Sunday, 11 June 2017

part 25 : Sirf Tum


One month later
Yuhin bewajah
Dil me nai Betaabiyaaan...

"Feb shuru ho gaya hai... yaani Valentines agle hafte se shuru hoga..kaash main pehle ki tarah keh ye sab kuch nai hota" Shilpa thought staring at the sky on her belcony "kya pata tha pehli baar Pyaar kar k dil tutega mera..." she whispered to herself while carassing Shao Pao's head who was sleeping on her lap while she was seated on a sofa which was placed in the balcony she was waiting for Armaan who had gone in Bhopal for some work from two weeks and today he is returning she smiled remembering how he was instructing her to take care of herself and everyone before leaving and also a good news came to their family is that Aditi being pregnant from one month its a very happy thing for their family and Aaysha also pregnant He wud always called her on phone sometyms which she recieves sometyms and she missed She remembered after new year she tried to maintain distance from him even she returned back his fav shirt which made him shocked

Ye ishq hai
Saanso me hai jo ab rava...

"I don't believe this...jab b main mangta tha tum deti b nai thi...but aaj achanak suddenly kyun??" he asked still in shocked state closing his laptop

"vo...main.." she fumbled

"I know...tumne new year resolution liya ab se mujhe pareshaan nai karogi right" he spoke teasingly jumping infront of her who looked a him

"Haa..." instead retorting she replied slowly which made him frown

"Great mere liye acha hai...but tumhe pata hai maine kya resolution liya hai" he asked wd mischivious grin to which she nodded in NO and he banged her wd his chest by holding her waist making her gasped "ki tumhe...apna...diwana bana dunga" he whispered huskily to which she stared at him

Aaja dekh le
Dil ho gaya tera diwana...

"Uski jarurat nai padegi Armaan mai to diwani kabse ban gayi hoon aapki" her heart spoke "Dekhenge.." she replied slowly to which he smirked

"Dekh lena...vaise mujhe nai lagta mujhe zyada..mehnat karni padegi" he spoke wd a grin and left her waist to which she smiled and shaking her head she moved out

Dheere dheere se
Meri zindagi me aana...

"Armaan..kaise dur rahun main aapse...ek to jab b aap jaate ho ek ajeeb sa dar lagta hai" she whispered while laying on sofa "ye main hun naa...jaha duniya ki saari ladkiyaa jab kisi se pyaar karti hai to unhe vo mil jata hai...but mujhe to mera Pati hi nai mil raha" she mocked at herself and wd thinking when sleep took over her she didn't knew after sometym Armaan came and searched her in room desperately

Dheere dheere se
Dil ko churana...

"Finally.." he took a sigh seeing her sleeping on sofa wd Shao Pao "meri jaan mera wait karte karte so gayi" he spoke lovingly while kissing her head "chalo fir hum b sote hai" he smiled and picked Shao Pao in his hands making him lay on his basket and picked Shilpa to put her on bed but

Tumse pyaar
Hume hai kitna
Jaane jaana...

"Amm..." she stirs holding his shirt tightly on her fist making him smile and he lays her on bed and stared at her laying on top of her

"I luv u too..." he whispered slowly kissing her nose which made her disturbed and she opened her eyes

Tumse milkar
Tumko hai bataana...

"Armaan.." she spoke shockingly and tried to sit but it resulted in, her head bumping wd his

"Aaaww..." they both whined rubbing their foreheads

"Bracelet...kya hai ye..aram se nai shock ho sakti" he spoke painfully while rubbing his head

"Acha aram se koi shock hota hai kya.." she retorted to which he rolled his eyes and pulled her suddenly in a hug making her shock

"I missed u..." he whispered hugging her tightly to which she hugged him back equally and when she didn't said anything he parted "tumhe pata hai...agar koi kehta hai I missed u in return I missed u too usse kehna chahiye" he spoke slowly in taunting way to which she giggled

Yeh zindagi
Mushkil hai ab to jeene me...

