Thursday, 15 June 2017

part 27 : Sirf Tum


Ye do dilo kaa waastaa

"Ufff!!" she held her head on her palm here she was getting mad but from our hero side he was lost in her beauty since the tym he had saw her he was talking wd Rahul when his eyes landed on her who was moving towards the corner table he noticed her every feature and expressions which was making her cute he was mesmerized by her the dress was perfectly fitting on her he only knows when first tym his eyes landed on this dress which caught his attention and immidiatly her face flashed in his eyes he had already decided to gift her something for their confession so bought this and imagining her size and everything it perfectly fitted her he smiled and wd slow steps moved towards her

"Mann karta hai kiss karlun...par ye itna kya sochke pareshaan hai" he thought and took a seat beside her who had closed her eyes while holding her head "Ye phool mere liye hai..??" he asked wd teasing smile which made her alert and she looked at the roses which she had bought for her confession which was placed on table

"Nai...nai bilkul ammm haa ...Muskaan k liye hai" she fumbled and at last lied which made him grin

"Ooo to uske break up Party... pe tum roses dogi usse" he asked cheekily while tapping on table to which she gave sheep-less smile and looked down biting her lower lip "Aur ye ek rose k petals kyun tute hue hai??" he asked frowningly while picking rose petals on his hand which she had done when she was trying to found her answer through this which came as a NO for her and it made her more upset

"Vo...vo tympass kar rahi thi" she some how answered "plz aur kuch na puche...aur chup chap yaha se chale jaye..varna main chilla dungi...vaise b main apne aape mein nai hun" she thought

"Tch...tympass k liye phool hi tod diye...mujhe de least main ise Valentine gift samajhta" he answered wd cute pout which made her look at him

"Aap le lete??" she asked surprisingly to which he grinned

"Haa..kyun nai..tum deti aur main nai leta..impossible" he spoke wd wicked smile seeing her innocent look

"Sach mein??" she asked doubtfully to which he smirked while playing wd the petals

Khulke bataya
Jaaaye naa...

"Haa... never ever underestimate me...kya pata jo tum soch rahi ho... vaisa kuch ho hi na...aur jo tumhare dil mein ho vo ho" he spoke meaningfully which she didn't catched when

"Waah Armaan kya gana gaya tune...bilkul mast pyaar mein sau uljhane hai sahi kaha" Atul came and took a seat infront if them following Nikki behind who sat beside Atul

"Haa sab bakwas.." Nikki made a face making boys to high five whereas our lady was lost

"Jab yehi sab karna kyaa jarurat thi mere paas baithne ki huh " she thought and turned her face towards other side "tune notice kiyaa inhone to teri taaif b nai ki" her mind spoke making her more angry

"Acha ek gaana gaa na plz tujhe sunne ka mann kar raha hai" Nikki requested

"Abee Oye free baitha hun kya..." he spoke strictly to which they both pleaded and he was left wd no choice "fine gata hun..." he raised his hands and looked at Shilpa who was looking lost "Ye chand sa roshan chehra zulfo ka rang neel sunheri aankhe...aankho ka rang hai gehra...taarif karun kya uski jisne tumhe banaya" he sang wd sly smile on his face making her look at him frowningly she gave him what's 'going-on-look' "Ishaaro ishaaro me ...dil lene wale bata ye hunar tune sikha kaha se..." he sang and Shilpa looked down whereas other two clapped

"Is he flirting wd me??" she asked herself mentally

"Acha ek Shilpa k liye" Nikki spoke excietedly making him to look at her

" mat gana tu hi to meri dost hai" she prayed in her heart looking at him who was staring at her wd small smile "Shilpa aur kuch sunne se pehle uth yaha se" she thought and was about to stand when

Subhaan alllah
Jo ho raha hai
Pehli dafa hai...

"Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana...dheere dheere se dil ko churana" he sang looking at the roses which was in his hands making her stared at him hopefully coz it is her favorite song "Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jane jaana...tumse milkar tumko hai batana" he sang and looked at her who looked down immediately making him stopped

"Wow" they both clapped making him smile

"Kyaa Armaan sachme...mujhse Pyaar ye kaise ho sakta hai" she thought when

"Wow!! Pyaar pe believe nai karte hue b tu itna acha gata hai" Atul patted his shoulder making him closed his eyes and Shilpa again came back on her track

"Tujhe Sid bula raha tha jaa.." Armaan pointed at side making Atul to look at it when he requested Nikki to take him away from here to which she giggled and nodded in YES

"Atul chal batati hun" Nikki took him wd her and Armaan looked at her

"See kya kaha tha" her mind mocked at her when he thought to start a conversation

"Acha Bracelet apna haath dikhana..." he spoke normally while taking her left hand in his making her frowned "ye hamari Engagement ring haina..??" he asked slowly tracing the ring which brought a small smile on her face they both were staring down on there holded hands

Aisa huaa...

