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part 22 : Tera Mera Rishta By Sangeeta

PART 22: 

Armaan was surprised at the progress Anjali was making in Ooty. One evening when he was chatting with Riddhima on the phone, "You know Riddhima…..…Anjali is responding very well to this treatment…in fact yahan ke doctors kaafi experimental treatments use kar rahe hain….Mumbai mein Dr Gupta ne kabhi Dr Pathak ke siwa kissi ko Anjali ka treatment nahin karney diya….I think Dr Pathak is a little old fashioned now…..I am glad I brought her here….all thanks to you…jaan." 

"Iss mein thanks ki koyi baat nahin hai….bas itna hai ki yeh treatment sirf 1 mahinay ka hai….phir wapas Mumbai aakar wahi purana treatment lena padhega…..main pata lagaati hoon ki hum Mumbai mein bhi koyi doosra psychiatrist dhoond sakein." Riddhima suggested, "aur suno….aise mujhey jaan mat kaha karo…darr lagta hai." 

"Darr kyun? Ab hamare beech koi bhi nahin aa sakta…OK jaaaaan?" he chuckled affectionately. 

Riddhima just smiled and remained silent as she remembered Dr Gupta's visit the other evening. She shuddered at the thought of separating from Armaan once again. 

"Riddhima…..kya hua? Are you OK?" 

"I am fine….what were you saying about Anjali's treatment?" she asked. 

"Riddhima… are right about Anjali's treatment….tum uske father ko nahin jaanti….he does not want anyone to know about her illness, he is very possessive about her doctors and treatment… will be difficult to transfer care to another doctor once we are in Mumbai," he sighed. 

"Armaan…yeh kaam tum mujh par chhod do…..don't worry…I will find a way," she reassured him. 

"Riddhima…you are the best…I am the luckiest man in this world." 

"Wo tho main jaanti hoon….ab phone rakho…Ishaan ko sulaane kaa time ho gaya hai…." she laughed 

"OK…baba….please give Ishaan a kiss from my side…." Armaan kissed the phone. 

"Surprise waali kissey?" she teased him. 

The next day, Armaans talked to the doctor at the psych facility, "I am very happy with the progress Anjali is making, sir….." 

"Thanks…but it is very important to continue this kind of treatment in Mumbai also….warna you will be back to square one….achcha iss weekend we are having a special group therapy session for all our inpatients but no family members can visit during this period… I am sorry you will have to stay away from your wife this weekend…..kar sakogey?" the doctor asked. 

Armaan's mind had a brilliant idea and he said, "nahin….bahut mushkil hai APNI WIFE ke bina rehnaa….but don't worry I will find something to do." He rushed to the hotel and sat down to write something. 


Riddhima was at home when she heard the doorbell. Her heart started pounding as her conversation with Dr Gupta was still fresh in her mind. She went to the door. 

"Courier?….yeh kahan se aaya?…..I hope everything is alright…" 

She signed for the package and came inside. She opened the envelope and found an air and then bus ticket for travel between Mumbai and Ooty with a note enclosed with it: 

I miss you….. 

Please naa nahin kehna…. 

Sapna has agreed to take care of Ishaan this weekend, she wants to bond with her only nephew…. 

…and I want to bond with my "real" wife….. 

just give me 2 days with you…..please…. 

She smelled the dry flower enclosed with the letter. His fragrance was still fresh in the flowe even though he was miles away. She blushed and read the note again and again… could she stay away??? 

The next day, Riddhima dropped off Ishaan at Sapna's , "Sapna….yeh Ishaan ki dawa…usey 8 baje zaroor sula dena….morning mein wo ….." an anxious Riddhima gave Sapna a long list of instructions. Sapna sighed, "Ridz…Ridz…tum sirf do din ke liye jaa rahi ho….main Ishaan ki bua hoon….OK….ab tum jao, Atul tumhey airport le jaane ke liye wait kar raha hai……don't you worry….have a good time…..pata nahin phir tumhey kab mauka miley…." They both hugged, Riddhima kissed Ishaan and left for the airport. 

Sapna was witness to their love story from day 1; she knew that they were not legally married at this point but she was probably the only one besides them who never saw anything wrong in their relationship. She had seen them both suffer without each other and she would do anything to support their love. 

Riddhima arrived in Ooty by bus, after taking a flight from Mumbai to Bangalore. She got off the bus and looked everywhere for Armaan. She looked everywhere, but there was no sign of Armaan,"Pata nahin….kahin kisi ney mazaak tho nahin kiya?….Armaan mujhe lene kaise nahin aaya? I hope yeh Dr Gupta ki koyi chaal naa ho…." she waited for sometime but then got worried. Armaan did not answer his mobile either. 

As she was starting to get both worried and upset, someone grabbed her from behind and whispered in her ear, "welcome to your honeymoon, madam!" Riddhima turned around and saw a handsome man in faded jeans, white t shirt and dark glasses standing in front of her. All these years, she had not forgotten how good looking Armaan was, but the fresh air of Ooty and the non-hospital environment made him look much younger and really dashing! For a moment, she just stared at him, but then remembered that he had kept her waiting so long. She turned red in anger and turned around, "mere saath aisa mazaak mat kiya karo…..mujhe lagaa kahin tumhey kuch….." the anger soon turned into sobs. 

