Monday, 19 June 2017

part 29 : Sirf Tum


Evening @ Malik Farmhouse

"Thank u bhaiyaa...aap jao" Shilpa thanked the driver who dropped her where Armaan had told him to do and nodding in YES the driver left wd the car she looked at the surrounding which was calm it was one of the farmhouse owned by the Malik's which was not so big and built up by glass almost but surrounded by a beautiful garden wearing a beautiful red and orange wd pink duppatta dress she stepped at the entrance of garden which has a small way leading to the house its beautiful she wondered when her cell's ring caught her attention! Flashing ' Mr.Supercool!

"Armaan aap kahan hai...??" she asked as she receives the call

Tum to ho
Jaan se...

"Apni aankhe band karo.." instead of replying her he spoke softly

"Kyun??" she questioned

"Kabhi to kyun k bina sunn liya karo..." he requested making her smile

"Fine...but zyada daer nai" she warned

"Yaah...yaah.." he shook his head when she cuts the line

"Armaan na bilkul pagal hai" she mumbled before closing her eyes waiting after minutes nothing happened whereas he was standing behind her wearing a white shirt opened fully and under it a white t-shirt wd light brown formal pant and was trying to control his chuckle noticing her every features & expressions "Armaan agar aap ab nai aaye to main chali jaungi" she warned when two hands engulfing her around her waist before pulling her off her feet "Armaan..." she squealed only to hear a giggle from him

"I luv u..." he shouted loudly swirling her

"Armaan plz niche utariye...plz" she requested scarily making him touch her feets on the ground and hugged her tightly from behind kissing in her hairs "Armaan aise koi darata hai??" she questioned grumpily he didn't said anything instead he shake his head in YES still hugging her

"Armaan Malik..." he exclaimed still wd eyes closed making her gawped at him

"Acha..." she turned angrily making him moved to kiss her not before closing his eyes dreamily but she put her palm on his lips which made him opened his eyes narrowing it "Aapko kya lagta hai...aap mujhe dara kar..." she spoke in scolding voice but was cut by his sudden move he pulled her by her waist banging her wd his chest making her gasped and he kissed on her palm which made her to remove it

"Kyaa Bracelet aaj itna romantic day hai...Weather hai...main hun tum kuch to romantic bano" he whispered softly moving his face closer to her where as her face was already looking down he pulled her closer by her waist which made her to put her hands on his chest her lids were already down

"Armaan..." she whispered slowly coz his touch was making her dizzy where as he was giving her little soft kisses on her side neck but her duppata was hurdle b/w he tried to remove it from her neck but this made her alert about their situation she opened her eyes "Armaan..." she can only manage to say this moving her head back making him looked at her grumpily but seeing her red face he smiled not before kissing her forehead


"Toh...Bracelet aaj ka plan kya hai" he asked still holding her by her waist

"Vo to aapko pata hoga..." she smiled while putting her hands around his neck

"Hmmm... chalo sochte hai" he spoke thoughtfully not before entwining their fingers while moving ahead

" ghar aapka hai" she asked confusedly putting her hands around his arm who chuckled

"Nai Allu Arjun ka hai..." he spoke sarcastically making her smack on his arm "Toh hamara farmhouse hai... u know ye meri aur Dev ki favorite place thi..." he informed smilingly to which she looked up

"Thi??" she questioned

"Haa...pata nai ab mann nai karta" he spoke slowly

"Kyun??" She again questioned staring at him

"I don't know... but bachpan mein hum hamesha tym pass karne k liye yahan aate thae...kabhi basket kabhi cricket...bahot enjoy karte thae hum" he smiled remembering his old days which made her smile too

"Armaan aap bachpan se hi yaha ho??" her question made him to look at her

"Nai... main 8 saal ka tha tabse Hostel mein padha hun... aur apna collage Damam mein kiya hai" he informed still they were walking on grass feeling the pleasant romantic Weather

"Tab aapko Avinash Aditya aur Shagun kab mile?? Aur Dev b to aapke saath padha hai??? Aur Rehaan...??" her questions made him to cut her

"Aree meri jaan... itne saare questions" he said stopping her in b/w who looked at him

"Offo Armaan bolo na.." she whined making him chuckle

"Haa Avi aur Adi hum teeno Hostel se hi friendz hai...vaise Bracelet tumhe pata hai Aditya ka ek aur naam b hai" he spoke making her raised her bow "Anirudh...uska dusra naam Hostel mein sab bulate thae use but only close one's has right to call him Aditya...kyun ki use Anirudh old lagta tha" he informed to which she smiled "Aur Shagun to collage mein mili thi Avi aur Adi ko...kyun ki main to medical side mein tha but baad mein vo...meri b friend ban gayi... aur Rehaan mujhe high school mein mila tha vo Junior tha mera ek case k silsile mein hume saath hona pada...vo assist kar raha tha aur since then hum saath hai" he spoke smilingly to which she was about to ask something when "Aur Dev b hamare saath tha...but alag class mein" he cut her which made her giggle "Aur kuch??" he asked

