Saturday, 17 June 2017

part 28 : Sirf Tum

Jahan hai tu...

"Offo!! ye door knob kyun nai khul raha" she was trying to open the door but it was stuck and wd lots of force it opened up and as she entered she found it dark but wd some soft lights it was candles "Kya ye maine kiyaa...par main to aai hi nai thi yaha" she whispered scardely and a step further when a light shine's on side wall on which a screen showed in which it was written

"Jab tumhe pehli baar dekha... to socha nai tha ki tum meri life me...tufan ki tarah aaogi...aur mujhe hila k rakh dogi...uper se lekar niche tak...sirf tumhara asar tha... na tumhare ilawa koi sujhta koi dikhta ehsaas nai tha kuch hai dil mein"

"Ye line to ..." she thought and her heartbeat raised it was the same line from that Eternal Aashiq then again a slide came again

"Jab ehsaas hua kuch hai dil mein tumhare tum dur jaa chuki thi.. tumhare dur jaane se pagal ho gaya tha... aur jab tum paas aayi to socha... ki ab keh dunga..but tumhari ik baat se ruk gaya..." then next slide followed

"Tumhari us baat se tut gaya tha... aur soch liya tha tumhe bhula dunga...but tumhi ne khud mujhe apni taraf khicha...aur mujhe laga ki tumhe paane k liye tumhi ko hi majboor karna padega" a shock took over her seeing the next slide

"Tumhe majboor karne k liye...kya kya nai kiya...kitni kitabe padhi pyaar ki sirf tumhare liye...aur tumhari wajah se sab thik kiyaa...fir tum karib aayi mai janta tha tum kch feel karti ho mere liye...aur fir vo hua jiska intezar mai kabse kar raha tha..." then came nxt slide "Trust me wo pal mere liye sabse khaas tha...fir tumse dur jaana pada..vaha jaana mere liye sabse mushkil tha spcly tumhare bina rehna...aur fir tumhare ek jawab ne...mera dil firse tod diya...maine decide kar liya tha ki ab kch nai karunga...aur ab tumhe hi karna padega..."and then nxt slide making her stunned

"Aur fir kya mere bina kahe tum karib aati gayi...maine bahot koshish ki tumse dur rehne ki but har baar tum aur karib aati gayi...mujhe itna to ehsaas ho gaya tum mere liye kch feel karti ho...ku ki tumhara mere karib khud hi aana ye saboot tha..." and last the last line of that slide

Is dil me
Dhadkano me...

"Kya tumhe pata hai...mai sab kch jaanta hu tumhare baare me...infact ye tumne khud bataya mujhe...bas vo nai jaan paaya jo janana tha...but mai janta hun uska b intezar zyada nai karna padega..." and then the lights went off but she had guessed who could be this and before she can say something the lights came fully making her look at the decoration which was same like her decoration which she did for proposing Armaan the same white curtains wd lights shining on it and also the lights were on plants there were bouquets of roses and sunflowers wd white lillis and orchids on middle of the bed put chocolate boxes everything just like she did to Propose him but it is a little different from her coz there is no red light to the big I LOVE YOU and also the room had dim light not white which she did for him "Armaan...par kaise...??" she whispered softly wd moist eyes staring at the room trying to adjust this which her heart was saying its him! it by him! she was staring when rose patels fell from up making her look at it she forwarded her hands to see it wd confused look when a cool air came towards her from the window when

Hai tu hi tu...

"Aur mera intezar khatam..." she heared his deep voice becoming startled by it and looked at front where he was approaching towards her wd slow steps making her heart beat raced "Finally vo din aa gaya...jiska mujhe wait main dekhna chahta tha aaj dekha .." he stood infront of her still the flowers were falling on them "Tumhari aankhon rishte aur mere liye" he whispered slowly where as she was staring at him wd moist eyes still not believing its him, he is the Eternal Aashiq? how did he knew about the decorations which she had destroyed on new year eve? and much important he is in love wd her? so much questions ringing on her head but she can't ask this questions coz she has still not recovered from the shock


Hai jaan tu
Jahan hai tu...

"Kya tumhe pata hai tum mere liye kya ho... sabse badhkar ho tum... tum ho to main hun varna main kuch b nai" he whispered softly holding her hand firmly where as a tear fell from her eyes "tumhe kisi aur k saath is liye nai dekh sakta...kyun ki tum sirf meri ho" he whispered wd intensity while wiping her tear from his thumb "tum mujhe har jagah is liye chahiye kyun ki I can't live wdout u and I can't share u wd anyone...not even wd Aditi" he spoke seriously pulling her closer by her hands where as she sniffed "kya tumhe pata hai tumhare liye mujhe kitni mehnat karni padi..." he spoke wd moist eyes while a smile was playing on his lips remembering how he tried everything to grab her attention

Mai hoon jahan
Waha hai tu...
"Flight tak chodni padi..." he chuckled still wd moist eyes while she was still not believing "Kya hua believe nai ho raha" he asked slowly to which she nodded in YES still wd wet eyes making him smile "Main Armaan Malik.." he moved some steps back "Aaj ye confess karta hun ki..." he kneeled down infront of her making her stare at him "MAIN TUMSE BAHOOT PYAAR KARTA HUN APNE AAP SE ZYADA...SABSE ZYADA...APNI IS ZINDAGI SE ZYADA" he stratched his hand wide staring at her who was trying not to cry by bitting her lower lip

Kaise tujhe bataduun

"I know main tumhare Allu Arjun se zyada handsome nai hun...but usse kam b nai hun...main to tumhe shaadi k liye b propose nai kar sakta...kyun ki hum already married hai varna vo b kar deta...tum nai janti jitna maine tumhara wait kiya hai...utna to koi boyfriend b nai karta apni GF k liye...but tum meri life... mera sab kuch ho Bracelet...I know tum mujhse pyaar karti ho but ek baar sunna chahta hun say you love me" he whispered looking at her and grabbed her hands to which she cried

Kya kya hai tu...

