Wednesday, 14 June 2017

part 3 & 4 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Ridhima's mobile phone is ringing...she sees "keerti calling", her face lightens up..with a broad smile she answers the call)
Ridhima: helloooo darling, when did u come back?
Keerti: hi yaar, 3days ago
Ridhima: wattt??
(she disconnects the call rings again..ridhima is not picking it up)
Padma: ridzy, y r u not picking it?

Ridhima: no, i wont
(she mutes the ringtone...The landline is ringing..padma picks it)
Padma: haan beta, how r u? ya ya 1 min
Ridhima: i dont want to talk to her
Padma: ridzyyy, baat karo na
(Ridhima takes the phone)
Ridhima: kya hain??
Keerti: baap re..itna gussaaa...listen to me first
Ridhima: ok tell me... u r calling me 3days after u came back..shameless creature...
Keerti: arey relatives had come back with me from the village..was they went back..
Ridhima: not even a call?
Keerti: sorry baba
Ridhima: ok..maaf kiya..i want to tell u so many things...shall i come or will u come to my house?
Keerti: i'll come...hmm..after 1 hr?
Ridhima: (smiles) ok

(keerti comes..ridhima goes n they hug each other)
Keerti: so, howz ur college?
Ridhima: bataati hoon, lets go in first
(in ridhima's room)
Keerti: tho..howz life?
Ridhima: good yaar
Keerti: so wats new in these 3 weeks?
Ridhima: is good...i know some classmates but dont think abt them yet as friends..u know na i take time to make friends..i m very choosy...
Keerti: ya, i know
Ridhima: i m close to 2 girls, anjali n sapna
Keerti: ok...n wat abt guys, dont tell me u r avoiding talking to them now also..
Ridhima: hehe..well..not avoiding..talked to a few..
Keerti: hmm, not bad
Ridhima: one guy is very handsome.. Rahul...he is from our class
Keerti: is it?
Ridhima: ya, n i spoke to one more guy, Armaan, he really shocked me..
Keerti: why?
Ridhima: i went to ask for a book n he started kidding..he said he took that book to tear pages n make kites..can u imagine such an answer?
Keerti(laughing): O God!
Ridhima: i forgot to thank him and he demanded a thanks calling me chasmish...gosh...can u believe it?
Keerti: wat??? he called u chasmish? did u know him before?
Ridhima: thats wat is the shock, i met him for first irritating
Keerti: haha..he might have misunderstood that u are as innocent as you look...poor guy...he doesnt know wat u did to that guy in school who misbehaved with you? u slapped him so hard..bechara
Ridhima: wat bechara...he deserved it...i donno from where i got so much courage suddenly..
Keerti: its in you..u hide it unless u dont need to wat did u do to that Armaan?
Ridhima: nothing
Keerti: why, u shud have atleast said something?
Ridhima: i donno y but i cudnt say anything on his face..anyway i dint feel he misbehaved..i think he is just overconfident..
Keerti: does he look?
Ridhima: looks..hmm..he is handsome...i cud only notice his eyes bcoz they r of my favorite eye color...
Keerti: hazel eyes..
Ridhima: yaaa...a mix of brown n golden yellow..u know na i m so particular abt eyes..isi liye tho main shahrukh ki fan hoon...
Keerti: so one guy impressed you n the other irritated you
Ridhima: ya
Keerti: but did u notice one thing?
Ridhima: wat?
Keerti: you are talking more about the one who made a bad impression on you than the one who made a good impression..
Ridhima(thinking): when is ur college starting?
Keerti: next month..i wish we were in the same college..
Ridhima: kaise madam, u want to be a doctor n i m interested in computers..
Keerti: hmm...but we wont be together the whole day like we were in school...
Ridhima: ya, will miss u...
Keerti: me too..but we'll meet whenever we find the way are the seniors ragging you?
(for those who donno..ragging is something done by seniors to the juniors to put them at ease in the new college atmosphere..just to get familiar with each other..which sometimes goes overboard and causes fights, complaints,ego clashes etc..)
Ridhima: ya but not too much..just asking name, demanding to sing a song or dance..i dint face any serious ones yet..some people were complaining that they r troubled a bit..
Keerti: ok
Ridhima: anyway i m not that noted in the i can relax..hey wat abt other friends? wat r they doing?
Keerti:(blah blah)
(general discussion)

