Thursday, 1 June 2017

part 20 : Sirf Tum


One month later... 

Uff mere dil me

Thodi khali si jagah thi

Uff tune aake

Bin garaye ye jagah li...

"Armaan..." Shilpa called softly trying to gain his attention once again but as always he once again ignored her while working on laptop for something he was seated on bed where as she was sitting on floor beside the wardrobe door folding the clothes "Armaan suniye na..." she again tried her luck but he didn't gave any response to it she felt a tug inside her heart "kyun kar rahe hai aap aisa Armaan...mere saath akhir meri galti kya hai...aap ek baar bata to dete...main sorry bol dungi...main to aapse complain b nai kar sakti.." she thought in her heart keeping the clothes side she looked at him from corner of her eyes "kya kahun mai b nai keh sakti ki aap mujhe ignore kar rahe ho...kyun ki aap to baat b karte ho...sab kuch sahi chal raha tha...fir aisa kya hua in do hafto me jo aapke paas duniya me sabke liye tym hai ek mujhe chod k..." she thought staring at him who was too busy in work she shook her head and stood up to put the clothes in wardrobe when

"Bracelet..." he called still looking at the laptop screen which made Shilpa to turn happily hearing his voice

Kch keh b na saki

Ye kaisi bebasi

Yu chupke chupke

Aaya bin bulaya mehmaan...

"Haan Armaan..."she replied turning towards him who didn't looked at her which made her heart sank

"Mere liye ek coffee bhijwana..." he spoke in full sarru-serious tone still working

"Haan laati hu..."she replied in slow voice while keeping the clothes in wardrobe "pata nai kya ho gaya aapko Armaan..." she thought while moving out from wardrobe room and stopped seeing him "kash aap samajh aapki ye berukhi mujhe tod rahi hai...andar hi andar" her heart spoke where as she was lost in him

"Bracelet...jaldi karo..." he spoke calmly which made her to walk out from the room

So this is it which is going on from past two weeks Armaan was completely ignoring her which is only giving her pain he talk wd her but only if it necessary he was not completely ignoring her he talks wd her but not like before he has stopped his flirting or teasing and whenever his mood swings he talks wd her or ignore her in short he became a moody person now!

Humko na khabar

Kab kaise aaya vo

"Armaan coffee..."she forwarded the coffee mug towards him who took the cup from her giving a glance to her and again concentrated on his work

"Thankx..." he spoke calmly which made her smile at least now he will talk to her she thought

"Aapko pata hai aaj kya hua..."she spoke excietedly trying to gain his attention

"Kya hua..."he asked widout looking at her which made her hurt

"Vo...haa aaj na adit..."she spoke but cutted by his raised hand coz his phone's ring made him to stop her

"Ek min bracelet..."he looked at her and attend the call while moving out from the room making her sad

Dil se khusphusa

Kya farmaya vo

"Hmmm...kyun Armaan...kyun" she murmered lying on bed and fisting the pillow she drifted in deep sleep after sometym Armaan walked in

He looked at her sleeping figure shaking his head he removed all the files from the bed which were scattered by him keeping the laptop on side table he layed beside her he turned his head towards her who was sleeping a frown was there on her forehead which he noticed he moved his hands towards her but stopped it in middle staring at her sleeping face he closed his eyes and when sleep took over him he didn't knew


Next day

Uff mere dil me

Thodi khali si jagah di

Uff tune aake

Bin giraaye vo jagah li...

"Offo! ise rakhna to bhul hi gayi" she looked at the table where she forget her deo shaking her head she picked that and put it on dressing table "Aur kya reh gaya hai..." she looked here and there checking if something missed yes today she was trying hard to gain attention of her dear husband that's why today she wore a saari only for him coz he liked her in saari and also she arranged the room according to him she looked at the bed where his red tie was put where as he was talking on phone on the balcony wearing a white shirt wd beighe formal pant today is his important meeting that's why he was busy

"Tie..." she whispered and picked that in her hand and looked at the balcony where he was talking "Kash tie banani aati... to aaj main khud unhe pehnati" she spoke while stealing glances from him "School me kaise pehenti thi... yaad kar Shilpa yaad kar" she thought while sitting on bed and tried her luck to wear the tie she was practicing and everytime it failed