"Par agar..miss kiya hi nai to kyun kahe.." she retorted wd teasing smile

"Dikh raha hai..." he smiled to which she shook her head and moved to go when he gripped her wrist "kahan..??" he frowned

"Aapko bhuk lagi hogi banane" she replied slowly

Bechainiyaa din raat
Uthati hai seene me...

"Nai mujhe bhuk nai hai..." he spoke tiredly while laying on bed and kept his head on her lap "Bas tum mujhe sulao" he grab her hands and kept one hand on his head and other he entwinned their fingers and kept that on his heart making her smile


Tere siwa
Mujhe koi chehra
Nai bhata...

"Haa...jarur mujhe aur to koi kaam hi nai hai" she replied sarcastically while caressing his hairs lovingly to which he smiled

"Hai naaa main...sirf main" he spoke proudly to which she closed his eyes by her palm smilingly making him relaxed

Mere bina tujhe chain
B toh nai aata...

"Haa vo to thik hai... ab so jaao" she spoke lovingly caressing his hairs and he turned his position hugging her tightly by her waist making her stiff she stopped caressing and felt his slow breath on her waist through her dress thankfully she didn't wore saari today then god only knows what her condition would have been she ruffled his hairs lovingly and her eyes also got heavy making his head rest on pillow she laid beside him and when she slept she didn't knew


4 days later

Dilka aalam hai

"Armaan...aapko pata hai Payal Sanjeevani main admit hai" she informed while keeping the folded clothes in wardrobe making him stop who was tying his shoe lashes

"Kyun??kaise??" he asked as he finished his shoes work and stood up

"Vo uski scooty ka accident ho gaya" she replied while closing the wardrobe door

"Scooty ka ki uska" he asked wd a chuckle

"Offo! ek hi baat hui na.." she spoke annoyingly to which he smile

"Fine to tumhe usse milne jana hai" he asked while pulling her closer by her waist

Dil ho gaya
Tera diwaana...

"Tch!! Armaan..." she glared as he caged her in his arms "haa...mujhe jana hai kyun ki uski family yaha hai nai... vo to Gujrat main mujhe aur Priyanka ko hi uska dhyaan rakhna hoga" she spoke slowly playing wd his shirt's buttons

"Yaani tum Sanjeevani aaogi??" he asked excitedly moving some steps back to which she giggled and nodded in YES "Roz??" he again asked happily caging her again in his arms and she nod again " mujhse milne aaogi na" he asked wd a grin

Dheere dheere se
Meri zindagi me aana...

"Armaan main vaha aapse nai Payal se milne aaungi" she replied to which he pouted

"Bracelet this is not fair" he made a face "husband main hun yaar...vo nai tumhe mujhse milne aana hai to aana hai bas thats final" he almost ordered her to which she was about to say NO but "Bracelet plz mere liye.." he showed his puppy face which she can't refuse

"Fine..."she smiled to which he smiled broadly and hugged her tightly

"Thank u...Payal se milne k baad tum pure do ghante mere saath rahogi"he announced and she moved back shockingly

"Armaan do ghante??" she asked shockingly to which he pulled her back again in his arms

"To...biwi ho meri atleast itni to tyming de sakti ho...dekho Bracelet plz" he requested to which she glared

Dheere dheere se
Dilko churana...

"Acha jab main milne aati thi tab to aap bahoot busy rehte thae" she taunted to which he looked down wd a guilt he remembered when she used to come to meet him but he was ignoring her coz of Aditi and her being 'best friendz secret'

"Vo Bracelet us waqt free nai tha...but aaj main bilkul free hun sirf tumhare liye...plzzz aajana plzzz" he spoke pleadingly which she cant resist so she agreed and he hugged her tightly "To fir main tumhe apna free tyming message kar diya karunga aur..." and he started his lecture that only she can come when he is free or she will not roam in hospital or didn't talk wd any of male doctors and she cannot bring Shao Pao there etc..


Tumse pyaar hume hai
Kitna jaaane jaaana...

