Wednesday, 7 June 2017

part 23 : Sirf Tum



Next day in Evening

"Beta taiyaar hui..." Ananya asked knocking on Shilpa's room who was wearing her earings disheartedly she wore a light blue saari wd silver earings her hairs were opened wd curls from down she was looking stunning wd simple look

"Jii..." she nodded slowly and corrected her saari

"Bahot achi lag rahi ho..." Ananya complemented to which she gave a weak smile "Kya huaa abi b use lekar pareshaan ho" she asked lovingly

"Haa kya karu kal shaam se phone try kar rahi hun... par unka phone not reachable aa raha hai" she replied worriedly making her mother in law smile

"Pata hai... ye pehli baar nai hua hai vo hamesha aise hi karta hai... kaam k aage usko kuch nai dikhta kai baar to do teen din lag jaate hai use phir b call nai karta" she informed gently "tum fikar mat karo vo thik hoga... chalo ab chalna haina" she smiled

"Mummiji plz mai ruk jaun... mai unke saath hi aungi plz..." she requested grabbing Ananya's hand in hers

"Par beta... tum akeli yaha kaise rahogi" she asked

"Kaka haina... aur Armaan b jaldi aa jayenge.. plz Mummiji mera mann nai maan raha plz" she spoke pleadingly making Ananya smiled

"Ab mai samjhi Armaan ne tumhe kyun pasand kiya... " she spoke which made her frowned "kyun ki tumse acha usse koi pyaar nai kar sakta... aur sambhal sakta hai" she praised but what made Shilpa shocked is the word 'pyaar' "bahot pyaar karti ho na usse... acha hai..." she kept her hand on her head "thik hai tum ruk jao... aur jaise hi vo aaye turant aa jana thik hai" she spoke to which she nodded her head in YES and Ananya moved out to inform everyone where as Shilpa sat on bed quitely

Tum mere aasma

Meri zameen ban gaye...

"Kya Mummiji ne sach kaha.. mai Armaan se pyaar" she whispered slowly "mai kaise mujhe kaise pyaar ho sakta hai..." she thought and looked up "Hey Bhagwaan sirf ek ishara... plz aur mai samajh jaungi ki mai unse pyaar karti hu... plz sirf ek ishara" she prayed still waiting for one sign


8 pm...

Kyaa khub rab ne kiyaa

Bin maange itna diya...

"Abi tak Armaan aaye kyun nai" she whispered worriedly roaming here and there she was still in her same look "Khud to phone uthate nai aur mujhe kehte hai... phone ko kya achar daalne k liye rakha hai" she cursed him "aane do khabhar leti hu... ache se... pata nai heartbeat itni tez kyun ho rahi hai... aur December m itni tez hawa ...kuch ajeeb hai" she spoke angrily roaming still here and there when she heard a wistle and immidiatly turned and found his dear husband leaning against the door staring at her he appreciated her through his eyes moving from head to toe "Armaan" she whispered in relief and ran towards him "Kahan thae aap kabse phone try kar rahi hun... ye nai ek baar call kar le" she fired her questions one by one on him

"Bracelet...let m.." he spoke slowly as if in pain but stopped by her question

"Kya Bracelet tym dekha hai.. ye koi waqt hai aane ka... aur...aur" she was asking angrily but stopped seeing his eyes close in pain and then she obsereved him his eyes closed in pain while his one hand was gripping his other arm his clothes were dirty and she got scared seeing his condition "Armaan.." she whispered moving closer to him holding his arm

"Aawww... Bracelet" he whinced which made her worried

"Kkya hua Armaan..." she removed her hand worriedly "Aaiye andar.." she spoke in strong voice but her eyes became moist seeing him like this he walked inside and sat on bed and started untying his shoes "Armaan kya hua??" she asked worriedly making him stop he looked at her worried face and gave a smile

"Kuch nai huaa..." he replied tierdly leaving his work incomplete

"Nai kuch to hua hai.." she spoke fearing and he can surely guess she is hell worried for him

"Kuch nai bas chota sa accident ho gaya" he replied wd a tierd smile and hearing this she got more scared and panic took over her

"Accident.. kaisa accident.. chot to nai aayi na..dikhaiye kahi chot to nai lagi na"she asked panically checking hin everywhere where as he was confused about her behavior which is very strange right now

"Mai thik hu... bas yaha thodi si kharoch aayi hai" he spoke painfully while trying to open his shirt's button but coz of d fresh wound on his arm he whiced "Aaww.." he muttered making her scared

Varna hai milta kahan

Hum kaafiro ko khuda...

