Friday, 9 June 2017

part 24 : Sirf Tum



Next day

Tere sang hasna mai...

"Bracelet...mera watch pass karna" he ordered while buttoning his shirt to which she forwarded his watch "Thanx..." he mouthed while he took his watch to which she smiled back and moved to go when she felt a hand on her wrist she turned and found him gripping her wrist while was talking on bluetooth "haa tu fikar kyun karta hai karlunga usse" he was talking on bluetooth still holding her wrist tightly to which she moved closer to him and trid to free herself but he had gripped tightly

"Armaan kya hai ye..." she asked annoyingly on which he pulled her towards him and caged her in his arms still talking on bluetooth

"Tu ek kaam kar use transfer...karde haa" he was talking while starring at her cute frowned face where as she was hell angry wd him first he didn't whished her in morning and infact his family wished her first, second now she was trying to be normal forgeting everything but his actions made her more angry

"Armaan chodiye mujhe..." she replied slowly while trying to push him by her hands which was now on his chest smirking and nuzzling in her hairs to which she pushed him irritated by his acts but it resulted into a Slap on his cheek which shocked both she kept her palms on her lips shockingly where as he put his one hand on his cheek on which she slapped "Arm..." she whispered slowly but he moved some steps back

"I am sorry..." he whispered blankly and moved to go but stopped in middle and turned towards her "Aur haa... ek baar balcony room m chali jana..." he spoke calmly "Happy b'day" he spoke wd full seriousness and went from there leaving her broken and shock she slumped on the floor and kept her head on the bed crying bitterly

Tere sang ronnaaa...

"Kyun hamesha mai sab kuch khatam kar deti hun..." she sobbed while gripping the bedsheet tightly and cried hard

"Pagal ho jaunga mai...bas ab aur nai ab aur nai Bracelet" he spoke angrily while speeding his car "bahot kar liya tumhara wait...ab aur nai... ab tumhe jo karna hai karo...I dont care" he gritted his teeth and stopped the car in halt on a hill "Suna tumne I dont care" he shouted and put his head on the steering tierdly he was hurt by her coz since four months he was planning her b'day and thought to surprise her a very beautiful gift for her that's why he didn't whished her Yesterday Night coz he wants that she should say this that today is her b'day, wish her or what will he gift her he want her to prove her rights on him whether it is forcefully or lovingly she should demand her gifts or scold him for forgeting her b'day but instead she behaves like her usual self so he decided to tease her coz he had already kept her gift in balcony room when she was down making breakfast for him he had also kept a camera there coz he wants to see her reaction on it and wants to captured it forever but he didn't knew she will slap him coz he touched her this is not first tym he had touched her so why she behaved like this So now he had decided he will not touch her anymore Cleaning his face he took a long deep breath and started his car


"Shilpa beta vo aa jayga...tum jao so jao" Ananya spoke politely to which she smiled

"Nai Mummiji aap jaayen... vo aajaynge bas thodi der aur... mai wait karti hun" she replied slowly making Ananya smiled

"Armaan bahot lucky hai use tum mili ho... par vo Pagal tumhe nazar andaz kar deta hai" she praised her to which she looked down shamely "itna to sochna chahiye aaj b'day hai tumhara at least tumhe kahi bahar to le jata" she scolded him which Shilpa didn't liked

"Vo nai mai lucky hoon...aur unka kaam tha" she defended him making Ananya smiled

"Vo sab to thik hai by God kya gift diya tujhe" Aditi came from back "Apni Anniversary to bhul hi gaya tha... aur na celebrate kiya tha" she was complaining but Shilpa's voice made her stop

"Nai gift diya hai but maine khola nai hai" she replied instantly to which the two giggle

"To khadi kya hai jaa khol ...aur bata kya hai" Aditi pushed her towards upstairs making Ananya smile

"Haa jao aur lekar aao" Ananya also probed further to which Shilpa smiled and went upstairs

Tujh me hi rehna mai

Tujh me hi khona...

"Huh!!..." she took a long deep breath while entering in their balcony which was made by them he had made this for her and she decorated the room it was like their Heaven she walked wd slow steps and sat on the bed where a huge b'day card was placed along wd roses and sunflowers, she looked at the chocolates box and automatic a smile came on her lips then her eyes fell on a gift which was very big one hidden by a blue silk cloth wd ribbons she touched it but didn't dared to open it coz since the tym he left in morning she didn't came here she thought to call him but everytime she touched his number bcoz of the guilt she didn't dared to dail him "I am sorry Armaan...I am sorry" she looked down and cried holding her dress tightly "mai galat thi hamesa ki tarah" she sniffed when she heared a noise a twinkling noise to which she looked here and there searching the source but didn't find anything she stood up wiping her tears and looked at side when she heard it again . She looked down and noticed it was coming from the gift scardly she sat on the bed and hesistatly opened the ribbons and what she saw made her speechless