Next week in College canteen, coffee break:
Anjali: hey, u know i spoke to a very handsome guy yesterday, he is from our class
Sapna: whoz he?
Anjali: Armaan
Ridhima: that calculator wala?
Anjali: ya, very sharp na...he answered so fast..he was very interesting..
Ridhima:(surprised) interesting?? i found him very annoying
Anjali: hey when did u meet him?
Ridhima: last week..borrowed a book from him
Anjali: so..wat did he do to annoy you?
Ridhima:(with a pout) he called me chasmish
Anjali: (a bit sarcastically) sahi tho kaha hain !!
Ridhima: ya..but can u imagine someone teasing a person in the first meeting irritating..
Sapna: hey chill
Anjali: i guess you are going to be irritated again now
Ridhima: why???
Anjali: i invited him to join us for the coffee now and see here he comes...
Ridhima: no way, i am going then
(she gets up to go)
Armaan: hey..u can sit..i know u stood up in respect...but its ok..sit n have ur coffee
(Sapna and Anjali are staring at him)
Ridhima: dint i tell you he is annoying..
Armaan: already told them..then i need to work harder to impress them..right anjali?
Anjali: ya..hey, dis is sapna
Sapna: hi
Armaan: have beautiful hair..
Sapna: thanks
Armaan: hey, where r u going?
Ridhima: away from you
Armaan: wow, i dint know its so easy to annoy you, see i succeeded
Ridhima(sitting in the chair): no..u dint succeed
(Armaan smiles naughtily)
Atul: Hey, can i join you guys?
Sapna: ya sure
Armaan: haan haan aaja
(Atul introduces himself to everyone)
Armaan: i will go n get my coffee, atul wat do u want?
Atul: tea
(Armaan goes n stands near the counter when the girl standing before him suddenly turns n stamps him on the leg)
Armaan: ouch !!!
Girl: oh, i m so sorry
(Armaan looks at her, a beautiful girl dressed modern)
Armaan: its ok, my leg doesnt complain much when stamped by beautiful girls
Girl:(blushing) thanks but sorry again
Armaan: never mind..i m fine
(Ridhima sees all this conversation)
Ridhima:[ wat a flirt !! ]

College busstop:
(Ridhima is waiting for the bus.."Excuse me" came a voice from behind..Ridhima turned)
Guy: May I know your name?..actually the seniors have sent me..its a part of the ragging
Ridhima: ok...Ridhima
Guy: thanks..i am vicky
Ridhima: hi
Vicky: hi.. ok..bye
Ridhima: (with a sweet smile) bye
(Vicky turned again to see her n smiled)

Next day, in the classroom, professor hasnt come in yet:
(Armaan just entered the class saying hi to everyone)
Anjali: isnt Armaan very charming?
Sapns: ya, he is
Ridhima: I think Rahul is more handsome
Anjali: ya, he is handsome but if u consider the whole personality, i think armaan scores more
Sapna: i agree
Ridhima: may be..i dint observe much
(professor comes in n the class starts)

(a week pass by...armaan and atul regularly join the girls for coffee...ridhima is also comfortable with them.. armaan keeps teasing everyone on something or the other but his frequent target is ridhima)
Coffee break:
(All of them r in the canteen talking something when rahul comes in..ridhima is looking at him)
Armaan:(looking at rahul) he shows too much attitude, always tries to dominate everyone
Ridhima: ya, but it suits him
Armaan: by the way...its all bcoz of you
Ridhima: me???
Armaan: yes chasmish, wasnt it you who stepped back from being the monitor and gave him the chance..cant blame him actually...who would lose a chance to boss around the whole class..
Ridhima: hmmmfff...big deal..i was anyway not interested...
Armaan: i wont give anyone this chance next year..i am going to top the exams...
Ridhima: lets see who tops
(Sapna gets an sms..she gets visibly upset by reading it)
Armaam: wat happened?
Sapna: i donno who this is..keeps sending me all nonsense sms..
Armaan: show me the msg (immediately realising thats not appropriate)..sorry sorry..give me the number from which you got the sms
(sapna tells the number n armaan saves it in his mobile)
Armaan: chasmish... tumhe koi aise thang nahi karta kya??
Ridhima: no
Armaan: anyway...koi andha hi tumhare peeche padega..woh bhi tumhari tarah chasmish hoga...a chasmish jodi..
Ridhima: wat did u sayyyy??
(Ridhima gets really irritated and starts beating armaan...armaan is laughing and trying to stop her when suddenly they hold each other's hands..fingers locked..ridhima realises this n looks at armaan...he is looking straight into her eyes..ridhima loosens the grip n takes her hands back..both remain silent for a while)