"Mai karti hu..." she spoke strongly and kept her hand on his which were unbuttoning his shirt he slowly pulled his hands back on his lap and looked at her face which was like in some pain she removed his shirt slowly and gasped seeing his wound "Armaan ye kaise hua.." she asked worriedly seeing his wound which was on his chest and arm like a scratch or something dry blood strains can easily be seen on his shirt though it was a check shirt red and black that's why the blood didn't appeared clearly on his shirt or else if any other shirt wud have definatly made the blood visible

"Bracelet vo..." he replied slowly

"Armaan aap ise choti si chot kehte hai" she flared on him and before he can say anything she moved to bring the first aid box after sometym she came wd a bowl and a cottton cloth wd the first aid "pair hataiye ..." she spoke angrily and he obeyed quitely seeing her face she sat opposite him "Kkkaise huaa ye" she asked in broken voice while cleaning his wound wd the water whereas he has already guessed she was crying when she moved out for the first aid kit

"Vo... mai aa raha tha.. aur raaste m meri gadi kharab ho gayi...maine use garage m diya aur bahar wait karne laga" he spoke quitely starring at her face specially her eyes which is showing the pain "Aur itne m mujhe kisi k chillane ki awaz aayi... maine dekha do aadmi ladh rahe the.. to mai..Aaahh" he was telling when she put the cotton wd anticeptic on his chest and he whiced

"I am sorry... so sorry.." she spoke scardly and blew air on his chest making him cool down

"Its ok..." he replied starring at her welled up eyes

Kya khub rab ne kiya

Bin maange itne diyaa...

"Fir..." she asked somehow while cleaning his arm

"Fir kya mai gaya help k liye to unme se ek shock ho gaya tha mujhe dekh kar... fir suddenly attack kar diya mujh par... aur bhaag gaya" he narrated when he felt a tear on his chest "Bracelet... kya huaa" he asked shockingly seeing her crying silently "Bracelet..." he cupped her face but still she is crying and hugged him tightly forgeting his wounds he was shock to see her like this he hugged her back slowly painfully "see mai thik hun ...aur agar tumne mujhe nai choda to shayad behosh ho jaunga" he spoke in pain but wd smile to which she moved back immidiatly

"I am sorry..." she wiped her tears and bandaged his wounds

"Par Bracelet ro ku rahi ho tum.." he asked in fake serious tone to which she dragged his name and he smiled "okk sorry.. continue plz" he grinned seeing her cleaning his wound while cursing that man angrily where as he was admiring her beauty which was making him crazy since the tym he had saw her in this saari he was clean bowled the tym his eyes landed on her! "Bracelet mai janta hu.. ki tum mere liye kuch feel karti ho... I think kuch nai bahot kuch.. but jab tak tum khud nai kahogi mai kuch nai karunga... " He thought looking at her who was busy bandaging him "aur vaise b maine tumhe maaf nai kiya ki tumne ittni badi baat chupayi mujhse... vaise ye bahot normal si baat thi but tumne ise nai bata kar badi kar di... shayad tum mujh par trust nai karti yaa fir karti ho but khone se darti ho ... apne Past life ki wajah se.. mujhe tumhare Past se koi matlab nai hai agar matlab hai to sirf hamare Future se" he thought in his heart while she was removing his shoes

"Ho gaya ab aap yaha baitho... mai kuch lekar aati hun aapke khane k liye" she spoke lovingly and moved towards the door when

"Bracelet.." he called and she turned "Vo uski jarurat nai hai.. mai ready hota hun chalo shaadi m chale.." he spoke normally while trying to stand making her worried

"Nai Armaan aapko lagi hai... chaliye aram kijiye..." she spoke authortively coming towards him

"Nai yaar mai thik hu don't worry... sab vaha wait kar rahe honge" he replied coolly to which she tried to argue but he stopped her "aur vaise b tumne dressing kar di hai kisi ko pata nai chalega... " he spoke gently to which she nodded disheartly

Varna hai milta kahan

Hum kaafiro ko khuda...

"But mai juice laati hu... use peene k baad hi aap jaynge" she almost ordered to which he smiled and nodded "Thik hai mai laati hu" she smiled lightly and went out

"Hmmm... chal beta ready ho ja" he whispered to himself and moved towards wardrobe picking a brown formal pant and white shirt he started removing his jeans wd difficulty and wore that pant painfully he was about to wear that shirt when Shilpa walked in she looked at him he was struggling wd the shirt shaking her head she walked towards him and took the shirt from him

"Mai help karti hu" she spoke softly "Soch lo..." he asked teasingly

"Soch liya... ab haath idhar karo" she replied normally while making him wear the shirt slowly and wd great difficulty she made him wear that shirt and now she was buttoning it he looked at her face which was looking very serious now he smiled as she finished the buttons and he pointed at the sleeves she nodded and folded the sleeves till his elbow and then she looked at him hesistatly "Ye b..." she asked nervously pointing at his pant

"Karna... hai to karlo nai to mai khud try kar sakta hu" he spoke cheekly to which she gulped

"Mmm... mai karti hu" she fumbled and moved her hands hesistatly to opened his pant's button and struggled to touch it he was constantly starring at her wd a grin

"Rehndo.. mai kar lunga tum tie laa do" he spoke softly to which she looked up at him and nodded shyly as she moved he slowly tucked his shirt inside his pant and wore the belt she came wd his tie

"Konsi yeh wali ki yeh wali" she showed the red and black tie to him who looked at it

"Dono nai..." he rejected to which she frowned "Vo blue wali lana.." he ordered to which she nodded and moved to bring that he turned towards mirror and combing his hairs wd his finger while whistling when she forwarded the royal blue tie infront of him making him turn towards her "Pehnao..." he spoke in ordering tone while putting his hands in his pocket making her shook her head and she put the tie around his neck "Tum yehi soch rahi ho na ki maine blue kyun choose kiya" he asked while putting his one hand behind her back