"Bowww..." he again barked wd his twinkling voise he looked at her wd innocent eyes forwarding his small tiny palm towards her as if calling her and again barked her eyes were still looking at his small figure

"Wow!!..toddle poddle toy.." she exclaimed excietedly picking the little dog in her hands who jumped on her "Wow..." she hugged him tightly "So cute..." she brushed her nose wd his happily and a letter fell from his hand which was tied smoothly she put him down and knowing verywell it was from Armaan she opened it

"Bracelet yaad hai tumhare last b'day pe hamara argument hua tha... aur tumne is dog k baare m mujhe bataya tha...maine search kiya tha net pe aur guess what mil b gaya tha...tabi socha tha tumhe tumhare next B'day pe gift karunga.. Anniversary to yaad nai thi varna tabi deta but now ur B'day is its a gift from ur Supercool to his Bracelet... aur haa kal raat k liye sorry kyun ki tab tak ye stupid aaya nai tha... aur haa ek aur gift hai vahi side k rose plants m...but vo B'day nai Anniversary gift hai..."



"Armaan..." she whispered wd moist eyes and hugged that letter tightly and a tear escaped from her eyes she sniffed but felt a tug on her lap she looked down and found that dog on her lap she smiled and kissed that letter picking the dog up she stood up "Tum pure din yehi band thae.." she asked lovingly to which he barked as if answering in YES she shook her head "so sorry...chalo tumhe kuch khilate hai nai" she spoke like a mother she was moving out but stopped looking at the rose plants she moved closer to it and found a small navyblue box shinning on it she picked that up in her other hand "Tum thodi der niche utroge plz.." she requested to which he barked and she smiled putting him down she moved towards the bed and sat on it and slowly hesistatly opened the gift she was shocked to see it was a daimond 'Bracelet' which was shining she picked that and found two small letters were shinning on it 'A' & 'S' she smiled looking at it "Armaan...kyun karte ho aap itna...jab ki mai kuch nai karti aapke liye" she whispered "Stupid bewkoof ladki" she scolded herself when her eyes caught a note inside the box she picked that

"Be-lated Happy Anniversary...aur Bracelet is incomplete wdout Bracelet"

"Wrong Bracelet is incomplete wdout you... aur ise tab pehnungi jab aap khud pehnaoge.." she whispered when the dog barked again to which she looked at him "Oh haa tum b to ho chalo" she spoke wd an giggle and packed that gift again putting that wd flowers and chocolates she left the room wd the dog

"Wow!! doggi..." Aditi spoke excitedely as she saw Shilpa entered in hall wd the little dog "Ek min ye tujhe Armaan ne diya" she asked shockingly to which she nodded in YES "Aur tune le liya...I don't believe this" she spoke in shock

"Armaan ka to mai samjhi bahu par iska kya" Ananya asked

"Aree Mummiji iska ye ki isse dogs se darr lagta hai" she informed to which she looked at Shilpa for confirmation

"Haa..but bade walo se zor zor se bhokte hai..." she informed slowly "Aur Armaan ka kya??" she asked

"Aur Armaan ka ye ki.. use dogs bilkul pasand nai..use to billiyaa(cats) achi lagti hai" Aditi informed "Sach m tum dono ki jodi ram milaye jodi hai" she commented to which Ananya giggle where as she just blushed


2 o' clock night

Dil me chupke tujhe

Dil naiyo kholna...

"Armaan...aap kuch lenge.." she asked hesistatly plying wd her duppata's end where as he was silently untying his shoe lashes sitting on bed she looked at him sadly coz he ignored her completly "Armaan mujhe aapke gusse se bahot darr lagta hai... kaise kahoon ki mujhe mere Armaan haste hasate pareshaan karte hue ache lagte hai" she thought in her heart when suddenly the dog took his one shoe's lace in his mouth and ran towards her

"Bowww..." he barked loudly which took his attention and he looked at it

"Tch! nai aisa nai karte...jao wapas rakh do" She spoke in warning tone which made him smile and the dog ran towards him keeping the shoe near his foot leaving him stunned seeing this that how easily he listened her in just hours he was looking at him when

"Armaan...khana lagaoon" she asked again but wd fear in her voice walking close to him scardely to which he looked at her blankly

"Nai chahiye..." he replied sternly making her more scared

"Amaan plzz..mera gussa khane pe mat nikalo" she spoke wd moist eyes and gripped his arm tightly making him stop in his track "I am sorry...vo anjaane m...mera haath uth gaya I am sorry.." she sniffed when he jerked her hand angrily

