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part 18 :Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 18

Riddhima put down d receiver nd went to see their daughter' she knws aftr talking to her dada, she is more eager to meet him now nd not to forget.. one thing that their princess hates most is to wait.. riddhima chuckled as she very well knws frm whom arima inherited this particular nature.. it's she, herself, who showed big tantrums whenever armaan kept her on wait' she literally threatened him on the 1st date of them after their confession dat do whatever but nvr evr kp me on wait.. or unless she will brk up wth him.. nd poor soul' wat could he do?? Like an obedient BF n later an obedient
husband, he alwaz came early on their dates nd kpt on waiting for his lady love!!! Aww' isn't it sweet??? She thought nd sighed contently' "oh my god armaan.. I nvr thought staying away from u mke me realize hw much I love u.. kitni baar tumhey dhamki deti thi.. armaan meri baat nhi manogey toh main papaji ke pass chali jayungi aur woh bhi humesha ke liye.. aur tum.. humesha darr jatey the.. haan.. yeh sach hain.. I used to say this in anger only nd may be smtyms I actually meant it also.. par aaj pata chala.. tumsey kai zyada merey liye yeh mushkil hain..tumsey door rehna.. tumhari stupid non sense bato ka itni adat jo ho gayee hain.. tumhara har choti badi bato ke liye mujhey bulana.. meri daant chupchap sunna'fir mujhey pyarr se manana..lagta hi nhi ke hum 24years se married hain.." she was smiling remembering her crazy husband wen she heard..
"mumma.. why are u smiling this much??"

It was arima who asked her amused.. only then riddhima realized dat she is now actually in arima's room.. so stupid of u riddhima.. abhi bhi apney armaan ke barey mein sochney bhaithti hain toh sab kuch bhool jati hain.. lehh.. aab jhel arri ki teasing'  she mentally kicked herself nd looked at arima smiling sheepishly..

Nd with that arima knew why her mother was smiling so much.. she thought not to tease her but is that possible for mr. mallik's daughter?? Nd with this she smiled devilishly in mind nd decided to cont. their (her dada n hers) fav pass tym.. 'teasing mrs. Mallik'..

She raised her one eye brow nd asked.. "don't tell me mumma.. u r in love wth sum1??" arima couldn't hlp but chuckled aftr spatting her wrds..

Nd poor riddhima.. juz sighed hearing their princess.. like father, like daughter.. juz a few minutes ago, her darling hubby left no straw to tease her nd now it's their sweet princess who is following her dada's path.. sweet?? Naah.. she is juz an evil sumtyms juz lyk her father.. riddhima thought nd chukled at her thought..

"still lost in ur BF's thoughts?? I dint knw aap itney mod ho gaye ho??.. I mean extra marital affair nd dat too u?? mrs. Mallik, the conservative one' hmmm' lagta hain Belgium ka asar kisi pe bahot boori tarah hua hain.. tch tch tch.. poor my dada.. aab kya hoga unka?? woh toh bilkul akeley pad jayenge,nahi?? (she pretended to think nd th said).. actually i'll suggest dada to mke a GF for him,too... aab biwi nhi rahegi toh GF se hi toh kaam chalana padega na merey dada ko.." she said in pure melodramatic manner'

Riddhima couldn't help but her eyes got widened hearing her lill arima.. she is truly not lill anymore.. 'extra marital affair'.. isn't dat wat she chose for today's teasing session?? but ofcourse she is a big grl now to tease her on this topic.. afterall.. she, herself, is gonna be a mother of lill arima or lill samrat soon.. Samrat..!!! nd wth this her thoughts diverted towards her son-in-law.. the best son-in-law one can hve.. it will be more appropriate if he is being mentioned as her son, rather dan a mere son-in-law, who alwaz supported her whnvr this dada-princess team stood against her.. before arrival of samrat, it was impossible for her to beat this cazy duo.. god knws frm where they get such unique topics to tease her... no doubt they are too witty to be handled by someone naive nd sweet like riddhima.. who alwaz end up pouting or blushing or throwing fake threats to them.. armaan toh fir bhi kabhi kabhi uskey threat ko blve karke chup ho jata hain but arrii... she is one step ahead of her father nd nvr let me blackmailed her darling dada emotionally... poor me.. i was alwaz a single fighter nd not to forget at the losing end... but everything changed after she got this son.. nd needless to say, he truly has d capability to shut their princess' mouth.. riddhima chuckled remembering how arri alwaz end up tongue-tied in front of samrat.. nd how she alwaz huffed n puffed whnvr samrat side hugged her or got soothing head massage from her... according to arri, he stole her place.. stupid gal.. how can sum1 steal her place?? she is her blood aftrall.. ofcourse she loves samrat very much but she loves both of them equally now.. bcoz the left out place of having a son in her life was filled by samrat.. nd wth him at home.. home turns more heavenly dan before.. suddenly riddhima strtd missing her son more.. juz one week nd he'll be here' she smiled nd looked at arima lovingly.. she really took a great decision allowing arri to marry him.. yess.. lill early but he is a gem by heart nd not to forget loves their daughter very much..

