Tuesday, 13 June 2017

part 26 : Sirf Tum





3 days later...



"Armaan...bhale hi aapka pyaar mile na mile...but main ye jarur janti hu ki aapko meri parva hai...aur main usi k sahare puri zindagi guzar lungi" she thought in her heart staring at his sleeping face she was constantly staring at him laying beside him her head was on her hands where as he was laying against his stomach and his one hand was on her waist and other was on his head "Aur aaj aapne ye baat

saabit b ki...ki aap mere saath hamesha rahenge" she thought and moved her one hand in his hairs while playing wd it a blush formed in her cheeks and slipping down from the bed picking the teddy which he had gifted her on Teddy Day she moved towards the window and opened the white curtains staring at the beautiful moon which was shinning "aapke saath bitaye har pal mere liye khaas hai" she whispered while hugging tightly the teddy till her chest remembering these three days wd him she remembered the Teddy Day where she entered in his cabin but didn't found him instead the ward boy handed her a big teddy on which a card was attatched she just want to throw it when a small cute teddy came from behind her she smiled and turned to find Armaan who was holding the teddy on which a card was attached she smiled and picked that card on which it was written

Hooo meri khaamoshi se
Baate chun lena
Unki dori se
Taarife bun lenaaa...

'Do u accept me' she looked up at him who raised his eyebrows for answer

"Sochungi..." she replied in fake serious tone to which he pouted

"We are lonely...plz accept us" he spoke in kidish tone making her smile and she kissed on his cheek taking the teddy

"Accept kiya.." she spoke wd a giggle to which he smiled and his eyes landed on that teddy

"Wow!!..kisne diya?? beautiful" he commented and took the card from teddy "Tumne padha isse??" he asked her to which she nod her head in NO "Kyun??..bande ne itne pyaar se diya hai...aise kaise...at least card to padh leti.." he spoke cooly to which she glared

"Agar aapko itni hi hamdardi hai to... aap hi padh lo mujhe interest nai hai" she spoke wd an attitude while playing wd the small teddy which made him smile

"Kyaa?? I luv u likha hai isne" he spoke wd a fake shocked tone which made her to take the card from his hand in shock and started reading it

"Tumhe majboor karne k liye...kya kya nai kiya...kitni kitabe padhi pyaar ki sirf tumhare liye...aur tumhari wajah se sab thik kiyaa...fir tum karib aayi main janta tha tum kuch feel karti ho mere liye...aur fir vo hua jiska intezar main kabse kar raha tha..."

Tumhara Eternal Aashiq

"What rubbish.." she spoke angrily and threw the card on table to which he burst in laughter "Armaan main aapko chodungi nai.." she ran behind him to beat

"Aur chodna b mat..." he spoke still trying to escape from her


Kal nai thi jo
Aaj lagti hun...

"Kitna acha laga mujhe jab aapne ise diya mujhe...agar vo stupid Eternal Aashiq nai aata to..hum jaroor bahar jaate" she cursed while hugging the teddy till her chest smilingly and looked back at her hubby who is sleeping peacefully and a giggle escaped remembering the Propose Day where she had got ready only for him and wore a knee length dress which was red in color she was very happy coz she wants to see his reaction when she reached in hospital found that he is busy so she went to met Payal and after meeting her she went down but collided wd Sid they started talking she liked the way he was talking like a kid And Armaan entered there finding them talking she was laughing on Sid's joke Armaan also smiled seeing her but then his eyes landed on her dress which maked him shocked coz he never wanted her to wear this types of dress infront of anyother man he fistted and walked towards them sending Sid for duty he glared her who looked at the time and moved from there in the elevator leaving him stunned "How can she ignore him??" he thought and followed her in the elavator jamming her b/w him and the wall she looked at him scardly

"Armaan...kkya hai ye" she asked scaredly while moving to a side while he was glaring her


"Exactly...Bracelet kya hai ye..??" he asked angrily blocking her

"Kyaa..kyaa??" she asked confusedly

"Acha Bracelet...tumhe nai pata kya..hua...tum is dress mein...yaha kya kar rahi ho" he asked angrily gazing her to which she looked at him hurtly

"Ooo...to aapko isse problem hai" she spoke wd hurt look "Sorry...aaj se nai pehnungi" she whispered and moved to go where as he closed his eyes

"Armaan...idiot" he smacked himself mentally and stopped the elavator making her more angry

"Ab kya problem hai" she asked angrily crossing her arms to which he looked at her

"Bracelet...I didn't mean it" he spoke slowly to which she didn't spoke anything and moved another side but he grabbed her arm making her jammed wd him "look Bracelet I am sorry.." he apologized

"Nai aapki galti thodi hai...aap Husband ho aap to keh sakte ho... I am sorry ainda se na main yaha aaungi aur na hi aisi dress pehnungi...khush" she blasted on him and moved to go but he again blocked her