"Anjaane m right...anjaane sab kuch to tumse anjaane m hi hota hai...Shaadi b anjaane m ki hogi" at last he blasted on her making her scared he was moving towards her who was stepping back "bolo...Pagal dikhta hun na mai.. jo tumhare liye kuch b karta hun" he yelled jamming her b/w him and the wall

"Nai Armaan aisa kuch nai hai...mai to bas.." but she was cutted by his voice

"Oh stop this drama ki jaise tumhe meri parva hai" he gritted his teeth angrily

"Parva hai..." she whispered scaredly

"O really...parva hai tumhe.." he jerked her towards himself by her shoulders "parva hai to fir kyun nai tum aur Aditi best friendz ho... parva hai to kyun nai bataya ki tumhari life m chalta kya hai... parva hai to chalti kyun nai jab mai kehta hun jaane k liye...actually tumhe mujhpe trust hi nai hai" he spoke softly but anger was visible in his eyes

"Nai Armaan...I trust u blindly" she somehow replied

"Trust.. aur tum vo b mujhpe impossible... pata nai kitni baate tumne mujhe batai nai hogi... yaa fir batana hi nai chahti..." he spoke wd hurt look to which she tried to say something but he stopped her "let it be... kuch nai honewala... kyun ki tumhe to ye shaadi karni hi nai thi... to mai kya chiz hun.. so I am sorry agar tumhe meri wajah se problem hui ho to" he whispered sadly and banged her wd the wall which made her shock that how did he knew about this where as he went from there leaving her broken she slide down against the wall crying bitterly

Markar b mahi

Tose muh na modna...

"Ye kya kiya maine..apne pehle aur aakhiri pyaar ko hi kho diya.." she whispered hidding her face in her palms she was crying when she felt someone jumped on her lap she looked down and hugged that little creature "mai aapke layak nai hun Armaan" she thought and buried her head on her knees where as the dog sat beside her starring at her quitely

"Damm..." he muttered angrily while slumping down on bed putting his head on his folded palms he was in their Heaven Yes he was angry not bcoz she slapped him coz she didn't want their relation to proceed he had tried hard to forget that what Payal had said to Aditi when they first met in mall he had gone to attened a call and when he returned he overheard that Aditi-Shilpa were friendz from college but that didn't bothered him what bothered was when Payal informed that Shilpa didn't wished to get married and was not ready for it that was the tym when he decided not to force her anything so he started avoiding her but when she was in drunk state she spoke those things which he didn't knew about this infact she didn't spoke this to him he was hurt but he had forgotten everything coz of her insecurities thats why he behaved normally in morning but today when she slapped him he thought he is forcing himself on her

"Hmmm..." he laid straight on bed closing his eyes tightly while his hand was straight he moved his hand on bed when something brushed wd his fingers he instantly opened his eyes and sat on bed looking at the flowers from which his fingers brushed he gritted angrily and was about to threw it when the gift box caught his eyes and the chocolates which was untouched still like before he picked that camera Handicap which he had placed behind a flower he opened it but didn't find her in the videoclips it was like a empty room where flowers were moving coz of wind but still no sign of her he frowned and rewinded the scene till the time she came in and it was 12:34 when she entered in the room he saw her scene clips how she looked at the flowers and chocolates but didn't touched it how she touched the gift but didn't opened it and cried whispering sorry to him and after seeing d clips he felt guilty but also happy seeing her cute antics "Amaan kya kiya tune... ye b to ho sakta hai galti se hua ho..lekin nai tujhe to gussa dikhana tha uska B'day kharab karna tha" he scolded himself mentally while keeping the camera on the other side og the bed and rubbed his face wd his palms "Ye kya kiya tune Armaan u jerk" he cursed himself and moved out from there as he entered in their room he found her sleeping like a ball keeping her head on her hands which was placed on her knees against the wall while the dog sat beside her he felt a tug in heart seeing her condition wd slow steps he approached towards her he kneeled infront of her to which the dog ran towards him he moved his hand to touch her head when the dog barked glaring him looking at him "I know galti ki hai... sorry bolne aaya hun" he spoke wd a guilt to which the dog sat on ground making him smile he shook his head and kissed on her head ruffling her hairs wd his hand which made her awake she looked up at him and he felt to kick himself seeing her puffed eyes and red nose wd tears strained on her cheek

Bolna mahi bolna

Bolna...mahi bolna...