"Kyun kiya.." she asked normally while concentrating on tie

"Kyun ki... ye tumhari saari se match kar raha hai.. u know thode to perfect lagne chahiye na" he replied playfully winking at the end to which she smiled shyly and again concentrated on the tie she was making tie and he was staring at her suddenly he remembered her words 'Nai aisa hi hai... aapko thodi kuch karna padta hai... vo to mujhe karna padta hai aapka attention kheechne k liye' he smiled remembering that where as she was making a knot of the tie 'Kyun bataun ki mujhe aapke liye... vo stupid saari pehni padi... aur vo tie sikhni padi' and as he remembered this he chuckled when she looked up finishing his tie

Hasrate ab meri

Tumse hai jaa milli...

"Ho gaya..." she smiled widely but seeing his smile she frowned "kya hua... achi nai bani" she asked confusedely but looking at her cute expressions he cracked up which he was controlling since long

"Hahaaa.. oh my God...tum... kamal ki ho yaar...hahaa" he was laughing loudly which made her confused

"Armaan... kya hua aap hass kyun rahe hai..." she asked worriedly but he didn't stopped so she thought he was laughing on her or she made the tie wrong and her eyes welled up "I am sorry..." she whispered looking down to which he controlled his laugh and looked at her

"Sorry...for what..??" he asked frowningly but still smile was there on his face

"Vo... shayad.. maine tie ache se nai" she whispered softly

"Kyaaa???" he asked shockingly and looked at her moist eyes

"Haa tabi to aap hass rahe thae" she looked up still her eyes were wet he closed his eyes smacking himself on head

"Nai aisa kuch nai hai.. bas kuch yaad agaya tha" he spoke softly pulling her closer to him caging her in his arms

"Kyaa.." she asked sadly to which he kissed on her nose making her close her eyes

"Bas kisi ki cute si baat yaad aagayi thi.." he whispered starring at her face who frowned

"Kaun??" she asked scaredly making him touch her eyes wd his nose tip

"Hai koi... mere dil k karib.." he smirked seeing her look "jana nai chahogi kaun..." he asked softly to which she looked down nodding in YES "Tum.." he whispered in her ear kissing it there and hearing this she looked up at him

"Mai...??" she asked shockingly to which he nodded "par kya" she asked confusedely

"Thi ek baat jo tumne kahi thi.. jab tumne drink ki thi" he informed pulling her more closer to him

"Konsi baat.." she asked slowly

"Thi...jab tumhe yaad aa jayga tab pata chal jayga..." he spoke normally

"Aap kyun nai bata sakte" she asked wd pout look while playing wd his tie

"Mai.. tumhe abi nai bataunga... sahi mauke pe bataunga" he spoke softly to which she opened her mouth to ask again something but "aur isse pehle... kuch aur pucho hume late ho raha hai" he informed to which she nodded her head in YES and moved to go but in the next second she was pulled by him "Aur ek baat... kabhi b ye mat sochna ki mai tumpe hasunga.. kabhi haa tumhare baato pe has sakta hu... but tumpe never.." he tucked her hairs behind her ear "aur tum itni si choti baat pe... bura nai manogi... pehle to direct chillati thi ab kuch bolti hi nai ho kyun" he reminded her about herself to which she starred at him "aur haa jaane se pehle Madam thoda apna touch up karle kyun ki aapke aansuon ne aapka face down kar diya hai" he spoke like an announcer speak to which she chuckled and looked down "Mai aapka bahar wait kar raha hu plz aajaayen" he winked and left her ,which she didn't like at all, he was about leave when her eyes fell on his hand and she remembered something that Armaan's Dadi said her after he returned from the NY

Tum duaan ab meri

Aaa Aakhiri

Ban gaye...

"ye lo ye dhaga pehna do Armaan ko...Pandit ji ne diya hai...Armaan ki raksha k liye..unhone kaha hai tum uski Patni ho..agar tum bandho gi dil se to use kuch nai hoga...aur teen baar bandhna tabhi puri hogi meri mannat." as she remembered her eyes got welled up REMEBERING everything his first accident then this she got scared to loose him so she called him "Armaan..." as she called fearly he stopped and turned towards her

"Ab kya hua..." he asked tierdly while walking towards her to which she ran and stood infront of him and looked at his left hand in which he wore a wrist watch she got worried not finding that 'Dhaga' on his hand he looked at her frowningly "Bracelet...kya huaa.." he asked frowningly to which she looked up at him wd moist eyes which made him hell confused "kya hua Bracelet ro kyun rahi ho" he asked worriedly wiping her tear which was about to fall

"Arr...rr..maan...dhaga.." she fumbled staring at him and was about to cry when

"Ye raha... is haath me...tum b na" as he showed his right hand to her she cleared her face immidiatly and started opening his dhaga "Bracelet kya kar rahi ho..." he asked confusedly when she opened that thread fully and stared at him

"Hey Krishna mere...Pati ki raksha karna plz... der se sahi par ehsaas hua ki vo kitna important hai" she prayed in her heart and started tying the knot of the thread "Jai devi maa.." she prayed and knotting the thread three times whole heartly making him worried seeing her reactions