"Bracelet...kaisi baate kar rahi ho... I didn't...mean it ok...main sirf ye kehna chahta tha...ki ki.." he yelled but stopped seeing her 'not interested look' "Bracelet...suno..main kya keh raha hu... main sirf ye chahta tha ki ye dress tum kisi aur ladke k saamne mat pehna" he explained calmly to which she crossed her arms and glared him "kyun ki...kyun ki main nai chahta mere siwa...tumhe koi aise dekhe" he spoke slowly but carefully

"Par vo Sid tha" she asked calmly

"To...to kya hua...hai to ladka na" he glared which didn't bother her

"Aap b to ek ladke hai" she replied slowly to which he moved closer to her

"Main tumhara Husband hun..." he greeted his teeth while their bodies touched wd each other

"Par...par Sid dost hai aapka..." she fumbled coz of their closeness and moved her eyes down

"Dost.." he moved back angrily and then again looked at her "I don't trust anyone...aur mujhe pasand nai koi tumhe dekhe yaa fir haath lagaye" he spoke irritadely to which she saw a slight jealousy in his eyes

"Acha kal tak to bada...sacrifice karne k liye ready thae...us Eternal Aashiq k liye jab ki usko to dekha b nai hai...uska kya??" she asked hitting the correct point which made him speechless "Bolo" she asked to which he closed and opened his eyes

"Kyun ki...kyun ki..." he looked at her frustratingly where as she was looking at him calmly "Ok fine vo mazak tha...I can't see u wd anyone.." he spoke angrily "Not even wd Sid...or anyone infact not even wd Dev also..samjhi" he blasted and jerked her by her shoulder towards him making her stared at him wd amused smile


"Aur...I..." he spoke angrily but stopped realizing what he was about to say I Luv U and moved some steps back looking down where as a small smile was playing on her lips "aur I can't see u wd anyone" he whispered slowly looking at another side where as Shilpa was smiling "Actually..haa..vo" he spoke but stopped as she suddenly hugged him making him stunned

"I luv my possessive husband" she spoke happily kissing his cheek making him shocked and again hugged him but a smirk came on his face

"Did she said I luv my possessive husband" he thought and thought to tease her "Bracelet..." he called softly to which she hummed in YES still hugging him "Kya kaha tumne abhi...ki u luv.." he asked teasingly moving some steps back to which she gulped and looked down

"Vo...vo...main" she fumbled to which he raised his eyebrows "Armaan...chodiye na..." she spoke nervously "Aap baat ko ghuma rahe hai.." she spoke wd fake anger trying to change the topic to which he smiled knowingly and thought to leave the topic

"Ok fine main ghuma raha tha bas...par itna jaan lo I luv my friendz ...but tumhare liye" he pulled her closer by her waist "kisi ko nai..trust kar sakta..." he whispered slowly to which she smiled "tum pehen sakti ho...Idon't have any problem" he hugged her tightly kissing her head "vaise tumne ye dress kyun pehni aaj kuch khaas hai" he asked teasingly still hugging her

"Vo...actually.." she moved her head back "bas aise hi...mood kiya" she replied hesistatly making him grin

"Bas aise hi..." he asked teasingly to which she nodded her head nervously making him smirk coz he guessed she wore this only for him coz she never likes this types of dress "Acha...aur tumne mujhe kiss kyun kiya?" he asked huskily brusing his tip of the nose wd her cheek making her grip his shirt tightly

"Bas aise hi...mood kiya..." she replied blushingly moving away from him

"Acha aur kyaa kyaa mood karta hai aapka" he asked teasingly jamming her b/w him and the wall

"Kuch nai...bas abhi mera mood ghar jaane ka kar raha hai" she replied teasingly

"Acha...thik hai chali jana...pehle ye batao...ki aaj tumhare Eternal Aashiq ka Proposal nai aaya" he asked cheekly to which she smacked on his chest making him smile

"Acha to...ye bataiye...ki aapko Dev se b problem hai" she asked innocently keeping her head on his chest

"Naahh...vo to aise hi bola...I know about u guys..come on main itna narrow minded nai hun..." he replied calmly carassing her head " but... haa ye sach hai main tumhe kisi aur k saath nai dekh sakta" he hugged her tightly to which she snuggled more into him

"Bas mujhe yehi chahiye...Armaan...aur kuch nai" she thought while closing her eyes when something clicked on her brain "Vaise...Armaan" she whispered slowly

"Hmmm..." he smiled carassing her hairs

"Ye lift aapne banwai hai yaa...fir ye aapke marzi se chalti hai" she asked sarcastically while moving back and crossed her arms

"Kyun???" he frowned

"Armaan kabse lift rok k rakhi hai...agar koi emergency hui to" she blasted wd fake anger and wdin a second he started the lift and looked at her who was giggling at him

"Tumhe to main..." he spoke angrily and moved to catch her but the elavator's door opened and she ran outside

"Bye..." she spoke wd a giggle waving her hand and went from there leaving him angry he moved to catch her but Rahul called him so reluctantly he left

"Mam aapke liye..." a nurse came and gave a card to Shilpa who was just about to exit from the corridor stopped

"Mere liye kisne diya??" she asked frowningly to which nurse shrugged and she opened the card

"Trust me wo pal mere liye sabse khaas tha...fir tumse dur jaana pada..vaha jaana mere liye sabse mushkil tha specially tumhare bina rehna...aur fir tumhare ek jawab ne...mera dil firse tod diya...maine decide kar liya tha ki ab kuch nai karunga...aur ab tumhe hi karna padega..."