"Haa.." she replied smilingly when,he slowly carefully took her ring out from her finger making her shocked she looked up at him for answer

"Vo...jab saath pura ring ka kya faida...tumhe yaad hai maine tumhe bahot pehle kyaa kaha main hamari shaadi ko sirf ek saal dunga...but hamari shaadi ko ek saal se zyada tym ho gaya but still no improvement" he spoke slowly staring at her who had a hurt look on her face" so ye dikhawa kyun..." he whispered to which she didn't said anything and removed her hands from his hold and stared at her empty finger on which the ring was shinning few minutes ago he was staring at her face "Bas kuch daer aur Bracelet" he thought and tried to divert her mind "Vaise aaj tumhare Eternal Aashiq ki taraf se koi card nai aaya" he asked teasingly which put more fuel in fire

"Pata nai aaj phone nai kiya nai pata" she spoke sarcastically which made him amused by her sudden comment and hidding his smiled he pulled his chair more closer to her

"Really tumhare paas uska number hai...tumne mujhe nai bataya...tch Pati ki to koi value hi nai hai" he spoke wd fake hurt look which made her more angry

"Nai Shilpa control urself...don't burst plzzz...chillana mat" her heart warned but she had already lost her control so "O Really Pati ko parvah hai...nai to nai bataya" and she blasted on him but her voice was low so no one heard this "aur aage bataungi b nai" she spoke angrily and went from there leaving him stunned


Subhaan alllah
Jo ho raha hai
Pehli dafa hai...

" nai socha tha" he mummbled and thought to follow her

"Gadhi idiot...aise koi chillata hai...bina baat k kitna bura laga hoga unko..par kya karti pehle ring nikal liya fir vo baat " she whispered angrily while holding her head and wiped her tears which she was holding since he removed the ring from her finger and moved towards parking lot when

"Bracelet kya hua??" he asked worriedly as he made her turned towards him to which she stared at his cute face and hugged him tightly

"I am sorry...Armaan..." she whispered hugging him tightly who hugged her back

"Its ok...par hua kya??" he asked lovingly

"Vo...vo bas mera...sar dukh raha hai" she replied nervously while parting making him worried

"Kyaa?? sar...pehle kyun nai bataya...chalo ghar chalte hai" he spoke worriedly grabing her wrist

"Nai...aap yehi raho...main jaati hun" she cuts him and he understood her inner feeling

"Vaise Bracelet... aisa kya soch rahi thi ki sar dukh raha hai" he asked teasingly making her nervous

"Kuch nai... bas mujhe ghar jana hai" she ignored his teasing comment making him grin "Aaj tu khote khote rehti apne Pyaar ko" her heart spoke

Aisaa huaa...

"Acha thik hai...main Rehaan ko bolta hun tumhe ghar chod de" he spoke looking for Rehaan but his comment made her head snapped

"Kitna bada bewkoof hai...apni Wife ko kisi aur k saath bhej raha b nai chalo main ghar chod dun...ek baar mana kar diya to pucha b nai" she cursed him mentally when Aditi came following Dev behind

"By God ! tu yahan hai...aur main tujhe kahan kahan nai dhundh rahi thi" Aditi scolded Shilpa

"Aree yaar in Madam ka sar dukh raha hai" Armaan answered

"To fir chalo ghar chalte hai kyun ki Aditi ko bore ho raha tha" Dev spoke tierdly

"Haa thik hai tum log jao... mujhe kuch kaam hai aata hun" Armaan replied and left wdout bidding bye. Shilpa sat in car's back seat angrily and Dev , Aditi moved towards the car when "Dev..." he called to which he moved towards him "Sunnn..." and he whispered something in his ear

"Sach mein..." he asked happily to which Armaan nodded wd coy smile

Subhaan alllah
Jo ho raha hai
Pehli dafa hai
Wallah aisa huaa...

"Fine main kar dunga...tu jaa apna kaam kar... bye" he spoke while patting his back and Armaan walked inside the club where as Dev started the car and stopped at a ice cream parlour and forcefully took Shilpa inside wd them talking some random things they returned after 30 min in Malik Mansion


Hai tu
kaha kaha hai tu...

"Acha sunnn..." Aditi called Shilpa who was just about to go towards her room whereas Dev was already entered in his room "All the best..." she hugged her tightly making her frown "Dekh ab bhagna mat...aur jo aaye use dil se accept karna...bina kuch soche samjhe...thik hai" she spoke slowly

"Main kuch samjhi nai..." Shilpa asked confusedely

"Samajh jaygi...subhe baat karungi bye" she smiled and walked from there making her walk towards her room confusedely

"Aditi kehna kya chahti thi..." she mumbled while locking her room and sat on bed "Jo b ho...aaj to Shao Pao b so gaya Mummiji k saath...aur main fir akeli reh gayi" removing her sandals she laid straight "socha tha aaj keh dungi apni feelings Armaan se...but vo Akdu Malik Sanjeevani ka Maalik.. apne hi dhun mein hota hai meri to koi fikar hi nai huh!" she spoke angrily when her cell rang and she picked "Hello!!" she spoke closing her eyes tightly