"Nai..." she smiled biting her lower lip making him hugged her tightly

"Chale andar..." he entwined their fingers and dragged her inside opening the glass door moving inside

"Wow!!" She exclaimed moving inside the house which was made up of glass and inside it white furnitures were kept

"Hai na ye tumhare type ki place...vaise ye to kuch nai ...asli maza to uper aayga" he dragged her upstairs and entered in a room "Ye mera room hai" he spoke excietedly but as she saw her smiled turned in a frown

"Armaan...r u sure ye aapka room hai??" she asked frowningly seeing the empty glass room it had only big windows wd white curtains no furnituers anything but on a side wall a LED was attached

"Offcourse...isn't it cool" he asked happily to which she gave him 'R u serious look'

"Armaan pura room khali hai...isme cool kya hai aur aap isme rehte thae" she asked looking around strangely

"Abi tumne dekha kahan hai..." he smiled and pulled her towards him who hit on his chest "pehle...tum aaram se baitho" he ordered her who glared

"Kahan yaha floor par..." she spoke mockingly

Yaar hai tu
Pyaar hai tu...

"Nai janu..." he spoke lovingly pinching her nose "aaj main tumhara Gulam hun... aur tum meri Princess" he shouted happily not before kneeling down making her giggle "to kya aap mujhe qubool karti hai as ur Gulam" he forwarded his hand who held it & kneeled infront of him

"Nai...kyun ki mujhe Gulam nai" she whispered slowly and cupped his face "mera Prince chahiye..." she smiled seeing his dimpled smile


"Ohhoo...Bracelet and romantic not bad..." he smiled broadly pulling her by her waist who kept her hands on his chest blushingly

"Saath rehne ka kuch to asar hoga..." she taunted to which he touch her forehead wd her's smilingly

"Acha tumne kaha jab main hasta hun to tumhe mere dimples pe kiss karne ka mann karta hai...toh..." he spoke cheekly to which she giggled before kissing his cheeks making him pulled her in bear hug "I luv u..." he spoke happily still hugging her tightly and after sometym they parted "chalo ab aapka Prince... aapki khatir daari karega" he spoke happily while forwarding a hand to her which she oblighed and they both stood up "usse pehle..." he blindfolded her wd a black cloth

"Armaan..." she gripped his hand tightly fearing to be alone slowly he removed her hand

"Come on bracelet sirf ten minutes wait karlo...main yehi hun" he spoke lovingly


"Par..." she whispered scarily but his step made her quite who was cupping her face

"See...main yehi hun...bas kuch pal...hmm" he assured her still cupping her face before pecking her lips lightly to which she nodded in YES "Acha Bracelet...tell me about ur school or collage days" he asked trying to divert her mind where as he moved some steps back

"" she questioned

"Jaise about ur friendz...teachers...etc" he replied normally while doing his work

" mein maine zyada banaye nai thae...but main sabse baat karti thi ...aur collage mein b sab mere friendz thae...but sabse close Aditi thi" she was telling him who smiled

"Acha tum aur Aditi mile kaise the..." he asked

"Hum dono high school k coaching classes mein mile thae... main maths k liye aur vo english k liye..." as she informed a thought came in her "maine to Armaan ko apne fail hone ki baat batai hi kya mujhe batana chahiye" she thought "haa unka right hai ye...aur agar kisi aur se pata chala to unhe bura lagega" her heart spoke "nai mat bata...kyun ki...vo ek Smart Educated Doctor aur agar pata chalega to ajeeb lagega unhe" her mind reminded her to which she became quite making Armaan to look at her frowningly

"Bracelet..." he called but didn't came any response from her "Bracelet...kya hua??" he again asked while finishing his work but again she didn't replied which made him to walk towards her and nudged her

"Huh.." she came out from her thoughts

"Kahan kho gayi...?" he asked frowningly moving behind her

"Vo..vo kuch nai" she replied hesitantly which he guessed but left that

"Acha...ab main ye cloth hataunga...ok...dheere dheere aankhe kholna" he spoke polietely to which she nod in YES coming in front he removed that cloth from her eyes who hold his shirt from front tightly making him kiss her on head "ab kholo..." as he whispered she opened her eyes slowly finding her hubby smiling she blinked her eyes thrice "ab dekho...magic" he made her stand in middle while moving side from her front making her see the view and she gasped seeing the view infront of her


Aarzoo tu
Zustajoo tu...

