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part 22 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 22

Both are still in each other's embrace.. riddhima's head is kept securely on his right shoulder while his head was resting on her left, nuzzling in her hair.. both are mum.. trying hard to swallow the torture of that horrible past nd pretend unaffected as best as they can but both knew how miserably they are failing.. in every now nd thn armaan felt her trembling in his arms while riddhima sensed his unsaid pain through the urgent rubbing on her back to soothe her as well as his own pain.. although they knw wat the other is feeling, they decided not to break d silence.. nd juz inhale each others presence only to compose their erratic heart beats to assure that they are still together.. it's not a dream.. but reality only..
Soon riddhima felt light over her closed eyes nd slowly opened them only to see the most beautiful sight in front of her eyes.. the sun is rising sweeping away every trace of darkness.. it ws reddish first.. thn slowly turned into orange nd thn gradually the brightening rose making every thing drench in gold.. she was so lost in this serene beauty of nature that she didn't realize that armaan broke the hug nd looked at the same direction..
"kab subah ho gayee pata hi nahi chala,na??" he whispered lovingly still staring at the open window..
Her trance broke hearing her love nd turned her face side ways..  armaan,too, looked at her nd smiling lovingly he said.. "I juz wish jaisey suraj ki roshni ne raat ki andhera ko meeta diya hain waisey hi tum bhi uss din ki har yaad ko meeta pao apney dil aur dimag se.." he paused nd caressed her cheek tenderly making her close her eyes.. "promise me riddhima.. fir kabhi bhi tum uss din ko yaad nhi karogi.. promise me plz.." he pleaded nd she nodded in yes making him smile.. he bent forward nd placed a loving kiss on her forehead.. thn without wasting a minute he hugged her securely yet lovingly announcing "I luv u" near her ear.. riddhima sighed nd relaxed in his embrace.. "I luv u too armaan.. I luv u a lot.."

In spite of armaan's repeated suggestion riddhima decided not to slp anymore.. it's alrdy 5:30AM now.. moreover she's not sleepy at all.. so, after her cute pouts nd repeated pleadings he agreed too only after saying.. "riddhima.. jaan.. u are still a baby, u knw dat??" in return she juz shook her head proudly in affirmative making him smile wider.. of course she's still baby from her heart.. nd this secret of hers is for her armaan only.. it was, is nd will b only him, wth whom she can behave whatever she wishes.. she can do silliest things as she knws her hubby darling will nvr complain but pamper her evn more.. nd she so loves to be spoiled by him again n again no matter how old she is..