"Bas...samajh gayi..." she cuts him irritably to which he smiled and kissed her on her cheeks

"Great... fir milte hai" he smiled and freed her who shook her head moving towards Shao Pao who was playing wd a ball when she felt a tug on her duppata she turned and found him holding her edge of duppata

"Kya hua..??" she asked holding her duppata from middle trying to free it

"Vaise Bracelet... agar koi baat mann main ho to keh dena chahiye..." he spoke slowly while walking towards her still holding her duppata "Aur agar uske answer se dar rahi ho to...b keh dena chahiye...kya pata jo tum soch rahi ho vo ... vo ho hi na" he spoke meaningfully wd teasing smile where as she was just staring at him confusedly "Bye..." he whispered in her ear and kissed her there while leaving her duppatta she looked at him who winked and left from there


Tumse milkar
Tumko hai batana...

"Kya kehna chahte thae" she mumbled when Shao Pao's voice made her to look at him "haa haa I know tumhe bhuk lagi hogi" she smiled and picked him up and left the room wd him for feeding him



Ik din kabi jo
Khudko tarase...

"Ye Armaan na mujhe bolke locker room main wait karo...khud abi tak nai aaye" she spoke to herself while tapping her feets on floor she was sitting on bench alone waiting for her hubby its been three days she was coming here and after giving tiffin to Payal chit chating wd her she always met him for two hours whether in fire escape, his cabin, locker room when it is empty, terrace and he also showed his secret room in his cabin to which she giggle coz it is same like his room and today she also put two roses in his locker wd 'Happy Rose Day' card but he had still not appeared

"Pata nai...kab tak aayenge" she looked at her wrist watch and turned to look at the entrance but still no sign of him "kaisa Pati mila hai..Rose day tak nai wish kiya" she whispered wd herself and pouted when

" aapke liye" A ward boy handed her a bouquet of roses wd a card

"Mere liye kisne diya??" she asked frowning but somewhere her heart was saying its was from Armaan

"Pata nai...bas unhone kaha ki aapko de dun" he replied and handling it to her he left leaving her confused

Meri nazar se
Tu zara hayyee re...

"Kisne jarur unhi ki shaitaani hai...I know" she smiled and looked at the flowers which was multiple in color there were different shades of roses and in middle a circle of red roses were putted and in b/w a card she looked at the card and opened it in which written

"Jab tumhe pehli baar dekha... to socha nai tha ki tum meri life m...tufan ki tarah aaogi...aur mujhe hila k rakh dogi...uper se lekar niche tak...sirf tumhara asar tha... na tumhare ilawa koi sujhta koi dikhta ehsaas nai tha kch hai dil m"

Your Eternal Aashiq

"Armaan...main janti thi aap jarur mere liye kuch feel karte ho" she whispered wd a smile also wd moist eyes and looked at the card but she frowned why didn't he wrote his name when

Aankho se teri
Kya kya chupa hai...

"Hey Bracelet..." he spoke happily while sitting beside her and his legs were on sides while she was sitting straight who was now blushing

"Armaan...vo than..." she was about to thank him but his voice stopped her

"Happy Rose Day..." he spoke excitingly while forwarding three sunflowers which was in color white, pink and yellow there was no red color which made her confuse she was about to ask this but "Wow ye bouquet kisne diya??" he exclaimed seeing the bouquet

"Armaan plz...masti band kijiye..I know ye aapne diya hai" she asked in warning tone to which he looked at her frowning

"Are u crazy?? main kyun dunga ye...main to ye laaya hun...aur tum janti ho main tumhe sunflowers deta hun" he spoke making a face

"Armaan Rose day pe koi sunflowers deta hai" she asked angrily keeping the bouquet on side

"Haa to main kyun tumhe rose dunga" he replied coolly making her hurt "main thodi koi tumse pyaar karta hu...yaa tum mujhse karti ho" he spoke nonchalantly and hearing this her world shattered she looked at him wd hurt look

"Matalb ye aapne nai bheja" she asked slowly to which he nodded in YES she picked the bouquet and was about to throw it when

Tujhko dikhaaun
Mai zara haayyyeee re...