"Ho gaya ab chale..." he asked lovingly seeing her finnishing her work she looked up at him and nodded "Vaise tumhe kya ho gaya tha ek dhaga hi to hai...but chodo...Mai bahar wait karta hu.." he whispered softly and turned to go "Bracelet itni alag kyun behave kar rahi hai" he thought and moved out leaving her, standing there thinking about his words

"Armaan sahi to keh rahe hai...ek dhaga hi to tha...kyun dar gayi thi mai itna... kyun unko khone ka dar hai mujhe..." she whispered to herself while sitting on bed "Kyun har jagah sirf Armaan hai... kyun gussa aata hai mujhe unhe kisi aur k saath dekh k.. kyun mujhe unhe taklif m dekh k dard hota hai.. kyun farq nai pada jab ye socha tha ki kuch hai hamare bich" she asked softly "Kya Mummiji ne sahi kaha... mai unse pyaar.." she stopped and closed her eyes and his face flashed infront of her

Haa hasi ban gaye

Haa nami ban gayye...

"Armaan.." she smiled opening her eyes "Haa mujhe unse pyaar hai..." she smiled wd tears "Yes I LOVE YOU Armaan" she giggled and stood up "Haa mujhe pyaar hai aapse" she whispered while walking infront of mirror and blushed seeing her own reflection "Oh no Buddhu tu apne chakar me unko to bhul hi gayi" she smacked herself "jaldi kar bahar vo tera wait kar rahe hai" she whispered while combing her hairs "ye vo vo kya laga rakha hai...naam hai unka" she cursed herself and put the mascara on her eyes "Armaan..." she whispered and a blush formed on her face "Mere dil k Armaan" she hide her face in her palms blushingly

"Ye Bracelet na kitna tym lagati hai... jab ki kabhi ise itna tym nai lagta" he muttered under his breath angrily while holding the car's door "Lagta hai mujhe hi jana hoga..." he spoke annoyingly and turned to go but stop in his tracks seeing her walking wd slow steps she was in same saari but something has changed her face is glowing now "Wow...kya dikh rahi hai" he thought lost in her looking at her who was blushing wd increasing heart beat he noticed her eyes were showing a different sparkle in them

Tum mere aasma

Mere zameen ban gayye...

"Chale.." she whispered wd shy smile to which he came out from trance and nodded they both sat in car she was smiling he can see it from the mirrior but this smile is different from her other smile he was hell confused by her behavior today

They reached at the wedding were everyone asked many questions like why they came late?? etc but Armaan answered coz of him they were late coz of his work and in this wedding one thing is different Shilpa's smile which didn't disappeared from her face...everyone praised her and their pairing...commenting like they were perfect etc... and here she was lost in him she kept her eye on him that what he is eating what he was doing whether he is picking something heavy or not and Armaan was hell confused by her sudden change after the wedding everyone retired for their bed including ArSh. As they came he jumped on the bed and laid wdout changing his clothes and removing his shoes and when Shilpa entered in room after giving milk to elders and found him in deep sleep wdout changing anything she sat opposite his face



"Kitni der lagadi na aapko... pyaar karne me.." she spoke in her heart caressing his face and smiled at his antic "kapde joote sab pehen k so gaye babu.." she spoke lovingly kissing his cheek and moved to untie his shoe lashes one by one she removed his shoes and then carefully opened his tie "mere handsome Hubby" she blushed looking at his face and opened his shirt's buttons which made him relaxed and he turned in comfortable position making her shook her head "pata nai ab darr lag raha hai aapko khone ka.. pehle chahti thi door rahu...aur ab chahti hu hamesha paas rahu...par darr lag raha hai ki kahi kuch ho jaaye aur aap mujhse door ho jaaye... yaa fir pata chale ek din aap mujhe chod de" she thought wd fear to loose him and caressed his hairs lovingly by her fingers and moved to change after changing she came back and laid beside him this tym more closely starring at his face "Armaan... plz mujhe kabhi mat chodna... yaa fir mujhe apni feelings dabani padegi" she whispered and kissed his cheeks and wd a fear that he will wake or think something stupid about her she closed her eyes remembering all the beautiful movements wd him smiling, when sleep took over her she didn't knew today she realized her love for him but again her insecurities captured her heart!

2 weeks later



"Ye Bracelet... ko hua kya hai ajeeb hi behave kar rahi hai...yaa to kuch zyada hi fikar karti hai yaa kuch zyada hi avoid kar rahi hai" he spoke annoyingly while moving here & there in his secret room which was inside his cabin which was specifically n only for him! only when he need to be alone it was big room where a bed was placed in middle wd a couch on the side . It was same like his room coz he loved that room so where ever he goes or stays more than six months he made his room same like his own bedroom And in this room he can keep an eye on whoever is entering in Sanjeevani or what's going on in it he can watch in his LED

Chutaya na chute mose

Rang tera dolna...

