Friday, 30 June 2017

part 23 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 23

"aur yeh humara kamra" armaan said looking at her smiling lovingly only to see his love blushing.. her flushed cheeks along wth her trembling pink lips is a treat to watch.. nd instantly his smile widened flashing his adorable dimples.. oh!! His love shies so much nd he's juz loving it.. he thought dreamily still lost in her blushes.. on the other hand, riddhima sensed his intense gaze upon her nd didn't dare to look upward..

"kaisa laga tumhara naya ghar??" he asked hoping her gaze to shft upon him.. it was as if god has listened to his wsh nd at once she looked into his eyes nd corrected.. "humara.. humara ghar.."
Nd wth this his alrdy stolen heart again got stolen by this innocent beauty.. he nodded in affirmative in response while feeling utterly blessed n contended from inside..
"umm.. tum change kar lo.." he suggested without getting nothing else to say..
She juz nodded nd moved towards her suitcase..
"yeh kya?? Tum raat mein bhi saree pehnogi kya??" he asked completely amazed seeing her taking out a simple cotton saree.. she nodded innocently.. "haan.. kyun??"
"par raat mein tum pehley toh saree nhi pehenti thi.. fir abhi kyun?? Aisey neend ayegi tumhe?? Yeh uncomfortable nhi feel hoga??" he asked being uncertain..
She at once lowered her gaze nd whispered.. "mummy ji ne kaha hain ki shadi ke baad ladkiyo ko sirf saree hi pehenni chahiye.." she paused nd looked at him helplessly..
"koi zaroorat nhi.. jao kuch aur pehen lo.." he assured her affectionately..
"umm.. wohh.." she hesitated..
"haan riddhima.. kya baat hain bolo??" he reassured her..
"wohh mummy ji ne srf saree hi pack ki hain.. kuch aur nahi hain pehen ne ko.." she sighed sadly..
He kpt quite thinking a way nd thn quickly opening his wardrobe, he took out his white kurta-pajama nd offering her, he said.. "here.. issey pehen lo.. kal main tumhey shopping le jayunga.. thik hain?"
"yeh?? Yeh main kaisey??" she asked aghast..
He smiled seeing her priceless expression.. he has been staying in Mumbai from last two years nd hence adapted modern thoughts completely.. but his love juz left her village juz a few hours ago.. it'll take some time to get adapted wth recent thoughts but he'll definitely look after dat nd hlp her to update herself.. thinking he neared her nd putting the clothes on her hand he said in his most caring tone.. "issmey sharmane wali koi baat nhi hain jaan.. main pati hoon tumhara' aur waisey bhi yeh kapdey kafi lambe hain.. toh tumhey koi dikkat nhi hogi.. aisey saree pehenke koi so sakta hain bhala.. tum jao aur yeh pehen lo.. thik hain??"
She relaxed completely hearing his affectionate voice nd at once nodded in agreement making his heart fonder..