"Offo!" she spoke annoyingly while trying sixth tym and Armaan just entered

"Ye kar kya rahi hai" he thought and saw her struggling wd the tie, a chuckled escape from his mouth and he moved towards her wd slow steps and coughed to which she stopped and looked at him as if caught red handed for something

"Vo.. vo actually maim try kar rahi thi" she spoke nervously

"Tie... vo b saari pe" he spoke hiding his smile to which she looked up instantly

"Nai... I mean main yaad karne ki koshish kar rahi thi ki... school me kaise tie pehenti thi... vo main bhul gayi hu" she only knows how she completed her sentence

"To tumhe yaad nai kaise pehnte hai" he asked to which she nodded wd thudding heart coz after long tym he was talking wd her normally "main batata hu kaise pehente hai" he spoke and took the tie from her hand and put that on his neck "See isko aise pakdo... aur" he started teaching her where as she was lost in him "samjhi" he looked at her and asked but seeing her confuse look he shake his head "I think tumhe aise nai samjhega" he spoke and put the tie on her neck and pulled her closer to him making her heart beat at the 400 level "see ab dhyaan se ise dekho ok" he took her hands and kept that on the tie while his hands rested on hers "ise left me...ok" he was teaching her wd concentration where as she was nodding from outside while from inside she will any tym may fall if he move little closer to her "done.." he move some steps back "ab tum khud karo" he spoke to which she nodded and opened the tie trying on herself which she did also but she was not happy coz she wants to try on him "Excellent!!" he smiled and forwarded his hand "tie.." he spoke to which she smiled and was about to give but stopped in middle making him frown

"Armaan vo... mujhe na khud pe to aata hai but dusro pe nai.." she spoke softly to which he look at her

"Hmm ye b hai... ek kaam karo aao mujhpe try karlo" he spoke normally to which she smiled and nodded her head in 'yes'

"Haan... aaiye" she spoke wd thudding heartbeat

"Pehnana tumhe hai... to tumhe hi aana padega" he spoke wd a little smirk on his face while putting his both hands in his pocket to which she gulped and nodding in yes she moved towards him wd slow steps and when she reached her heartbeat increased slowly moving she put the tie on his neck and started making its knot while he was looking anywhere but not on her when he looked at her "Bracelet aise nai usko left me lo" he spoke as he saw she did wrong to which she nodded her head in yes and did what he told he was teaching her and she obeying him and in this process his hands many tym brushed wd her waist but she controled her hearbeat after 3 more attempts she did wdout his guide

"Ho gaya" she spoke happily making him smile

"Haan pure 20 min baad.. fir b ho gaya" he taunted to which she pouted

"Armaan plz..." she spoke

"Ok fine... mazak tha yaar" he spoke in his usual tone making her smile coz after so many days he was talking wd her in his usual fun mood she was about to say something when his cell rang and he excused

"Tch! is phone ko abi aana tha... itne dino baad tujhse tere Armaan ache se baat kar rahe the but ye phone" her heart spoke to happily to which she stopped "What do you mean tere Armaan?" her mind asked to which she was also confused "kya ho raha hai mujhe" she whispered and moved out from the room confusedly


"Kaka...mera breakfast..." Dev shouted at top of his lungs while walking no actually running towards the dinning table making Shilpa giggle Kaka served the food which he started eating in fast mode

"Aaram se...itni b jaldi kya hai" shilpa asked making him stop and look at her

"Vo kya hai na aaj...important meeting hai...bohoot jaldi jana padega" he informed to which Shilpa shook her head and poured juice in his glass after a min he finished his food and stood to go when suddenly he bumped wd Aditi was holding a water jug which fell on him wetting his suit and making him angry

"What the hell !!..." Dev spoke angrily

"I am sorry..." Aditi apologized worriedly moving towards him trying to clear his shirt but he raised his hand in middle

"Let it be...tum sirf kharab kar sakti ho...jaise meri zindagi ki hai" he spoke angrily wdout thinking anything making her hurt "ab change karna padega firse" he muttered angrily and went upstairs to change leaving a hurt Aditi and shocked Shilpa that how he can blame her

"Aditi..." Shilpa called softly but Aditi went from there wdout listening anything making Shilpa sad

"Inka kuch nai ho sakta..." Armaan muttered under his breath watching the scene he had saw that scene when Dev-Aditi colided he was about to intrupt but stopped himself coz he wanted to see Dev's reavtion but his reaction made him to curse Dev and beat him black n blue!