Tumhara Eternal Aashiq

"Arggghhh..." she closed the card and looked at the nurse who was about to go "Suno ye jisne diya...unhe jakar wapas de do agar mil jaaye...aur kehna ki himmat hai to saamne aakar bole...jao" she spoke angrily while handling the card to nurse and moved from there angrily


Taarif meri
Hai khaamakhaa...


"Us din Armaan k ek jawab ne...ye ehsaas dila diyaa ki vo kuch to feel karte hai...ki vo mujhe kisi aur k saath nai dekh sakte..." she thought staring at the stars and hugged the teddy tightly remembering the Promise Day on which he promised her that he will never live her alone It was when she was waiting for him in fire escape but his message came

"Bracelet...tum ghar jao mujhe late hoga" she read his message but thought to wait for him till he comes coz it was getting evening and she didn't want to go alone so she texted him that she wait for him but he didn't replied anything she thought he must be busy but at that time again that same nurse handed her card she opened it angrily

"Aur fir kya mere bina kahe tum karib aati gayi...maine bahot koshish ki tumse dur rehne ki but har baar tum aur karib aati gayi...mujhe itna to ehsaas ho gaya tha...ki tum mere liye kuch feel karti ho...kyun ki tumhara mere karib khud hi aana ye saboot tha..."

Aur haa main saamne jaroor aunga bas do din aur wait karlo ;)

Tumhara Eternal Aashiq

"Eternal Aashiq my foot..." she muttered taking a pen from nurse's hand she wrote "Khud ko bahot smart samajhne ki jarurat nai hai...shayad tumhe pata nai meri shaadi ho gayi hai...aur agar tumne kuch b karne ki koshish ki to main tumhara murder kar dungi...aur nai to mero husband k ek hi punch se tum behosh ho jaoge samjhe" she mumbled while writing it and the nurse giggle at it to which she glared "jao de do use" she spoke sternly to which nurse nodded and stood to go when "Suno...ye jo bhejta hai...vo patient hai ki doctor" she asked suspiciously

"Pata nai...wo mujhe ek ward boy dekar jaata hai aur kehta hai...kisi ne aapko dene ko kaha" she informed to which she moved closer to her

"Acha to ab jakar us ward boy ko puchna...ki jo b deta hai vo kaun hai aur aakar tum mujhe batana thik hai" she almost ordered to which the nurse nodded in YES and moved out living her alone waiting for him and after waiting for two hours she moved out to check for him and was surprised seeing him talking wd Atul she stared him when his eyes landed on her and he frowned after excusing, he walked towards her and stopped infront of her

"Bracelet...tum abhi tak yehi ho...gayi kyun nai" he asked frowningly making her scared

"Vo...main aapka wait kar rahi thi...Aap free kab hue??" she asked softly

"Ek ghante pehle Bracelet..." he answered normally

"Kyaa??? aur main aapka yaha do ghante se wait kar rahi thi..." she spoke shockingly

"Bracelet mujhe kya sapna aayga" he spoke irritadely

"Message kiya tha maine" she spoke slowly to which he checked his phone and read her message

"Bracelet...kya tum b jab mera koi reply nai aaya to samajh jaana chahiye tha...ki main busy hun" he spoke in casual normal tone "chale jaana chahiye tha na..."he spoke nonchantly making her hurt

"Sorry..." she apologized staring down he was about to say something when his pager took his attention and when he looked up she was no where in sight he looked here and there but didn't found her


"Shayad chali gayi" he whishpered to himself when he stopped "iska matlab akeli gayi itni raat ko" he spoke worriedly

"Saare husbands same hi hote hai... kuch karo to problem nai karo to problem" she cursed while was having tears in her eyes which she wiped immidiatly she looked at the road waiting for taxi aur rikshaw on a bus stop "Shilpa raat b ho rahi hai...par abi tak kuch nai aaya...kya karu" she thought looking for a taxi when her eyes landed on other side of the road where three mens were walking towards her she gulped "Hey Krishna...plz raksha karna" she prayed silently and walked inside the bus stop sitting on the bench she looked again at the mens who were walking towards the bus stop she got scared and gripped her dress tightly when a car came wd a halt stopped b/w them she looked at it When Armaan moved out from it worriedly and ran towards her she took a relief seeing him but seeing him it also made her angry remembering how he had behaved in hospital so she turn her face at another side pretending to ignore him

"Thank god tum safe ho Bracelet..." he spoke taking a sigh as he stood beside her who totally ignored him "pata hai main kitna dar gaya tha...kyun chali aayi...main tha na...mere saath aati ek to itni raat uper se tum akeli" he was scolding "Bracelet...chale its not safe here chalo..." he took her hand and turned to go but she pulled her hand back