Next day:
(Ridhima is explaining a problem to her classmate..lunch hour)
Anjali: hey ridz..not coming for lunch?
Ridhima: will join u in 10mins..u carry on
Armaan: hey, wats up
Anjali: she will join us later..lets go
(Armaan smiles at ridhima n all move towards canteen)

Computer lab:
(Armaan n Ridhima are discussing about a program when vicky comes in)
Vicky: hi ridhima
Ridhima: hi...u are?
Vicky: u dont remember me? i m vicky..i met u in busstop last week...
Ridhima: oh ya..hi
Vicky: how r u?
Ridhima: i m fine
Vicky:(stood there for few seconds) ok then bye take care
Ridhima: bye
Armaan: who is he?
Ridhima: vicky..seniors sent him to ask my name last week..
Armaan: oh ok...looks like he is smitten by you chasmish
Ridhima: nah !! i dont think so..
Armaan: i could see it in the way he was looking at you..
Ridhima: ok leave it
(they continue their discussion about the program)

Coffee break:
(general discussion going on..Armaan's phone rings)
Armaan: haan bol..oh ok..wats his name? ok thanks bye
(disconnects the call)
Armaan: u know anyone named vivek?
Sapna: vivek?
Armaan: ya..vivek mishra
Sapna:(thinking) vivek..ya..he is my neighbour..y??
Armaan: he is the one sending you those sms
Sapna: wat??? r u sure?
Armaan: yes..sure
Ridhima: how do u know?
Armaan: y do u want that? information is correct..i m sure abt that
Sapna:hmm..actually he proposed to me..but i rejected..not known as a good person..
Armaan: hmm..i will help you in handling him
Sapna: thanks armaan..but my brother will take care of it..dont worry..
Armaan: sure?
Sapna: ya sure..never expected that he would come back to trouble me..thank you armaan
Armaan: hey..welcome (smiles)

(days pass by...its been 2months since college started...atul,armaan,sapna,anjali and ridhima have become friends...they start discovering each other's character as they grow close...getting over the first impressions)

In the Canteen:
Sapna: hey guys..i want all of you to come for dinner at my house tomorrow..
Atul:wow..anything special?
Sapna: birthday
Armaan: hey cool, we'll come
(everyone says ya ya)

Next day,Ridhima's home:
Padma: When will you come back ridzy?
Ridhima: in 3hrs ma
Padma: ok, shall i come to drop you?
Padma: ma..her house is so near..i'll be fine..dont worry
Padma: ok, but it will be night when u r done..i'll come n pick u
Ridhima: ok

Sapna's house:
Ridhima: Many many happy returns of the day
Sapna: thanks
Ridhima: hey where r others?
Sapna: anji said she'll be late..still getting ready..i think she spends half her day doing makeup n hair..
Ridhima: hehe..right
Sapna: atul n armaan are on the way..hey my dad got a new swing..its in the balcony of my room..wanna see?
Ridhima: ya, i love swings
Sapna: go then..u know my room right?
Ridhima: ya
(Ridhima goes in, gets onto the swing...starts swinging slowly..fresh evening breeze blowing gently on her face..removes her glasses and places them on the chair beside the swing..she tucks away the hair falling on her face and closes her eyes..after sometime she slowly opens her eyes...she sees armaan in a white shirt standing infront of her..with folded hands..leaning to the pillar and staring at her..thinking its a trance, she closes her eyes again but realises its not a trance...opens her eyes again..this time wide...armaan is staring at her with a pleasant smile)
Ridhima: is it really you?
Armaan: no, i m not here..u r seeing my ghost..(laughing) ofcourse its me..oh, i know.. u cant see people when u dont wear glasses
(ridhima who was about to pick her spects from the chair stops)
Ridhima:(angrily) no..i can see
(he comes near her)
Armaan: move that side...gimme some place to sit
(Ridhima moves n he sits close to her..she feels something different but she is comfortable)
Ridhima:[ may be becoz i never had any guy friend]
Armaan: wat r u thinking?
Ridhima:(coming out of her thoughts) nothing
Armaan: nice weather na
(saying this he leans back n stretches his hands on the swing making his left hand go behind her...Ridhima is trying to cope with his sudden move)
Armaan: Ridhima, wat will u do if a guy comes to you and suddenly says "I love you"???


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