He looked at Shilpa who was looking lost seeing the scene he shook his head and moved towards her wd slow steps

Uff mere dil me

Thodi khali si jagah di

Uff tune aake

Bin giraaye vo jagah li...

"Bracelet..." he called in strict but in control voice making Shilpa startled and she turned towards him

"Haan..Armaan kuch chahiye..." she somehow asked controling her heart beat which is now beating fast hearing his voice

"Tum aaj apni friend Payal ko chodne jaa rahi" he asked to which she gave a silent nod

"But soch rahi nai jau Aditi ko akela chod k..." she spoke slowly to which Armaan took a seat on breakfast chair picking a sandwitch up in his hand he looked at her

"Kyun nai jaogi??" he asked normally "infact tumhe to Aditi ko saath le jana chahiye...thoda mood light ho jayga uska" he spoke in normal tone to which some sort of butterflies can b felt in her stomach coz hearing his normal tone after long tym made her heart dance in joy and she remembered mornings tie incident and their closeness everything is coming in her mind

Humko na khabar

Kab kaise aaya vo


Dil se khuspus

Kya farmaya vo


"Par...agar vo nai mani to" she asked confusedly but from heart she was happy that at least he is taking interest in any matter of the house coz from past two weeks he was avoiding matters of house don't know what happened to him?

"To tum mana lena...after all tum dono best friends jo ho College se..." he spoke sternly but Shilpa felt as if he has taunted her for something "jao...use le jao...aur haan jis bus stop pe jana at least mujhe inform kar dena..." he spoke taking a bite from his sandwitch and poured a juice for himself where as Shilpa was confused seeing his action

"Par aap kya karenge jaan k???"she asked frowningly making him stop to take sip from his juice

"Aise hi...but mujhe bata jarur dena " he spoke and gulped the juice in one go which made her stunned

"Areee..." she spoke seeing his actions who was stooding up

"Bye" he spoke and walked out leaving a hell confused Shilpa coz of his actions also a hurt Shilpa coz he didn't even look at her today

Uff mere dil me

Thodi khali si jagah thi

Uff tune aake

Bin giraye vo jagah li


"Aaj to...good bye kiss b nai di" she thought wd a pout "Kya matlab good bye kiss..tu pagal ho gayi hai sach me..." her brain scolded her "par roz to karta tha na...jab ye nai chahti thi tb karta tha...aur jab chahti hai to nai kar raha" her heart took her side which made her also confused "Kya main sach me chahti hu ki Armaan mujhe kiss kare...par kyun..." she asked to herself looking at the entrance from which he was disappeared when a tap brought her back to reality she turned and found a smiling Armaan who moved quitely and gave a slight kiss on her right cheek leaving her stunned he gave her a flying kiss when

"Shilpa...breakfast lag gaya??"Aananya asked normally making her startled as if she has caught for something which maked Ananya worried "kya hua beta..." she asked worriedly

"Kkkuch...nai bas vo achanak se aapki awaz sunke thoda dar gayi thi..." she replied slowly which made Ananya chukle

"Sorry...beta par kya karti kabse bula rahi thi nai suna tumne...shayad kahi khoi hui thi to thoda zor se bolna pada..." Ananya spoke lovingly

"Aree Mummiji aap sorry kyun bol rahi hai...vo main bas ...bas...haan bas soch rahi thi ki kyun na aaj main Aditi ko bahar le jau...thoda mood thik ho jayga uska" she informed

"Acha kiya...mujhe Kaka ne bataya abi Aditi aur Dev k jhagde k baare me...pata nai kya hoga inka...soch rahi hu keh doon Dev ko ki Aditi ko azaad karde is rishte least vo khush to rahegi" Ananya informed which made Shilpa shocked

"Nai aap aisa kuch nai karengi...dekhna sab thik hoga ek din.." she assuard lovingly keeping her hand on Ananya's to which she smiled

"Tum itna sure kyun ho???" she asked wd light smile

"Kyun ki shayad aapne nai dekha ki dono kitna karib aagaye hai" she spoke while making Ananya seat on dinning chair and started serving the food " bas thoda sa aur intezar fir dono saath saath" she spoke chearfully while showing small by her hands which made Ananya giggle

