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part 21 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 21

Riddhima who was still hysteric while crying her heart out embracing her armaan as tightly as possible, literally stiffened wthn his hold hearing his sudden statement.. in spite of all mental turmoil, she had heard him clear but this unbelievable statement of his gave her another shock of her life.. wat did he juz say?? He can come?? He can actually come?? This new ray of hope was undoubtedly too tempting yet too unrealistic.. her heart wanted to throw all rational thinking nd blve him completely
but her brain was sending her continuous warning saying don't fall for his wrds riddhima.. he is juz consoling u.. u know this can't be possible.. no one can return from afterlife.. he's juz consoling u like a baby.. dnt blve his wrds.. on d othr hand, her heart was requesting her to blve saying.. no riddhima.. u know he can't lie to u.. u knw na how much he understands u.. he can nvr console u wth a lie that too in such a crucial situation.. trust him riddhima.. trust his wrds.. ask him wat did he mean.. may be there is still some hope.. this conflict between her heart n mind juz made her too confused dat as a result she became a statue wthn his embrace..

On d other hand, armaan guessed her unsaid dilemma nd decided to clear her confusion himself.. "jaan.. riddhima.. trust me.. I'm not lying to u.."
he said lovingly stroking her hair nd she juz looked at his eyes without saying anything.. true.. he's not lying.. his eyes can nvr hide anything from her nd they r speaking truth only.. but how?? How this can be possible?? She wanted to ask but felt her voice missing.. she juz kpt on staring at him pleadingly asking him to elaborate his wrds..

Armaan sighed nd hugged her head lovingly kping it over his heart.. riddhima juz closed her eyes living the moment.. her all senses hve stopped wrking now.. she doesn't know reality nd unreality anymore.. rational, irrational every thing felt same to her at this moment.. she felt her brains stopped wrking nd sighing she juz surrendered herself to him.. now he will decide her future.. now he'll decide wat can be done to mend some damage of today.. now everything depends on him.. she relaxed completely in his embrace nd waited for his opinion..

"go back jaan.. I promise I'll come to u .. (pause).. but.." armaan hesitated.. "but??" she demanded weakly.. "but only to u.." he completed making her confused.. "I don't get u armaan.." she confessed truthfully.. "I mean only u'll know dat my soul is still wth u,riddhima.. but u cnt share ds to anyone else, even not to our princess.." he said hlplessly.. "par kyun??" she asked at once brking d hug nd looked at him.. "kyunki mujhey itni hi permission mili hain.." he said weakly making her confused even more.. armaan sighed nd confessed.. "mujhey pata tha jaan ki tum kuch aisey hi react karogi.. mujhey pata tha ki chah kar bhi tum jee nhi paogi merey bina.." he paused nd her eyes softened hearing him.. oh!! He knows me too well.. she thought nd kpt on admiring him wth immense love.. "kyunki.. agar tumhari jagah main hota toh main bhi mar jata riddhima agar tumhey kuch bhi ho jata toh.." he trembled but continued anyway.. "hum dono ek dusrey mein bahot zyada uljhey hue hain par yeh hum dono ko pata hain ki princess ko abhi tumhari kitni zaroorat hain aur... aur tumhey meri.." he said the last two wrds wth utmost love nd looked at her admiringly.. both felt heavenly seeing the strength of their love.. they truly deserve each other till death or may be aftr dat as well.. both sighed in contentment.. "but as we all know aftr death souls hve to leave the human body.." he said as a matter of fact making riddhima shudder.. "par jaisey ki mainey kaha mujhey pata tha ki princess ko humari kitni zaroorat hain toh mainey tumharey bhagwanji se request ki aur finally mujhey tumharey sath rehney ki permission mil hi gayee.." he paused nd caressing her hair again strted..  "see.. bhagwanji bhi humey alag nhi dekh sakte.. aur issi liye toh meri dua qubool ho gayee.. warna aisa mauka har kisi ko kaha milta hain.." he said smiling lill.. "par armaan.. tumhey takleef nhi hogi aisey rehne mein?? Mera matlab tum princess ko dekh paoge par choo (touch) nhi paoge.. sun paoge par baat nahi kar paoge aur junior.. jisskey liye tumney itna intezaar kiya ussey bhi choo nhi paoge tum armaan.." riddhima said wth her choked voice nd again her eyes strted bleeding wth tears..

"koi baat nhi jaan.. tum baat karo ya main.. baat toh ek hi hain.. waisey bhi humesha ke liye door janey se toh yeh achcha hain.. at least dey will be in front of my eyes.. main unhey dekh payunga.. sun (hear) payunga.." he tried to console her although his own heart was bleeding wth utmost agony inside but he can bear dat but her tears were, are nd alwaz will be unbearable for him..

"par armaann.." she tried to say something but he cut her in between.. "sshhh.." he shushed her nd hugged her once again.. "u'll go bck, ri8??" he asked hopefully.. but in stead of saying yes she juz asked .. "tum sach mein aaoge na??" ohh!! Her one question juz made him fall for her all over again.. he can nvr able to thank god properly for sending this angel to his life who loves him more than anything.. he kissed his forehead lovingly as a promise nd whispered.. "u know na I cn nvr lie to u.."