"Armaan.." she whispered slowly making him blink his eyes " sorry..." she sniffed to which he hugged her tightly where as she broke down hugging him back "I am sorry...Armaan...mai...vo galti se...I am sorry.." she hiccuped still hugging him

"Ssshhh...I am sorry...its not ur fault..." he was carassing her hairs while she was sniffing digging her nails on his back

"Armaan...vo..." she moved back still tears were floating , he cupped her face and wipping her tears wd his thumbs

" more words...bas bahoot ho gaya... ab kuch nai bhul jao sab kuch..." he whispered softly to which she was about say something but he kept his finger on her lips to stop her "let it be... chalo sote hai...chalo" he spoke slowly to which she nodded he kissed on her head to which the little one barked making them look at him "So... chale sone... I am sure tum b thak gaye hoge" he asked to which he barked again making him smile where as she was only starring at him

"Thank u... Armaan...iske liye" she whispered slowly looking down at the dog but he was only starring at her

Chutaya na chute mose

Rang tera dolna...

" kaisa laga tumhe tumhara gift..." he asked softly to which she whispered Good still looking at the dog "to tumne iska koi naam socha" he asked chearfully trying to ease her mood to which she looked at him and smiled

"Haa...Shao Pao.." she replied happily

"Kya..Vada Pao.." he asked frowningly to which she glared "kya naam hi aisa rakha hai...Vada Pao...Missle Pao..." he asked unbelievingly to which she smacked on his arm and dragged his name "Ook..sorry...itna ajeeb naam hai...are u sure Shao pao" he asked for confirmation to which she nodded in YES "To thik hai... chalo bhai Vada Pao sote hai" he picked the liitle up in his hands and stood up Shilpa followed him

"Armaan its Shao Pao.." she spoke in warning tone to which he smiled

"Iska basket kaha hai.." he asked looking for his basket to which she pointed beside the couch and he laid Shao Pao on it and he easily slept leaving the two smile

"Armaan..." she called softly to which he turned and she walked closer to him making his heart beat increase "Vo..subhe k liye sorry.." she apologized looking down

Ik tere baju


Mera koi mol na...

"Bracelet...bola na forget it..plz" he spoke unintrestingly to which she hugged him tightly but he didn't responded

"Armaan trust me mera haath galti se utha..aur Aditi k baare m is liye nai bataya kyun ki mujhe laga aapko pata hoga... hamare shaadi k tym hi" she informed knowing very well he was hurt coz he didn't responded

"Haa pata kaise hoga...yaad jo nai mujhe...but ek chiz confirm hai ki ab tumhe kabhi touch nai karunga...ab tumhe hi saare steps lene honge" he thought while hugging her back "Bracelet... tumhe explanation dene ki jarurat nai hai.. I know this let it be.." he moved back parting her to which she looked at his face

"Sach.." she whispered softly to which he nodded and she smiled gripping his shirt tightly from front he smiled too she moved closer to his face tip toed her feet she kissed him on his cheek the same place were she slapped him while keeping her one hand on his other cheek surprised by her action, she moved back and looked down shyly he put his one hand on his cheek on which she kissed

Bolna...mahi bolna...

"Okk..." he spoke slowly wd teasing smile , she blushed and she hugged him tightly making him smile and he hugged her back kissing her head he picked her up on his arms and laid her on bed n laid beside her"Mai bahot thak gaya hu Bracelet" he whispered slowly


"Mai b" she spoke softly and kept her head on his chest hugging him who carassed her head and when sleep took over them they didn't knew after all today they faced a worst day of their life coz it brought tears of separation!


After 2 weeks

Bolna...mahi bolna...

"Aapko samajh m b aa raha hai...aap meri halat kya kar rahe ho.." she spoke angrily while pointing at his shirt from whom she was talking from past 30 minutes it was the same blue shirt which she hided from him his fav shirt "ek to har jagah sunai aur dikhai to dete hi thae.. ab to aapke saamne aate hi bolti band hone lagi hai meri" she complained wd his shirt "Dhyaan chura liya hai mera Mr Dhyaanleva.. kya karu ab aur wait nai hota mujhse" she pouted when Shao Pao jumped on her lap making her giggle "Haa janti hun... keh dena chahiye but kya karu darr b to lagta hai...agar mana kar diya to yaa fir jaisa chal raha hai vo b nai chalega" she carassed his back who barked loudly Yes in these two weeks she was getting more desparate to say I LOVE YOU but whenever he was infront of her she became statue/numb or whenever she was wd him she just wants to kiss him or stare him

Shao Pao became a family member to them Armaan always tease her by calling Shao Pao Vada Pao she fight's wd him on this but it was fake coz she likes when he teases her one thing was very strange to her that Armaan had started maintaing distance from her he behaves like usual but doesn't touch her or kiss her which made her to be angry on herself she remembered one day she was wd Aditi in Mall for shopping Aditi forced her to wear a one piece which was in red colour frok types above her knees she tried and looked at mirror she thought he might like the dress coz he is modern type of boy and she blushed thinking about his reaction and she thought to buy this dress but in black colour coz he love that colour so she moved out to show Aditi but was shocked seeing him standing there waiting for her she gulped and was about to turn when he looked up and again looked down at his phone but immidiatly looked up at her stunned she looked down feeling shy when he moved towards her and stood infront of her