"Kya hua nai bologi aaj b..." he asked hopefully staring at her who cried more and kneeled infront of him wdin a second he was hugged by her tightly who was now crying making him hugged her back more tightly pulling her closer to him her cries were turning in hiccups now making him caress her back

Yaar hai tu
Pyaar hai tu...

"I LOVE U BRACELET I LOVE U VERY MUCH...I LOVE U" he whispered still hugging her who hugged him more by hiding her face in his crook of the neck and after few minutes he parted he looked at her who looked down "Say u luv me..." he pulled her by her shoulder towards him making her fist her hands on his chest whereas she was just staring him "Say..." he ordered and a tear fell from her corner of eyes

"I hate u...I hate u" she whispered softly making him frown who pulled her more closer

Aarzoo tu
Zoostaju tu...

"I know u love me..." he spoke wd full confidence to which she nodded in NO "I know Bracelet" he smiled to which she stood up and he stood too "Tum keh kyu nai deti ki tum mujhse pyaar karti ho" he pulled her closer by her waist

"Nai karti..." she replied looking at another side still in his arms

"Karti ho..." he spoke wd a grin

"Nai karti..."she argued

Zindagi tu
Bandagi tu...

"Main karta hun...aur ye pura kamra tumse pyaar karta hai" he spoke slowly making her frown when he pick his cell and the lights got off

"Armaan..." she whispered scardly moving closer to him while keeping her both hands on his chest when few red lesar lights shined in room showing I LOVE YOU sighn everywhere in the room she was surprised looking at every corner of the room whereas he was only staring at her when suddenly again the lights came she looked at him who kissed on her cheek making her shy


Rab mera tu
Sab mera tu...

"Ab to kehdo..." he pleaded to which she nodded in NO "kyun??" he whined

"Kyun ki I hate...u" she spoke wd anger

"Aap...aap I hate u..."she moved away from him

"Kyun??" he asked calmly

"Kyun ki...pehle mujhe kehna tha..." she spoke wd moist eyes making him smile

"To keh deti...kisne roka tha" he spoke wd a grin while pulling her closer by her waist again caging her in his arms who played wd his shirt button looking down

"I hate u..." she whispered to which he pulled her more closer "Aapne kehne nai diya..." she looked up at him

Aadhi adhoori jaisi
Lagti hai zindagani...

"Maine??...infact maine to hamesha kaha keh do jo dil mein ho..." he spoke calmly which made her to think about his words where he always hinted her

"Haa...fir b I hate u" she whispered while keeping her head on his chest who smiled

"Bracelet...tum pehli ladki sorry Wife hogi jo apne confession pe itna ro rahi ho...plz keh do... u love me" he whispered softly making her looked up at him by cupping her face who looked at him lovingly

"Armaan..." she whispered slowly and he nodded

"Haa Armaan to main hun..." he smiled brushing his nose wd hers making her smile

"I...luv...u...too.." she whispered wd thudding heart and as she said his eyes became moist "Armaan..." she yelled not feeling her feets on floor coz he had lifted her up by her knees

Jo saath me
Mere na tu...

"Say again..." he whispered staring up at her who looked down at him holding him by his shoulder

"I luv u... main aapse bahot pyaar karti hun" she smiled touching his forehead wd her's where as he smiled wd moist eyes and she kissed on his cheeks one by one

"I luv u too..." he whispered as he drops her feet down while cupping her face who hugged him they both can feel each others heart beat and after five minutes of silence they parted "ab..." he asked wd a grin to which she smiled and asked wd her eyes about the arangement "Ye..." he looked around and then at her "baad me batata hun...pehle.." he spoke calmly and lifted her up

"Armaan...niche utariye..." she requested gripping his shirt tightly and closed her eyes

"Tumhe...niche utarne k liye thodi uthata hun...par agar keh rahi ho to thik hai" he replied making her sat on bed and he sat beside her taking her hand in his "Hmmm...ab hamari baat..." he smiled pulling her closer to him and she blushed "Tell me u luv me ??" he asked kissing her cheek

"Armaan...kitni baar kahun.." she asked looking at him while he hugged her tightly from behind

Karte hai har gadhi hum
Khudse baate tumhaari...