"Armaan ye..." she whispered while moving ahead she looked at balcony which she thought was window the curtains were flying coz of wind she smiled seeing a small kitchen was made on balcony and infront a small umbrella tent was made below it two chairs were putted wid a table b/w on it a flower vase was kept wd roses and sunflowers she turned to see inside the room where sofa come bed was put wd pillows and a blanket it was brown in color in middle of the room infront of the LED she looked back at him who was already staring at her "Ye yahan kaise??" she asked surprisingly

"Vo jab tumhari aankhe band thi tab ye sab kiya...but vo sab chodo" he moved ahead and grabbed her wrist "chalo...tumhare liye kuch banate hai" he spoke happily while entering wd her on balcony where everything was arranged he made her sat on chair "ab plz aap yahan baithe aur main kuch banata hun aapke liye" he spoke excietedley while moving towards the small kitchen which was infront of the tent

"Armaan aap khana banayenge??" she asked shockingly to which nodded in YES showing his dimples and wore that chef's cap on his head wd an apron making her stared at him unbelievably nshe helped him wear the cap "Aap mazak kar rahe haina??" she again asked to confirm

"Aur koi dikh raha hai yahan" he replied casually making her laugh "what's so funny??" he asked picking the knife

"Armaan...Malik and cooking...impossible" she spoke controling her laugh making him glared at her

"O Hello... for me I m possible..ok" he spoke proudly while picking the cabbage on his right hand not before playing on a cookery show video in his phone

"Haa...jarur thik se coffee b banani nai aati...aapko" she mocked

"Bracelet...I know banani aati hai... aur offcourse that two minute noddles b aati hai mujhe" he exclaimed while cutting the cabbage

"Haa vo na jo bahot tasteless tha..." she taunted giggling making him to glared her "acha tab main b dekhna chahungi ki aap khana banate kaise ho..." she stood up and picked her phone

"Bracelet mujhe disturb mat karna...varna jo karna hai karo" he warned and again concentrated on his work while she was taking his video

''The great Dr Armaan kar rahe hai see..." she spoke still taking his video closely making him shook his head

"Bracelet...tum ek kaam kyun nai karti...kuch tympass kyun nai dundhti apne liye...mujhe disturb karna jaruri nai hai" he spoke annoyingly to which she closed her video

"Acha tab tak main karun kyaa" she asked innocently sitting back on chair

"Mujhe dekho..." he winked

"Aapko dekhte dekhte to bore ho gayi hun...kuch naya dekhna chahiye nai" she spoke cutely while putting her one elbow on table and her head rested on her fist from which her head was depeneded

"Haww abhi se bore ho gayi..." he spoke like an kid to which she chukled and nodded in YES "tch koi keemat nai dashing Husband ki..." he shook his head concentrating on his soup


Zindagi tu
Bandagi tu...

"Kitni lucky hun aapko paaya but dar b lagne laga hai aapko khone ka... par main puri koshish karungi is rishte ko sambhalne ka...aur koi problem nai aane dungi main hamare bich" she thought in her heart staring at him who was working "Armaan mujhe bore ho raha hai" she spoke getting bored

"To fir ye lo mera phone aur kuch tympass karo kyun ki... as always tumne apna phone kahin rakh diya hoga" he spoke while cutting the carrots

"Haa vo to main niche hall mein hi rakh aayi..." she stood up as it clicked on her mind

"To mera lo na..." he spoke widout looking at her

"Haa jarur...agar main ye le gayi to aap khana kaise banaoge...Mr" she spoke smilingly which made him smile too but he didn't look up "main jaa rahi hun niche ghumne...aap apna kaam karo...bye" she chearfully spoke making him looked up at her who waved and went from there living him smile

"Hmmm...yaha kya hai" she whispered while opening the door of a room she was down stairs looking in every room "wow...swimming pool" she walked inside seeing a big swimming pool inside that room after spending her half an hour she walked upstairs to see her Chef husband coz it was getting dark now as she reached found him sitting on chair kepping his head on his entwinned fingers making her worried who ran immidiatly towards him

"Armaan...kya hua??" she asked worriedly keeping her hand on his shoulder making him looked at her calmly she can clearly see his face in this dim light also "Kya huaa??" she again repeated while taking a chair beside him

"Bracelet...mera khana kharab ho gaya" he spoke wd sad look making her smile

"Koi baat nai... hum dusra bana denge... jaruri thodi hai" she spoke lovingly taking his hand in her

"Offourse...jaruri hai Bracelet..pehli baar banana chahta tha but kharab ho gaya" he spoke annoyingly

"Armaan aap Doctor ho... Chef nai...aur ye important nai ki sab kuch aaye" she spoke polietely making him looked at her

"Important hai...see tumhe b to sab kuch aata hai...Aditi ko...infact Dev to best cook hai.. jab use business man hoke aa sakta hai to mujhe kyun nai" he asked wd an cute pout making her smile