"Ye..." he asked softly still starring at her who was looking down

"Vo...vo..Aditi ne..kaha" she fumbled still looking down while her hands were playing wd her dress

"Not...bad...pehna karo achi lagti ho" he commented wd a teasing smile not removing his eyes from her who looked up hearing this and they were interrupted by Aditi

"Wow...mast lag rahi haina..." she commented to which he nodded wd a smile "Aur tum aa gaye ... chalo abi aur b shopping karni hai hume.." she almost ordered him

"Kya yaar tumne kaha tha shopping khatam..bas lene aa jao" he whined to which Aditi rolled her eyes and moved to go

"Mm...mai change karke aati hun" she whispered nervously and turned to go when

"Vaise Bracelet... I think tumhe iske saath aur b aisi dresses kharid leni chahiye...but ye tum pehen sirf mere saamne sakti ho...and thats an order" he whispered teasingly bending his head near her ear and hearing this she blushed and ran to change

So that was the tym when she was so nervous infront of him and that day he and Aditi bought a lot of dresses for her including skirt, anarkali, saree and many more she was denying them but they told it was her b'day gift and she relucantly agreed


"Propose to mai hi karungi..." she spoke determindly while kissing his shirt when she remembered Christmas day which went just four days before Avi-Shagun arranged a Party where she wore a black knee length dress and was talking wd Aaysha when Armaan entered and called her for something he was standing at the entrance and when she reached to him someone commented that they were standing below the Christmas bell so they should kiss and she looked up for it and found that, she blushed thinking he will kiss her but instead he ignored the comment and taking the car keys from her and left the Party , she was actually expecting a kiss that tym she thought she is becoming his 'Diwaani'

"Stupid me..." she smiled and kept his fav shirt in her wardrobe when her cell phone's ring grabbed her attention "Haa Aaysha bolo.." she spoke as she recieved her call

"Mai kya bolun tum batao.. kaha tumne Armaan se yaa fir har ladki ki tarah wait kar rahi ho uske kehne ka" Aaysha asked

"Nai mai har ladki nai hun.. mai khud Propose karungi.. since college days maine socha tha... ki jis din mujhe saccha pyaar hoga.. mai khud GRAND tarike se Propose karungi" she spoke proudly making Aaysha giggle

"To..Miss GRAND tarike se...ab tak kiya kyun nai... konse muhurat ka wait kar rahin hai" she asked controlling her giggle

"Socha hai..ab tak bol nai paayi kyun ki darti thi..but kal New Year ki raat Propose karungi" she informed happily

" tum Duniya ki pehli aisi Biwi hogi jo apne Husband ko shaadi k ek saal teen mahine baad Propose karogi" she teased wd a smile

"Haa vo to hai.." she blushed

"Vaise kaise kahogi..." Aaysha asked wd teasing smile

"Kyaa?? I LOVE YOU.." she asked frowningly when

Bolna maahi bolnaaa...

"I luv u too..." Armaan's voice, listening this she turned to look at him wd thudding heart where as he was only starring at her wd a smile

"Kya inhone sach me wohi kaha jo... maine suna..." she thought still starring him wd racing heart where as seeing her 'confused look' he looked at Shao Pao who was standing on his shoes

"I luv u too Shao Pao.." he bend and played wd him while Shilpa's heart sank hearing this coz she was about to hug him but hearing this she stopped

"Kya...Armaan.." she thought in her heart "Haa Aaysha mai baad me baat karti hun" and she hang up the phone and again looked at him who was playing wd Shao Pao "Koi baat nai...ek din aap sirf mujhe hi kahoge I luv u too... dekh lena mai majboor kar dungi" she thought in her heart starring at him happily and giggled imagining that scene which caught his attetion and him looked at her and he raised his eyebrows to which she nodded in NO and went from there leaving him confused


New Year Night

"Perfect..." Shilpa smiled widely looking at the arrangements in their Heaven where they first kissed ,where he gifted her Shao Pao, everything is related to this room so she thought their confession should also be here "Hmm lights check... curtains check ...roses aur sunflowers check... bed check and the beautiful plants check... chocolates check ..aur kya reh gaya hai" she spoke slowly while checking the arrangements which she made to Propose him, Yes she had arrange the room wd white curtains wd lights shining on it and also the lights were on plants there were bouquets of roses and sunflowers wd white lillis and orchids the room had white light and on middle of the bed she hadkept chocolate boxes everything is simple yet beautiful just like the way she wants to Propose him ,on every bouqet a clue was placed for him so that he could reach to the remote and on the red lights switching off the white light and the red light show a big I LOVE YOU to him

