Friday, 2 June 2017

Part 2:Ek Tha Raja….Ek Thi Rani

Next day:

This is Gupta Palace…Riddhima’s home.It is painted in blue and white colour.Guards were everywhere to secure this area.Gardeners were in gardens doing there work.This palace is known for
its beauty of interior and exterior architecture.There are more than 50 rooms. Riddhima’s room is every girl’s dream.Now lets see where our princess is..she is in the royal  library to read a book on their dynasty.She is a history lover and keen to know more about her ancestors.She was reading when she heard her Iphone buzzing. She saw the caller and smiled..and picked up the phone:
Ridz-Hiii!! Toh date final hui?
Muski-haaaaan ho gayi ab tu bhi aaja..anjie kuch hi dino ki mehman phir toh woh paraya dhan ban jaegi.
Piche se awaaz aati hai Anjali ki-MUSKIIII!!
Both  Ridz and Muskan were laughing.Riddhima came out of the library and walked towards her room.
Then Anjali took the mobile from Muskan and started talking:
Ridz tu kab aa rahi hai?I miss you alot se zyada.
Riddhima replied-Even I miss you darling.. Main papa se baat karti hoon .. tu date bata
Anjali- 25 august!!
Riddhima- ok .  main 1 mahine baad aati hoon.
Anjali-ridzzzz!!tujhe 15 din main aana hoga warna main baat nahi  karungi.
Riddhima-ok boss!!
Anjali-ok byeee…lunch karna hai
 Now Riddhima was in her room getting ready for the evening as her papa was coming back after 3 months from London there was mehfil for him. She is going to wear this beautiful pink anarkali with golden desingns.
Right now Armaan is in the office but he was not paying attention but thinking about the Riddhima as he got to know about her yesterday.He has seen her pics on internent and now he is daydreaming.


All youngsters were in garden chatting
Atul-Anjali tum bohat sundar lag rahi ho.
Muskan,Armaan and Rahul :Oooooo!!!
Anjali was blushing like hell.
Muskan-Bas Ridzy ki zarurat hai..I miss her yaar.
Anjali-Even I miss her!!
Rahul-Oye!Jungili billi..Ridzy? kon hai?
Muskan-Oye kankhajurey agar tune mughe ek aur baar JUNGILI BILLI bulaya toh-
Rahul-Toh!? Kya karegi maaregi..haan?
Anjali-Guysss!! main batati hoon..Riddhima meri aur muski ki bestie hai…tum log ko  Gupta Enterprises ke  baare me jaante hi hoge…uske chairman ridz ke papa hain.
Armaan-You mean …Maharaja Shashank Gupta!?
Muskan –Haan..Rajkumari Riddhima Gupta hamari bestie hain.
Rahul- Toh woh engagement main kyu nahi aayi?
Anjali-Kyunki woh London main conference ke liye gayi thi as she is the CEO now.
They started talking about the preperations but Armaan was still thinking about Riddhima.

                                                          --FLASHBACK ENDS--

Armaan came out of his thoughts because his phone was ringing.It was Nikkita Mallik. He picked up the call.
Nikki-Bhai!!Yaad haina aaj apko apna bet pura karna hain mujhe Abhi ke saath date pe jana hai jana hai JANA HAIIII!!
Armaan-Haan dadi amma yaad hai  .. kitna chillati ho!!pata nahi Abhi kaise sehta hai tughe.
Armaan-ok baba ok
Nikki-Love you bhai
Armaan-even I love myself…hahaha
Nikki (angrily)-Soooo mean!! Bye
Armaan- Bye!!

Rajgarh ,  Rajasthan
Riddhima was  ready…just waiting for the anoucement .A guard came in and said:
“Khamma-Ghani (hello) Rajkumari- saa  , Raja-saa padhar rahe hain”
Riddhima-Shubh shinjya (good evening) kaka!! Dhanyaawaad..main aati hoon.
Guard left and Riddhima got up and left.

Main Entrance pe Rani Padma, servants aur guards khare the.A white Mercedes came infront of them..Raja Shanshank came out.Padma did his aarti,Riddhima was standing beside Padma and smiling.They came in and sat on the sofa and were talking.
Padma- swagat chee!!(welcome)
Shashank-dhanyawad!!(thank you)
Riddhima- Pappa kiya chee??[ dad how are you? ]
Shashank-Theek chee(fine)
Padma-pita ji aur ma ji kaise hai??
Shashank-Woh log theek chee.
Riddhima-Pappa(dad)..Anjali ki shaadi ki date fix ho  gayi hai toh main 15 din baad jaun?
Shashank-haan jana beta par pehle card toh aajane de.
Riddhima-Thank you dad .. Love you!!
They went to the throne room after Shashank got ready. They enjoyed the mehfil and royal dinner.
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