"Armaan...Dev bahoot acha khana banata hai vo sab jante hai...but aapse acha kya vo Boxing kar sakta hai...nai naa toh" she made him understand politely making him smile "aur har koi thodi Perfect hota hai" she smiled

"Par mujhe banana hai tumhare liye" he spoke instantly while kneeling infront of her "aur vaise b tumhi ne kaha u like Bhef's coz ladko ko b cooking aani chahiye..." as he said she frowned " aree parso jab Dev ne cook kiya tha... aur main janta hun u beleive in equalisation" he said seeing her frowned and made her remember about Dev's cooking which he did for tympaas and which she praised also "to mujhe cooking karni hai bas" he spoke stubbornly making her smile

"Armaan har koi perfect nai hota...main b nai hun...aapko jaan k shock hoga ki main teen baar 10th mein maths mein fail hun.." she spoke nervously making his eyes big in shock

"R u serious...??" he asked unbelievingly to which she nodded in YES sadly fearing he will leave her now "Kaise??" after composing himself he asked softly

"Vo pata nai...but maine maths ka paper dedh saal mein teen baar diya tha... kyun ki vo bahoot weak tha mera..." she informed slowly

"Dedh saal mein teen...iska matlab six months policy to tum fourth tym mein pass ho gayi naa" he said calmly

"Haa...I know main to aapke kabil b nai hun...but...v.." she was stopped by his palm which was on her lips

"Yaha mujhe tumse inspiration mil rahi hai...aur tum itni negative baat kar rahi ho... Bracelet tum yeh kyun sochti ho ki sab kuch khatam ho jayga agar tum sab kuch bata dogi..." he made her understand sofly while removing his palm "infact ye koi chupaane wali baat nai hai... har baccha fail hota hai...aur vo chiz use experience deke jaati hai...chahe vo 10th mein ho yaa 5th mein aur...I already told u... mujhe tumhare past se farq nai padta...infact main khud physics mein fail hota tha 8th mein... aur bahot daat padti thi Dad se phone pe..." he informed cooly trying to cheer her coz it was fake he never failled in any subject "Aur tum bahoot perfect ho...mere liye" he whispered sofly kissing her hands where as her eyes got welled seeing so much respect and love in his eyes

"Armaaan...main..." as she said he intruppted her

"Ab tum topic change kar rahi ho...mujhpe se khud pe aa rahi ho" he spoke in warning tone to change this topic coz he knew its now of no use in their life which worked coz she smiled

" fir main help karti hun...thik hai" she spoke lovingly kissing his cheek who smiled wide

"Par..." he spoke but she cuts him by her palm which was on his lips

"Par var kuch nai...main bata dungi aap kar lena" she spoke cutely making him kiss on her palm to which she blushed and removed it

"Ok...lets go" he stood up and forwaded his hand which she grabbed gladly they both walked towards kitchen which was cleaned now she guessed he might have done this! the cool breeze was touching their faces

"Armaan sab...kharab ho gaya" she asked seeing the bowls which was hidden by lids

"Nai sirf ye" he pointed at a bowl making her remove that lid

"Aap bana kya rahe thae...??" she asked frowningly seeing the bowl which was full wd cutted cabbage and carrots but it was mixed wd a red sauce

"Chineese..." he replied unintrestingly

"To isme galti kya hui hai??" she again asked crossing her arms and staring at him

"Actaully main isme sauce daalne wala tha... but galti se schejwaan daal diya..aur ye salad kharab ho gaya" he replied like an obident child who mistaken something making her chuckle "kya isme funny kya hai??" he narrowed his eyes

"Vo isliye...kyun ki" she put her hands around his neck "ye kharab nai infact aur tasty ban gaya hai" she spoke lovingly making him frowned "aree kyun ki bahot se log sauce daalte hai...but jo aapne daala hai...vo usse zyada tasty hota hai" she informed moving sone steps back

"Really??" he asked to which she nodded in YES smilingly "thank god...matlab main ek acha cook hun" he asked excietedely

"Ab vo to khaane k baad hi bata sakte hai" she spoke smilingly to which he pulled her by her waist making her raised her bow


Rab mera tu
Sab mera tu...

"I luv u..." he whispered kissing on her nose making her giggle 

" chalo ab khana khaate hai...mujhe bahoot tez bhook lagi hai" he lifted her up in his arms and made her sat on the chair "Tum yaha baitho main abi aaya" he spoke like an excited child making her giggle at his cuteness and after arranging dinner on table he sat opposite her "Bracelet apni aankhe band karo" he requested to which she frowned "plzzz" he mouthed to which she chuckled and closed her eyes after some minute " kholo..." he spoke happily to which she opened and found that all lights were off except the dim red light which was shinning above them and on balcony railing the white lights were shinning making the atmosphere more romantic it all made her felt like a Princess and from inside she was falling deeply for him her eyes became moist which he saw and kneeled infront of her "Tumhe pata hai Bracelet..." he took her hand in his still looking down where as her gaze was fixed on him "tumhe...paane k baad mujhe kuch nai chahiye... except" he spoke slowly and stopped staring at her

"Except???" she questioned

"Bacche..." he spoke nonchantly trying to hide his smile and her face became red

Sab mera tu...