"Mujhe to lagta hai use sabse zyada ek Doctor ki karurat hai" he spoke grindding his teeth

Yes he was annoyed by Shilpa coz from the tym she had realized that she loved him insecurities came in her heart that if she accept that she love him he might reject her or if he accept her then after some months he wud get bored by her and wud leave her after using her and what if they have a child in future and then if he left her how will she manage and her child wud have to suffer all this and what if she had a baby girl and he get irritated by them Etc... so she had started avoiding her feelings and him but her heart didn't agreed coz whenever he'll get hurt or something she wud immidiatly ran taking care of it and wud also scold him if he had even a slightest pain on his body or somewhere her eyes wud become moist seeing him in pain and here he was confused by her coz the very first second she wud hug him and in the next second wud distance far away from him like today only when he walked in their room looking for some papers and not able to find that he shouted her name for her help coz she was down busy wd Aaysha, Aditi and Shagun and hearing her name she ran upstairs and found him holding his head wd one hand on his head

Ik tere baju


Mera koi mol na...

"Kya hua Armaan..." she asked worriedly while holding his hand which was on his head

"Aree vo.. red wali file dhundh raha tha... aur turn hote hi is shelf se takra gaya jo maine khud kholi thi kuch der pehle" he replied painfully still holding his head

"Acha haath hatao...mai dekhti hu" she spoke worriedly while her eyes get misty seeing him in pain slowly he removed his hand from his head she carassed his scalp wd her fingers , he got hurt in the middle of his head which was hidden by his soft hairs

Bolna...Mahi bolna


"Aaahhh...Bracelet dheere" he winced as she touched the spot where he got hurt "Sorry..." she spoke worriedly and caressed it slowly carefully which was soothing it "ab thik hai" she asked softly to which he nodded like an kid "Thank God... aap b naa mujhe bula lete" she scolded him

"Haa kabse bula hi to raha tha... but tumne nai suna" he complained to which she looked at him and hugged him tightly

"Sorry.." she whispered hugging him tightly to which he smiled and hugged her back

Tere liye aaya mai to

Tere sang jana...

"Its ok... aur Bracelet... jab bulaun to aa jaya karo yaar... tumhare bina ek b chiz nai milti mujhe" he whispered kissing on her head but his words made her stiff

"Armaan... tumpe depend hone lage hai Shilpa... jab tum chali jaogi to.. kaise rahenge" her mind alerted her she pushed him and moved some steps back away from him making him frown by her sudden unexpected move "m...mai mai file dhundhti hu" she fumbled and looked here and there not on him but his gaze was only on her

"Kya hai ye Bracelet... do hafto se dekh raha hun..tum aise hi behave kar rahi ho" he asked in serious tone walking towards her who was searching his file trying to avoid him but he made her turn catching her arm "mai kuch puch raha hu" he asked firmly

"Aisa kuch nai hai.. mai to bas aapka file dhundh rahi hu kyun ki late ho raha hoga aapko" she replied softly to which he moved some steps back

Dolnaa...mai tere naal

Zindadi bitawa...

"Yaa rite...pichle do hafto se file he dhundh rahi ho" he taunted "yaa fir avoid kar rahi ho mujhe" he asked wd full seriousness in his voice

"Mai aisa kyun karungi... aur haa ye raha aapka file" she replied in normal tone and forwarded his file making him angry

"Fine.." he spoke sarcastically and snaching the file he left from there leaving her sad she slumped her back against the wall

"Sorry... Armaan par bahot jaruri hai ye karna" she whispered while wiping a tear which was about to fall from her eyes. So, this is what is going from the last week

"Bracelet Pagal ho gayi hai haa..." he whispered to himself "Puri duniyaa m aapko yehi ladki mili thi mere liye... jo khud to confused hoti hi hai... saath m mujhe Pagal kar deti hai" he spoke angrily to the statue of small Ganpati which was placed on his table

"Ye thik nai kiyaa... yaar mere paas b ek chota sa dil hai.. duniya bhar k Pati apni Patniyo k saath apni married life enjoy kar rahe hai... ek mai bechara apni Biwi k pyaar hone ka wait kar raha hu" he mocked at himself when his pager rang "Lo ise b abi hona tha... chal beta" he looked at it and moved out of his cabin


Malik Mansion

"Acha tum dono baatein karo hum dono kuch banake aate hai" Aditi spoke to Aaysha and Shagun ,whereas Shilpa stood up to help Aditi

"Nai sun mai help karti hu.. aaj tu aaram kar Shilpa" Shagun spoke while standing up

"Kyun.. aaj aisa kya khaas hai" she replied frowningly

"Aree aise hi mujhe banane ka mann hai" she spoke nonchantly

"Haa to thik hai mai chalti hu Aditi rest kare" she spoke smilingly

"Ye b chalega" Shagun smiled

"Nai...tum dono jao mujhe Shilpa se kuch baat karni hai..."Aaysha requested making three to look at her

"Aisa kya baat karni hai" Aditi asked teasingly

"Haa bhai mujhe b to batao..." Shagun also did the same

"Aise hi...mann kar raha hai mera bas..ab tum dono jao" Aaysha spoke in warning tone which made the two giggle and they went from there "Pheww...gayi dono" she took a sigh while Shilpa sat beside her wd a smile