"Dekhte hai...kahi mai Dadi bante bante aur budhi na ho jau" ananya joked which made her giggle

"Nai aisa kuch nai hoga...chalo aap finish karo ye Dadiji to sube nikal gaye Dadaji Dadiji to park gaye hai to bache hum teeno..." she informed before Ananya could ask anything about everyone while pouring the juice in her glass

"Acha fir tum dono b kha lo...jao Aditi ko bulao" she ordered

"Aditi abi to khayegi nai...jaha tak mujhe lagta hum dono baad me kha lenge...pehle aap to finish karo" she spoke to which Ananya smiled

"Acha thik hai...par yaad se kha lena" she pointed her index finger to which Shilpa giggled wd a nod "aur vo sab chodo ye batao...Aditi-Dev ka to thik hai tum dono ka kya chal raha hai...mujhe Dadi banane ki soch b rahe ho ya nai" she teased which made Shilpa totally red

"Mummiji...aap b na..." she replied wd a blush

"Bolo b...tum dono se to expect kar hi sakti hu main" she asked which made Shilpa blush hard

"Main..main vo haa kitchen me dudh rakha...hai dekhti hu" she fumbled blushing and ran from there before Ananya could ask anything

"Sharma gayi" Ananya chuckled seeing her running

Kya kya karaogi

Khwabo humse...


"Hmm..." she took a long deep breath while standing against the kitchen wall and controlling her rapid heart beat which was beating so fast she had closed her eyes when she felt a cool air on her face she opened her eyes and found her dear husband blowing air on her face which made her eyes big

Badalun mai rang

Kitne khamakha...

"Armaan...aap yaha..." she asked wid thudding heart beat pushing Armaan lightly but as always he was strong she was about to say something but he kept his index finger on her lips which made her to close her eyes in anticipation few min are gone but still didn't felt him then at last she opened her eyes

Udda udda ban k gubbara

Mera dil kungfuu bechara...

"kaha gaye..."she frowned then realization hit her "OMG!! Kahin mai pagal to nai ho rahi...Armaan ka itna gehra asar ki main...main itne wild sapne dekhne lagi...kya ho raha hai mujhe" she kept her palms on her face "Arrrggghhh...kya ho raha hai muhje" she yelled slowly and stumped her foot on floor in frustrstion


Hole hole tune pukara

Jaha b vaha ye jaaye...

"Acha sunn tu apna khayal rakhna...aur at least ek phone to kar liya kar...Sapna k shaadi k baad tu to kisi ko puchti b nai" Payal taunted making Aditi giggle and Shilpa smile they were at the bus stop for sending off to Payal but Shilpa's eyes landed on a shop where she found Armaan who is offering her a bouque of sunflowers calling her by his eyes towards him which kept blinking her eyes twice when Palyal nudged her "Oye main yaha hu" she called

"Vo ...nai vaha..." Shilpa looked again back at the shop where he wasn't there " kuch nai..." she looked back again at the girls while gripping heart knowing very well it was a illusion

She is among one of Shilpa's good friend who met Shilpa after 3 years coz Shilpa wasn't in touch wd her as always she didn't talked wd anyone after her College Aditi had only heard about Payal from Shilpa and same follows wd Payal she also only heard about Aditi and now today they met

Payal & Priyanka she is also her friend they met Shilpa in mall two weeks ago and she scolded Shilpa for not calling or talking that tym Aditi and Armaan were also wd her Armaan who paas a smile and said a small hello to Payal & Priyanka and excused for a call living the girls alone for sometym and now they were at the bus stop

"Ye le pani raaste k liye" Priyanka handed a bottle to Payal in fake angry tone which made the girls laugh

"Abi to tym hai bus k jaane me...tb tak hum baate karte hai" Aditi spoke chearfully which made the girls giggle

"Thank god! Ab Aditi thoda khush hai" Shilpa thought and smiled seeing Aditi happy


@ Rehaan's House

"Rehaan tune hume kyun bulaya???" Dev asked frowing which made Rehaan to look at Armaan questioningly who signal to be quite