She was still standing wth her right palm on the knob of their bathroom-door still debating wth her mind nd heart.. "main bahar jayun kya??" she thought again.. it's almost 10minutes she's thinking n rethinking about going out wearing his clothes.. but suddenly wen she heard a loud thud sound along wth his painful shriek, she forgot all her shyness nd rushed towards the source of that sound..
"armaan ji??" she yelled his name wen she saw him sucking his index finger.. he brilliantly burnt his own finger while cooking for themselves..!!! the bowl of rice is lying on the floor scattering everything here n there creating a huge mess while the sabji which is alrdy half burnt is still on the oven getting ready to be burnt completely.. "armaan ji aap yaha kya kar rahe the??" she asked panicking in between quickly taking ice from d refrigerator nd putting all cubes in a mug, she dipped his burnt finger in that.. "zzz.." he hissed feeling his burnt finger getting numb..
"aap yeh sab kyun kar rahe the?? Main hoon,na?? abhi dekhiye kya halat kar li hain aapney aapni??" she kpt on blabbering feeling teary herself.. slowly she took his finger out nd blew on that.. "bahot dard ho raha hain,na??" she whispered almost chocking.. "main abhi dawayee leke aye.." but before she could flee, he caught her hand.. "main thik hoon jaan.."
The time while she was busy to soothe his burn, he was juz admiring his love.. she was looking divinely beautiful wth his over sized clothes.. but wat made her most beautiful to his eyes at that moment was the intensity of her love.. she was too panicked seeing his lill bruish.. she was behaving as if it was she who was in pain, not him.. he felt immensely fortunate..
On the other hand, she looked at him tearfully as if searching the truth behind his words.. in return he juz smiled and cupping her cheeks by both of his hands, he said.."main sach mein thik hoon.. bas thoda sa hi jala tha.."
She blinked a few tyms to clear her blurred vision nd thn nodding in yes, she simply hugged him tight..
He reciprocated at once, securing her in his embrace.. "aapko firse yeh sab karney ki zaroorat nhi.. abhi main aa gayee hoon,na.. yeh sab kaam mera.." she said while sobbing in between..
"nahi jaan.. main nahi chahta tum padhai chodke ghar mein baith jao.. main chahta hoon ki tum college join karo.."
His wrds made her freeze in his arms, n sensing that he asked.. "kya hua??"
"wohh mummyji kehti hain ladkiyo ko zyada padhna nhi chahiye aur shadi ke baad srf ghar sambhalna chahiye.." she said softly..
"bhul jao joh kuch bhi mummyji ne kaha hain.. aab se tum meri zimmedari ho.. aur main joh bhi sochunga tumhari bhalayee ke liye hi hoga.." he paused nd thn breaking the hug, he asked softly pouring his gaze straight into hers.. "itna bharosha hain na mujh par??"
"aapney aap se bhi zyada bhaorosha hain mujhey aap pe.." she declared at once smiling at her best.. but now he has other plans..
"achcha?? Aur wohh kyun??" he asked cheekily..
"kyunki.. kyunki.." she tried to get a suitable ans nd thn said.. "kyunki aap mujhsey pyaar karte ho.." she announced nd felt proud of herself for twisting the wrds correctly at d proper time..
"aanhaan.. par agar main pyar karta hoon toh mujhey tum par poora bharosha hona chahiye,na?? par yaha toh baat ulti hain.. tum kyun bharosha kar rahee ho mujhpe?? Kahin tum bhi toh.." he paused giving her a naughty hint indicating wat ans he wants to hear..
She understood clearly nd declared.. "main yeh sab saaf karti hoon.. aap bahar jaiye, aur plz dawai laga lijiye.. main abhi aye.."
But he caught her again.. "koi zaroorat nhi.. pehle mujhey merey sawal ka jawab do.."
"armaan ji.. mujhey janey dijiye na plz.." she pleaded..
"ek shart par.."
"aaj tum khana nhi banayogi.. hum bahar se khana order karenge.." he declared happily
"par.. main kar loongi,na.." she protested still thinking about her mother's long list on what a perfect wife should do..
"mainey kaha,na.. tum apni pati ki baat nhi manogi?? Yehi sikhaya hain tumharey mummyji ne??" he said dramatically while she juz smiled feeling blessed.


"I still can't blve jaan ke wohh bhi tum thi aur yeh bhi tum ho.." he said teasing her..
"kitna sharmati thi tum.. uff!!! Mana I love u wen u blush but fir bhi yaar itna bhi koi sharmata hain!!" he said dramatically as if he had suffered a lot..
"hahahaha.. kyunki har koi tumhari tarah besharam nahi hota.." she shot back..
"kya main besharam hoon??"
"haan.. tum. Besharam. ho."
"sure?? Tumney mujhey hi besharam kaha, na??" he asked grinning.
"haan haan 100% sure.." she was lill confused seeing him grinning.. "aab yeh armaan ke sir mein kya khichdi pak rahi hain!!" she thought but tried not to show her confusion which he sensed as usual..
"lagta hain koi bhul raha hain shadi ke baad merey 1st birthday par kisney mujhey sabke samney kiss kiya tha.. woh bhi.. ahem ahem.. wildly.." he said n winked at her only to make her embarrassed like hell.. still the memory of that night, made her feel like burying herself alive.. it's not like she regretted kissing her husband publicly but it is her darling husband who god knws how many times made fun of her regarding that night..
"armaan.. I was drunk.." she said lill embarrassed..
"nd highly jealous.." he completed grinning..
"not at all.." she tried to lie but failed..
"oh yes.. I saw that then.." he grinned wider only to be hit by her pillow..