"Kya huaa" Shilpa asked smilingly to which Aaysha nodded her head in NO

"Actually mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi" she replied slowly to which she gave a nod "vo thoda personal hai... tumhara" she whispered softly to which she looked at her in seriousness

"Kya???" she asked in serious tone

"Vo actually... I am sorry but..vo jab uper tum aur Armaan baat kar rahe the..vo.maine galti se me mai to bas ye dekhne aayi thi ki vo chillaya kyun... but jab mai pahuchi to maine tum use do hafto se avoid kar rahi ho" she informed hessistatly "bas yehi puchna tha kyun??" she asked softly to which Shilpa looked down at her hands "agar nai batana chahti to koi baat nai...but ye samjhana chahti hu ki...tum bahot lucky ho jo tumhe Armaan jaisa Husband mila hai.. use avoid kyun kar rahi ho jab ki tum usse bahot pyaar karti ho... vo hum teeno ne aaj observe kiya...Armaan ki awaz sunte hi...jaise tum bhaagi sab samajh m aa raha tha.." she spoke gently to which Shilpa looked at her

"Par jaruri nai ki agar mai...unse pyaar karu to vo b kare... aur agar mera pyaar ek tarfa hua to...darr lagta hai use khone se" she whispered slowly but Aaysha heared and understood her problem

"Janti thi yehi baat hogi...kyun ki tum dono ko koi dekh k ye nai kahega ki tum dono Husband Wife ho...balki sab ye kahenge ki tum dono best friendz ho...janti ho kyun??" she asked slowly to which she nodded in NO "kyun ki tum dono k chehre pe dikhta hai.. ki tum usse aage badhna nai chahte...par kya tumhe pata hai koi tumhe dekh k keh sakta hai ki... tum usnse pyaar nai karti but unhe dekh k sab keh sakte hai ki vo tumse bahoot pyaar karte hai..."as she said Shilpa's head snapped looking at her "Shock kyun ho gayi... yehi sach hai jo hum sab ko lagta hai..but jabse maine tumhe Shagun k Shaadi m dekha tha unke jaane ki news sunte hi kaisi ho gayi se mujhe doubt tum unse pyaar to karti ho but pata nai hai tumhe" she smiled to which she looked down shyly

"Kya sabko yehi lagta hai" she asked nervously to which Aaysha chuckled

"Nai sabko to nai... kyun ki sabko yehi lagta hai tum dono ek ache Husband Wife ho..including Aditi and Shagun ...infact meri Mother-in-law tum dono ka example deti hai mujhe aur Aditya ko" she informed wd a teasing smile

"To tumhe aisa kyun laga" she asked softly to which she smiled

"Kyun ki meri b arrange marraige hai... aur mai samajh sakti hu ki ye kitna complicated hota hai...sab kuch samajhna aur phir sambhalna..." she spoke in understanding tone making her look at her

"Tumhe pata hai jab meri aur Aditya ki shaadi hui thi.. hum dono ek dusre ko jante b nai thae... aur sab kuch sambhalna easy nai tha... but Aditya k support ne sab easy kar diya... bas thodi samajhne ki deri hai...aur saath ki bas" as she spoke Shilpa understood a little bit of it

"Kaise tumse kahun... vo tumhari kismat thi... meri hoti to sab kuch khatam ho chuka hota" she thought in her heart when

"Kya soch rahi ho...yehi na agar tum is rishte ko accept kar logi... to kahi kuch ho na jaaye... yaa fir sab kuch khaam na ho jaaye" she spoke gently but it made her eyes big in shock

"Tumhe kaise pata" she asked shockingly to which she chuckled

"Vo kya haina mai b shuru m yehi sab sochti thi... lekin fir pata chala ki hume to Present m rehna chahiye na ki Past aur Future m" she spoke softly which brought a sense in her

"Tumhari thinking b to yehi thi Shilpa.. kaise bhul gayi" she smacked herself mentally and looked at Aaysha who gave a smile "Par agar sab thik karne k chakkar m sab bigad gaya to" she asked innocently

"Tum kis baat se darr rahi ho mujhe nai pata...but kya Armaan tumhara boyfriend hai jo tum darr rahi ho... yahan na tumhe ye darr hai ki tumhari Family kya sochegi yaa Armaan ki Family kya sochegi..." she spoke politely "tumhe to ye sochna chahiye ki Armaan kya sochte honge... vo kya chahte honge... hum sab jante hai unko vo bahot change hue hai...tumhare aane k baad jo ek acha change hai unme... apne rishte ko sambhal lo.. vo akele kab tak karenge... saath do unka bas yehi kehna chahungi" she kept her point infront of her

"I think tum sahi keh rahi ho but... kya unke dil me mere liye kuch.." she asked softly

"Unke dil m kya hai ye sab jante hai... pehle tum batao... kya tum unse pyaar karti ho" she asked gently keeping her one hand on her to which she nodded in YES "bas aur kya...ab aur deri mat karo keh do" she insisted happily to which she smiled too shyly "Kal tumhara b'day hai na..." she asked to which she nodded "to fir ek kaam kyun nai karti kal keh kyun nai deti...unse" she spoke excietdely to which she looked at her

"Nai itni jaldi nai plz...I mean abi mujhe khud samajhna hoga sab kuch" she spoke immidiatly to which she giggled

"Ok fine..." she spoke still giggling

"Acha hume dekhna... chahiye.. ki actually ye dono kar kya rahi hai" Shilpa spoke looking at the door where they both dissapeared

"Haa actually chalo.." Aaysha frowned and they both stepped out from the room Today Aaysha made Shilpa understand about their relations and his feelings and she understood it , lets see what will she do for him?