"Vo kya haina tumhara koi bharosa nai...kab mukad jao..." he spoke teasingly making her smack him on his chest lightly

"Main yaa aap..."she spoke wid fake anger

"Acha main...jhuti vo tum kabhi b mukar sakti ho...infact agar main nai kehta to tum kabhi nai kehti" he pointed

"Hawww...infact main karne wali thi...but aapki wajah se nai kaha...kyun ki aapko...believe nai tha Pyaar pe" she spoke angrily and crossed her arms

"Excuse me!...mujhe nai tumhe believe nai tha...isiliye maine nai kaha kabhi...aur kya maine tumse kabhi I dont believe in luv ..." he asked angrily to which she looked at him angrily and sat on her knees

"Kya maine kabhi kaha??" she also asked in same tone while pointing finger at him

"Offcourse...vo tum hi thi kehti thi...mujhe sirf ek hi pyaar pe yakeen hai... vo sirf Maa ka pyaar" he mimicked her to which she glared

"Haa par tab ki baat alag thi..aur ab alag" she replied while sitting back at her original position

" ki baat alag thi...but trust me main to tumhe shuru se pyaar karta hun" he hugged her from behind keeping his chin on her shoulder who looked down hearing this

"Sach mein..." she asked turning her face towards him who nodded in YES innocently and their cute argument ends there "Kabse??" she asked softly to which he pretened to think something still hugging her

"Ammm...kal..." he spoke slowly but seeing her pouted lips he smiled "Hamesha se..." he kissed on her cheek but his words made her emotional

"To pehle kyun nai bataya...??" she spoke in fake anger but her eyes were moist while facing him and smacking him on his chest which he grabbed


Hardam khayaalon me
Hai tu...

"Acha agar pehle bataya tum meri taraf dekhti b nai...aur dur chali jaati...haina" he asked softly staring at her who looked down nodding in YES "So isi liye wait kiyaa...tumhara...aur jab yakeen ho gaya to keh diyaa" he replied while playing wd her fingers who was only staring at him wd love

"To kab yakeen hua??" she asked slowly staring at their fingers which were entwined

"Hmmm...vaise doubt to mujhe tabse tha...jab main Singapore se Avi-Shagun k shaadi k liye aaya tha...tabse..." he spoke slowly making her look at him

"Aur yakeen??" she asked

" tab b tha jab tumne nashe mein meri taarif ki thi" he chuckled seeing her frowned look "Par pura yakeen tab huaa jab tumne mujhe Propose karne ka set up kiya...but khud nai aai...par main pahuch gaya tha" he informed slowly making her eyes big

"Kyaa??? Kaise??Kab???" she asked shockingly trying to move away but he didn't let her

"Vo kya haina...Wify tum to mujhe bula kar bhul gayi thi but main nai...jab tum achanak Party se chali gayi thi...main tumhe dhundhne k liye wahan gaya...aur" he stated slowly staring at her who was only looking at him "Aur I am impressed wd ur proposing style...tum nai janti us waqt meri halat kya thi" he whispered softly and told when he entered in room he left surprised to see the decoration he looked at the curtains the flowers the room fragrance it was making him crazy about her

"Ye Bracelet...kaha gayi..." he whispered slowly and looked at the decorations "par isne itna set up kyun kiya hai...but its amazing" he spoke to himself when his eyes landed on card he picked "Agar aapko janana hai ki...main kaha hun to vo phool dhundho jo duniyaa ko roshni deta ho..." he read and smile came on his lips " treasure hunt...khelna chahti hai Miss Bracelet...intresting" he smirked and moved to search the flower excietedly "Vo phool jo duniya ko roshni deta ho...konsa konsa" he started thinking and then clicked "Sunflowers" he spoke and moved towards it seeing a card was hidden behind it he picked "Vo plant jo sabse keemti hai...but fir b use becho to koi keemat nai" he read and got confused "Keemti hai par keemat nai...goshhh Bracelet kahan kahan se lekar aati hai aise tricky questions" he spoke thinkingly while roaming here and there when his eyes landed on money plant "offcourse...yehi to hai" he spoke excietedly and found that last card he picked "Last... clue vo chiz jo sabko pasand hai mujhe chodke" he read and frowned after guessing many times it clicked him "Roses..." he smiled and moved towards it and saw a remote wd a card picking it "Press the button red...and you wud find me" he read and wd excieted heart he pressed the button and immidiatly rose petals fell on him while the lights were got off when suddenly on big screen flashed some lights and showed I seeing this his heart beat got fast Luv his eyes got welled up U and shock took over him he fell on his knees seeing it "I know..." he smiled wd tears and cried hidding his face in his palms happily "Bracelet...Bracelet..." he whispered and stood up to see her "see maine dhundh liya ab to aa jao" he called loudly searching her everywhere but didn't found her like a desparate lover he searched her in whole house but didn't found her and panic took over him then Aditya informed him she was wd Aaysha

"Aur jab maine tumhari condition dekhi...mujhe samajh nai aaya kya karun...aur jab ghar aaya raat ko room khola to sab kuch alag tha kuch nai tha vaha..." he spoke slowly where as she looked down "mujhe laga kuch to gadbad hai...aur tumhara changing behavior saboot tha ki kuch to hua hai... aur" he cupped her face "Decide kar liya ki pata laga k rahunga baat kya hai...aur isi liye ye sab plan kiya" he spoke wd a smile to which a tear drop from her eyes "ab bataogi...kya huaa tha" he asked wiping her tear