"Armaaan..." she dragged his name blushing making him smile

" to mujhe chahiye...hi chahiye" he spoke stubbornly making her hell blush

"Armaan plz..." she somehow whispered pointing her index finger which he moved to bite but she removed it

"Okk...baccho k baare mein baad mein sochte hai...pehle" he spoke softly still holding her wrist

"Pehle??" she asked suspiciously guessing he might say something like before

"Pehle ye..." he put his hand on his pant's pocket and showed her a bracelet which she guessed immediately

"Armaan ye to..."she looked at his hand which was gripping the bracelet it was the same bracelet which he had gifted her on her b'day as anniversary gift which she forgot in the room waiting for him to make her wear that "Aapke paas kaise" she asked moving to touch it but he didn't let her

"Haa...tum to chod gayi thi ise maine socha main hi le lun" he joked making her looked down "but sach to ye hai ki..." he gripped her wrist and tied that bracelet around her wrist making her smile "tum chahti thi main dekho pehna diya" he whispered softly and kissed her hands making her smile wd moist eyes that how lucky she is to have him

Sab mera tu...

"I luv u Armaan..." she whispered slowly as he looked at her and she kissed on his cheek making him smile

"Ho gaya ab khana khaye...yaa mujhe khaane ka irada hai" he spoke in fake serious tone

"Ji nai...main vegetarian mujhe non veg khaane ka shauk nai" she spoke lovingly pinching his nose

"Par mujhe hai..." he replied teasingly

"Too fir jakar khao...par mujhe khaane do" she ordered making him smile and he stood up they both started their romantic but wd Nok Jhok dinner in which she praised his dishes making him happy like a kid she knew he made chineese coz she loved that food and decided just like him she will also take care of him in everything

"Haa Rehaan kyun bulaya tune mujhe...vo b abhi" Dev asked as he reached in Rehaan's apartment

"Bhaijaan pehle aap yaha...baithe...main coffee laata hun" Rehaan's serious tone made him quite and he obeyed sitting on the sofa after sometym Rehaan came wd coffee in his hand forwarded him who took it quitely

"Ab bata kya baat hai??" Dev asked as he sat infront of him

"Bhaijaan...vo Kiya wapas aagayi hai" Rehaan informed slowly staring at him

"Kaun...vo Kiya jo Armaan ko NY mein assist kar rahi thi...uski friend na...Kritika Sharma" he spoke thoughtfully to which he nodded in YES "to problem kya hai... infact ye to achi baat hai" he smiled

"Nai bilkul achi baat nai hai" he stood up frustadley making him frown

"Kyun??" he frowned standing up but when he didn't said anything "kya baat hai Rehaan??" he asked keeping his hand on his shoulder

"Bhaaijaan unke aane se sab kuch khatam ho...jayga" Rehaan spoke worriedly

"Sab kuch khatam kyun??" he asked confusedly

"Kyun ki vo aa gayi hai... Bhaijaan ko firse apni taraf karne k liye" he yelled

"Tu saaf saaf keh kya baath hai" he asked angrily making him looked at himself

"Kyun ki Kiya nai chahegi ki Bhaaijaan kisi aur k saath khush rahe" he spoke slowly making Dev frowned


"Bracelet... mere saath dance karogi" he asked while forwarding his hand towards her who nodded in NO moving her both hands on back they both were inside the room "Kyun??" he frowned moving closer to her who stepped back smilingly

"Aise hi mera mood nai hai" she replied hiding her smile

"Acha to main mood banaun" he spoke teasingly pulling her closer by her waist

"Nai koi jarurat nai..." she moved back

"Acha ek min..." he smiled and pulled out a remote pressing a red button he threw on side a music started playing "ab to dance karogi na..." he forwarded his hand towards her who already guessed the song its her favorite song and she kept her hand on his "par yaad rahe tumhe lipsing karni padegi.." he ordered to which she moved back smilingly

"Sochungi..." she replied teasingly stepping back wd her hands on her back making him smile

Dheere Dheere se meri zindagi me aana
Dheere Dheere se dil ko churana...

He sang standing behind her holding her by her shoulder making her blush who moved ahead but his grip on her wrist make her to stop in her track

Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tumse milker tumko hai batana...

He whispered in her ear making her turned to look at him he nudged her by his shoulder hinting her to sing and when she didn't said he twirled her

Ho Dheere Dheere se meri zindagi me aana
Dheere Dheere se dil ko churana...