She smiled and looked at the room excitedly then she thought to look at herself closing the lights she went out closing the glass door she entered in her room and looked at herself in mirror she looked at her black anarkali dress which she wore only for him coz his fav colour is black she had opened her hairs just like he wants, wd long dazzling golden earings she was looking stunning


@ Balcony

"Aur teri luv story kaha tak pahuchi.." Dev asked while taking a sip from his cold drink

"Mujhe b nai pata" Armaan shurruged his shoulder while keeping his legs on table They both were taking rest away from the loud crowd and disscussing about some matters which was related to them

"Kya matlab nai pata??" he asked frowningly

"Bas nai pata...samajh m nai aata kya ho raha hai...kya kar raha hun mai" he stood up tensely to which Dev looked at him

"Tu pehla...aisa Husband hai jo itna patience m hai...varna agar kisi ko pyaar vo keh hi deta hai...aur agar naa ho yaa haa...apni marzi hi karta hai" Dev taunted to which he rolled his eyes

"Khud ko bhul gaya" he retorted making him smile

"Meri baat alag hai...kyun ki mujhe usse pyaar shaadi k do saal baad hui...aur tujhe shayad shuru se" Dev spoke calmly

"Yaa rite.." he spoke sarcastically while sitting beside him

"By the way...aaj tak kabhi pucha nai... but tujhe Shilpa se pyaar kab hua??" he asked curiously which brought a smile on his face "Pehli baar jab tu accident k baad ghar aaya kya?? kyun ki usi k baad se tujhme change aaya aur tune decide kiya tha...tu use reject karega but tune aisa nai kiya" he answered his own question frowning to which Armaan smiled and shook his head

"Nai...use b pehle" He replied cheekily

"Mujhe pata hai kab" Aditi came and took a seat opposite them making the two stare at him

"Tum..." they both spoke in unionism

"Haa by God...mai nai aa sakti" she spoke in fake angry tone

"Nai...kyun nai aa sakti ho" Armaan spoke in normal tone to which Dev also nodded

"Acha...thik hai...par mujhe aaj pata tum dono ki luv story to aage badi hi nai...mujhe to lagta tum dono m pyaar hi pyaar hai" she spoke unbelievably to which Armaan looked down and Dev smiled

"Tumhe kya sabko yehi lagta hai...but tumhe pata chal gaya" Dev replied smilingly "By the way ...tumhe kaise pata ki ise usse pyaar kaise hua" he asked her to which she smiled and Armaan also looked at her

"Bas pata hai...kyun ki mere books se hi to isne photo li thi...aur pasand ki apni ISKE ILAWA KOI NAI" she informed which made the two frowned

"Photo konsi photo??" Armaan asked confusedly and Dev understood

"Bano mat...aree wohi jo tumne pasand ki...aur kaha mai sirf iske ilawa kisi se shaadi nai karunga" she spoke irritably

"Really!! maine aisa kaha tha" Armaan asked excitingly

"Kya ho raha koi batayga??" she asked angrily to Which Dev looked at Armaan who nodded in YES and Dev looked at her who was glaring at them

"Vo..." Dev started and narrated Armaan's memory loss which made her hell shocked

"By God!!..kya??" she stood up shockingly to which he made her sat again

"Don't overreact Aditi..." Armaan rolled his eyes to which she looked at him

"Ab mai samjhi...tumhara behavior itna alag kyun tha...Mummiji ko b doubt tha" as she said thinking, Armaan's head snapped looked at her

"What do mean Mom ko b yehi lagta tha??" he asked shockingly

"Haa to...tumhe kya lagta hai..puri Family Pagal hai...sabko doubt tha but fir hume lagne laga ki Shilpa k pyaar ne tumhe badla hai" she informed nonchalantly to which Armaan put his one hand on his head

"Yaar koi crime vrime kiya tha kya...har koi yehi kehta hai ki tum badal gaye...infact shuru m Bracelet b aise hi react karti thi"Armaan asked annoyingly to which Aditi was about to answer about that Billy and his arguement but Dev stop her by his eyes so she shut her mouth

"Aree...vo isliye kyun ki Shilpa k pyaar ne tujhe badal diya...isliye" Dev replied slowly "Vaise tune bataya tujhe Shilpa se kaise pyaar hua" he asked again trying to divert his mind which worked coz he was smiling

