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part 2 : Dil Ka rishta

Guys there r 6 new characters in my ff

Anjali Gupta-Riddhima nd Muskaan's older sister,she's 23 years old

Muskaan Gupta-Riddhima nd Anjali's younger sister,very talkative nd bubbly, she's 22 years old

Atul Malik-Armaan's younger brother,he's 22 nd luvs his older brother Armaan alot

Rahul Garewal-Armaan's best friend,he's 20,knows Armaan better than Armaan himself

Ananya Malik-Armaan's mom,luvs both her children alot

Billy Malik- Armaan's dad,a great businessman nd luvs his family alot


part 2

Recap:AR's first meeting,their first basketball match and their little nok-jhok

Armaan couldn't sleep the whole night thinking about Riddhima,their first meeting, forst basketball match, first nok-jhok and looking at her bracelet that fell from her wrist while arguing. Yes, our cute Armaan Malik fell in love with Riddhima but doesn't know it yet!

Armaan:Why can't I stop thinking about her man?
Kash woh ladki phir se mujhe kahin mil jaaye

Next Morning
6:00 A.M

Riddhima quickly gets ready for college as she's already late.

Riddhima:Di....utho college ke liye late ho raha hai,oye Muski tu bhi uth college nahi jaana kya?

Anjali(irritated):Ridz sone de na

Riddhima:Di utho aath (8) bajh gaye hain,college ke liye late ho raha hai!

Yeh sun kar Anjali aur Muskaan dono ek dum se uth jaate hain aur jaldi jaldi tayaar hote hain.

Anjali and Muskaan both at the same time:Ridz tu pehle nahi utha sakhti thi kya?

Riddhima:Hawww Di aap mujhe kyun blame kar rahi ho? Aur Muski tu,bhi mujhe blame kar rahi hai?

Anjali and Muskaan(together):Haan toh aur kya

Riddhima:Kab se aap dono ko utha rahi hoon,aap dono hi nahi uth rahe te

Anjali:Ridz ab baatein karna band kar aur jaldi chal,already late ho gaye hain;chal Muski

Muskaan:Haan chalo Di,chal Ridz

Riddhima:Are main toh kab se yehi keh rahi hoon,dekha aap dono ki wajah se main bhi late ho gayi,ab chalo

By now they reached their college.

On the other hand Armaan nd Atul were getting ready to leave for college nd Armaan was just wondering that wen will he meet his miss.bracelet again.

Armaan and Atul reached college with Rahul since they had to pick Rahul up for college also cuz Rahul don't have his bike.

They rushed to class since they were already late nd they got lucky cuz the professor didn't cum yet but Armaan was happy nd surprised to see Riddhima in the same class as him.

Armaan Riddhima ke paas jaata hai aur kehta hai


Riddhima Armaan ko dekh ke kehti hai

Riddhima(with attitude):kyun?
Tum iss classroom ko own karte ho kya?

Armaan(smirking):Attitude kyun de rahi ho yaar? Maine toh bas aise hi poocha

Rahul goes up to Muskaan nd introduces himself.

Rahul:Hi I'm Rahul nd you are?

Muskaan:Hi I'm Muskaan Gupta,meri behnein mujhe pyar se Muski bhulate hain,if you want;u can call me Muski too.

Rahul:Nice name and ok so from now on I'll call u Muski ☺

Atul goes up to Anjali and introduces himself.

Atul:Hi I'm Atul Joshi, how are you?

Anjali:Hi i'm Anjali..Anjali Gupta,I'm fine;how are you?

Atul(smiles):I'm also fine,ur beautiful

Anjali(confused&smiling):Excuse me??

Atul(embarrassed):huh? aah kuch nahi

AR,RM nd AA are talking to each other,meanwhile the professor comes and everyone quickly goes to their seats and wish the professor.

Everyone: Good morning sir

The Professor: Good morning students, I am your professor;professor Raj and you all can call me Raj sir

Everyone introduces themselves in the class, and now it's finally break time.

Break Time

They all were friends now and a big gang. The gang was sitting in the cafe,talking,eating and drinking.

Armaan Riddhima se kehta hai

Armaan(to Riddhima):Toh tumhara naam Riddhima hai?

Riddhima:Are u deaf? Tumne class mein suna nahi tha kya?

Armaan(teasingly):Hmm suna tha but you know I like miss.bracelet better,I prefer miss.bracelet;so I'm gonna call u miss bracelet

Riddhima(confused):Miss bracelet??

Armaan(smiling):Haan, then he takes out her bracelet from his pocket and shows her

Riddhima:Yeh tumhare paas kya kar raha hai? I was looking for this.

Armaan(smirking):Yaad hai jab humne woh basketball match khela tha aur hamari argument huyi thi?
Tab yeh wahan gir gaya tha aur maine tumhe awaaz bhi lagai thi par tumne suna nahi

Riddhima(smiling):Thanks ab do

Woh apna haath aage karti hai bracelet lene ke liye par Armaan nahi deta.

Armaan(teasingly):uh-huh yeh bracelet tumhe nahi milega

Riddhima(frowning):Kyun? Yeh mera bracelet hai,do mujhe

Armaan:Ek shart pe milega tumhe tumhara bracelet

Riddhima:Kaisi shart?

Armaan:Tumhe mere saath ek date pe chalna hoga,bolo chalogi?

Riddhima(shocked):Kya! Main tumhe sahi se jaanti bhi nahi hoon aur main tumhare saath koi date vate pe nahi chal rahi samjhe tum. Chup chap mera bracelet do

Armaan(smiling nd smirking):Soch lo,tumhe tumhara bracelet chahiye ya nahi? Agar haan nahi bola toh yeh bracelet toh tumhe milne se raha.

Yeh keh kar Armaan wahan se chala jaata hai leaving a shocked Riddhima behind.

Hope u guys liked itπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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