"Aree Bracelet kya kar rahi ho yaar...kisi ne pyaar se bheja hai...uska dil mat todo" he stopped her and took that bouquet from her

"Mujhe nai chahiye ye" she spoke angrily and turned her face while he picked the card which was tagged in the bouquet

"Wow Eternal Aashiq haa..." he spoke in teasing tone while she was lost "Ab meri in sunflowers ki kyaa jarurat hai... aur vaise b aaj Rose Day hai Sunflowers Day thodi" he spoke sadly picking his sunflowers and was about to throw it but she grabbed his wrist stopping him which made him to look at her

"Nai ye...mera ise" she spoke lovingly while snatching the flowers from his hand making him smile and she gripped the flowers tightly looking down at it where as he was staring at her "Armaan..." she whispered slowly still looking at the flowers and he just hummed in hmmm staring at her lovingly "aapne apna locker dekha" she asked and looked at him

"Nai kyun??" he frowned

"Jaaiye dekhiye na usme kuch hai aapke liye" she spoke excitingly ignoring everything

"Ok...abhi dekhta hu ki aisa kya..rakha hai" he spoke teasingly and stood up he walked towards his locker and opened it she was smiling "Kya kuch b to nai hai..." he turned towards her frowning

"Hai Armaan thik se dekho" she spoke excitedly but he again looked at his locker and didn't find anything he looked back at her "Nai hai..." she asked slowly to which he shrugged she walked towards his locker "aise kaise" she spoke sadly when she didn't found the flowers in his locker


Ik ankahin si

"Bracelet...kya rakha tha" he asked confusedly

"Armaan maine aapke liye...roses rakhe the" she replied slowly wd moist eyes

"Kya tum b...koi jarurat nai thi iski...lagta hai kisi wardboy ne safai kar di aur fek diya" he spoke normally but her heart was already pierced "Acha Bracelet...tum yehi wait karo mai ek patient ko dekh k aata hun" he kissed her head and went from there before she can stop him

"Aap kyun nai samjhte Armaan main aapse pyaar karti hun...mujhe kisi se matlab nai bas aapse hai" she whispered slowly tracing his locker and kissed his given flowers when

"Mam aapko Dr Armaan Recreation Room main bula rahe hai" a ward boy came and informed her

"Acha tum chalo main aati hun" she spoke politely to which he nodded and went from there "Armaan vaha kyun bula rahe hain...jab ki unhone khud kaha yaha wait karo" she spoke confusedly "Pata nai..." she shook her head and moved out

In Recreation Room


"Armaan..." she called slowly while opening the door she entered and was left awestruck seeing the room which was decorated wd rose petals wd candles she walked inside and smiled seeing the room "main janti thi...aap mazak kar rahe thae... ye sab aapne kiya hai" she spoke happily looking the view when her eyes landed on a letter wd a rose she smiled and picked the letter starting reading it

"Jab ehsaas hua kuch hai dil me tumhare tum dur jaa chuki thi.. tumhare dur jaane se pagal ho gaya tha... aur jab tum paas aayi to socha... ki ab keh dunga..but tumhari ik baat se ruk gaya..."

'Janta hun shock hogi agar bataunga ki vo roses jo tumne apne Pati k liye rakha tha...vo tumhare pyaar ne le liyaa...'

Tumhara Eternal Aashiq

"Ye nai ho sakta" she whispered scarily wd moist eyes and understood that it was not from Armaan she got scared seeing this "Agar Armaan ne dekh liya to...kahin...kahin vo mujhe chod na de" she whispered moving some steps back feeling scared to loose him "Kahin ye sab Ansh ne to...nai vo kaise vo nai karega ye sab...fir kaun" she spoke in fear wd thudding heart when


