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part 21 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

Armaan stopped by that evening to hang out with Ishaan. He had pondered over Riddhima's suggestion all afternoon and agreed with her, "I think, I will take up your suggestion…..mujhey wo Ooty waali facility ka phone number de do…..I think I will take Anjali to there."

"Great! Main abhi apni diary laati hoon." 

"Doctor uncle….aap kahan jaa rahe hain?" a curious Ishaan asked. 

"Hmm…kuch kaam se Ooty jaa raha hoon beta," Armaan pulled Ishaan into his lap, "kya laaoon aapke liye?"

"Kuch bhi……lekin surprise hona chaahiye….promise?" Ishaan smiled back.

"Done!" Armaan gave him a high five as Riddhima gave him the number.

"Riddhima, campus par mera ek staff quarter hai….jaane se pehley main tumhey uski chaabhi dena chahta hoon….main chaahta hoon ki tum aur Ishaan ab usmein shift karr jao….Sapna bhi wapas aane wali hogi," Armaan got up to leave.

"Parr kyon?…hum theek hain yahan." She wondered.

"Dr Sharma…..Sapna ke aane ke baad….*cough*….*cough*….sofe par sirf baith karr batein karr sakengey…..samjhi?" he winked at her as she blushed recalling their passionate night. He continued, "and I don't think you want me to share that sofa with anyone else… I right?" he planted a big kiss on Ishaan's cheek and blew her one when Ishaan was not looking.

She blushed again as she understood his meaning…."OK…jaisa tum chaho…I am at your disposal sir."

That evening, Armaan told Shashank and Padma that he was taking Anjali to Ooty for a month "thoda hawa paani change hoga…tho she will feel better….waise bhi shaadi ke baad hum kahin ghoomney nahin gaye hain…."

The Gupta's were pleased with that decision. Dr Gupta, of course thought that Armaan must have heeded to his advice, as he had always done in the past…"main jaanta tha Armaan hamesha mera kehna maanta hai….Riddhima may be his lust but Anjali is his true love…." Dr Gupta patted his back and thought.

They were going to leave the next day, Armaan decided to use this time off to complete a research paper he had been working on, while Anjali would receive her in patient treatment.


Before departing for Ooty, he took Riddhima and IShaan to show them their new house. "Sapna jab aa jayegi…tumhein help kar de gi shifting mein….OK" he handed the keys to Riddhima.

Riddhima looked at the sign hanging on the door of the house, it said: "DR ARMAAN MALLIK"- she caressed the sign with her fingers and had tears in her eyes.

"Kya hua Riddhima?….mera naam itna bura lagta hai….?" Armaan chided, "why are you crying?"

She smiled through her tears, "Armaan….mera hamesha khwaab tha ki main iss naam se hamesha ke liye bandh jaoon….duniya ki nazron mein tho nahin bandh saki….parr shayad aise hi bandh kar jee loongi…."

Armaan hugged her, "Iss naam par tho pehla haq tumhara hi hai…….Riddhima….Madhupur mein hi tum Mrs Armaan Mallik ho gayi thi….you have full right on me and my name." He kissed her forehead. Ishaan, who was trying to walk around the house, saw his mother hug doctor uncle. He really liked that intimate moment between them; he had never seen his mother hug another man before…..he had a big smile on his face. Armaan saw Ishaan staring at them and winked at him.

Ishaan gestured Armaan to come closer and bend down. Ishaan whispered in his ear, " wo aapki surprise waali kissey hai naa…..aap mama ko bhi do ge naa? Unhe kabhi pehle kisi ney nahin dee hogi…" Armaan smiled and rolled his lips, "hmm…idea bura nahin hai….bahut smart ho….bilkul apney baap jaise soch te ho…I will honor your wishes Ishaan"

Armaan gallantly walked back towards Riddhima, who was checking out the layout of the house and grabbed her from behind and then showered her with his surprise "kisseys"

Ishaan gave him a thumbs-up as Riddhima turned red from embarrassment…."Armaaaan…..Ishaan ke saamne…yeh kya …." She fumbled.

"Aapkey bete ki farmaish thi…..usey poora kar raha hoon….I am at your son's disposal Dr Sharma," He laughed and picked Ishaan in his arms as they walked out of their new home.

Armaan and Anjali left for Ooty that evening. Anjali really liked the new in patient facility….she had no clue it was a hospital….it was almost like a resort. She met the doctors and therapists there, who did not dress up in hospital clothes and tried to keep the environment more home like there. Armaan checked into a nearby hotel. He spent few hours with Anjali every day, they would go for walks, have meals together and talk a little bit. Anjali enjoyed the company of the other residents there and almost forgot about her fears and paranoia in Ooty.

Armaan caught up with his research paper and talked to Ishaan and Riddhima every day. He came to know that Sapna had initially protested when she found out about Riddhima moving out but being a good friend, she understood the reason and was happy for her friend. Sapna was one of the few people on the campus who knew about Anjali's illness and Armaan's lonliness as Armaan had confided into Atul a long time ago. Atul was also back from his training, making the transition for Riddhima to her new home more acceptable to everyone.

Riddhima decorated her new home to her and Armaan's tastes. She knew what Armaan would like. These were the happiest days of her life after the month she had spent with Armaan at Madhupur village. Even though Armaan was away, his presence was everywhere in the house.

One day as she was arranging some flowers in the house, she heard the doorbell: DING DONG!

"Hmm…kaun ho sakta hai?"

She was shocked to see the person at the door, "SIR…AAP?" It was Dr Gupta!

"Tho ab samajh aaya…..Armaan ney apney quarter ka possession kyon le liya hai…..biwi ke saath honeymoom manaa raha hai aur ghar par rakhail ko chhod gaya hai…..wah….yeh nayi generation ka jawab nahin," Dr Gupta made a snide remark.

"Please mind your language, Dr Gupta! Aisa kuch nahin hai…..mere bete ka yahan ilaaj chal raha hai…Armaan ne sirf ek dost ke naate hamein yeh thode din ke liye diya hai….." Riddhima lied as she did not want Armaan to get into trouble.

"Well, I hope dosti hi ho…..hawas nahin…." Dr Gupta looked down at her.

She was burning with anger, "Dr Gupta….isse pehle main aapka apmaan karoon….aap please chale jaiye…."

"Riddhima….main bas tumhey warn karne aaya hoon….main abhi bhi iss institute ka head hoon….Armaan se door raho…warna usey apni naukri se haath dhona padhega… know what I am capable of doing?"

"Dr Gupta….agar aapney aisa kiya…tho loss aapke institute kaa hi hoga…Armaan jaise talented surgeon ko koyi bhi aankh bandh karke hire kar lega….he does not need your backing anymore…….any Institute would proudly grab Armaan's talent!"

"Par…tum jaanti nahin….I am a very influential man…mere recommendation ke bina….usey koyi chance bhi nahin dega!" he turned around and left.
to be cont......................

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