"Par agar tumhe kuch yaad tumhe usse pyaar kaise hua??" Aditi asked frowning

"Jab usse pehli baar dekha tha" He replied wd a smile while standing up which made the two confused

"Yaad aaya...tune kaha tha ki pehli baar jab usne tere sar par danda maara tha...road pe jiski wajah se tu use Bracelet bulata hai" Dev spoke wd a smirk while Aditi was too shocked to hear this new thing about ArSh

"Kyaa??" Aditi asked shockingly to which Dev nodded

"Kuch kuch sahi...but galat" he replied wd a smirk starring at the front

"To fir kab dekha.." Dev asked annoyingly where as Aditi was waiting for another shock

"Ok...fine batata hun" he spoke smilingly at turned his back towards them "Tum dono ko yaad hai...jab mai foriegn se bich m two weeks ki holiday k liye aaya tha do saal pehle.." he asked calmly

"Haa.." Aditi replied softly

"Maine usi tym dekha tha usko" He spoke wd a smile

"Kab?? Kaha?? Kaise??" Aditi asked confusedly where as Dev was starring at him bemusedly

"Hmmm...yaad hai Mom Dad mujhe ek function m le gaye thae forcefully" he asked wd a smile

"Haa..." Dev to smiled

"Bas vohi dekha tha meri Bracelet ko.." he replied wd a coy smile turning at them

"Kaise??" Aditi asked wd an amused smile

"Sorry vo mai abi nai bata sakta.." he replied teasingly to which Dev stood up and smacked on his head

"Baad m kab...batayga" he asked angrily

"Haa Armaan batao na plz" she asked curiously to which he smiled and looked at her

"Fine..." he spoke and narrated about that day which made them totally surprised

"I don't believe this..." Aditi smiled and Dev chuckled

"Tabse..." Dev asked to which Armaan nodded in YES wd a shy smile while putting his hands in his jeans pocket

"Ab mai samjhi..kyun tumne uski photo dekh k pasand kar liya..." Aditi giggled to which he looked at another side "Acha Armaan...tum chaho to...mai Shilpa ko samjhaun...kyun ki I know vo tumse pyaar karti hai...mai dekh sakti hun uski aankho me" she spoke slowly

"Nai koi jarurat nai hai...aur mai janta hun vo mujhse pyaar karti hai" he spoke calmly

"Janta kis chiz ka wait kar raha hai" Dev asked confusedly

"Mai nai kisi k kehne pe yaa samjhane pe usko realize ho..mai chahta hun..vo khud samjhe aur bas ek step meri taraf le...mai pura ka pura steps hi khatam kar dunga hamare bich" he explained calmly which made the two smile when

"Yaar Armaan Dev...Dekh kya hua Atul ko" Rahul came running

"Kya hua??" Dev asked

"Chal khud dekh le" Rahul replied and they both went from there following Rahul


"Control ur heartbeat..." she took a long deep breath while keeping her both hands on her heart she had already messaged him to come and meet her in Heaven (They both had kept this name to that balcony room) but yet still no sign of him. may be he is attending the Party she thought coz his Family kept a New Years Eve for everyone and they all were down enjoying the Party "Lagta hai khud jaake bulana padega" she shook her head and stepped out from the room to check for him she looked for him in Hall where everyone was enjoying the party she passed smiles to the Guests who were greeting her when

"Kise dhundh rahi ho.." Asked Aaysha teasingly stopping her in middle

"Vo Armaan ko..." she replied worriedly still searching him

" vaha hai dekho..corner" she informed pointing at the corner where he was sitting and talking wd his boyz gang "to taiyaar ho Propose karne ko.." she asked wd a smile to which she nodded in YES

"Haa par message kiya tha aur abi tak nai aaye" she replied sadly looking at him who was laughing on something wd Atul

"To chalo bulate hai.." Aashya took her hand and proceeds towards him but Shilpa stopped scarily "Come on Shilpa ab itni aage aakar peeche mat dekhna" she whispered to which she nodded and they moved towards him

"Pata nai kyun ek ajeeb sa darr lag raha hai.." she thought as she stopped at the entrance beside Aaysha when

"Dekh ye tu jo..kar raha hai vo waste hai" Armaan assured Atul "Ye pyaar vyaar sab waste of tym hai..." he spoke calmly to which other boys looked at him strangely and he winked hinting them that he is just trying to convince him

"To tu nai manta ye sab" Atul asked seriously

"Haa to...nai manta..infact mere liye ye waste of tym...hai" he replied hiding his smile"To bhul jaa Anjali ko ab" he patted his back and stoop up from the chair making other boys smile and they move to console Atul who just had fight wd Anjali so they all were cheering him Armaan smiled while turning around and was left amazed finding his Dear Wife standing there