"happy birthday armaan.." one of his collegue wished him.. nxt to him, his so-called wife came forward to wish him.. handling him the bouquet, in stead of formal hand shake she hugged him tight.. too tight to force her spill all her juice from her mouth..  "chudail kahin ki" she cursed her under her breathe but the next scene juz made her faint almost.. she kissed her husband on his left cheek.. how dare she?? She juz wanted to go n rip her head from her body thn n there.. how dare she touch her husband?? HER husband?? She felt her blood boil..
"maam.. drink??" at that very moment the waiter came to her offering some drinks but in stead of her patent orange-juice, she took the hard drink nd gulped dat in a go..  "eww.." she made a face not only for that extremely bitter taste but also seeing the scene in front.. although she clearly sensed armaan's restricted n uncomfrtble response n tight smile but still the fact dat he didn't push that bi*** away from him made her blood boil.. feeling extremely jealous, she juz took another glass nd finished that within a few seconds too.. her throat has strted burning bt more dan that it was her heart which was burning lyk hell.. why doesn't he push her away?? Is he enjoying her touching?? She felt stupidly sad nd started crying silently pouting nd blabbering to herself.. "srf 10 mahiney hi hue hain aur itni jaldi armaan mujhey bhul gaya.. babaji.. aapko main hi milti hoon kya tang karne ke liye?? Aab mera kya hoga?? Main kaha jaoongi?? Armaan mujhsey pyaar nahi karta aab.. woh aab uss chudail ko..." but she wasn't able to cmplte her banter, as before that unwillingly her sobs heightened drwing his attention directly to her.. on d other hnd, as soon as he heard her cry, he looked at her at once.. the sight in front made his heart melt completely.. there she is.. sitting on a stool.. draped in his fav red saree looking like an angel but why is she crying?? His heart skipped a beat wen he saw her blabbering nd pouting in between her sobs.. he juz wanted to end this damn party which he gave forcefully due to his frn's pressure nd engulf her wthin his arms drawing securely closer to his heart.. oh my baby.. he thought nd quickly went to her but reaching to her, his trance broke nd the reality struck to him wen she smelled of strong alcohol.. wat d hell?? He thought being completely shocked as well as clueless.. he looked sideways only to find the waiter standing wth fruit juice nd empty glasses of hard drinks.. she drank all three glasses?? He was shocked.. "are u mad?? U served her hard drnks?? Hw dare u??" he became agitated nd was about the punch the poor soul wen he cried in fear.. "I'm srry sir but how can I stop madam?? She's your wife, sir.. main unhey kaisey rok sakta hoon??" armaan stopped at once seeing his extremely frightened expression.. he composed his rage wth gr8 difficulty nd said.. "u may go nw.." nd as soon as d wrds escaped from his lips, he juz disappeared from there wthn a minute..
Armaan sighed nd closing his eyes he inhaled n exhaled  for some times only to kp his calm.. but his anger vanished wen d nxt moment he heard her babish tone.. "I luv u armaan.." he couldn't hlp but smiled fully hearing his angel nd at once looked at her.. "nd I luv u too.."
But in spite of returning her charming smile wat she does alwaz, she became upset n accused.. "liar.. I knw dat u dnt luv me anymore.." he became confused.. now wat had happened to his baby angel.. why is she saying all these?? But he didn't need to put pressure on his brain anymore as d vry nxt moment she said furiously.. "kitni ajeeb si dikhti hain.. aur kitna make-up kiya hain.. jaisey make-up ki dukan khola hain kissiney.." armaan felt clueless but sensing her gaze fixed at somewhere he followed her gaze nd smirked widely wen he found her cursing his frnd's wife.. "oh ho.. toh mrs. Mallik is jealous.. now this is something new indeed.. I guess there's lots awaiting for me tonight.." he smiled devilishly in his mind nd decided to enjoy d fullest as it's rare to see her this possessive n open regarding her feelings.. he was hell curious to knw wat she can do due to jealousy.. nd so, he decided to tease her more..

__________to be continued_________


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