"Vo usdin Party mein..." she whispered softly and narrated that which made him cracked up "Armaan...aap hass rahe hai" she pouted

"Hassu nai to kya karun..." He controlled his laugh and informed about Atul's story to which she became shocked

"Hawww matlab...maine do mahine aise hi waste kar diye" she spoke angrily to which he nodded in YES and again laughed to which she started beating him wd pillows

"Aree kya hua..." he asked defending himself from the pillow

"Iska matlab vo Eternal Aashiq aap thae...bas mujhe pareshaan kar rahe thae" she spoke angrily and again started beating him who grab her hands and pulled her closer to him caging her in his arms

"Toh...aur kaun hoga...varna mujhe kya pagal kutte ne kata hai jo main sacrifice karunga vo b apni Wife ko" he spoke calmly still holding her

"Armaan...toh vo cards aapne diye thae...matlab vo sab kuch aap??" she asked angrily smacking lightly on his chest

"Haa...acha udhar dekho..." he smiled while pointing at a corner where that big teddy wd the cards which was kept on a table and the teddy was holding 'I luv u...Bracelet' making her smile "tumne to unhe accept nai kiyaa...but main janta tha jab tumhe pata chalega...tum jarur sochogi unke baare mein" he spoke softly to which she looked at him lovingly

"Armaan..." she whispered when he kept his palm on her eyes making her frowned "kya kar rahe aap??" she asked trying to remove his palm

"Sshhh..." he shushed her after a second she felt something on her lap and he removed his palm "Kholo ise..." he gestured to open that book which was on her lap she looked down and opened that book hessistatly finding two roses wd a card she opened it excietedly and left surprised seeing the same card which she had kept in his locker wd the same roses which has became slight dry

Aaja tujhe bataduun

"Armaan ye to...vo" looked up at him wd moist eyes who smiled

"Haa...tumhe kya laga..meri Bracelet aur main naa lun...impossible" he whispered softly kissing her cheek making her close her eyes "sabse pehle mil gayi thi ye...but socha tumhara reaction tum mujhse kitna pyaar karti ho" he whispered while keeping the book aside and taking her hands in his "aur trust me..." he cupped her face making her close her eyes "tumne mujhe dissappoint nai kiyaa.." he kissed her nose and she opened her eyes

" Eternal Aashiq kyun aapne le liya??" she asked angrily

" usme saaf saaf likha tumne tumhare Pati k liye rakhi thi...but tumhare Aashiq ne le I am ur Aashiq na sweetheart" he spoke lovingly to which she pouted

"I hate u..." she yelled

"And I luv u" he also yelled and kissed on her cheek making her smile "See u also luv me..." he pointed to which she nodded in YES and kissed on his cheek making him smile broad "I know u luv my dimples" he spoke teasingly to which she frowned "Oh...haa tumhe bataya nai naa ki tumne nashe mein mujhe kyaa kyaa kaha tha aur kya kya kiya tha" he smirked to which she looked at him

"Kyaa kyaa??" she asked nervously and he made her sit and hugged her from behind while narrating everything about that night except the Ansh topic and her thinkings coz he didn't wanted to spoil this moment "Kyaa maine aisa kiya??" she asked stunnedly

"Nai vo nakhun maine khud maare thae" he spoke sarcastically to which she blushed "Vaise mujhe nai pata tha tum itni wild ho...mujhe lekar" he spoke teasingly making her red


Paas aa tujhe bataduun

"Armaan..." she spoke warningly but still controling her blush

"Haa Armaan ki jaan..." he grinned while hugging her tightly from behind they both were enjoying the silence when she whispered his name "Hmmm..." he whispered still hugging her and his head was on her shoulder

"Aapko mujhse pehli baar pyaar kab huaa??" she asked slowly to which he opened his eyes and looked at her who was now staring at him by turning her head towards him

"Tumhe pehli baar dekhte hi...mujhe tumse pyaar ho gaya...haa ehsaas tumhe khone k baad huaa Kerela mein...aur jab tum apne ghar Holi pe gayi thi tab yekeen ho gaya tha" he whispered softly to which she smiled and turned herself towards him

Kaise tujhe bataduun

"I am sorry..."she spoke making him frown "Maine aapko bahot...wai.." but he kept his palm on her lips shutting her up

"Ssshhh...Bracelet pyaar keh kar yaa bulakar nai hota hai...vo to ho jata hai waqt k saath rehte rehte...uspe kisi ki marzi yaa zor nai hota..." he whispered softly staring deep in her eyes "vo ho jata hai jab hona hota hai...agar main tumse keh deta ki I luv u...I know tum use accept kar leti but dil se thoda mehnat aur patience rakh kar tumhara wait kiyaa" he spoke in honest tone while removing his palm making her smile wd tears "Haa vo baat alag hai ki...bhale hi ek saal aur six months ho gaye hamari shaadi ko...wait karte karte tumhara" he smiled to which she pouted and he kissed on her nose making her close her eyes when she felt something on her ring finger she looked down and found her ring was back again on its original place she looked up at him emotionally "Ye is liye nikala tha kyun ki main chahta tha ise abi pehnau...jab hum saath hai tab" he whispered slowly

Kyaa kyaa hai tu
Hai tu...