She looked at him as she landed in his arm singing equally like him and moved her hands around his neck who smiled touching his forehead wd hers who moved some steps back

Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tumse milker tumko hai batana...

she sang teasingly stepping back while he was stepping ahead and tried to touch her but she escaped wd an giggle making him shook his head smilingly

Jabse tujhe dekha
Dilko kahi
Aaram nai...

He moved closer to her who jammed between him and the wall looking here and there to escape making him smirk while caging her by his hands

Mere hoton pe
Ik tere siwa
Koi naam nai...

He sang nuzzling his face in her crook of neck making her hairs side by his nose which made her heart beat raised she turned her face looking at another side giving him more space

Apna b haal
Tumhare jaisa
Hai saajan...

She sang wd thudding heart coz his lips were on her neck making her crazy and she tried to go but he hold her by her waist making her look at him

Bas yaad tujhe
Karte hai
Aur koi kaam nai...

She kept her one hand on his cheek and brushed her nose wd his who gave his dimpled smile pulling her closer who kept looking at him and blew air on her face making her close her eyes smilingly

Ban gaya hun mai
Tera diwana
Dheere dheere se dil ko churana...

He sang brushing his nose wd her cheeks who looked down shyly and he turned her around him making her fall on his chest staring at him lovingly

Ho Dheere Dheere se meri zindagi me aana
Dheere Dheere se dil ko churana...

She smiled and moved away from him making him pout she giggled moving some steps back mischievously making him step ahead gesturing her to come closer to him but when she didn't came he crossed his arms showing fake anger

Tune b aksar
Mujhko jagaya
Raaton me...

She sang while tapping his shoulder from behind but he didn't turned at her showing his fake anger to which she came infront of him who again looked away from her

Aur nind churaai
Meethi meethi
Baaton ne...

She made him to look at her by keeping her one hand on his cheek making him face her but he turned his eyes away from her making her pout to which he smiled

Tune b besak
Mujhko kitna

He suddenly pulled her close to him by her waist making her startled he smiled seeing her surprised eyes to which she kept her one hand on his chest gripping it tightly

Fir b teri
Har ek adaa pe
Pyaaar aaaya...

He tucked her hairs behind her ear and kissed her nose making her eyes to close and opened it wd a smile he moved to kiss on her lips but she looked down shyly making him smile

Aaja aaja
Ab kaisa
Dheere dheere se dil ko churaana...

He made her look at him by her chin kissing on her forehead making her stared at him lovingly he pulled her more closer by her waist while she put her both hands on his shoulder

Ho Dheere Dheere se meri zindagi me aana
Dheere Dheere se dil ko churana...

She sang staring deep at him who kissed on her chin making her smile she kissed his cheeks one by one which was showing his dimples making him grinned mischievously

Tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
Tumse milker tumko hai batana...

He sang while picking her up in his arm who put her hands around his neck he twirled her slowly still in his arms who closed her eyes tightly fearing making him chuckled he pulled her face more closer to him and making her stand on her feet

Dheere dheere se
Meri zindagi me

She smiled still her hands on his neck and put her pink duppata on his face making him close his eyes feeling the fragrance of her duppata she removed that from his face

Dheere dheere se
Dil ko

He sang while putting the duppata on her head who smiled closing her green almoned eyes and then he put that duppata on both of them pulling her by her waist whose hands encircle his neck while her head rested on his shoulder who hugged her kissing on her hairs and they both stayed like this


"Kyun nai chahegi vo...uski friend hai kyun nai chahegi" Dev asked annoyingly

"Kyun ki vo Bhaijaan ki Girlfriend hai.." he informed making him shocked

"Kyaa?? girlfriend??" he asked shockingly to which Rehaan nodded silently "What rubbish...tu hosh mein to hai...main ache se janta hun Armaan ko...aisa kaise ho sakta hai" he asked angrily

"Haa Bhaaijaan ye sach hai..." he replied silently

"Ye kaise ho sakta hai...agar aisa hota to Armaan ko ye jarur yaad hota... kyun ki vo sirf Six months hi bhula hai...jisme se vo ghar pe hi tha... aur agar aisa hota to vo jarur sabko batata...Shilpa se shaadi kyun karta" he calculated

"Kyunki vo unki girlfriend...shaadi se pehle nai shaadi k baad bani jab vo NY gaye thae" Rehaan informed slowly making Dev stunned

"Kkyaa??" he asked in bewilderment


"Armaan..." she called slowly making him hummed in YES they both were seating on the sofa come bed she putted her back against his chest who was playing wd her hairs "Aap mujhe Bracelet kyun bulaate hai??" she asked confusedly making him look at her

"Kyun ki tum Bracelet ho is liye" he replied coolly to which she turned her face towards him