"Main khud aajaungi...aap jao" she replied sternly making him frown

"Bracelet...kya keh rahi ho...jab main hun to kyun akeli jaogi" he asked in strict voice

"Kyun ki main akeli aayi thi aur akeli jaungi" she replied wdout looking at him and still sitting on her place

"Kya??" he asked shockingly and then it clicked him that she was still angry wd him "Ab kyaa karega Armaan" his mind spoke to him to which he looked at her "I am sorryy..." he whispered slowly while sitting beside her who moved a little away from him which he noticed

"Aapki galti nai hai...sab meri galti thi... so plz don't be sorry" she replied still not looking at him

"Armaan Malik ise kehte hai apne pairo pe kulhadi maarna" his mind taunted him "Acha khasa tere karib aa rahi thi...aur tune khud hi dur kar diyaa..idiot duffer stupid...ab kaise manayga" his heart scolded him "ek to vo tere liye do ghante Armaan...do ghante wait kiya usne soch...vo b bina ye soche ki ghar par sab wait kar rahe honge iska" his heart spoke to which he also agreed and an urge came inside him to kiss her but he stppped himself "Actually..." he started but he stopped coz he want to hold her hand but he knows if he will touch her now she will hundred and one percent moved out from here so he stopped himself where as she was staring at him waiting for him to complete "Meri galti hai I am sorry...P know tumne mere liye do ghante wait kiya...but main idiot tumhe hi suna diya" he spoke innocently to which she didn't spoke anything facing another side when Armaan held his ears "I am really really sorry..." he apologized showing his cute face which melted her heart but

"Dekh Shilpa...main tujhe akhiri baar warn kar rahi hun...don't go wd his face" her mind warned her "par tu dekh na kitne adorable lag rahe hai...maaf b karde" her heart took his side which she also agreed "Teri koi self respect hai ki nai...College mein to bada tujhe apni self respect ki padi thi...kaha gaya tera ego" her mind taunted her "Par jab Armaan maafi maang rahe hai to maaf karde...vaise b bahot late ho raha hai...ghar par sab wait kar rahe honge" her heart spoke "thik hai maaf karde but baad mein dekh lena...tu bahot pachtayegi" her mind warned her to which she got confused what to do when

"Bracelet jab tak tum mujhe maaf nai kar deti...main sorry sorry hi bolunga" he spoke slowly and started chanting his mantra of sorry which made her heart melt and ignoring everything she kept her palm on his lips while wd other hand she pulled his one hands down making him stared at her quitely

"Its ok..." she spoke slowly removing her palm "chaliye ghar chalte hai" she whispered softly to which he took her hands in his

"Bracelet... I know aaj maine tumhe bahot hurt kiya...but trust me i didn't wanted that" he whispered slowly "I promise Bracelet main tumhe kabhi akela nai chodunga...aur ainda se aisa kabhi nai hoga... I promise" he promised lovingly to which she smiled and nodded but he hugged her tightly making her stunned for seconds "and I am still sorry" he whispered to which she hugged back

"Armaan vo sab chodiye...ab hume ghar chalna chahiye...sab kya soch rahe honge" she spoke softly moving out from the hug

"Kuch nai sochenge..." he spoke softly tucking her hairs behind her ear "kyun ki maine phone karke bol diya tha...ki road kharab hone ki wajah se hum long cut lekar aa rahe hai" he informed making her surprised to hear this

"Armaan kab??" she asked shockingly

"Bracelet jab tum hospital se chali aayi thi tab...kyun ki mujhe pata tha tum late milogi aur gussa hogi" he answered to which she was about to ask another question but he kept his finger on her lips "baki sab baadme abi ghar chale" he spoke wd a smile to which she nodded smilingly making him kissed her one cheek which made her hell blush and after sometym they went from there

Tofa hai tera
Meri adaaa...

"Us din mujhe aape bahot gussa aaya but...trust me ek hi pal mein bhul b gayi...kya is qadar main aapse pyaar karne lagi ki aapki...har baat mujhe achi lagne lagi hai...jaise aaj ki dekha jaaye to mujhe aape chillana chahiye tha...but vo b nai kar payi puri tarah" her heart questioned her to which she thought about todays incident where she had already decided she will not go in his hospital coz she felt its not appropriate to go everyday so she didn't go and it made him felt bad and he left relucantly

But in afternoon Aditi insisted to meet Payal and after forcing and pushing she agreed They both met wd Payal and talking for hours they moved out but Aditi excused for her check up and told her to go check Armaan whether he is free or not so Shilpa left to meet Armaan and nurse informed her where he was and when she reached and heard made her shocked!