"Kyun aise hi nai bula sakta kuch kaam ho tabi bulayga..." Armaan retorted to which Dev rolled his eyes

"Haan...socha thoda tym spend karle" Rehaan wd a smile and served soft drinks to them which made the two brothers smile

"To aur bolo kya chal me sabke" Armaan asked while taking a sip from his drink

"Hamare to kuch khas nai...bas wohi Surbhi k wohi demands our tantrums...Ammi ka nikaah karlo demand...Nazma k faltu shauk aur kuch khaas nai" he gave them a Bechara look which made them to laugh

"Acha hai..." Armaan smiled "aur bhaisaab aapki" he asked normally to Dev who shrugged his shoulder

"Pata nai...thik hi hai" Dev replied after thinking a lot

"Aree Rehaan tujhe pata hai...aaj Aditi pune jaa rahi hai...apne Papa k ghar" Armaan spoke as if he has remembered suddenly which made Dev's head snapped to look at him

"Kya???? Par kyun??? Aise achanak??" Dev asked shockingly stood up which made Rehaan smile

"Haan pata nai...shayad usse kuch kaam hai...aur Rehaan tujhe pata hai vo keh to ye b rahi thi ki...shayad vo ab wapas na aaye" he spoke in normal tone as if nothing big happened which made Rehaan to hide his smile where as Dev was in delima

"Kab jaa rahi hai vo???" another question from Dev made Armaan to control his smirk

"Aaj...shayad abi" he answered in taunting tone

"Kaha??" Dev asked desperately kneeling down infront of Armaan who was quitely watching sitting on couch where as Rehaan only watching the duo

"Rehaan yaar tune coffee to layi hi nai" he ignored Dev and looked at Rehaan who was about to say when

"Armaan plzz yaar...bata naa...kaha" he pleaded which made Armaan to stare at him quitely

"Kyun...teri to life spoil ho gayi hai naa... Tujhe kyun farq padta hai" he taunted while standing up which Dev also followed

"Padta hai Armaan...bas gusse me tha to bol diya...i didn't mean it yaar" he answered frustadly

'Kya bharosa tera kal ko fir gussa aayga fir bolega...aur kya pata chod de usse" he replied grinding his teeth

"Nai yaar i promise bata na kaha hai...mera phone b to nai utha rahi vo...aaj sube se..mai usse sorry bolne wala tha...but vo call uthaye tab na" Dev spoke in defeating tone which made Armaan to smirk

"Pehle tu promise kar tu jaise jayga vaise hi...confess karega usse...promise me" he asked while staring at him

"Haan promise...ab bata" Dev asked instantly to which he looked at him for sometym "Armaan yaar plz.." he requested to which Armaan smiled

"An...dhe...ri...bus stop" he stretched the word cooly as he finished Dev mouthed thank you while hugging him and ran out in fast speed leaving Armaan smirked

"Bhaijaan vo to gayye.." Rehaan asked which made Armaan to smirk

"Chal jaldi chal..." he ran out following Rehaan behind

"Bhaijaan aapke dimag me chal kya raha hai" he asked while tying the seat belt of car

"Tujhe abi thodi der me pata chal jayga" He answered cooly while starting the car

Armaan made a plan to make Dev confess that's why he called Rehaan to call him and Dev in his house for some quality tym so that Armaan can inform Dev about Aditi newz which is fake but Dev took it seriously

That's why in morning he told Shilpa to take Aditi wd her coz the plan has already hit in his head after watching their fight he wanted to teach Dev a lesson let's see if his plan work or not?


Zarra zarra yu aake niche

Dheere dheere ye tere piche...

"Tum sab abi b bus stop pe ho" Shilpa read Armaan's message and a smiled formed in her face unknowingly

"Armaan...finally aap mujhse baat to kar rahe ho" she thought in her heart tracing his msg when again a msg came from him

"R u der??" she read and immidiatly replied

"Yes...aur hum bus stop pe hi hai...kyun??" she sent and waited for his message excietdly looking at the girls who were talking when

"Good...aur bas aise hi bye" she readed and a tug felt in her chest "itni jaldi bye bol diya" she thought sadly when

"Guys bus ready hai ab mujhe chalna chahiye" Payal spoke and took her bag wd that they moved towards the bus when

"ADITI" shouted Dev loudly making the girls to turn and looked at him who was in now devasted state

"Dev" Aditi whispered looking at him who looked at her taking a relief and ran towards her

Zarra zarra yu kheeche kheeche

Dekho na dekho tum...