Night time

Kabi naiyoo chodna

Ishq di dorana...

"Armaan..." she called softly wd thudding heart but he ignored second tym concentrating on his file "Armaan...suniye naa" she called lovingly to which he picked another file trying to avoid her they both were in their glassroom where he was seated on a bench his legs were on opposite sides and the bench was put near the balcony while she was standing "I am sorry..." she whispered softly while bending on her knees "Gussa ho.." she asked lovingly looking at his cute angry face

"Nai bahot khush hun..." he replied sarcastically to which she giggled and sat beside him

"So sorry..." she held her ears,to which he shook his head

"Fine... but Bracelet tumhe na Doctor ko dikhana padega...kabhi b kuch karti ho aur karti ho" he spoke in full serious tone to which she smiled

"Aap ban jao na mere Doctor..." she spoke wd a teasing smile while picking his file "Mere dil k" her heart spoke

"Nai rehndo...mai Pagal ho jaunga...ek to tumhare mood swings...kabhi b swing hote.." he spoke in full speed but stopped at the word 'mood swings' and wd thudding heart looked at her to which she asked 'what happened' through her eyes "Mood Swings...Bracelet kahi tum..." he asked slowly to which her eyes became big

"Armaaan..." she spoke angrily and started beating him wd his file who rescued himself wd his hands "Aap aisa soch b kaise sakte ho" she spoke angrily and tried to go when he grabbed her wrist and made her sit on his lap

Saare chad jaane

Maahi tu na chodna...

"Aree to kya karun...tumhare ye changing moods..confuse to karegi hi na" he spoke slowly hugging tightly from the back where as she had crossed her arms "Aree Bracelet logically dekha jaaye to aisa kuch ho hi nai sakta na..." he kept chin on her shoulder to which she pouted and looked back at him "vo is liye...kyun ki u know we never did..." he spoke teasingly to which she kept her palm on his mouth

"Chalo...khana kha lo...bakwas baad m karna" she avoided that topic while hiding her blush

"Fine...chalo mujhe bhook lagi hai" he also avoided that topic thinking she took it wrong but he didn't knew she was so blushing right now thinking about that and they both moved out for dinner

@ 11:57 night

"Pata nai inko yaad b hoga mera b'day...agli baar to bina bataye surprise diya tha kya is baar b" she thought and turned to look his face who was sleeping peacefully and remembering about her last b'day she smiled coz that was the first moment when they both came more closer to each other how he surprises her in every moment their club scene, beach talk and the beautiful moments of the day flashing in her mind in most romantic Weather and how can she forget the Khaoo gali scenario... she smiled while playing wd her hairs then the moment when the clock striked 12 0' clock she smiled widely and closed her eyes tightly thinking he will wish her but after 2 minutes. He didn't uttered a word nor wished her. She turned her head towards him and looked at his sleeping face "Last tym kaha tha ki promise me agli baar tum mujhe khud bataogi.." she thought and seating up on bed wd pouted look she poked wd her fingers on his arms and when he didn't responded she started nudging him "Armaan...uthiye naa...Armaan" she yelled angrily nudging him which disturbed his sleep so giving up he sat

Bolna...mahi bolna


"Tch!! kya yaar kyun uthaya" he spoke lazily while rubbing his both eyes wd his hands

"Baarah baj gaye..." she whined gripping his arm

"Toh vo to roz bajte hai.. tum thodi koi Cindrella ho..." he spoke tierdly stretching his arm

"Offo! Armaan..." she hit him wd her fist in his arm and pouted "Aapko yaad nai aaj kya hai.." she spoke angrily to which he looked at her confusedly

"Aaj kya hai... mujhe kya pata...don't tell me hamari Anniversary firse aagayi jo ki abi...pichle do mahine baad thi..." he asked unbelievingly to which she gave an angry look and turned her face

"Agli baar to bina bataye pata chal gaya tha...but is baar bata b rahi hun to b samajh nai aa raha" her thought in her heart looking back at him and found him again sleeping against his stomach and her mouth fell opened "I Hate You.." she spoke and slipping down from the bed and took her phone thinking her family might call her wishing on her b'day and she was right there was a message from her sisters on 12 O'clock she smiled widely and dailed their number moving towards the balcony room after two rings the call was accepted "Hello.." she spoke excietedely

"Aaj hamari yaad kaise aa gayi" Sukirti asked in taunting tone while Panchi and Riddhima were smiling

"Pata nai socha dekhu ye kin bewkoofo ka number hai.." she spoke playfully

"Acha humne b socha ki aaj in bewkoofo ki badi behen ko wish karle" Riddhima retorted making the three giggle "Happy B'day Di..." they three wished in unionism making her giggle