Arima thought her mother will show tantrum or she will fight like she alwaz does wth her dada or wth her but it was juz d opposite.. she is smiling genuinely now.. but it's not the shy smile dat was adoring her lips wen she entered her room.. thn for wat she is smiling now?? She became confused nd  came near her..

"mummaa??" she asked softly nd riddhima's chain of thoughts broke nd taking her palm in hers, arima asked again.. "kya hua mumma??" riddhima smiled nd pecked her forehead lovingly.. "kuch nhi' bas merey betey ki yaad aa gayee.. woh hota toh tu mujhey aisey tang nhi kar pati.." riddhima pouted stating d last sentence..

"awww' u r such a kid sumtyms mumma.. dada is soo ri8.." nd wth this arima pulled her cheeks making riddhima blush in embarrassment ' "nd nw u're blushing' hawww.. mummaa' I'm not ur hubby dear.. hold it for sumtym more,na.." arima teased'

"arriii'" riddhima complained nd blushed heavier' but their sweet moment broke wen their land line rang again'

"dada ka hoga'" arima turned excitedly to receive the call but stopped.. thn turning to her mother she said..
"aap receive karlo mumma.. main abhi aye.." arima smiled at her mother assuringly making riddhima blush even more.. truly their princess has grown up now.. nvr before she gave them space to stay alone but now wen she is married to sum1, she knws even her parents need some space' ridhima saw arima leaving the room nd thanking her fate for hving such a wonderful family,she received the call'
"hello.. armaan??"

"excuse me maam.. kya aap bata sakti hain yeh kiska no. hain nd aap kaun bol rahi hain??" an unknown male voice asked her in formal way..

Riddhima's heart stopped beating.. her brain stopped wrking.. she felt her limbs getting numb sensing some disaster in her way.. something very bad..

"cuse me.. anyone dere??"

Riddhima regained her sanity nd with gr8 difficulty she replied wth her trembling voice..
"yeh.. (deep sigh).. yeh mr. armaan mallik ka ghar hain.. (pause).. aur .. aur main unki wife bol rahi hoon..( pause again.. she took deep breathe n asked).. mmm.. kya.. kya hua hain merey' (she stopped n corrected)' I mean armaan ko?? Wohh thik toh hain,na??" riddhima asked holding her breathe.. no.. nothing bad can happen to him.. plz god plz' she was impatient for an answer .. better to say for some positive ans..

"sorry maam.. main inspector Desai bol raha hoon.. yahan highway pe ek accident hua hain aur.."

"aur??" she asked in a whisper.. almost feeling dizzy wth ths sudden pressure..

"I'm sorry maam but ur husband is no more.."

That was enough.. enuf to destroy her strength .. enuf to be handled by her.. her head started spinning.. everything started to get blurred.. she felt that the person is saying something more ovr d phone but her mind is paralyzed now.. nothing is making sense to her.. she felt her limbs loosing all strength.. she felt her legs twitching making impossible for her to stand.. her hands were also no less.. in fact a mere receiver is feeling lyk a burden to hold anymore.. nd automatically her hand started falling dwn from her ear slowly like a paralyzed person nd finally the receiver fell on the floor making one more huge 'thud' sound next.. which was due to her fall on the floor harshly.. she felt her head being crashed wth sumthing.. she felt a loud thud sound.. she felt sum1's cry after that.. she felt wth her almost close eyes that someone was entering her room being extreme panicked.. she felt that sum1 sat in front of her wth gr8 difficulty.. she felt that sum1 is slapping her cheeks slightly so dat she gets her senses.. she felt dat sum1 calling her 'mumma..' nd crying her heart out but her brain is paralyzed..  but even though her brain cells r not wrking she knws who is crying for her thn.. her subconscious mind is urging her to get up nd mke her shush.. engulf her in her arms.. wipe the tears of her cheeks but she has no cntrl ovr her mind n soul now' darkness nd blankness were calling her.. she felt herself getting lost dere but still she tried to kp her eyes open for d person in frnt of her but the vacuum is stronger dan her weak will now.. nd not to forget appealing.. she doesn't wanna stay in this wrld now.. she has lost every single hope to breathe now... she used to live for one person but where is he?? isn't he in dat vacuum?? isn't that wat ppl say that death takes our souls to some ultimate vacuum.. yess.. he is there.. in the darkness.. waiting for her.. calling her.. he has no one except her.. nd she promised to him not to leave him ever.. no.. she won't leave him alone.. she'll go.. she'll go into dat ultimate blankness.. finally she felt darkness engulfing her vision nd an unknown calmness soothed her nerves.. unknwngly a smile came to her lips.. nd wth dat everything stiffened...


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