"Trust me yaar...ye jo Wifes ka matter hota hai...bahot kharab hota hai...itna chik chik ki bas jaan chudhao"Armaan spoke irritadely while keeping his one hand on his patients shoulder who looked at him "tu lucky hai yaar...ki teri Wife tujhe chod kar bhaag gayi...varna tu kitni b koshish karta khud to kabhi nai jaati...aur tune uske liye suicide kiyaaa..." he patted his back who looked down "Not fair yaar...hum jaise logo se puch ... jinki Wife chodti hi nai...bas subhe shaam ye laado vo laado...infact saans b nai leni deti...aur tujhe pata hai" he spoke in fake sad tone and Shilpa entered at this tym "meri Wife is duniyaa ki sabse badi bewkoof hai...yaar na kuch pata hai na aata hai fir b khud ko duniyaa ki sabse badi smart samjhti hai...so dekh main b bardaast kar raha hun na...tune to itne mein hi suicide kar liya kyaa tu b" he spoke in sympathic tone to which the patient smiled and Armaan smirked coz his plan worked but soon his smirk faded as he turned and found his Dear Wife who has tear plus angry look and she left from there making him close his eyes "Aree yaar ise b abi aana tha..." he muttered and smacked on his head "Idiot itna over bolne ki kya jarurat thi...ab manana padega" he thought and moved out to search her he tried to call her but she didn't picked


"Aur tujhe pata hai...meri wife is duniyaa ki sabse badi bewkoof hai...yaar na kuch pata hai na aata hai fir b khud ko duniyaa ki sabse badi smart samjhti hai...so dekh mai b bardaast kar raha hun na...tune to itne hi me suicide kar liya kyaa tu b" his words were ringing on her head she opened her hairs and cried holding her skirt "hum jaise logo se puch ... jinki wife chodti hi nai...bas sube shaam ye laado vo laado...infact saans b nai leni deti..." his everyword was ringing on her head

"Maine to aaj tak aapse kuch nai manga...Armaan fir kyun aapne ye kaha ki main ...aapko chodti b nai saans b nai lene deti" she thought and again a tear fell from her eyes "mujhe kuch nai aata...fir b khud ko smart samajhti hun..." her heart spoke and she again cried

"Nurse tumne Brace...I mean Shilpa meri Wife ko dekha..." he asked the same nurse who always gave the card to her "Aree vo jiski badi badi aankhe hai" he stated to which the nurse smiled

"Ji sir...vo fire escape ki taraf gayi hai" she informed and left making him to ran towards fire escape and he stopped seeing from the glass that she was crying

"Idiot...dekh ro rahi hai...kya kiya tune...bhulja vo kabhi manegi aur agar maan b gayi...dekh lena uska self respect aayga bich mein" His mind scolded him to which he looked at her and opened the door of the fire escape which alerted her and she straightened herself wiping her tears she stood up where as he stood behind her "Bracelet...I didn't mean it..." as he whispered and she turned her back towards him "Bracelet...trust me vo sirf main use cheer kar raha tha" he spoke and immediately seeing her angry "no I mean ...usne suicide karne ki koshish ki...ku ki uski wife dominating thi...aur bhaag gayi vo...to main use aise hi cheer kar raha tha falsely...trust me jo kaha vo jhut tha..." he explained slowly and a tear fell from her eyes making her close it and he forwarded his handkerchief to which she turned her back towards him who came infront of her to which she looked at the handkerchief and then at him who was staring at her hopefully

"Kya maine aapse aaj tak kuch manga" she asked softly to which he nodded in NO innocently "kya maine aape apni smartness dikhane ki koshish ki" she asked in broken voice to which he nodded in NO and cupped her face

"Bracelet main.." he spoke slowly but she removed his hand while moving some steps back "trust me I didn't mean it...plz ro mat" he whispered worriedly

"I am strong...main nai roungi" she spoke slowly and moved out living him standing there alone

"Kya kiya Armaan" he whispered staring at the handkerchief where her tear has dropped

"Mam aapke liye" The same nurse again handed her a card which she refused to take "Mam plz...ye order aaya hai uper se" she insisted to which she dishearteningly took it and opened

"Kya tumhe pata hai...main sab kuch jaanta hu tumhare baare me...infact ye tumne khud bataya mujhe...bas vo nai jaan paaya jo janana tha...but main janta hun uska b intezar zyada nai karna padega..."

Aur haa main darta nai hun kisi se not even ur Husband but haa bas tumse darta hun aur tumhe khone se darta hun... Haa Main Doctor hun but tumhara Patient hun

Tumhara Eternal Aashiq

"Ye...ek ye musibat" she whispered while folding the card and turned to look at nurse but she was nowhere in sight when Armaan came towards her wd worried look

"Bracelet listen to...me...I am sorry" he spoke panting to which she looked at him and turned to another side angrily "yaar kabse bol raha hun...I am sorry yaar...its not about u..." he took her hand but when she didn't moved he knelled down still holding her hand they both were in at corner side were wasn't any crowed it was empty now "Main sirf usko cheer kar raha tha" he spoke worriedly looking up

"Armaan...uthiye pehle...varna...koi aa jayga" she spoke shockingly trying to free her hand

"Nai pehle bolo maaf kiya..." he spoke stubbornly making her shook her head

"Fine maaf kiyaa" she spoke softly to which he stood up happily and pulled her in a hug tightly lifting her little up