"Kya aapko pata hai...aap duniyaa k best person ho mere life k" she whispered slowly to which he smiled

"Nai ye nai bataya tha tumne" he spoke wd a teasing smile which made her smile too

"Toh ab bata rahi hun" she spoke lovingly making him smirk

"Acha...tum batao tumhe kab mujhse pyaar huaa??" he nudged her by his shoulder who giggled

"Pata nai...par realize mujhe tab huaa jab aapko chot lagi thi jisdin aap late aaye thae us din" she spoke thinkingly

"I know...mujhe doubt tha..." he spoke to which she looked at him "To yaar usi din keh deti" he asked confusedely

"Acha...jab aapko sab pata aur doubt tha to puch lete..." she spoke wd fake anger "Aur maine is liye nai kaha kyun ki..." she spoke slowly but stopped coz of the answer was her insecurity to loose him and he was waiting for answer and she was confused whether to say or not

"Kyun ki...??" he exclaimed

Yaar hai tu
Pyaa hai tu...

"Kyun ki..." she spoke biting her lower lip making him guessing about her situation

"Fine...let it be...but main itna zarur kahunga Bracelet...main nai chahta hamara koi past hamare future pe effect aaj se no secret b/w us..." he spoke firmly making her looked down

"Main darti hun Armaan...kuch b khone se aapko khone se" she spoke softly holding his shirt tightly while looking down where as he was only staring at her "Main jaldi kisi pe trust nai karna chahti...not even u" she spoke nervously still looking down but her words didn't effected him "bas kuch chizo ki wajah se ye mere liye muskil hai... Armaan koi tha mere life me...jiski wajah se bahot mushkil hai ye mere liye...but trust me hum sirf dost thae aur kuch nai...I know agar main aapko kahungi ki maine meri life mein kabhi kisi ladke se pyaar nai kiya aur...mera kabhi koi boyfriend nai aap nai maanenge...but trust me vo sirf mera acha dost tha but uski kuch harkato aur baato ki wajah se ye mushkil hai..." she didn't dared to look at him who was listening her calmly "aur sirf vohi nai is society ki wajah se b...bachpan se dekha hai sirf rishte tutna...kabhi dhoke laalach aur matlab k liye to kabhi kismat ki wajah se ...isiliye bas sab kuch mushkil hai mere liye...dar lagta hai" she spoke scaredly not informing him about her father's insecurity coz she knew whatever he did only for and only she can understood his feelings not anyone coz they think its domestic its true but for her he is the best coz if he had not kept them safely the devil world had eatten them up and also she didn't wanted to put her father's image down infront of her love coz she love both of them equally

"Bas itna sa hi bharosa hai mujhpar..." he whispered calmly which made her to look at him "I luv u...kaha tha na mujhe farq nai padta tumhare Past se...agar koi hota to b nai...haa is baat ka farq padta agar vo ab hamari life mein...aaye...u know agar koi b mujhse aake kahe ki tumhara koi boyfriend tha yaa tum kisi relation mein thi main nai manta kyun ki I know u...jab tum mujhe accept karne mein itna tym laga rahi thi to hundred percent tumne kabhi kisi ko apne karib aane nai diyaa hoga" he spoke softly making her sniffed "Aur ye main is liye nai keh raha kyun sab tumne mujhe nashe mein bataya infact agar use pehle b koi puchta to main yehi kehta..." he spoke lovingly to which she gave him a weak smile


Aarzoo tu
Zustajoo tu...

"Nashe mein maine ye sab kaha??" she asked innocently to which he narrated how she informed him abt Ansh how she shared her insecurity wd him her apologies everything making her embarrassed "actually vo sab..." she thought to clear it and started but his voice stopped her

"Nai Bracelet mujhe koi clarification nai chahiye...coz I trust u...mujhe matlab nai tumhare Past se...hota hai insecurity sabko hoti hai...mujhe b hai tumhe leke meri family ko leke bas...thoda confident hun ki koi saath nai chodega...that's it..." he spoke softly while entwining there fingers "bas mujhe itna janana kya tumhare family mein koi problem thi...I mean tumhare Dad??" he asked slowly

"Nai Armaan kabhi nai...I luv my family specially mere Papa...vo duniyaa k best father hai...agar aaj main aisi hun aapke saamne to sirf unki wajah se " she instantly replied making him smile

"Aur tum jaisi ho mujhe bahoot pasand ho...infact main to bahot greatful hun tumhare Dad unhone mujhe ek unique piece diya khatti meethi teekhi...sab kuch hai" he commented making her blush


Zindagi tu
Bandagi tu...