"Dev yahan kya kar raha hai" Shilpa thought staring at him when her eyes land behind him where Armaan moved out from his car following behind Rehaan he sat on car's uper seat while his legs were on car's front looking very relaxed while Rehaan sat on car's bonnet making her confused "ye dono yahan kya kar rahe hai...vo b itne chilled out" she thought staring at him when

"Aditi plz mat jao" Dev requested pleadingly which made the girls frown

" kya keh raha hai" Priyanka whispered in Shilpa's ear who glared her to be quite

"Dekho im sorry for everything...plz mujhe maaf kardo...aur mat jao" he took Aditi's hand in his and requested where as Aditi was only staring at him but Shilpa understood everything she turned to look at Armaan who was in chilled mood she got it was his plan that's why he suggested her to take Aditi wd her a sudden pride came in her chest being his wife!

"Tum sun rahi ho na..." Dev asked hopefully

"Nai kyun sunegi ye...jaane do isse after all yahan hai kya iske liye...tu jaa chup chap" Shilpa snatched Aditi's hand from Dev and spoke in fake tone and quitely winking at Aditi ,n she understood the plan

"Main hu yahan" he replied hurriedly which made Aditi's eyes misty

"O really...prove it" Shilpa crossed her hands and stared at him challengingly which made Dev to move forward and sat down on his knees infront of Aditi taking her hands in his

"Main kuch nai keh sakta bas itna keh sakta hu" he looked up at Aditi who has tears in her eyes in expectations "i luv u...bas aur kuch nai" Dev stood up and stared at her who jumped on him and hugged him tightly while everyone who was present in bus started clapped

"Yeeyee" Shilpa clapped excietadly looking at the couple

"Wohooo" Armaan shouted teasingly which made Rehaan smiled and the couple parted

"To tum nai jaa rahi na..." he asked slowly to which Aditi nodded and again hugged him

Humko na khabar

Kab kaise aaya vo


"I hope dono hamesa aise hi saath rahe" Shilpa prayed in heart while folding her hands and turned to look at Armaan happily who turned his gaze away from her and looked at Rehaan which made her shook her head and again looked at the couple wd wide smile

Dil se kusphus

Kya farmaya vo


"Armaan..." she whispered slowly again looking at him and a blushed formed on her face "acha main b" she jumped b/w them who invite her also to hug

"Mujhe bhul gaye kya?" Armaan shouted making the three to look at him

"Haan..." Aditi and Dev shouted back making Shilpa giggle and Armaan shook his head

Uff mere dil me

Thodi khali si jagah thi

Ufff uff...

"Baad me dekh lunga main" he retorted shaking his head

"Acha agar tum sabka ho gaya ho to jaun main..." Payal intrupted them which made Dev frown and Aditi Shilpa giggled Payal shook her head and moved wd her bag which made Dev confused

"Aditi tumhara bag..." he spoke in seriousness which made the girls laugh out loud "kya hua" he asked confusedly and Shilpa narrated everything

"Kyaa??" he asked shockingly which made Shilpa to nod wd an giggle "Armaaan..." he shouted angrily and turned to look at Armaan but he was already ran from there nor his car was also not there


One week later..

Kehne ko to

Teri wajah se hai...

"Pata nai Armaan ko kya ho gaya hai...mujhe ignore karne lage hai...infact ab to meri taraf dekhte b nai" she whispered sadly while pulling her legs closer to her chest sitting like a ball on bed "Rehaan k accident ko 6 din ho gaye aur 3 din pehle hi to Dilshad Aunty aur Surbhi aaye uske paas...par fir b vo vahi rehte hai...infact ab to phone b nai karte mujhe..." she looked at the Moon from the balcony which is shining by the Moon's light but here the shine of her face was lost from past days coz of her dear husband who was ignoring her totally

"Armaan achanak kyun badal gaye...ab to dekhte b nai meri taraf...niche dekh k baat karte hai ya fir kisi aur ki taraf..." she sniffed and cleared her eyes which got moist "Jaise main hu hi nai saamne" she laid straight on bed watching the ceilling and closed her eyes remembering the past days that happened wd her

