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part 20 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta,


Dr Phatak, Anjali's psychiatrist came and checked her out. "I agree Armaan….she has had a major relapse after a long time… never know what triggered it…….dawa tho leti hai na roz?….relapse ka sabsey badha kaaran usually non compliance with medicines hotha hai…"

"Yes, Dr Phatak….I make sure she takes it….jab main nahin hotha…tho nurse uska dhyaan rakhthi hai….I think I know what happened….but never mind…now we need to take care of her," Armaan cursed Dr Gupta silently for triggering Anjali's relapse.

"You know…agar kuch din usey is haal mein hospitalize kar dein….tho it may be safer for her and people around her," Dr Phatak added, "you know right now she is quite unstable and could harm not only herself, but people around her."

"NAHIN! Anjali hospital nahin jaayegi….iska ilaaj hamesha ghar parr hi huya hai." Shashank Gupta entered the room and intervened.

Armaan and Shashank had often conflicted on Anjali's treatment. Dr Gupta was against hospitalizing her as he was afraid everyone in the campus would know about Anjali…so far he had been successful in concealing the truth from most people…of course most people who knew Anjali were aware that there was something "wrong" with her. Armaan knew Dr Gupta would not budge from his decision. It was strange…although Armaan took care of her day-to-day needs; it was her dad who still called the shots regarding her treatment and well-being.

Dr Phatak increased her medication dose and left. Once Armaan was sure Anjali was calmer, he gave instructions to her nurse to keep a close eye on her and inform him as soon as she sensed any problem. Padma Gupta tried to stay away from Anjali whenever she had a major breakdown- strangely that was her way of dealing with her daughter's ailment!

Armaan had a hectic schedule at work all morning but was restless all day as he craved to see and talk to Riddhima. He was also concerned about her safety. He knew that a psychotic patient's threats were not always baseless; the last thing he wanted was for Anjali to confront Riddhima and harm her in any way.

As soon as he got a break from his schedule, he called Riddhima, "HI! Kaisi ho?"

"Theek hoon…..missing you loads," she drawled on the phone.

"Same here…..tum se thodi der bhi door nahin reh paata ab," he replied softly, "tumhare bina aisa lagta hai….jaise meri zindagi ek viraan registaan ho……can I come and quench my thirst at my oasis?"

"Poonchne ki zaroorat kab se ho gayi tumhein?" she smiled, "yeh tho tumhara haq hai."

"OK…I am on my way!" Armaan sprinted out of the hospital like a maniac.

Listen to this awesome song from movie "Traffic signal" called "na jis din teri meri baat" that conveys Armaan and Riddhima's desperation for each other…..§ion=view&mus _id=100474

na jis din teri meri baat hoti hai - 2
na din gujarata hai, na raat hoti hai - 2
na jis din teri meri baat hoti hai - 2

(jabse chadha hai rang tere pyaar ka
tabse milaan na ek pal karaar ka) - 2
tootata nahin hai tere khwaab ka nasha
chhutata nahi hai dhaaga intajaar ka
na jis din tujhse mulaakaat hoti hai - 2
na din gujarata hai, na raat hoti hai - 2

dhundata rahoon main tujhe yahaan se wahaan
dekha maine tere roop ko kahaan kahaan
kahaan kahaan yahaan wahaan...
kahaan kahaan jaane kahaan...
dhundati rahoon main tujhe yahaan se wahaan
dekha maine tere roop ko kahaan kahaan
mushkil lage hai jeena tere bina
main hoon jism tera, tu hai meri jaan
na jis din tu mere saath hoti hai - 2
na din gujarata hai, na raat hoti hai- 2
na jis din teri meri baat hoti hai – 2

A cheerful Riddhima greeted him at the door but was shocked to see his swollen and red eyes. "kya baat hai Armaan…sab kuch theek tho hai na?" she held his arm as he walked in. Ishaan was still at his physical therapy session; Riddhima had come home after she had received Armaan's call.

Armaan walked in, flung his bag and lab coat on the sofa and plunked on the sofa. A concerned Riddhima sat next to him and she sat down next to him, "Armaan ..please…kya hua? You look exhausted…..what's the matter?" She stroked his hair lovingly.

Armaan buried his head on her lap-he had always found that very comforting-and told her what was going on with Anjali.

He added, "Mujhey tumhari bhi fikr hai….agar usey pata chal gaya tum kahan ho….she can harm you too Riddhima…….she is very dangerous at this point…..Dr Gupta usey hospitalize bhi nahin hone denge."

Riddhima caressed his thick hair and said, "Armaan….…tum Anjali ko lekar kahin….kuch time ke liye baahar kyon nahin chale jaate?"

Armaan sprang up in disbelief, "tumsey aur Ishaan sey door?….nahin main aisa nahin karr sakta…IMPOSSIBLE!"

"Sirf thode din ki baat hai…..main Ooty mein ek bahut achche Psychiatry facility ko jaanti hoon….uske head hamare Psychiatry ke professor the Delhi mein….it is a very nice environment….very peaceful….tum Anjali ke parents ko kehdo ki usey ghumaane le jaa rahe ho….wo bhi khush ho jaayenge….aur meri aur Ishaan ki fikr mat karo…don't worry hum kahin nahin bhaag rahe hain…..ab hum tumhare hain…..we can't even think of leaving you." She smiled and kissed his cheek.

Armaan smiled back and hugged her, 'Riddhima….main kitna paagal tha….mainey doosron ki baat mein aakar tum parr shaq kaise kiya? I am such a fool….Sapna is right…tum jaisi ladki iss duniya mein maine nahin dekhi."

"Aur..naa kabhi dekney ki himmat karna!!." Riddhima glared at him teasingly, "let me make some coffee."

Armaan followed her to the kitchen and wrapped his arms around her waist as she was boiling the milk. "Kaash main hamesha tumhare paas hi reh sakta," he said romantically and nibbled gently on her shoulders, "I love you Riddhima….please promise me that you will always stay with me….kabhie door nahin jaaogi jaan."

"Armaan….please…kya karr rahe ho?" she moaned as his lips played havoc on her neck and ears.

He turned the stove off and carried her back to the sofa. "Mujhey coffee nahin…kuch aur chahiye….please mujhsey door mat rahaa karo" he sat next to her and placed his arm around her, "bas mere paas raho…..aur meethi meethi baatein karti raho," he grinned with a twinkle in his eyes.

'Kahin Diabetes na ho jaaye doctor saheb ko?" She chuckled as he buried his face in her neck.

"Ho jaane do……aisi Diabetes ka ilaaj na hi ho tho achha hai," he mumbled in her ear.

"Armaan….I need to pick Ishaan from his therapy session," she groaned as Armaan's fingers crawled on her bare waist.

"Koi baat nahin…Ishaan will have fun playing with the Physical therapist…..just like his dad is having fun playing with his mom."

"Badmaash!" she slapped his playfully, "Ishaan is only 5!"

"Achha hai na choti umar mein hi practice karega…..tabhie tho asli mard banega apne baap jaisa," Armaan laughed mischievously.

"Don't tell me you started that young?" she was bemused.

"Kindergarten teacher!" Armaan winked at her and got up, "she was my first crush….first ever…even before you Dr Sharma!" he picked his bag and white coat and walked out of the door, a refreshed man after visiting his oasis of love.

"Bye Armaan!" she blew a kiss at him as he walked to his car.

Armaan caught her kiss with his palm and placed it against his heart, "I L-O-V-E Y-O-U!" he spelt it out with his fingers in the air and waved goodbye.

….to be continued

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