"Acha...Armaan us din to aapne kaha tha ki...aapko aisi ladki chahiye jo aapki girlfr..." she was about to ask but he kissed on her lips lightly making her stunned she looked at him wd wide eyes

"Sshhh... usdin jitna kaha tha...vo sirf tumhare liye... mere liye tum meri girlfriend mera sab kuch ho... aur jitni b taarif ki tum thi vo...agar nai samajh paayi to dumb ho tum" he spoke lovingly and at the end hitted her head lightly wd his finger who pouted making him kiss her forehead making he close her eyes smilingly

"Armaan aapne aisa kyun pucha ki meri family aur mere Dad??" she asked slowly while turning her back towards him who kept his chin on her shoulder

" liye kyun ki sab darte hai apne Papa se par jitna tum darti ho aaj b...vo thoda alag hai...its not wrong coz of him I get u...coz of him u r like this..aur coz of him tum sirf meri koi hai na koi tha zindagi mein tumhare mere siwa" he replied softly and at the end sang making her chuckled while nodding in YES

"Nai darti hun main unse kyun ki vo thode strict ki jayaz hai...bahoot struggle kiyaa hai unhone Armaan...kaise hume education aur achi life dene k liye raat raat bhar mehnat ki hai...vo shayad main bataun to b kam padega" she whispered softly while playing wd the ring which was on her ring finger where as he was staring at her finger and listening quitely "Unhone hume kisi chiz ki kami mehsoos nai hone di thi... jo chahiye vo kehne se pehle saamne hota aaj tak kuch manga hi nai...unhone mauka hi nai diya... vo best hai...duniyaa mein best" she spoke while his fingers automatically entwinned wd hers and he kissed her on her ear he was happy at least she is sharing something to him but he want to know her insecurity so that he can change her thinking but he knows its not the right tym so he thought to lightened the mood

"Acha baby..." he spoke hiding his smile knowing very well how she will react

Rab mera tu
Sab mera tu...

"Armaan...aap jante mujhe babbby...sweetheart aur darling word bilkul nai pasand fir b aap...I hate u" she spoke in warning tone to which he kissed her on her nose making her glared

"Ok babby..." he smiled to which she smack on his chest "Acha sorry...haa to main keh raha hun...Bracelet...aaj Valentines tum mujhe kya gift dogi??" he asked calmly to which she looked at him

"Kyaa chahiye??" she asked lovingly to which he nuzzled his face in her crook of neck while hugging her tightly making her gasp "Armaan..." she spoke wd trembling voice feeling his lips on her collar bone

"Tum" he replied kissing her side of neck where as she was breathing deeply while taking his name wd building need kissing her cheek he moved to kiss her lips making her face him who had her eyes closed he traced hes lips wd his thumb and parted he was about take her lips when suddenly she hugged him tightly while taking deep breaths making him hugged her back

"Tumhe pata hai Bracelet...maine kabi socha nai...tha ki ek din hum aise honge but tumne prove kar tum mujhse pyaar karti ho...aur aaj hum isi liye saath hai" he whispered softly still hugging her tightly but her grip was loosened "kya tumhe pata hai main hamari life ki sabse important chiz bhul gaya hun...haa Bracelet meri yaadast gayi hai.." and he narrated everything about his accident and memory loss but when he didn't felt any movement from her he frowned parting her he found her sleeping peacefully making him smile " gayi...meri neende uda k khud so jaati hai Madam" he spoke to himself and made her lay down on bed laying on top of her "I luv u..." he whispered while kissing on her head to which she turned her position on left side making him came on her front lying by his elbow "main to dophar mein so chuka hun... kaash tumhe b sula deta to jagna nai padta akele..." he whispered tucking her hairs behind her ear and kissed on her cheek to which she snuggled closer to him who smiled and pulled her into him hugging her tightly and finally his eyes also dropped and he drifted in sleep after all its a tiring day for both

For Armaan he got what he wanted her love her trust everything from her its the best day for him and now he didn't want anything just her only her he didn't want to know her past or anything for him she is more important than any other thing he wanted to clear everything between them no more secrets he wanted to say about his accident so that in future she don't get upset wd this but she slept wdout listening this

For Shilpa a very shocking day for her coz today she got him and his love wd some secrets which he reveals about her unconscious state and left stunned to here her gestures and also she shared her insecurity not fully but something something they both shared there feelings except Shilpa's biggest insecurity to leave him after Panchi's marriage lets see what will happened in their coming future


<3 ~ "VALENTINE'S DAY" ~ <3

Sab mera tu
Sab mera...

"Amm..." Shilpa opened her eyes feeling something heavy on her shoulder she blinked her eyes staring at her dear husband whose head was on her shoulder while his one hand was on her waist a light smile came on her lips she moved her on hand on his hairs caressing it while seeing his face clearly "Kabhi socha nai tha...ek din main aise muskuraungi aapko apne itne karib dekhe..." she thought staring at his cute face his hairs were on his forehead caressing it she sided that "ek pal vo tha jab aapko apne karib dekhe darti thi...yaa fir bahoot gussa aata tha..." she remembered their first day when in morning they woke up and found themselves close she was so scared at that tym she only knows when her hairs were stuck wd his shirt she just wanted to move away from him and the most important when her bangles were stuck wd his hands 'Dhaga' she was so scared at that tym and when he stopped her in strict way while detangling it she got scared of him "par aaj vohi sab yaad karke acha lag raha hai...aapka vo gadi mein chillana...fir rumaal offer karna...hamari most embarrassing morning...sab kuch" she thought smilingly when suddenly a frown came on her forehead remembering his behavior it was so strange which means he was so strict but also calm how he had held her hand when she was about to fall on their first entrance when Ananya was taking their aarti he was so different at that tym calm, serious, strict & caring but it doesn't suit wd him now ! yes he is caring infact more caring and also he is calm but it suit sometyms but the thing serious & strict it was not in his dictionary he can get these two things only for two three hours coz he was always in cool mood "Dev ne kaha tha sab mere aane ki wajah se par itna kaise...but tu konsa unko uswaqt itna janti hi thi...ek hi din to thae fir chale gaye...aur jab aaye to different...hmmm Armaan se hi puchna hoga" she thought staring at him and kissing his cheek left from there for breakfast