"Thank you Bracelet.." he whispered wd eyes closed engulfing her more into him "I am sorry...trust me ek b word tumhare liye nai tha" he moved his head back looking at her innocently "vo to sirf usko cheer kar raha tha...aur jo kaha vo jhuth tha...trust me" he spoke softly while promising to which she smiled

"Sach..." she asked innocently to which he nodded "fine...mujhe jana hai" she smiled and turned to go but he didn't let her instead he pulled her inside the fire escape jamming her b/w him and the wall


"Bracelet...mujhe akela chodke jaogi..." he asked wd an pout making her smile

"Armaan late ho raha hai...main yaha sirf Payal se milne aayi thi...vo b Aditi k force pe" she informed cutely to which he frowned

"Aditi b aayi hai kahan hai vo...??" he asked frowning

"Vo to..." she stopped as she remembered to call her "Oh no...use call karna to bhul gayi" she whispered dailing Aditi's number and Armaan hugged her to which she pushed wd her one hand and glared making him smile "Haa Aditi kahan hai tu??...kya parking lot mein" she spoke frowning where as he can hear one side conversation so started playing wd her hairs "haa main aati hun tu ruk" she spoke and hung up the call

"Iska matlab tum jaa rahi ho" he asked to which she nodded "kyun?? ek to jab subhe tumse maine kaha aane k liye tab nai aai...aur aayi b to aise ki...ufff pura din kharab ho gaya" he spoke irritably making her giggle

"Dr Armaan aap to aise baat kar rahe hai jaise...main aapki koi girlfriend hun jisse badi mushkil se mil paate hai" she whispered slowly while buttoning his 2nd button of his shirt which was showing his chest

"Haa girlfriend hi to ho" he whispered teasingly moving closer to her and pressing her in wall

"Haa to thik hai...bye...shaam ko milte hai" she smiled while pushing him a little "bye" she whispered and put that card on his shirt's pocket


"Ye kya hai??" he asked frowning

"Ye mujhe nai pata...aapko ye acha lagta hai na to khud pata lagaiye" she gave him a fake smile and left from there leaving him confused

"Dil manta hi nai hai... aape gussa karne ka" she whispered while lying beside him who was sleeping soundlessly and she kissed his cheek lingering her lips for sometym there when he moved a little keeping his one hand on her waist where as she can feel his hot breath on her neck and his lips lightly brushed on her cleavage making her heart skipped and she immediately lye straight keeping her both hands on her heart feeling its beats "control... Shilpa control" she whispered taking long breaths and turned to look at him she changed her position facing him "mujhe aisa kyun lagta hai...ki vo jo Eternal Aashiq hai vo aap hai... kyun ki uski baate kuch kuch aapse milti hai" she thought confusedly "but dumbo...jab jab aisa hua tha Armaan tere saath the...aur vo khud b to de rahe the teddy n all" her mind scolded her "but aisa b ho sakta hai vo kisi aur se bhijwa rahe the...aur usne likha tha ki vo doctor hai" her heart argued "nai kyun ki usne jo likha tha vo Armaan kabhi soch b nai sakte...tu kuch zyada soch rahi hai" her brain debated and wd that thinking and arguing when sleep took over her she didn't knew while he hugged her tightly



"Beta Armaan ab tak so raha hai??" Ananya asked Shilpa who was putting the news paper on side table

"Haa... bahot thake hue thae.." She replied slowly making Ananya nod

"Acha tum sab ko jana kitne baje tak hai raat ko...??" Dadi asked while sewing a cloth wearing her glasses

"By God! Raat k 10 baje...can u imagine Mummiji raat ko koi Party rakhta hai kya" Aditi spoke making a face to which the three ladies smiled

"Haa sahi kaha...isiliye main to nai jaungi" Shilpa replied

"Kyun nai jaogi...Muskaan tumhari b to friend hai...agar usne bulaya hai to jao" Ananya spoke calmly

"Haa..." Dadi agreed while massaing Aditi's feet which was swelled due to her pregnancy

"Vaise Party kis khushi mein rakhi hai usne" Ananya asked normally sipping her tea

"Dil tutne ki khushi mein" they both answered togetherly wd a giggle making their in-laws frown

"Kya matlab" Dadi asked frowning and Aditi narrated how Rahul refused to marry her so she kept a break up party before Valentine for herself inviting everyone including Rahul and hearing this both the ladies burst out laughing

"Haa to bechari...kitna bura haal hoga uska iswaqt" Shilpa spoke sympythically

"Haa vo to hai" Dadi smiled and sat beside Aditi

"Bahu vo sab chodo...jao pehle apne Pati dev ko jagao jisne kuch nai khaya subhe se...bas aate hi so gaya" Ananya spoke while controling her laugh making Shilpa worried for him coz since early morning he haven't ate anything Actaully he got an emergency call in midnight and left wdout eating anything and in afternoon he came and directly jumped on bed sleeping peacefully

"Mummiji raat ko lagta hai jagne ka program hai uska" Aditi spoke teasingly making Shilpa embarrased while other smiled

"Main jagati hun" she spoke while controling her blush and ran upstairs towards their room


Haaa ek din kabi jo
Khud ko pukaare...