Nurse was busy changing the almost finished saline pouch wth a new one wen she felt herself hearing a soft murmur.. she at once looked at d patient nd found her fingers stirring a lill as well as her lips which were trembling producing soft murmur.. she quickly changed d saline nd came to her ECG machine.. her heart beat is improving as well.. in deed it's a miracle.. her lips curved into hopeful smile.. though they all deal wth lives nd death everyday but still dey nvr want any patient to die actually but nature has its own rules.. every living creature has to die oneday but delaying that expiry date is alwaz overwhelming.. she quickly took her pager nd called the attendant doctor at once..

"she's recovering.." the doctor concluded examining all her vital organs..
"yes doctor.. she tried to say something juz a few minutes ago.." she replied..
"hmm.. I think she'll be in her senses wthin a few minutes.. I'll wait thn.." he said passing a reassuring smile at d nurse nd checked d reprts again..
"ar..mann.." they heard an unknown whisper nd looked at their patient at once..
"mrs. Mallik.. u ok??" the doctor asked as riddhima finally opened her eyes.. she nodded her head in yes weakly nd strted scanning d room in search of her armaan but to her bad luck he wasn't there.. no he can't lie to me.. she thought nd felt herself crying bitterly..
"maam.." the nurse supported her nd gve her some water.. she was a gal at her mid twenties.. lill elder to arima.. riddhima gulped some water dwn nd passed her a thankful smile.. "meri beti??" riddhima asked her softly.. the nurse looked at d doctor dreading to answer without permission..
"don't wrry maam.. aapki beti bilkul thik hain.. she's juz unconscious now due to delivery.." the doctor said..
"may I meet her plsh??" she asked hopefully..
"no maam.. u're not well.. main apko permission nhi de sakta.." the doctor said..
"plz doctor.. I cant relax until I meet arrii.." riddhima pleaded..
"umm.. sir.. if u dnt mind.. I'll take her to meet her daughter.. I promise I'll tke care of maam.." the nurse requested the doctor understanding riddhima's situation..
"okk thn.. but be careful.." the doctor advised nd left..
"thank u beta.." riddhima said to the nurse who settled her on a wheel chair wth d hlp of a ward boy..
"no problem maam.. I cn understand.. aap bilkul meri mumma ki jaisi ho.. I can guess jab tak aap apki beti se mil nahi logi u can't relax.." she said smilingly while attaching saline wth her..
Riddhima smiled.. "all mothers are juz alike.. (pause).. beta.. tum plz mujhey aunty kaho, maam nahi.. mujhey achcha lagega.."
"jee aunty.." she said smilingly nd strted taking her outside the ICU…

As soon as she was taken to the private room her eyes filled up wth fresh tear.. her lill arrii is lying on the bed all pale nd weak.. she felt her heart being pierced by thousands of needles.. she gasped seeing the blood pouch attached to her vein.. once again armaan's wrds regarding her accident came to her mind nd she quickly closed her eyes tight..

The nurse took her juz beside arima's bed nd said to her warmly.. "aunty.. plz relax.. darne ki koi baat nhi hain.. she'll be fine.. bass thoda sa bed rest nd proper care ki zaroorat hain.."

Riddhima looked at the nurse nd asked wth cracking voice.. "aur baby??" she was dreading to ask the question.. she juz prayed dat their baby is fine.. she can't tolerate another trauma now.. no!!! plz god plz.. aab aur nahi.. bahot ho gaya ek din ke liye.. plz I want every thing normal now.. riddhima pleaded in her heart..

"don't wrry aunty.. ur grand son is absolutely fine.. main abhi leke ati hoon.." she said warmly making riddhima smile in between her tears.. finally.. finally she got a good news after thousands of torture..

"here.." she came bck wth her grand son nd handled him to riddhima carefully.. riddhima took him in her embrace.. although she's weak but she was very careful nd protective while taking their new member.. he was sleeping putting his thumb in his mouth, sucking that cutely.. riddhima's eyes again got filled wth tear but this time it was tear of happiness.. she still cant blve she is having her lill arri's baby on her lap.. she still can't blve their arri is finally a mother now.. nd her post is promoted from mumma to grand mumma.. she smiled whole heartily thanking god thousand tyms for protecting this innocent soul from further torture.. riddhima finally managed to free her right hand while placing him in her lap wth d support of her left hnd protectively.. she tenderly removed the thumb which he was sucking till now nd smiled wen saw him yawn.. ohh!! All memories of lill arri wen she 1st took her in her embrace came in front of her eyes crystal clear.. ridhhima lovingly kissed their baby boy nd whispered.. "welcome to family swthrt.." nd wen she removed her head from his ear she found him smiling at her.. oh my goodness.. he has exactly the same eyes nd the same dimples as her armaan.. unknowingly she whispered.. "ARMAAN.."

"he's juz my carbon copy.. isn't he??" riddhima gasped sensing his soulful whisper near her ear.. this time again she whispered.. "armaan..

_________to be continued____________


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