"Bracelet...suno na..." Armaan spoke immidiatly as she recieved his call and her eyes flew opened hearing his voice making her sat up "meri ek file na main vo garden wale room mein bhul aaya...kya tum usme likhe Patient ka naam bata sakti ho plzz" he requested in certain urgency

"Nai mujhe nind aa rahi hai aap khud aake dekh lo" she spoke angrily making him smile

"Bracelet main kaise aa sakta hun...tumhi dekh lo na" he spoke loudly

"Kyun Club mein jaa sakte ho...ghar aakar file nai dekh sakte" she retorted "aur vaise b aap to Club mein ho to file ki kya jarurat" she spoke nonchantly

"Doctor hun emergency aa sakti hai... Bracelet tym waste mat karo...kisi ki zindagi aur maut ka sawal hai...agar tum room mein nai aai" he spoke desparatly seeing at his watch making her thought for it

"Dekh Shilpa tu Armaan se gussa hai...unke Patients se dede" her heart spoke to which she agreed "Fine..." she pouted "but I hate you" she spoke angrily making him smile

"Vo to kuch daer mein dekh lenge" he replied wd an smirk but she cuts his call and moved towards the Heaven


Aajaun mai
Jahan hai tu...

"Offo!! ye door knob kyun nai khul raha" she was trying to open the door but it was stuck and wd lots of force it opened up and as she entered she found it dark but wd some soft lights it was candles "Kya ye maine kiyaa...par main to aai hi nai thi yaha" she whispered scardely and a step further when a light shine's on side wall on which a screen showed in which it was written

"Jab tumhe pehli baar dekha... to socha nai tha ki tum meri life me...tufan ki tarah aaogi...aur mujhe hila k rakh dogi...uper se lekar niche tak...sirf tumhara asar tha... na tumhare ilawa koi sujhta koi dikhta ehsaas nai tha kuch hai dil mein"

"Ye line to ..." she thought and her heartbeat raised it was the same line from that Eternal Aashiq then again a slide came again

"Jab ehsaas hua kuch hai dil mein tumhare tum dur jaa chuki thi.. tumhare dur jaane se pagal ho gaya tha... aur jab tum paas aayi to socha... ki ab keh dunga..but tumhari ik baat se ruk gaya..." then next slide followed

"Tumhari us baat se tut gaya tha... aur soch liya tha tumhe bhula dunga...but tumhi ne khud mujhe apni taraf khicha...aur mujhe laga ki tumhe paane k liye tumhi ko hi majboor karna padega" a shock took over her seeing the next slide

"Tumhe majboor karne k liye...kya kya nai kiya...kitni kitabe padhi pyaar ki sirf tumhare liye...aur tumhari wajah se sab thik kiyaa...fir tum karib aayi mai janta tha tum kch feel karti ho mere liye...aur fir vo hua jiska intezar mai kabse kar raha tha..." then came nxt slide "Trust me wo pal mere liye sabse khaas tha...fir tumse dur jaana pada..vaha jaana mere liye sabse mushkil tha spcly tumhare bina rehna...aur fir tumhare ek jawab ne...mera dil firse tod diya...maine decide kar liya tha ki ab kch nai karunga...aur ab tumhe hi karna padega..."and then nxt slide making her stunned

"Aur fir kya mere bina kahe tum karib aati gayi...maine bahot koshish ki tumse dur rehne ki but har baar tum aur karib aati gayi...mujhe itna to ehsaas ho gaya tum mere liye kch feel karti ho...ku ki tumhara mere karib khud hi aana ye saboot tha..." and last the last line of that slide

Is dil me
Dhadkano me...


"Kya tumhe pata hai...mai sab kch jaanta hu tumhare baare me...infact ye tumne khud bataya mujhe...bas vo nai jaan paaya jo janana tha...but mai janta hun uska b intezar zyada nai karna padega..." and then the lights went off but she had guessed who could be this and before she can say something the lights came fully making her look at the decoration which was same like her decoration which she did for proposing Armaan the same white curtains wd lights shining on it and also the lights were on plants there were bouquets of roses and sunflowers wd white lillis and orchids on middle of the bed put chocolate boxes everything just like she did to Propose him but it is a little different from her coz there is no red light to the big I LOVE YOU and also the room had dim light not white which she did for him "Armaan...par kaise...??" she whispered softly wd moist eyes staring at the room trying to adjust this which her heart was saying its him! it by him! she was staring when rose patels fell from up making her look at it she forwarded her hands to see it wd confused look when a cool air came towards her from the window when

Hai tu hi tu...

"Aur mera intezar khatam..." she heared his deep voice becoming startled by it and looked at front where he was approaching towards her wd slow steps making her heart beat raced "Finally vo din aa gaya...jiska mujhe wait main dekhna chahta tha aaj dekha .." he stood infront of her still the flowers were falling on them "Tumhari aankhon rishte aur mere liye" he whispered slowly where as she was staring at him wd moist eyes still not believing its him, he is the Eternal Aashiq? how did he knew about the decorations which she had destroyed on new year eve? and much important he is in love wd her? so much questions ringing on her head but she can't ask this questions coz she has still not recovered from the shock

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