Thursday, 22 June 2017

part 2 : Want to spend everyday with U


D: ridhima come in n have site
she try to get herself back to the deans office n also try to recover from the shoke that The armaan malik was standing in the same room as she is
A: hi I m…….
R: armaan malik I know u
A: ohh well
D; ridhima he has come here to get some of our top student to work for him but to my mind came only ur name so now he wanted to conduct ur interview n u mingt refer some other student that can fit in to the job description

R: Ok sir
D: ok then I'll take a leav I will come back soon
then the dean left for his regular rounds around the college campuse to make sure everything was going gud
A: so if you don't mind can I read ur file Miss Gupta (he looked on the file to see her last name)
R: ya sure u don't need to ask that
A: well its ur file so if ur not comfertab;le with me reading it I will not do it but I must say ur scoreing is very imprasive (while reading her profile from the file)
R: thank you sir
A: plz Miss Gupta don't mak me feel to old I m still a bachlore so plz call me armaan (ridhima loked at him with her eyebrose raised while he continew) well this is arjun my PA n a new VP of the company
R: What (ridhima shout in utter shoke)
then composing her self she cont
R: I m sorry I mean this is realy gud that u finaly thought to put him as ur VP coz he is the best canditat so far u have
A: what do u mean by beest candidat so far I have had very gud once n intelegent onces in the interview n I still have to hire one more VP so one of those……….
R: no sir I think that al the candidat that u have interviwed so far r not at al gud they don't have one thing that Mr arjun has which is ur trust I mean u cant just put anyone as ur VP a VP shud b the man or female who u truse the most n to my view there is no one better then Mr arjun beside after putting mr arjun as ur VP I trly don't think that u need anyone else coz he is the best u have n with that u want need any other
armaan n arjun looked at her n then to each other with the imprasive look on their face
A: well Miss Gupta I m very imprest with the ur way of thinkingits true that u shud have total trust in ur VP I have heard one thing about u is that u admire my work very much and the dean Mr Virandra Kapoor just told me that u take me as ur Idol that is something that I do not eccepted to here from anyone
R: well sir first its true an honer to heve meet u then second I thing that when u see people do gud thing u shud try to apreset their work and admire them n I belive this was ur own word n besid I have read so mush about u that there is no way I cud have keepet my self from admiring ur work
A: well as aggine I m imprest with ur presents of mind Miss Gupta here is the job description n u will resive an apoinment latter thru the mail so plz writ doen ur phone# n also ur add n congratulation ur my new PA for now since u r studing I wud very mush like u to finish it first n then joint the company n to train u arjun will b there but for this job u have to move to Mumbai n for that u will recive an apartment n also a car for ur transportation u will also have a car from the company now I understand that u will have to need ur parents permition I ntaking such a big desition I will give u next 2 days to deside if u will take this job or not n u can come to my office which is here n then we can personely talk about it n also we can figer out if there r anyother problems that arise but I do not want to loose such a gr8 candidat for this job do u have any question miss gupta
R: no sir n thnxs a lot this means a lot to me but as u said I defenatly need my parents permeation for this so let me talk to to them n then in next 2 day I will come ot ur office n let u know n agine thnxs a lot sir working under u n learing things from u will b a gr8 oportunity that I do not want to loos either thnxs agine
A: ur welcome miss gupta n it b my plaser to work with u I might learn some thing from u right arjun
Ar: yes (to ridhima) it was so gr8 to meet u miss gupta never seen anyone like this u r very dedecated person that's what makes u deffernt from evey one else no wonder ur in the deans gud book  we will se u in the office after in 2 days with positive news
with that armaan n arjun both lefet the deans office n rdhima was still standing their think what just happen( she just meet armaan malik n he was impresd by her n he hired her as his PA OMG ridhima what r u doing standing here go home n tell mom about it)
on the way to his office armaan was very silent but his mind was keep on going back to miss gupta he thought (wow never seen anyone as beautiful asw her and so simple she is just so aborable n cute she is smart n intekegent and I like the way of her thinking) just then his though of chanine was broken by arjun
Ar: armaan I still don't understand what made u say u r hired as my PA n that to in her first interview n v did not wanted to hier ur PA we vere looking for a adbisores n y did u toldde her that I m ur new VP I mean u did not told anyone in the company n I thought that u were just thinking about it
A: arjun tell u the truth I have no idea what mead me say that but I wanted to have her that job I just feelt thst that's the perfect job for her n there is somwthing about her just mad me do it I know what I did was wrong n it was aginest company policy but plz arjun I realy want her to work for me n that to as my PA n now I just cant seem to take her out of my mind its like imposible for me to stope thinking about her
Ar: what r u saying armaan its just a girl I know she is very smart but
A: arjun u know I have meet so many girl but not one of them keep me thinking about them after first meeting but this girl there something in her that is just making me think more n more about her like her sea green eyes full of inocanses, her flowess white milky skine, her rosy lips, her long jet black hair god she was just wering regular pink salwar khamis n looking like an anjel just imagine how wud she look if she actuly put some efforts in to getting ready n wore somethink like red sari I just cant…………..
Ar: armaan do u even knoe what r u saying its just a girl y r u so in to her u know the way u were just describing her I think that u r falling for her
A: falling for her meening I m in love with her
Arjun just node n then both of them looked at each other
after leaving the college ridhima was rethinking what just happen to her she cant belive she just got a job offer from armaan malik himself as his PA this was like dream to her but the she frated to think how he was looking ( god he looks more handsome from the up close n those blue eyes just got my total attention n his killing smile with the dimple I just cud not brithe when he smiled at me and the way he wasw impress with me wow never thought that he wud personaly interview me n tell me u r hired)
with this thought they both went ot their destination with the new feeling in them.  


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