"Bracelet..." she heard his voice behind her she turned shockingly and hide the letter behind her back "Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho... vo to ward boy ne bataya tum yaha ho... aur ye sab kisne kiya" he asked worriedly but she got scared what if he sees the letter and decides to break ties she moved some steps back and keeping the letter she tried to moved out but he gripped her wrist making her banged wd himself "Kya huaa?? kuch to bolo" he got worried seeing her condition who sniffed and jumped on him hugging him tightly her hands were around his neck while he wrapped his arms around her waist lifting her up ,her toes were touching the floor "Kya huaa bolo...kyun ro rahi ho...yaar" he asked worriedly caressing her head where as she was taking small small hiccups "Kya huaa??" he asked lovingly while parting her to which she sobbed still holding his shirt

"Vo...vo.." she sniffed and pointed at the letter to which he picked that and read it

"Kya tum b yaar... itna koi rota hai kya...tum to sherni ho" he spoke normally and gripped her wrist making her sit on the stairs were petals were spread "tum to dusro ko kaccha kha jao...itne main hi dar gayi" he spoke lovingly while clearing her face wd his hand "Aur vaise b ek letter hi to hai...aur isme kuch galat b nai likha hai" he spoke while keeping the letter on side "Bande main baat hai..itna kuch kiya.. I think tumhe sochna chahiye uske baare main" he spoke casually making her head snapped looking at him

"Aap pagal ho gaye hai??" she asked unbelievingly while standing up "kaise Husband hai...aap...yaha koi aapki Wife ko letters bhej raha hai...aur aap keh rahen hai sochna chahiye" she asked shockingly to which he made her sit again by holding her wrist, beside him

Kehne lagega

"Dekho Bracelet kya tum mujhse pyaar karti ho??" he asked directly in damn serious tone making her shocked she looked at him nervously where as he was already staring at her

"Vo...mmmain.." she fumbled nervously making him raised his brows "keh de Shilpa keh de yehi mauka hai" her heart spoke "mat kehna...agar vo nai karta hoga to achi khaasi dosti b gayi" her mind spoke to which she agreed and kept mum

"Dekha nai karti tabhi to kuch bol nai paayi" he spoke normally and turned his head towards other side

"Aur aap??" out of blue she asked staring at him hopefully who looked at her

"Main..." he asked moving his face closer to her who nodded in YES gulping scaredly coz of his closeness "offcourse ..main apne aap se bahoot pyaar karta hun" he replied coolly moving back his head making her angry

"Armaan..." she smack his arm angrily to which he rubbed it

"Ok fine...mazak tha..." he spoke in fake pain voice she was about to ask again when he moved closer to her face suddenly making her gasp coz his lips was just an inch apart "tumhe kya lagta hai..." he asked huskily gazing at her lips who was staring at him nervously and when she didn't responed he smiled and moved back "sahi socha tumne... nai karta..." he replied normally while looking at another side

"Janti hun" she replied slowly while looking down making him look at her


Subhaaan allaah
Jo ho raha hai
Pehli dafa hai...

"Itna b nai dekh payi...Dumbo" he mumbled slowly to which she looked at him

"Kuch kaha aapne" she asked frowningly

"Kuch nai kuch b to nai" he replied softly "vaise tumne kya socha hai tumhare is Eternal Aashiq k baare main" he asked curiously to which she rolled her eyes

"Kuch...nai...bhaad mein jaaye" she replied angrily

"Aree kyun bhaad mein jaaye...pyaar karta hai tumse" he spoke in sympatchically voice

"Vo karta hai main nai...aur vaise b main sirf ek baar galti karti hun...barbar nai" she replied angrily to which he grinned

"Galti matlab...?? Ooo...haa I know u mean Allu Arjun...but vo to ek star hai Bracelet bhul jao use aage badho apni life mein" he spoke in positive way to which she glared"Main sacrifice karne k liye ready hun... ab jab hamare bich koi khas rishta nai hai...siway naam k to fir kya faida is rishte ka" he spoke slowly but carefully observing her face which was becoming sad now "to fir main to yehi chahta hun ki tum life mein aage bado... dusre ache se ladke se shaadi karo...iske liye main tumhe divorce b dene k liye taiyaar hun" he spoke calmly where as she was hurt and wants to run from here thats why she stood up

"Agar aapko mujhse azaadi chahiye to main de dungi...but dusri shaadi no ways galti sirf ek hi bar ki hai maine" she spoke hurtfully to which he also stood up sensing her voice breaking

Aisa huaa...

