Saturday, 24 June 2017

part 3 : Want to spend everyday with U


After 2 days ridhima was standing at the entrance of the huge building. This past 2 days went by very quickly when ridhima went home n told her parents that she got a offer to work with armaan malik her parents were on cloud 9 coz they knows that their daughter has done a great job and well do so they were so proud of her. They also agree to the job and said she can go n work their but they were not interested in going to Bombay. After lots of thinking ridhima came to the conclution that she shud take this job so thus now she was standing at the enteresnce of the building where armaan's office is located.

In this 2 days armaan just cud not stop thinking about ridhima. He was lost in her thought sudunly a knock on the dore got him out of the dream land to reality. It was arjun who had to clarify few things to him then he left his room ot meet some one out side but as soon as he left the office he collide with someone n that some one was none other then ridhima for him it was like the time has freezed she was in his arm. She was about to fall on the ground but armaan hold her from her waist n stared at her.
Just then he hard her sweet voice calling out for him n bringing him to the reality.
A:"oh miss gupta I m so sorry I did not saw u n just collid with u"
R:"oh no mr malik it was my fault I shud have at less looked where I was going"
A:"so u here to accept the job right!!"
R:"yes, I m here to accept the job"
A:"well that's a good news n it will b a pleasure to have u on bord miss gupta"
R:" thanxs a lots mr malik it will b an hounore to work under u"
A: "let me tell arjun that u r here so u can finish some of the formalities"
R: "ya sure"
 Then armaan left to tell arjun it is true that he did not hade ot go ther personaly to call arjun but armaan was loosing his sence he was more staring to her then talking tats y he thought that leveing this place wud b better.
After arjun came they were very bussy on the finishing the formalites but just then armaan's eye fall on the a diary that was under one of the desk he thought to picket it up later.
After finishing the formalites
R:once agine thank you very much mr mallik.
A: its realy a pleasure to work with u …… so y don't v go out tonight for a dinner to celebrat ur hiring in this company???
After hering this arjun was toaly stunned OMG armaan malik is asking her out that g2b the braking news.
Ridhima was speechless she just cud not belive her ears armaan malik wants to have a dinner with her to celebrat her susseces.
I cant belive my self did I just said that I just hope that she don't say no I realy want ot know her better.
R: uhhhhh actuly I m very sorry but I wont b able to come tonight coz todays is my b'day so v have a small part at my house
A: wow its ur birthday today well then Happy birthday to u hope al ur dreams n wishes come true n this gives us ot celebrat 2 things now right arjun
Ar: ya of course n ya Happy birthday
R: thnxs a lot
A: so r v invited to the party meening me n arjun both r invited or u r planning to cut us short hunn
Arjun just looked at him for saying this it was very unussul for armaan to goto party that to he was very happy to go their
Ridhima was realy shoked on thinking that armaan malik wants to come to my srupit birthday party
R: ya sure sir both of u r invited
A: alrit then mr n arjun will surly come
Ar: yup v both will defenatly come
R: ok then c ya
A: ok bye once agine happy birth day
R: thnxs
Then she left the office       ng with u
After ridhima left
Ar: armaan what is wrong with u u just ask her to invit u n me to her party
A: oh come on arjun to days is her b'day I wanted to give her gift n ya I m sure this will not b a partyu like other I m sure this will b the one that I love like she wud have only few ppl n it will b like have dinner together just a small ceremony
Ar: I know that but……. Uknow what I realy think that u have lost ur sence ppl lost their sence whene they r old but u being the opposite to everyone u r losing it right now.
A: ha ha ha arjun ur jokes r going down but anyway lets go v got to find something nice n sweet gift for her oh ya plz cancel al my miteeings for today n lets go
Arjun saw armaan with his wide open eyes armaan turnd n saw him
A: arjun what is the matter r u ok??
Ar: armaan r u feeling ok u r giving me a lots of hart attekes today
A: ok fine I know I have changed but I feel gud in this new way of mine so plz get my miteeings canceled n lets go
Then armaan stood up from his sit n went to one of the desk n bens down to get the thing that was under the table it was black diary
Then he open the diary then did not know to whome this diary belong to
The first page had his picture on it n under the pic it wariten with red ink "ARMAAN MALIK MY SOLE DESIRE" undernith of it was the name of the owner of the diary "RIDHIMA GUPTA"


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