"Thank you..." she spoke lovingly "Aur Mummy Papa kaise hai...aur dono Mangoose kaise hai (Virat & Rohan)" she asked happily after all it has been a long tym since she had a word wd her sisters she talked wd her mother in every two weeks but didn't get a chance to talk wd her sisters and Sukirti is getting married after four months

"Mummy Papa ache hai...aur vo dono Mangoose b ache hai sab wish karna chahta thae but... so gaye 11:30 tak Mama ne to bola k vo subhe aapko wish karengi" Panchi answered softly to which the three giggle

"Door ache se lock kiya na..varna pata chala hamesa ki tarah chilla rahe hai chaaro aur Mummy bole tum logo ki awaz pure ghar m gunjti hai raat ko" she spoke trying to control her giggle

"Hamara to sab jante hai Didi... aap apni socho itni raat ko jo humse baat kar rahi ho...kahi Jiju ko problem hui to aapki khair nai" Panchi spoke worriedly

"Kyun tum logo k b'day b to karti hu na... koi problem nai hoti" she replied wd a smile

"Haa vo to hai.. par Di sambhal k yaar aap to janti ho... ye hum hai yahan kuch b ho sakta hai" Suku spoke slowly to which she smiled

"Haa vo to hai..." She replied softly

"Acha Di Jiju ne wish kiya yaa fir har Husbands ki tarah pata hi nai ki aapka b'day kab hai" Riddhima asked

"Kyaa bataaon ki nai last tym yaad tha... but bhul gaye is baar" she thought her in heart "Sahi kaha Husbands se umeed b kya kar sakte hai" she replied angrily coz she was angry wd him

"Kyaa b'day bhul gayee aapka agli baar to bina bataye yaad tha na" Panchi asked shockingly coz Shilpa never hides anything from her sisters but quite a few styffs she hides coz she thinks what if she was wrong thats why she didn't told them about her feelings towards Armaan

"Tum aur kya umeed kar sakti ho Husbands se Panchi...agli baar Di ko impress karna hoga isiliye vo sab kiya" Suku replied but it didn't convinced Panchi coz somewhere she feels that Armaan is nice and he is not like other husbands. Same goes wd Riddhima coz she had seen him in Hospital but thinking about Husband stuff's she doesn't trust any men!

"Chodo ye sab...acha batao mere chocolates tum log hi khaoge" she changed the topic coz she didn't like Suku's answer so she thought to change it

"Haa to ab kyaa kar sakte hai" Panchi spoke wd a giggle which made them laugh and they started talking about random stuffs and discussion over Panchi's graduation year

Bolnaaa...mahi bolna


"Huh!" he opened his eyes moving his hands on other side of the bed which was empty right now he sat on bed frowningly "kahan gayi" he whispered and moved to check her he knocked the bathroom door but it was empty so he moved towards the balcony but she was not there so at last he looked in the balcony room where he took a relief seeing her talking on phone

"Fine tum log b...ab jao so jao...bye" she spoke happily and hung up the call she turned and found him starring at her while crossng his arms which made her shock

"Kiska phone tha..." he asked calmly to which she didn't replied and move to go but he block her way "Bracelet...kya hua" he asked softly to which she looked up

"Sahi kehti hai Suku...vo sab mujhe impress karne k liye tha... mai hi galat thi...aur vaise b tune aaj tak koi sahi decision liya hai life m" her heart spoke to which she agreed "Nai vo Suku ye log thi...bas yuhin baate kar rahe the" she replied slowly

"2:30 baje tak...kuch hai kya Bracelet??" he asked confusedely which put the fuel in fire

"Nai kuch khas nai...bas mann kar raha tha to karliya" she replied in normal drinking her anger from inside

"Are u sure??" he asked narrowing his eyes

"Haa..Gud Night" she replied coolly and went from there leaving him confused "I Hate him..." she wiped her tears as she landed on bed pulling the comfortor up she drifted in sleep after sometym he walked in the room and looked at her who was sleeping he cannot see her face coz she had covered her face wd the comforter

"Ise hua kya hai.." he muttered under his breath and laid beside her and then driffted in sleep


Next day

Tere sang hasna mai...

"Bracelet...mera watch pass karna" he ordered while buttoning his shirt to which she forwarded his watch "Thanx..." he mouthed while he took his watch to which she smiled back and moved to go when she felt a hand on her wrist she turned and found him gripping her wrist while was talking on bluetooth "haa tu fikar kyun karta hai karlunga usse" he was talking on bluetooth still holding her wrist tightly to which she moved closer to him and trid to free herself but he had gripped tightly

"Armaan kya hai ye..." she asked annoyingly on which he pulled her towards him and caged her in his arms still talking on bluetooth

"Tu ek kaam kar use transfer...karde haa" he was talking while starring at her cute frowned face where as she was hell angry wd him first he didn't whished her in morning and infact his family wished her first, second now she was trying to be normal forgeting everything but his actions made her more angry

"Armaan chodiye mujhe..." she replied slowly while trying to push him by her hands which was now on his chest smirking and nuzzling in her hairs to which she pushed him irritated by his acts but it resulted into a Slap on his cheek which shocked both she kept her palms on her lips shockingly where as he put his one hand on his cheek on which she slapped "Arm..." she whispered slowly but he moved some steps back



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