2 hours later

"Hmmm...Bracelet sone dona" he whinnied in sleeping tone turning his position when again he felt that irritating thing on his arm

"Boww..." Shao Pao again barked while jumping on his arm making him to hide his face wd pillow when again Shao Pao jumped on his back making him annoyed

"Tch...kya yaar" he sat up annoyingly when Shao Pao jumped on his lap making him rub his eyes "tumhe b subhe subhe main hi mila hun...pareshaan karne k liye" he spoke tiredly to which Shao Pao barked making him smile "kahan socha tha...Bracelet uthaygi...but koi nai yaar...tu b chalega" he spoke wd smile and picked that little creature on his hand "chalo meri jaan aur tumhaari shaan ko dhundhte hai" he spoke in kiddish tone while moving out from the bed and Shao Pao jumped on floor they both moved out from there Armaan went inside bathroom while Shao Pao ran outside


"Uth gaya mera pota..." Dadi spoke lovingly seeing Armaan descending from stairs

"Hmm mujhe to itne pyaar se kabi nai bola" Dev pouted while taking juice on his glass making Ananya smile while Armaan took seat beside him

"Achaa kha raha hai mera pota..." Dadi spoke in same tone making Dev smile where as Armaan and Ananya giggle over this

"Dad aur Dadu nai dikh rahe" Armaan asked looking everywhere for them

"Puttar ji main yeh raha" Billy spoke while taking seat beside Dadi following Dada ji behind

"U r late" Armaan reminded wd teasing smile making other smile

"Acha...breakfast khatam karo apna" Billy pointed at his breakfast making him smirk

"This is not fair Dad...apne liye alag rule aur hamare liye alag" he spoke innocently which was fake definitely

"Aur nai to kyaa" Dev also spoke

"Abee Oye...mere hi bete ho na tum dono" Billy asked frowning

"Kya pata..." they both shrugged making everyone laugh

"Chup chap dono khao" Ananya hit their heads

"Acha bahue nai dikh rahi" Dadu asked making Armaan's head to search her everywhere through his eyes

"Haa Bracelet kahan hai" he thought while playing wd his food since morning he didn't saw her

"Aree aaj Payal discharge ho rahi vo dono uske ghar kuch arrangements karne gayi hai" Ananya informed making Armaan's face fell hearing this while Dev already knew about this


Tere liye bana mai
Mere liye bani tu...

"Kahan socha tha Bracelet k saath tym spend karunga...aur always koi parva nai meri hamesa ki tarah" he thought "par Dude thodi daer k liye gayi hogi hamesha k liye hodi...toh chill tu aaj ka plan cancel mat kar" his mind reminded him to which he nodded "Mom...actually...aaj mujhe.." He called

"Aaj...kuch nai..suno dono meri baat...agli baar to mere force karne pe gaye b nai isbaar hum sab bado ne milke socha hai ki tum dono...ko aaj unko lekar bahar jana hoga...Dev to maan gaya hai but tumhara koi natak nai chalega..." Ananya almost ordered him

"Ye dekho...main yahna khud puchne wala tha...Mom to khud bhej rahi hai..." he thought and hiding his smirk he spoke "Mom...plz mere paas aaj tym nai hai" in serious tone making Dev to look at him

"Kuch nai...bas jaoge matlab jaoge" Dadi spoke

"Beta ji kabhi kabhi... tym de dena chahiye in sab chizo ko varna aage pachtaoge" Billy commented

"Haa le jaa bahu ko... use acha lagega thoda change dekhe" Dada ji ordered to which Armaan looked down

"Nautanki...ab itna bhav b mat khaa" Dev messaged him who read it and winked at him who shook his head smilingly

Saara jahaan ye
Jaan le...

"Fine aap sab itna hi...bol rahe ho to thik hai" he spoke slowly hiding his smile "bol dena apni...bahu ko ready rahe...main Driver bhej dunga" he spoke strictly making Dev chukle at his fake tone

"Haa mera Raja beta" Dadi smiled

"Vaise tum dono se...kuch puchna hai..." Ananya asked to which they both nodded "Kya kabhi tum dono ne... Honeymoon k baare mein socha..." as she said Dev held his head while Armaan smirked "kisi ki shaadi ko teen saal hone aaye...infact ab to bacha b hone wala hai" she pointed Dev "aur kisi ki dedh (1 yr six months)" at Armaan who looked down

"Tum dono pagal ho...kabhi nai socha dono ne, ki kahin bahar le jao...un dono ko... isi liye tum dono ko ab sochna chahiye" Dadi spoke softly

"Actually u r rite Dadi...main soch raha usse Arabia hamare institute le jaaun" Armaan spoke to which everyone held their heads except Dev

"Great vaise...b reunion hone wala hai vaha" Dev agreed hifing Armaan

"Dono k dono bewkoof" Dadaji shook his head

"Jo b ho...lekar jana aur vaha se Honeymoon chale jana"Ananya insisted

"Mom don't call Honeymoon...its too odd shaadi k ek saal baad Honeymoon" Armaan made face making Dev giggle

"To ye pehle sochna chahiye tha" Billy taunted making everyone laugh while Armaan rolled his eyes



Dil me tumhi
Base ho...