It's 7AM now nd suddenly her alarm clock strted ringing which was placed on her study table beside her bed.. armaan looked at her clock nd thn at her nd thn both burst out into laughter.
"aargg.. riddhima.. plz apna stupid alarm bandh karo!!" he whined pulling their duvet till his ear by one hand nd by other pulling his wifey closer to his heart..
Riddhima chuckled seeing his usual reaction.. she poked on his hand only to hear his complain.. "aauchh!! Riddhima jaan koi apney pati parmeshwar ko aisey marta hain bhala??" he said melodramatically crunching her in his arms even more, nesting his head in d crook of her nape..
"uff armaann!!! Chodo.. chodo.." she wriggled in his embrace but failed as usual..
"tch.. koi faida nahi.." he grinned.. nd made himself comfortable even more.. she smiled feeling her romantic husband nd decided to give in.. leaving her daily moto of waking up early nd doing yoga, she hugged him back shifting her head near his heart cozily.. her antic did nothing but made him smile wider.. nd happily he confessed.."I luv uu.." nd loosening his embrace a lill he looked downwards only to see her serene beauty.. riddhima,too,flt his grip getting lill loosened nd looked upwards.. theirs eyes met only to make both of their hearts fonder.. she smilingly raised her one hand nd cupping his face from one cheek she whispered.. "I luv u too.." he closed his eyes as soon as her serene touch caressed his skin.. smilingly she raised herself a lill only to give his good morning kiss when her alarm strted ringing again breaking their moment.. riddhima paused at once hearing d sudden noise where armaan juz opened his eyes at once cursing his fate.. he looked at her threateningly nd declared.. "stop setting alarm jaan or else I'll ban ur mobile.." but his wrds did nothing but offended her to no limit.. she jerked nd back off at once leaving a bewildered armaan on d bed.. on d other hand, she sat on d bed, folding both her arms against her chest, passing a mean glare to him she demanded.."did u actually say that my dear hubby??" he gulped hearing her.. oh!! How she's addicted to her newly bought multi-featured mobile.. nd he knws she'll gonna eat him up if he says anything against her beloved gadget.. "umm..wohh.. umm riddhima.. jaan tumhey yoga nhi karni aaj??" he said in a sugar-coated tone hoping it will do a trick but she was too smart to be manofied by such tricks.. she blinked her eyes repeatedly, battling her eye lids, making an innocent face she,too,replied in a sugary tone.. "no armaan.. I'm planning to learn karate now.. I wonder will u mind if I try my newly learned lessons which I saw yesterday on t.v..??" but before he could ans she took the pillow from her side nd started beating him..  "you stupid.. how could u threaten me about my phone?? Geet  (her cousin) was soo right.. tum sab ladkey ek jaisey hote ho.. shadi se pehley sab baat chupchap mantey ho aur ek baar jo shadi ho jayee toh aapni manmani start.. huh.. par main bhi riddhima hoon.. tum aisey bach nhi saktey mujhey threat karke.. u stupid.. how could u??" she kpt on blabbering nd beating him wth her pillow.. on d other hand armaan juz tried his best to save himself from his angry Jhansi ki rani.. "aauchh.. rid.. hima.. auch.. jaan.. thoda.. aauch toh meri baat.. aauch aauch aauch.." he cried in pain..
"dnt u dare to utter a wrd mr. husband mallik.. warna achcha nhi hoga.." she threatened again nd he raised his both hands up to indicate his defeat.. she smiled triumphantly at her victory nd said.. "good boy" she threw her pillow aside nd relaxed to catch her breathe.. but as soon as armaan saw her throwing her pillow away, he pulled her over himself within a moment nd twirled making her jammed on the bed beneath his well toned body.. it was so quick that she couldn't able to react until he asked her smirking.. "now wat will u do my karate champ??" but in stead of retorting back she juz blushed.. oh.. they are too close to handle by themselves.. while this utmost proximity was melting her in his arms, her flushing cheeks along wth her shy smile driving him crazy.. he bent dwn nd was about to capture her lips wen her cell started ringing again.. "oh lord!!!" he said frustrated while she giggled.. he looked at her dangerously nd asked.. "wat is d duration for snoozing u set??"
"3minutes.." she said nd laughed aloud..
"stop laughing riddhima.. nd deactivate ur alarm.." he threatened again..
"achcha?? Aur nahi kiya toh??" but she regretted the moment wen she uttered dat challenge as armaan quckly switched of her alarm nd thn crashed his lips upon hers making her breathless wthin a few minutes..
"fir se challenge karni hain??" he asked wickedly breaking their kiss but where's his sherni then.. there was only his shy wifey all clad in her endless shyness nd blushes.. he grinned seeing her flushed cheeks nd laid upon her once again..making himself comfortable in her embrace.. "now let me sleep peacefully.." he whispered hugging her closer nd in return she juz smiled at her fate.. feeling extremely lucky, she drew him closer nd stroked his hair..
"I still cant undrstnd tumhey apni phone se itna pyar kyun tha?? Sumtyms I wondered did u luv me more or ur stupid phone??" armaan ended wth his usual chuckle making her smile at his crazy antics..
"aisa kuch nahi tha armaan.. tum toh bass yunhin merey phone se chidte the.." she tried to fight back..
"yuhin?? Sach mein riddhima?? I nvr saw u without ur phone.. wherever u used to go, ur phone was wth u.." he said pretending to be jealous of her phone..
"u're such a nautanki armaan.. baat aisey kar rahey ho jaisey phone na ho mera boy frnd ho!!" she said feeling helpless..
"oyyee.. dnt u evr think about any other man excpt me.. mar dalunga.." he whined at once..
She chuckled nd teased more.. "kissey?? mujhey ya.."
But before she could continue he completed her sentence.. "dnt talk rubbish riddhima.. u knw na I hate it wen u talk dose things.." thn recollecting he continued.."of course uss ladkey ko.. joh mujhsey panga lega.. meri biwi pe line marne ki himmat bhi kaisey kar sakta hain koi??"
"aanhaan.. sumone is being possessive.." she teased nd he threw at her a mean glare..
"I luv u more wen u act like this.. u knw that.." nd wth this his anger flew out of d window nd he smiled wide.. "nd I luv u more wen u accpt ur feelings so openly.." he said nd she smiled divinely.. "yeah right.. thnx to u, my besharam husband.." she was in full mood now..
"jeez.. meri sangat ka bahot boora asar hua hain tumpe jaan.. warna remember that day.. kya kya nhi kiya tha tumsey ILU sunney ke liye.." he teased nd she laughed even more..
"puttar ji aap pahoch ke humey phone zaroor karna.." her father said while bidding his ladli good-bye..
"ji papa ji.." she said still sobbing hard..
"aur armaan beta.. tum apna aur riddhi ka dhyaan rakhna.. wohh nadan hain.. kuch bhul ho jayee toh maaf kar dena ussey.." her mother said to her son-in-law sobbing by her own..
"ji mummy ji.. aap chinta mat kijiye..  main aapna aur meri patni ka poora dhyaan rakhunga.." he said while emphasizing the word 'patni' looking at her lovingly.. on the other hand riddhima smiled in between her tears hearing her new identity.. yes.. she is mrs. Riddhima armaan mallik now.. juz a few hours ago they sealed their relationship in front of whole society keeping god as the witness of their serene relationship..

Soon they are in the plane.. armaan was sitting beside her scrutinizing her excited child-like expression when d air-hostess announced.. "may I hve ur attention plz.. all passengers are here by requested to tie ur seat belts as the flight is about to take off.. thank uu.." armaan tied his nd looked side ways.. she's still fighting wth hers trying hard to buckle it but failing miserably..
"main kar deta hoon.." he said lovingly nd she nodded.. but while tying his hands rested against her body.. it was too close to her capability of handling.. she gasped loud when his hands touched her bare waist under her saree-pallu drawing his attention to her at once.. he looked at her feeling his own longing.. she's looking divinely beautiful wth his name written on her mang nd around her neck in d form of sindoor n mangalsutra.. he felt utterly blessed sensing her reciprocating his touch.. although it's a love marriage still he wants to hear her confession before taking the nxt step.. it was he, who confessed thousand times till now dat he loves her but whenever her turn comes, she juz flew from there like a free bird.. but today she has to accept.. there's no way she can flee away now.. he smiled nd tying the belt he relaxed on his seat.. keeping his head on the back he closed his eyes only to utter d vry nxt moment.. "aisey mat dekho jaan.. warna khud ko rok nahi payunga.. fir mat kehna ki sab dekh rahe hain.." but as soon as he completed his words, her cheeks heated up gaining color, she turned her gaze quickly nd biting her lower lip in embarrassment she tried to look through the window..
On the other hand, he sighed in contentment nd whispered.. "welcome to new life armaan.."

______________to be continued____________


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