar se, meri kalaayiyaan
Piya teri ungliyan ho gayi kangana
Kya jaanoon sajan hoti hai kya gham ki shaam
Jal uthe sau diye jab liya tera naam
Kya jaanoon sajan

(Kaanton mein main khadi, nainon ke dwaar pe
Nis din bahaar ke dekhoon sapne) -2
Chehre ki dhool kya, chanda ki chaandni
Utri to reh gayi mukh pe apne
(Kya jaanoon sajan hoti hai kya gham ki shaam
Jal uthe sau diye jab liya tera naam) -2
Kya jaanoon sajan

Armaan was hurt by her rejection once again, "I know she loves me….her lips and eyes cannot deny that fact…..tho phir wo kyon mujhsey door bhagthi hai…why is she doing this to me?" He banged his head on his steering wheel and then drove off. After he had calmed down, he thought that this incident should affect his relationship with his son….he would still visit them tomorrow….Riddhima was probably right in her thinking, after all like the rest of the world, she thinks I have a normal marriage….but….but only I know that I am not married….I am just a chained to another woman who does not even understand the meaning of marriage or love….RIDDHIMAAAAA!!!! Armaan came out of his car and yelled her name and fell down on his knees in an open field, "I LOVE YOU RIDDHIMA…..I NEED YOU……PLEASE DON'T MISUNDERSTAND ME……MUJH SE DOOR MAT JAANA PLEASE…

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