After Aditi-Dev confessed they had great day in home Dev and Armaan's cute fight and his family teased the both on dinning area they had fun on that but next night suddenly his behaviour changed only wd her coz in morning he talked wd her normally not like before but suddenly in night what made him to change when she offered coffee to him his reaction was very different

"Mujhe nai chahiyee" he replied politly not looking at her but on floor while putting his hand in his pocket making her to stare at him confusedly

"Kyun???" she asked frowningly waiting for answer

"Bas aise hi...mujhe nind aa rahi hai" he replied calmly while correcting his hairs still not looking at her and moved to go when she blocked his way coming in his front

"Par..." she spoke sadly

"Bracelet...plz mujhe nind aa rahi hai...gud night" he pleaded and moved past her towards the bed which made her worried plus hurt

That time she ignored but next day Rehaan slipped from the stairs and he left the house wdout letting her know and she heard from Dev that he left which also made her hurt and when she went to met Rehaan in hospital she didn't found him and got to know from nurse that he is in his cabin so she passed in to surprised him but when she knocked on his cabin wd thudding heart and butterflies in her stomach

"Come in" he spoke normally not moving his eyes from the file while Atul who looked at the door

"Aree Shilpa tum aao andar aao" Atul greeted happily which made Armaan to stop and looked at Shilpa but when she looked at him he averted his gaze from her and concentrated on file

"Hii...disturb to nai kiya maine" she spoke politly wd a light smile

"Nai bilkul nai infact Armaan to abi free hai" Atul spoke in teasing tone making her blushed a little where as Armaan ignored and closed the file

"Atul sun file check karle...main 296 k patient ko dekh k aata hu" Armaan almost ordered him who frowned where as Shilpa was only staring at him wd pain look

"Par Armaan vo" she somehow moved to ask but Armaan moved towards the door

"I am sorry Bracelet but mere patients important hai...bye" he spoke hurriedly and moved out leaving her hurt

"Ye Armaan na abi to free hua tha...aur fir kaam pe lag gaya...tum usse milne aai thi but vo" Atul tried to light Shilpa's mood

"Koi baat nai" she gave a sad smile and moved out from there

At that time she thought may be she did something wrong wd him that's why he is behaving like this but she wanted to know so that she can apologize but nothing came on her mind so she decided she will directly go to him and ask but not before apologizing so next day she entered in Sanjeevani and asked about him from Muskaan who informed he is in locker room she walked and found him moving out from the room and they both came in front of each other and then their eyes met his blue orbs wd her green ocean but in a second he broke the eye lock and tried to walk past her when she blocked his way when he moved in left she did the same and when he moved in right she did the same for few min it goes the same

"Armaan mujhe aapse baat karni hai" she requested staring at his face who was looking at another side still standing infront

"Dekho Bracelet...mujhe kaam hai jana hai" he replied in controled voice and tried to go when again she came in front of him

"Nai pehle meri baat..." she tried to speak but his Pager intruppted her and Armaan went from there wdout letting her know that was last straw of her patience at that night she cried unknowingly so she decided to avoid him and now she is cursing him


"Samajhte kya hai khud sa kya bhav de diya khud ko bohoot smart samajhte hai huh!!" she wiped her tears which were flowing down continuously " ladko ki fitrat hi aisi hoti hai...tu kaise bhul gayi ...Ansh ne b to yehi kiya tha...pehle tera trust jeeta fir jab kuch nai mila to tod diya trust...huh" she sniffed and hide her face in pillow "aur...aur Armaan b to ek ladka hi hai...vo kaise piche hat te...jab unhe b tujhse kuch nai mila to avoid kar rahe hai...aur mujhme aisa hai kya jo unhe acha lage...ek boring confusing not so attractive...not so educated ladki..bas.." she muttered under her breath and hit the pillow wd her fist wd that cursing and blaming she didn't knew when she drifted in deep sleep


Saara jaha

Nayi jagah si hai...

"Kya ho raha hai mujhe...kal se ajeeb sa lag raha hai...har jagah sirf Armaan hi Armaan kyun??????" she shouted in frustration throwing the pillow on couch yes she was frustrated by Armaan since morning she was hearing only one name Armaan!!!