"Armaan plz batao na..." she insisted making him kiss on her cheek

"Ok...Bracelet is liye kyun ki...jab tumne mere sar pe vo danda mara sirf tumhara Bracelet hi mere haath laga tha shayad...aur tumhari aankhen aur Bracelet k ilawa mujhe kuch yaad isilye Bracelet" he informed and kissed on her eyes making her smile

"Par mera naam acha hai.." she pouted

"Haa vo to hai but...kuch to pet name se bulaane kahunga to problem janu sweetheart darling se b problem hai yehi bulane do" he spoke in complaining tone to which she giggled and looked ahead at the LED screen which was off "Acha Bracelet...tumhe pata hai aaj main tumhe bahar kyun nai le gaya...instead yahan laya" he asked while playing wd her duppata's hem making her nod in NO "Kyun ki main chahta tha..." he pulled her closer to him by her waist making her full weight fall on him she stared him quitely "kyun ki ye tumhare b'day...aur hamari Annniversary ki bharpaai hai" he spoke slowly to which she smiled

"Bharpaai??" she asked smilingly

"Haa...tumhe yaad hai hamari Anniversary jo Avi-Shagun ki Engagement pe padi thi...aur hum celebrate nai kar paaye thae...ek to tumhari aadat jab tumhe sab mil jaate hai mujhe to bhul hi jaati ho" he reminded her about their first Anniversary which they didn't celebrate coz of Avi-Shagun's Engagement and secondly of their own feelings from his side he was tiered of her being so stubborn and not loving him and from her side she was angry first he forgot their anniversary and second he didn't informed her about his sudden arrival

"Aisa nai hai Armaan us din to mujhe laga tha ki..." she spoke hesistatly making him smile

"Ki main kuch karunga..." he completed her making her nod in YES "to tum mujhse expect kar rahi thi..." he grinned to which she looked down shyly where as her duppata was falling slightly from her shoulder "kyun tum b to kuch kar sakti thi" he asked teasingly

"Main...confuse kahin aapko lage" she fumbled while playing wd her fingers and in first tym she was keeping her feelings infront of him making him to put his chin on her shoulder while hugging her from behind

"Kaash tumne kiya hota Bracelet... varna hamari first anniversary aise nai jaati" he whispered nuzzling his face on her neck making her close her eyes coz her duppata was long gone from her shoulder "but koi baat nai tab nai kiya to ab karenge... aur tumhara b'day b jo meri wajah se kharab hua tha" as he spoke Shilpa looked at him

"Nai...infact acha tha...kyun ki..." she whispered slowly looking at him who narrowed his eyes

"Kyun ki..." he asked wd mischievous grin seeing her nervous face

"Kyun ki...mujhe tab pata chala aap kitne important ho mere liye" she whispered blushing to which he smiled

"Oyyee hoyyee..." he hugged her tightly making her hide her face in his chest

"Vaise Armaan...yaha ye LED kyun hai" she asked after sometym while parting from the hug

"Vo ye to maine tumhare liye lagaye tha...socha tha koi romantic si movie dekhenge...but tum to thairi maha idea drop kar diya" he spoke coolly while stretching his arms bending back at the bed post

" chalo dekhte hai na movie...Allu Arjun ki" she spoke excitingly turning to him who made a face hearing AA's name again

"Nai Bracelet..." he was about to stopped her but she already switched the LED on and connected a movie by her phone which was AA's action movie and she sat excitedly beside him

"Yaar vaise to kabhi phone ko haath b nai lagati...but aaj dekho kaise" he mumbled under his breath annoyingly

"Kuch kaha aapne??" she asked to which he nodded in NO showing his fake smile after 30 min of watching the movie he became irritated coz am action scene was going on and she was continuously praising him "Haayyee kya smile hai" she smiled widely making him angry

"Smile to meri b achi hai" he spoke calmly crossing his arms

"Aur ye muscles...baap re" she praised again coz she heard his comment and thought to tease him

"Huh...vo to mere paas b hai...infact mere paas to six packs hai" he spoke proudly making her hide her smile

"Kya personality banda jaha jata hai sabko apne charm se diwana bana deta hai" she praised again but this tym staring at him

"O hello meri personality use zyada hai...uske paas to tattoos b nai hai" now he became angry

"Usse farq nai padta... bas niyat achi honi chahiye..." she glared him who came infront of her now this was becoming an argument

"What do u mean by niyat...meri niyat use zyada achi hai" he argued

"Maine to aapko kuch kaha hi nai... bas main ye kehna chahti hun ki...vo kitna acha hai...aapko pata hai school se hi main uske liye pagal hun...infact I love him" she spoke dreamily making his mouth open