"See ab to tum mujhe galti b maane lagi ho" he spoke innocently but she was still in her hurt mode "ok Armaan Malik ye zyada ho gaya" he smacked himself mentally and took her hand in his "Mazak tha...chalo baitho" he made her sit again sat beside her still holding her hands "tumhe pata hai main in sab days ko nai manta" he informed to which she looked at him "Mere liye to pyaar ki shuruaat jaha se hai vohi kehdo...but kabhi kabhi kisi ki yaadon mein hamesa rehne k liye sab ye karte hai" he spoke softly while she was staring at his face "tumhe pata hai...mujhe ek aisi ladki chahiye meri Wife nai Girlfrnd ban k rahe mere liye vo saare tarike use kare jisse mai khush rahu... jo mujhe space mujhe is kadar pagal karde ki mujhe uske ilawa koi nai chahiye... jo sirf meri ho ...chahe uske liye mujhe puri zindagi kyun na wait karna pade to b karunga" he spoke softly while playing wd her fingers looking at it and she was just staring at him "uski aankhe badi badi honi chahiye...jinme main itna kho jaun ki bhul jaun kahan hun mai" he looked at her face and moved closer to it "uske lips itne attractive ho ki mujhe sirf use hi kiss karne ka mann ho" he whispered slowly staring at her lips where as her heart was beating fast "uske baal lambe ho... uski naak cute si ho ...uske gaal chubby cheeks ho...aur uski height weight sab kuch perfect ho.." as he finished his description inshort he defined her staring at her closed eyes a smirked came on his face and he moved back "bas itna hi..." his voice made her open her eyes and she looked down


"Par vaisi mili nai..haina" she asked softly to which he smiled


Subhaaan aallah
Jo ho raha hai
Pehli dafa hai...

"Haa...par jo hai chalegi..." he spoke meaningfully "Acha tum batao..." he asked coolly to which she looked at him

"Kabhi socha nai...but jo hai vo bahot acha hai" she whispered slowly shyly

"Kyaa??" he asked again he heared but he pretended he didn't heard

"Kuch nai...chaliye mujhe late ho raha hai" she ignored and stood up to go when he jumped infront of her

"Bracelet...chahe koi ho ho...tum hamesha rahogi meri life mein... hamesha" he whispered huskily while pulling her closer by her waist and bend his head to kiss her while she had already closed her eyes their lips were about to touch when an Announcement made her opened her eyes and she moved some steps back shyly

"Dr.Armaan OT mein report karen" Announcement

Aisa huaa...

"Kya yaar..." he whispered annoyingly while she blushed and went from there "Brace..." he moved to stop her but she was gone he moved his one hand on his hairs and looked up angrily "ise to baad mein dekhta hun.." he muttered angrily cursing the Announcement and went outside


Meri khaamoshi se
Baate chun lenaa...

"Armaan bahot ziddi ho gaye hai...bas apni manmani aur kuch nai..." she whispered to herself angrily waiting for him in his cabin she was angry wd him actually in morning she refused to come in Sanjeevani coz of that 'Eternal Aashiq' and he became angry he also refused to eat that chocolate cake which she made for everyone and specially for him he almost ordered her

"Agar tum Sanjeevani nai aaogi to main pure din kuch nai khaunga" he spoke stubbornly she knew he meant it coz he didn't ate anything nor even he drank water infact he didn't drank his protien shake and left wdout saying anything so she had to agree relucantly packing his tiffin she came here and now was waiting for him

"Stupid..." she cursed him when a knock made her to look at the door "Yes" she spoke and ward boy again handed her a bouquet wdout saying anything he left she looked at it confusedly it was a bouquet of chocolates wd a card she opened it