"Armaan na...joote pehen k hi so gaye" she muttered as she entered in room where he was sleeping calmly against his stomach still wearing his shoes and tie his head was buried in b/w pillows "Tch!! Armaan uthiye shaam hone ko aayi..." she shaked him by his shoulder but it made him move a little "Offo! Armaan..." she shouted while sitting beside his head and started nudging him which made him irritate

"Bracelet kya problem hai..." he spoke in sleepy tone while putting a pillow on his head

"Dekhiye shaam ho gayi...aur shaam ko sote nai" she spoke slowly and snatch that pillow

"Kyaa yaar Bracelet sone do na..." he pouted and put his head on her lap

"Acha...agar itni der so jaoge to...raat ko nind nai aaygi" she spoke lovingly while caressing his hairs which made him hide his face on her stomach making her hands stop coz of his sudden move

"Tch Bracelet don't stop" he requested in sleepytone making her start again her work "aur raat ko thodi mujhe sona hai" he spoke slowly making her frown

"Kyun raat ko koi emergency hai...??"she asked frowningly still caressing his hairs

"Hmm...bahot badi..." he spoke softly to which she nudged him

"Uthiye...bahot ho gaya...chalo" she spoke wd fake anger while tapping on his head making him nod in NO "Armaaan..." she dragged his name and tried to stood up but his grip on her waist didn't let her "Armaan main akhiri baar bol rahi hun" she warned and he sat up facing her tierdly wd pout look "Good boy... " she tapped his one cheek who was staring at her tierdly and she noticed his messed hairs which was making him so adorable now "ab ye sab change karke niche aao...aur jute tie pehenk koi sota hai" she scolded and was about to stood up but he gripped her wrist and made her sat opposite him closely making her confused

"Ek shart par..." he spoke in serious tone making her frown

"Shart.??" she asked frowning to which he nodded "Kyaa??" she asked confusedly and he moved his face closer to her an inch apart making her heart beat raised

Teri zubaan se
Tu zaraa...haayyye re...

"Yehi ki tum mera tie nikalogi" he spoke nonchantly to which she rolled her eyes and started opening his tie's knot while he moved his face little closer to her and blew air on her face

"Tch!..Armaan" she glared and again concentrated while he smirked and kissed her on her cheek making her startled "Armaan" she warned and opened his tie and stood up but he again pulled her back but this tym she landed on his lap "Kya masti hai ye Armaan" she asked controling her heart beat which was beating fast

"Tumhe nai pata..." he asked teasingly

"Nai...ab chodo mujhe jana hai" she spoke in fake strict tone but instead of leaving her he pulled her more closer that their noses were touching

"Baad mein chali jana.." he whispered huskily while brushing his tip of nose on her cheek making her heart skipped and automatically her eyes closed as if he had put some magic portion on her that she was under his control where as his eyes also closed down and wdin a second he was kissing her pulling her more closer into him by one hand and wd other he was cupping her face where as her one hand was gripping his collar and other was on his shoulder he took her lower lip in his and started sucking it passionatly and she responded wd equal passion and her one hand moved in his hairs messing it more she tried to move away for breath but he didn't let her but feeling her tight grip he left her panting heavenly touching his forehead wd hers who has still her eyes closed taking long deep breath he stared at her wd a satisfying smile

"Kaise kahu I luv u Bracelet..." he thought still staring at her and kissed on her both closed eyes which made her opened her eyes and instantly looked down shyly making him grin "ab tumhe jana nai hai...??"he asked teasingly to which she blushed and ran out immidiatly "Hayyyee..." he laid straight on bed clossing his eyes "bas kuch pal aur Bracelet..." he whispered still wd closed eyes

4 hours later

Tujh me chupi si
Jo shayari hai...

"Bracelet tum ab tak aayi nai...??" she read his message and shook her head again concentrating on her dresses "Kya pehnu" she spoke confusedely looking at her three dresses when again his message came "Ye Armaan na.." she spoke tierdly and read his msg

"Bracelet reply kyun nai kar rahi??" she read and held her head "kya karun main inka" she shook her head and replied his message

"Aa rahi hun...bas dress select kar rahi hun" she send's and again took her dress to try on herself when his message popped

"Uski jarurat nai...tum apne wardrobe k niche wale shelf pe dekho waha kuch hai tumhare liye...aur jaldi aao" she read smiling at his gesture

"Fine..." replying his message she moved inside wardrobe and picked that gift moving out "Armaan na..." she smiled while sitting on bed she opened the gift and left surprised seeing the dress coz she thought he has gifted a saari but no he gifted a dress wd big golden earings "Wow!!!" she whispered smilingly and picked that dress in her hands seeing it properly