"OK…OK Riddhima….dekho kitni sunder lagti ho tum gusse mein…..main dekhnaa chahta tha tum meri kitni fikr karthi ho…." He smiled and gave her a tight hug. Armaan had seen a change in Riddhima-she had started worrying more these days, unlike her calm self from six years ago. He had seen her like this after Ishaan's surgery and now…….all the events in her life ….separation from Armaan….Aditya and her parent's accident….Ishaan's illness….. had changed her. Armaan realized that and wanted her to feel secure again……he hugged her and reassured her, "Ok…nahin karoonga….chalo main tumhey ek special jagah le jaata hoon…." 

They both walked arm in arm to the parking lot. He had rented a convertible and after placing her luggage in the car, they drove off. Riddhima was finally relaxed and closed her eyes as she rested her head on the back of her seat. 

Armaan gazed at her pretty face which was glowing as the rays of the afternoon sun bathed her body, "Hmm…..Riddhima….looks like you are going to be a busy woman on your honeymoon!" She opened her eyes and saw a naughty grin on his face; she started blushing, as she understood what he meant. "Armaan…let it be clear…main yahan aaraam karne aayi hoon." 
"Aaraam tho ab Mumbai jaakar karna madam… are at my disposal here….GOT IT?" They both laughed as his favorite phrase 'GOT IT' was back on his lips. 

They both arrived at little mountain lodge. "This is going to be our home for the next 2 days…." He came close to Riddhima and put his arms around her neck, "main chahta hoon…yeh 2 din…hamare zindagi ke sabsey khubsoorat 2 din ho….jo kabhi khatam naa ho….." he then picked her up as she hugged him and carried her inside. It was a beautiful lodge with 1 living room, small kitchenette, and a queen-sized bed in a cozy bedroom with a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. There was a fireplace in the living room with beautiful wooden furniture and paintings on the wall to give it a warm look. 

They had a perfect "honeymoon"…..they hiked…cooked together….sat around the fireplace wrapped in one blanket…..enjoyed the jacuzzi…..made love in every corner of the lodge….had dinner outside in the moonlight….forgot about the world and all their problems….the charm of hiding away from everyone made it all the more pleasurable…. 

As they were sitting around the fireplace on the floor, with Riddhima sitting in between his legs and his strong arms wrapped around her with their fingers intertwined, she said, "Armaan…duniya ki nazron mein hum bahut badhaa gunah kar rahe hain….par mujhey aisa kyon lagta hai ki yeh gunah nahin…..bas pyaar hai….aur bhagwan ki nazar mein pyaar kabhi gunah nahin hota…." 

He kissed her neck and buried his face in her hair, "Riddhima…agar yeh gunah bhi hai tho…main is gunah ki sazaa ke liye tumharey saath umar qaid hona chahta hoon…" he whispered softly. 

Enjoy this song from "bunty aur babli" as Armaan and Riddhima enjoyed their honeymoon "chup chup ke" 

dekh na meri sar se aasman ud gaya hain - 2 
dekh na asmaan ke sire khul gaye hain zameen se - 2 
chup chup ke - 2 chori se chori chup chup ke - 2 
chup chup ke - 2 chori se chori chup chup ke - 2 
chup chup ke - 2 chori se chori chup chup ke - 2 

dekh na kya hua hain yeh zameen beh rahi hain 
dekh na paniyon main zameen ghul rahi hain kahi 
dekh na asmaan ke sire khul gaye hain zameen se 
chup chup ke - 2 chori se chori chup chup ke - 2 
chup chup ke - 2 chori se chori chup chup ke - 2 

hosh main main nahi yeh gashi bhi nahi 
is sadi main kkabhi yeh hua bhi nahi 
jism ghulne laga ruh galne lagi 
pao rukne lage raah chalne lagi 
aasman badalon par karvatein le raha hain 
dekhna aasman hi barasne lage na zameen pe 
yeh zameen kaunmilan ke dubkiyaa le rahi hain 
dekhna uthke kandho pe chalne lage na kahi 
chup chup ke - 2 chori se chori chup chup ke - 2 
chup chup ke - 2 chori se chori chup chup ke - 2 

tum kaho to ruke tum kaho to chale 
yeh junoon hain agar toh junoon soch le 
tum kaho to ruke tum kaho to chale 
mujhko pehchaanti hai kaha manzilein 
dekhna mere sar se aasman ud gaya hain 
dekh na asmaan ke sire khul gaye hain zameen se 
dekh na kya hua hain yeh zameen beh rahi hain 
dekh na paniyon main zameen ghul rahi hain kahi se 
chup chup ke - 2 chori se chori chup chup ke - 2 
chup chup ke - 2 chori se chori chup chup ke - 2 
chup chup ke chori se chori chup chup ke ke re 
chup chup ke chori se chori chup chup ke ke re 

Riddhima left for Mumbai after 2 days. Armaan was heartbroken as he dropped her at the bus stop……2 days had gone by quickly. He checked in back at the hotel and left to see Anjali. 

… be continued

Riddhima was not going to get deterred by his hollow threats anymore. Armaan had already suffered enough…..she was going to face Dr Gupta now and be Armaan's strength….not run 
away this time! 

She did not tell Armaan about her conversation with Dr Gupta when she talked to him on the phone that evening. She would mention it when he came back…..

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