"Tumhari us baat se tut gaya tha... aur soch liya tha tumhe bhula dunga...but tumhi ne khud mujhe apni taraf khicha...aur mujhe laga ki tumhe paane k liye tumhi ko hi majboor karna padega"

Tumhara Eternal Aashiq

"Not again" she spoke annoyingly and kept the bouquet on table angrily when she felt someone hugged her from behind making her startled "hatto..." she pushed him angrily thinking him the 'Eternal Aashiq'

"Bracelet..." he looked a her shockingly to which she turned and stared at him "Great...yaani tum chahti hi nai ki main tumhe touch b karu" he asked angrily to which she moved and hugged him stopping him

"I am sorry...vo mujhe laga vo card wala hai.." she explained still hugging him who understood responding her back

"Kaunn tumhara Eternal Aashiq" he spoke in teasing tone to which she smacked on his chest making him chuckle

"Armaan plz... chodo ye sab...chaliye" she ignored and tried to go but he pulled her back making her frown

"Aree ruko to..." he spoke teasingly

"Armaan plz...aap jaldi finish karo ye sab...aur mujhe jaane do" she requested to which he leaves her "Haww chod diya" she whispered to her self staring at him who had opened the bouquet and now was eating the chocolates which was given by the Eternal Aashiq sitting on his table "Armaan...subhe se main keh rahi hun ki kuch khalo...aur aapne sabse pehle ye khaya...mera chocolate cake nai" she pouted crossing her arms making him pulled her by her waist and forwarded a chocolate bite towards her mouth who turned her face another side angrily to which he kissed on her cheek

"Come on Bracelet kisi ne kitne pyaar se diya hai... khalo" he insisted forwarding again the bite

"Acha lekin ye aapki Wife ko kisi ne diye hai..kaise Husband hai aap" she spoke angrily to which he pulled her more closer still sitting on table

Unki dori se
taarife bun lena...

"To kya hua...diya Aashiq ne hai khila to Pati raha haina" he spoke teasingly to which she glared 

" more Aashiq" he spoke scardely and forwarded the bite again giving her innocent look to which she shook her head and took that in her mouth making him smile "Good..." he smiled and opened the tiffin in which she bought the chocolate cake he smiled and took a morselful of spoon in his mouth not offering her

"Aap bahot ziddi jo gaye ho Armaan...aisa koi karta hai...apni baat manwane k liye aap khana nai khayenge" she scolded him but he ignored her while eating quitely "Aap nai sun rahe naa..."she asked in warning tone to which he nodded in NO and her mouth fell in 'O shape' he inserted the spoonfull cake in her mouth making her quite

"Vaise tumne socha ki vo Patient hai yaa Doctor..." he spoke wd teasing smile to which she frowned "Aree vahi tumhara Eternal Aashiq" he smirked but hearing this she smacked on his arm

"Mujhe nhi janana...agar aapko interest ho to jao...main to chali" she spoke unintrestingly while closing the tiffin

"Fine...mazak tha...but yaar abhi mat jao..." he spoke slowly pulling her closer by her waist

"Haa mere paas to koi kaam hi nai hai..haina" she spoke mockingly while putting her hands on his neck to which he pulled her more closer

"To tumhari sabse badi responsiblity to main hun na.." he spoke lovingly to which she smiled and removed his hands from her waist

"Dr. Armaan aap apna kaam kijiye...aur mujhe ghar jakar kuch kaam karna bye" she moved some steps back and picked the tiffin in her hands

"Mera kaam to tum ho" he jumped on floor standing infront of her who gave him a fake smile and moved towards the door "Acha ye chocolates to leti jao" he shouted as he saw she opened the door

"Aap hi ko mubarak ho" she spoke annoyingly and went from there leaving him smile

"Agar dene wala hi le lega to kaise chalega Bracelet" he smirked while taking the bite from the chocolate

TO BE CONTINUED .. ;) Eternal Aashiq ke TRICKS abhi baki hai? ;) STAY TUNED! B|

#Shri_n_Aju ;) :v

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