"I luv u Armaan..." she spoke excitedly trying the dress on herself and wdin an hour she got ready and looked at herself in mirror the dress was simple it was navy blue and white in color wd peacock design in b/w and orange border the earrings were perfectly matching her dress her hairs were left opened she has applied mascara in her eyes and on her lips a light pink lipstick wd lip-gloss her one hand were full wd some golden bangles and on other a simple golden watch she looked herself from head to toe right to left smilingly the dress was perfectly fitted on her how did he choosed this?? how he guessed her size?? she thought "aap kaise samajh jaate ho mujhe kya pasand hai Armaan.." she whispered softly tracing his pic which was kept on dressing table "kash keh paati ki aapse pyaar hai...par aaj to soch liyaa hai ki keh k rahungi chahe kuch b ho aap haa kaho yaa nai...after all kal Valentines hai...pyaar ka din...vaise ye itna maine nai rakhta mere liye but...mani chahti hun ye khas ho...kyun ki ye mere pehle pyaar ka pehla Valentine hai" she whispered lovingly while kissing his pic when again his message popped "Aa rahi ho ki khud aaun lene" she giggled as she read and texted him

Tujhko sunaaon
Mai zarra...haayee re..

"Jarurat nai hai...main khud aa jaungi" and picking her purse she moved out when "To plzzz Madam jaldi aanye...I m waiting" she read and smiled today she is very happy coz today no cards from that Eternal Aashiq and second the KISS & the gift from Armaan "So wait..." she texted him when

"Wow!! kya lag rahi hai..." Aditi commented seeing Shilpa decending from stairs making her blush

"Not more then you..." she replied wd teasing smile as she came infront of Aditi who wore a beautiful green and black shiffon saari

"Ho gaya ab chale.." Aditi spoke wd fake anger making Shilpa nod in YES

"Acha jaldi aane ki koshish karna...aur Aditi beta tum specially dhyaan dena apna ...thik hai ab jao" Ananya warned to which they both nodded and she went from there wd Shao Pao in her hands

"Chale Shilpa" Aditi asked slowly to which she smiled and moved towards the door following Shilpa behind when

"Kahin...main sirf wait na karta rahun aur tum...aao na" she read his message and giggled

"Kyun hass rahi hai...chal baith" Aditi asked while opening the car door

"Kuch...nai ...baithti hun" she fumbled and opened the car's door when

"See tumne to mere message ka b jawab nai diya very bad" she read his message and texted him

"Aa rahi hun zyada wait nai karna padega...bye" and sat in passenger seat while Aditi started the car when "Dekhte hai..." she shook her head as she readed his message and kept the phone inside her purse


@ Royal Club

Pyaar me sau uljhane hai
Pyaar mat karna...

Armaan sang the song while keeping his chin on his arms and stood up making everyone cheer for him wearing a white crisp shirt wd jeans and white shoes he was looking handsome

Jeene marne ka koi
Izhar mat karna...

Dev sang while shaking Rahul by his shoulder and moved in middle of the stage where already dancers were dancing

Pyaar me lekin
Vaade aur Kasme b hoti hai...

Armaan climbed on the table showing promise sign wd his hands looking at everyone who were hooting for him

Lekin kasme vaade
Vo baad me rote hai...

He jumped infront of Muskaan grabbing her hand he made her swirl who smacked him while holding her head

Pyaar me sau
Uljhane hai pyaar mat karna
Jeene marne ka koi
Izhaar mat karna...

Dev sang while dancing wd boys taking Rahul wd him who denied but they dragg him on the floor

Chahat ki baaton me
Samjho to fir dokha hai...

Armaan sat on a chair from its back side keeping his hands on the chair's head and looked at everyone in fake symphytically look

Ye baatein sunne se
Apne dil ko humne to roka hai...


Armaan stood on the chair and decended wd it normally coming beside Dev who high fived him and they both danced wd their group and Sanjeevani gang

Pyaar me sau uljhane hai
Pyaar mat jarna
Jeene marne ka koi
Izhar mat karna

Everyone was dancing and enjoying the song making like circle and that time Aditi and Shilpa arrived Aaysha waved them making Aditi move towards her leaving Shilpa standing there looking at Armaan who was dancing wd Muskaan happily No no she was not jealous wd her instead she was confused coz listening the song and Armaan's happy behavior

"Kahin main koi galti to nai karungi...Armaan ko keh kar...ki main unse pyaar karti hun" she thought in her heart staring him "nai Shilpa ek gaane se thodi prove hota hai... ki wo kya sochte hai...tu bhul gayi...Armaan ka reaction teri taraf ek care se zyada hai...aur vo kisses unko kya kahegi tu" her heart reminded her "isse ye sabit nai hota ki vo isse pyaar karte hai...come on Shilpa vo Husband hai tera...aur uper se ek ladka...kyun ki India mein zyadatar Husbands to bina pyaar k shuru ho jaate hai...infact 99% aisa hi hota hai" her mind warned her and she moved at one corner table "haa hota hai ye to main b manti hun...par tu kyun bhul rahi hai ki Armaan ne aaj tak vo Husband wala move to liya hi nai" her heart made a sense in her "Yehi to point hai isse ye saabit hota hai...yaa to usse isme interest nai yaa fir is rishte ko isse aage badhana nai chahta" her mind triggered her making her tired of their battling

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