"Tab...main kaun hun agar tum usse pyaar karti ho..." he asked shockingly to which she pretended to think and he became angry "fine main to kuch hun hi nai" he spoke angrily and sat against the head post of sofa crossing his arm

"Sorry..." she apologized sitting beside him who turned his face away from her "acha masti kar rahi thi...chalo koi aur movie dekhte hai" she spoke slowly trying to hold his hand "haa vo mera first love hai...but aap to real love ho mere...infact aapko to thank u kehna chahiye usko" she spoke looking straight at the screen

"Thank u...kyun aisa kya nek kaam kiya janab ne" he asked mockingly

"Haa to agar ye meri life mein nai hota... to aap mere life k sabse pehle pyaar nai hote...mera b koi boyfriend hota...yaa fir main b kisi k pyaar mein aapko nai dekh paati...jaisi baaki sab ladkiyo k saah hota hai" she spoke in taunting way making him looked at her coz it is true somewhere

"Hmmm I think tum sahi keh rahi ho" he spoke thoughtfully staring at her who smiled "but fir b tumhari life mein sirf main hona chahiye...jaise ki tum ho meri life mein... first only first and the last" he spoke smilingly pulling her closer to him who smiled and nodded "to batao isse chodke konsi movie dekhenge" he asked lovingly

"Ammm...1920 London" she spoke happily where as he kept his one hand on his head

"Bracelet...Valentines pe 1920...koi dekhta hai" he spoke annoyingly

"Thik hai fir... ammm haa Andaaz ApnaApna" she smiled to which he gave her a look

"Bracelet...aaj Romance ka din hai...kuch romantic socho na" he requested

"Armaan romantic movies kitni boring hoti hai" she replied angrily

"Don't tell mujhe aur wait karna padega...jaise tumhare pyaar hone k liye...mujhe ek saal cheh mahine wait karna pada" he spoke scarily "usi tarah hamare romance k liye do saal...aur usme se six months to tumhe romance sikhane mein jayenge" he calculated which made her gawped at him "aur six months tumhe baccho k liye ready karne mein jaynge...fir jakar tum teen saal baad ready hogi...fir teen saal baad hamare dusre bache k liye tum tym lagaogi...means total dus saal...NO Bracelet aisa jurm mat daalna mujhpar varna mera kya hoga" he spoke in his nautanki style making her totally red by his calculation

"Armaaan...mujhe aapse baat hi nai karni" she spoke angrily while crossing her arms and looked at another side

"Acha lagata hun...Murder dekhogi" he spoke while hiding his smile making her looked at him "okkk...Hate story dekhogi...kya hot actress thi usme yaar..yaa fir haa Grand Masti" he spoke teasingly to which she hit him wd a pillow

"Yuck Armaan...I hate u" she looked at him

"Ok fine ek achi si romantic movie lagata hun" he spoke smilingly seeing her pouted look

"Don't tell me aap...Aashiqui 2 lagaoge" she asked while making a face

"Khud dekh lo" he smiled and signaled her to watch at the screen which was showing Disney tangled Rapunzel movie she smiled wide and turned to see him who had rested his back against the sofa

"I luv u Armaan" she spoke happily while hugging him tightly and rested her head on his chest who hugged her back smilingly

"Kya biwi mili hai...baccho jaisi ki baccho ki jarurat hi nai hai" he whispered making her smack on his chest "kyaa...mazak tha...aur I luv u tooo" he pulled her more closer to him kissing her head who was smiling and they both stayed like this while watching the movie and when sleep took over Shilpa ,she didn't knew


"Haa...NY mein hua tha... aur yehi wajah thi ki unhe ek mahine lag gaye thae... vo case to ek hi hafte mein solve ho gaya tha... but Kiya ki wajah se bhaaijaan ko late hua" Rehaan informed

"Itni badi baat Armaan ne humse chupaayi" Dev spoke still in shock coz he knew Rehaan never lies "Usne ek baar b Shilpa k baare mein nai socha" he sat on sofa worriedly

"Haa unhone to ye b decide kar liyaa tha ki...vo Bhabhi ko divorce de denge...jaise hi vo India aayenge..." Rehaan spoke slowly making Dev stunned

"Kyaa Armaan ne Shilpa ko divorce dene ka socha tha" he asked still in daze

"Socha nai Bhaaijaan...decide kiya tha...aur ab Kiya wapas aa gayi hai...Bhaijaan k liye...aur hume bas Bhabhi ki tension hai...kyun ki Kiya kuch kar dengi to...hume pata hai vo bahoot tedi dimag ki hai" Rehaan spoke angrily making Dev held his own head

"Pata nai kya karun ab" Dev whispered worriedly to which Rehaan looked at him solemnly
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Rehaan unfold Armaan's reason behind his decision and flashback :)

Kiya's arrival :o

ArSh Rain Romance and their Most Awaited Night :*

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