"Wify kya lag rahi ho tum aaj... match kar rahi ho mujhe..ek to jab b ye black pehenti hai aisa lagta hai seduce kar rahi hai" he thought staring at her who had bowed her head down "Ye itni down kyun lag rahi hai" he asked wd himself starring at her who just looked at him wd moist eyes "Ise kya hua" he thought worriedly and tried to go towards her but Sid stopped him and asked many things which took his tym and when he turned he didn't found her there "kaha gayi...kahin is liye to nai kyun ki mai aaya nai uper" he whispered worriedly looking for her everywhere


11:10 @ Aditya Aaysha's Flat

"Sambhalo Shilpa..khud ko.."Aysha rubbed her back where as she was seated in bed like a ball crying bitterly "Aree Shilpa khud ko sambhalo...jabse suna hai tabse sirf ro rahi ho.." She consoled her to which she cried more

"To fir kya karun..mai Aaysha tum hi batao.." she spoke wiping her tears "kaise samjhaun khud ko.." she kept her chin on her hands which was placed on her knees

"I can understand..." she rubbed her back and hugged her since the tym she heard his comment she was shattered and was crying on terrace Aaysha took her to her house so that no one can find about her condition and 30 min had passed since the tym they came here

"Aaysha.." she whispered to which she nodded "ye baat kisi ko mat batana plz ki mai kuch feel karti hun..unke liye" she requested to which Aaysha agreed "aur meri wajah se tumhara b... New year kharab hua" she spoke sadly

"Nai aisa...nai hai...tum dost ho meri aur mera saath hona banta hai" she smiled taking her hands in hers

"Thankx...tum bahoot..achi ho...aur hume ab chalna chahiye sab dhundh rahe honge" she spoke slowly while moving from the bed

"Aree par tum thik ho na" she asked worriedly

"Mai..thik hun..but mujhe jaldi se ghar jakar vo sab hatana padega..varna unko pata chal jayga aur mai vo nai chahti" she spoke hurriedly trying to move out when

"Aaysha...Aaysha" Aditya shouted as he entered in room and seeing them stopped "kya tum dono b agar fresh hawa leni hi bata dete kahin bahar chalte...vo to bhala ho Aaysha tumne phone uthaya aur bataya ki tum dono yaha..ho varna hum to pareshaan ho gaye the" he spoke worriedly

"Hum kaun??" Aaysha frowned where as Shilpa looked down

"Armaan aur mai...vo b Shilpa ko dhundh raha jab Aaysha ne bataya..maine usko bola aur hum yaha aa gaye" he informed making the two shocked

"Kyaa Armaan..b aaya hai??" they both asked shockingly

"Haa vo car park kar ke aa raha hai...vaise tum dono itna shock kyun ho rahi ho..zahir hai agar ye...nai milegi to parva to hogi hi" he spoke normally to which they both looked down when Armaan entered in room tensed for her which was visible on his face



"Bracelet..." he whispered worriedly and ran towards her "Tum thik ho na" he asked worriedly while holding her by her shoulders to which she looked at him silently where as other two smile

"Ab hume chalna chahiye" Aditya spoke and moved out following Aaysha

"Aap ko kyun pyaar nai hai mujhse...jab ki aap kitni parva karte ho meri" she thought staring at his face who was looking at the door from where Aditya and Aaysha disappeared

"Bracelet ghar chale..." he asked softly tuckling her hairs behind her ear "kuch to baat hai..Bracelet k dimag m" he thought when

"Armaan kya aap hamare...Heaven m gaye thae" she asked slowly praying for NO and hearing this he looked at her face for sometyms

"Nai kyun..." he asked slowly observing her face which was in relief now

"Kuch nai...chalo ghar chale" she spoke slowly to which he nodded and they both moved out and after that they four reached at Malik Mansion where everyone was enjoying the Party, reaching there Shilpa excused and moved in her room and wd thudding heart she removed everything all d decorations arranged for him for their confession she was crying when she was removing a single thing from the room and wd in 30 min she cleared everything not leaving a single thing there her heart was broken in million pieces after composing herself and getting fresh she moved in Party where the New Year was about to start in just 5 min she stood beside Aditi but Arnaan took her wd himself he has observed her behavior in car she was quite all the way and now also she is looking lost they all were standing on terrace waiting for the NEW YEAR to began but Armaan & Shilpa were standing little away from crowd he entwined their fingers as everyone was counting the seconds and when everyone hooted for new year and crackers were appearing on sky he whispered HAPPY NEW YEAR in her ear and kissed her cheek making her stare at him while he was starring at the crackers on sky he looked at her and gave a small smile to her who looked down trying to hide her moist eyes and he kissed on her head lovingly

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