"Stupid Bracelet...Sanjeevani aayi aur chali b gayi...vo b mujhse mile bina" Armaan spoke angrily when his eyes landed at the entrance where Shilpa just entered wd a giftbag and seeing him hided behind her back making he smiled "Oyye hoyyee... meri Bracelet mujhse mile bina kaise jaygi" he thought while he stood up where as Shilpa blushed standing infront of him "Kahan thi..." he asked in fake serious tone making her forward the gift bag towards him who frowned "Ye kya hai??" he asked to which she smiled

"Dekho toh???" she spoke smilingly to which he looked inside the bag and pulled outside the comics which she had bought for him he looked at her who was smiling "Armaan comics k andar b kuch hai...dekho" she spoke to which opened that comics founding on every page she has written Shilpa loves Armaan wd today's date making him smile

"Ye mere liye...?" he asked lovingly to which she nodded blushing and he kissed on her cheek making her more blush

"Armaan hospital hai..." she spoke scarily to which he pulled her closer to him and kept that comics on bench "Aapko ye pasand hai na?" she asked confusedly to which he pretend to think but seeing her face he smiled

"Tumse zyada nai.." he replied cupping her face

"Cheesy lines..." she giggled

"Ab tumhe cheesy samajhni hai to cheesy samjho...yaa fir sach...but mere liye yehi sach hai" he caged her in his arm and moved to kiss her when she stepped back

"Armaan hum hospital mein hai.." she spoke looking at the entrance when he smiled and hugged her from behind

"Toh...mera hospital hai ye...yaha sirf meri marzi chalti hai u know Armaan Malik Sanjeevani ka Maalik" he spoke proudly to which she giggled and he kissed her on her hairs when

"Armaan..." she whispered and looked at him who smiled "aap mere liye kya laaye" she asked slowly to which he pretended to think

"Kuch laana tha..." he replied confusedly to which she checked his pocket when she didn't find anything she moved to check his locker making him smile seeing her actions

"Yahan to kuch nai hai..." she pouted crossing her arms when he stood beside her

"Bracelet kya huaa...kuch chahiye tha??" he asked in fake confused tone to which she glared him and again looked front

"Armaan aap mere liye gift nai...laaye Valentines ka" she asked wd pout to which he smiled coz he always wanted this that she wud demand anything from him she should prove her rights on him

"Oo...par ...Main khud tumhare liye gift hun" he spoke proudly "but u know Valentines gift sift is too old" he made a face while hiding his smile making her pout

"Fine..." she spoke and sat on bench angrily when after sometym she felt something cold on her leg she frowned and looked down finding her Ms Supercool is knelled down infront of her while tying a Golden Anklet while her old anklet was lying on floor it was silver in color which was gifted by her Parents on their marriage day she smiled at his gesture he looked at her and smiled then bend to tie another one after tying both he kissed her legs one by one making her blush 

"Armaan ye kyun??" she asked smilingly

"Vo kyaa hai na..." he grab her hands in his staring up at her "ise pehne k baad pata chal jayga ki meri jaan hai kahan..." he caressed her cheek not before kissing her hands making her blush

"Par iske liye pehle wale ko nikalne ki kyaa jarurat thi" she asked knowingly

"Vo use mujhe pata nai chalta tha tum kahan ho" he replied wd a grin

"To...kahan hai???" she asked in serious tone

"Kyaa??" he frowned

"Aapki jaan.." she replied while hiding her smile making him smiled


Saanso me ghul
Gaye ho...

"Bataun..." he asked to which she nodded and he moved towards her face "ye...yaha" he smiled and kissed her on cheek making her blush

"pata chal gaya...kahan hai" he asked teasingly to which she blushed and nodded in NO making him amused "sach mein.." he asked to which she didn't replied instead cupped his face

"Aur meri jaan yahan hai" she kissed on his cheeks one by on making him grin

"Oyye hoyye...I luv u" he smiled looking at her who giggled

"I luv u tooo..." she smiled

"Acha Bracelet...tum ready rehna shaam ko...driver aa jayga tumhe lene...aur plz jaldi aana" he requested to which she nodded and stood up to go when he pulled her back in his arms

"Armaan...ab kya??" she frowned

"Thank u..." he whispered while nuzzling on her neck

"Kyun??" she asked confusedly while moving her head back

"For loving me" he kissed her on her nose making her smile

"Ooyye Hoyyye..." she smiled and hugged him making him giggle at her copy words when she moved back "Acha ab main jaaun Ms Sanjeevani k Maalik" she asked to which he nodded in NO but reluctantly left her who smiled "bye..." she chuckled and moved to go while he turned to put the comics in locker when her anklet's sound made him turned to look at her who was already looking down at it she lifted her lashes at him then at the anklet she knowingly started making sound of her anklet by tapping her feet on floor making him chuckle while she blushed and left from here living a happy and excited Armaan behind for their date

Aajaun mai

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