Kehne ko to teri

Wajah se hai

Saara jaha

Nayi jagah si hai...

In Kitchen, Kaka told her to check the fridge n she heard Armaan. Ananya told to check the Samaan in store room she heard Armaan again? and this is not enough when Aditi spoke

"Main pareshaan ho gayi hu Dev k breakfast nai karne se" she spoke irritadly

"Kya main Armaan ho gayi hu" Shilpa frowned hearing wrong which made Aditi laugh

"By god ! Haha...tujhe kya ho gaya hai sube se hahahaha..." Aditi spoke controlling her laugh making Shilpa more embarrassed

"Nai vo...Argghh" she hide her face in her palms irritadly

Sabko khabar

Aur sabko pata b hai

Ye jo hua...

"Koi nai koi nai" Aditi patted her back still giggling And now she was cursing him for making her condition like this she was throwing her clothes on bed

"Akdu...Sadu...khud to ghum raha hai...mera hi chain le liya hai huh!!" she threw another dress when his fav blue shirt caught her attention which she snatched from him for teasing some months ago and hide it now came on her hand "Ye...sab aapki galti hai..kyun kyun kare hai ye" she complained while sitting on bed and holding the shirt in her hands "Aap thodi samjho kitna embarrass feel hota hai...sab k saamne jab har jagah sirf Armaan hi Armaan ho uff" she pouted and complained wd his shirt

Dekho jaane b do

Chodo ...

Tum b ye bahana to

Ye bahana to...

"Itni taarif...thik nai hai Bracelet" Armaan spoke leaning against the wall wd a light smile where as Shilpa was only staring at him

"To fir kyun karte ho aisa" she pouted and crossed her arms and Armaan sat beside her

"Sorry.." he held his ears which made her to stop him

"It's ok" she smiled when

"Bracelet...kya hai ye" Armaan asked still in shock seeing the room which made her to come to reality where she found him standing at the door in shock but his shock was less comparing to her coz she didn't found him beside her

"Iska matlab main imagine kar rahi thi..." she thought and looked at him who was now glaring at her waiting for an explanation she gulped and hide his shirt behind her and wd thudding heart stood up "Vo actually main cupboard saaf karne ki soch rahi thi" she answered biting her lower lip and looked down which made him to shook his head

Dil k badle

Dil ka nazrana do

Nazarana do


"Tum na..." he spoke while picking a file from table "Araam se karo" he smiled which made her confused

"Armaan se karo" she thought "Armaan ne ye kyun kaha..." she whispered slowly "par pagal kya pata kuch aur kaha ho aur tujhe kuch aur sunnai diya ho" her mind spoke and she gave a small nod to him who bid bye and left her alone

Humko na khabar

Kab kaise aaya vo


"Kya ho gaya hai tujhe Shilpa...Arghh main pagal ho jaungi..." she stumped her foot angrily while pulling her hairs and after complaining and cursing she cleaned the room and walked out angrily she was descending from stairs when Armaan jumped infront of her blocking her way she glared and pointed her index finger at him who moved to bite her she moved to but he blocked her again when

"Shilpa..." Ananya called from down stairs she looked down

Dilse khusphus

Kya farmaya vo


"Ji aarahi hu" she replied and turned to look at him who was smiling "aap plz mera rashta chodenge...varna main Mummiji ko complain karungi" she warned

"O really ! Karo..." he smirked while crossing his arms to which Shilpa glared and turned to call Ananya but stopped seeing Armaan talking wd Dev made her eyes big she turned and looked infront where he was smirking and asked through eyes what happened she put her hands on her mouth in shock and again looked down where he was talking wd Dev and again looked at front where he was smiling she shook her head and moved from there confusedly

Ufff mere dil me

Thodi khali si jagah thi

Uff tune aake bin giraye vo jagah li...

After a lots of thinking and composing herself she moved out from house for some freash air but when she entered in market she only heard one name Armaan like "20 kilo Armaan 40 rupaye me" or

Humko na khabar kab kaise aaya vo

Dilse khusphus kya farmaya vo

Uff mere dil me

Uff uff mere dil me...

"Armaan le lo ...taaze taaze Armaan" she inserted her fingers in her ears for that and when she moved out from there she saw everywhere only one person and that is also Armaan she was getting mad day by day!

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