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part 32 : Sirf Tum


Our Hero's "Birthday"

"Bhagwaan tumhaari umar... Surya se b zyada lambi kare" Dadi prayed while taking Armaan's Aarti who was making faces coz till the tym he had woke up everyone was praying for his safety including his Bracelet also who first put Tilak on his head and then tied another Dhaga making him irritated infact she didn't gave his morning kiss . So, he was angry wd her and now he was standing in hall infront of his Dadi

"Daadi Effil tower se b lambi" Dev chuckled to which Armaan glared him

"Nai... Burj khaleefa jitni lambi" Aditi giggled making Ananya smiled

"Oo.. Shut up u too" Armaan spoke annoyingly "Ho gaya aapka ab main.. Jaaun mujhe late ho raha hai" he made a face making everyone laugh

"Haa jaaa..." Daadi hit his head lightly "Hamesha jaldi rehti hai.. Isko" she scolded to which he rolled his eyes and he turned to go when

"Acha sun tu... Pahuch jayga na Rehaan aur Surbhi k official engagement pe... Varna vo to raha engagenent karne se tere bina" Dev informed as well as taunted making him stop in his tracks

"Haan pahuch jaunga... Tu Aditi aur Brac.. I mean Shilpa ko leke pahuch jana" Armaan spoke slowly but seeing the elders he took Shilpa's name

"Koi nai beta hum sab jante hai.. Tu araam se jaa" Billy teased while others laugh loudly Shilpa was working in kitchen or else she would have definatly be embarrassed and wud have taken his class

"Daddd" Armaan dragged and went from there sulking living everyone giggling when Shilpa entered gripping the breakfast tray in her hands

"Chale gayye..." she whispered wd a pout "bina mujhse mile.. Lagta hai abhi b gussa hai..." she thought while putting the breakfast try on table "But koi baat nai... Aaj shaam mana lungi main..." she smiled at her thought while serving the plate to the Dadaji who smiled at her

~ Rehaan N Surbhi's Engagement ~

"Bhaijaan kahan thaen aap kabse wait ka raha hun" Rehaan spoke as Armaan entered in hall wearing a white shirt wd blue line on collar and denim jeans

"Kya tu b... Ab tak Engagement shuru ki hi nai" Armaan scolded him "Aur mast dikh raha hai tu haan" he commented correcting his bow he wore a white shuit wd blue shirt and a white bow actually the theme of the engagement is white and blue so everyone have to wear this theme colour dress but Armaan directly came from Sanjeevani so he didn't got a chance to change although his clothes were matching according to the function

"Bhaaijaan aap directly aa gaye Hospital se.. Chalta agar aap late aate.. Hum wait kar lete" he spoke worriedly making him smile

"Abbe rehnde... Surbhi k baare mein soch..." he spoke normally but was cutted by Surbhi

"Nai agar mere baare mein sochega to problem ho jaygi na" Shurbhi taunted making Armaan hug her

"Bilkul sahi kaha" he took her side who giggled

"Surbhi..." Rehaan whined

"Haa to do saal pehle propose kiya tha... Aur Mr. Khan k kehne pe hi engagement ring di thi... Aur aaj jab finally official engagement ki baari aaai to" she complained making Rehaan close his eyes

"Oye meri maa... Vo meri wajah se huaa late.. Aur agar aise hi tym waste karti rahi to aur late ho jayga..." Armaan scolded her

"Usse kya farq padta hai Mr. Khan" she pouted while putting her hands around Armaan's arm


"bhale aaj engagement ho jayye but shaadi to ye chaar saal baad hi karega" she complained to which Armaan also looked at Rehaan

"Surbhi aap janti hai... Hum shaadi tabi karenge jab tak aap apni padai puri karke... Kuch ban nai jaati aur hum Nazma ki shaadi nai kara lete" Rehaan spoke polietly

"Point..." Armaan smiled

"Acha... Tab tak agar isse koi aur pasand aa gayi to..." she complained making Rehaan to roll his eyes

"Vaise aisa hoga to nai... But agar hua to tum b affair chalana" Armaan spoke normally making her giggle

"Tab main aapke saath affair chalaungi" she spoke excietedely turning towards Armaan And put her hands around his neck

"Ji nai I am happy wd my wife aap... Kisi aur ko dhundh le" he spoke carefully while removing her hands from his neck

"Aapko shayad hamare ilawa koi nai jhel sakta" Rehaan spoke

"Shayad kya confirm bol" Amaan agreed and they both hified making her pout

"Whatever..." she rolled her eyes "vaise aapne bataya nai ye dress kaisi lag rahi hai mujhpe... Rehaan ne to kaha bahot achi but aap batao" she asked excietedely to which he made a disgusting face where as Rehaan chuckled "Mr. Khan..." she yelled to which he laugh

"Jabse mili ho... Tab se zyada beautiful" he complemented her

"See ise kehte hai complement... I am sure Shilpa ko to aap bahoot complements dete hoge... Vaise ye dress usne hi mujhe pasand kar k di hai..." she pointed her dress which was also in blue colour wd white duppata it was very simple but elegant coz she was looking too different from other girls like a bride "Kyun ki aaj hum sab saath shopping gayye thae... To usne mujhe ye dress suggest ki aur maine usko ek suggest ki... Dekh lena aapko bahoot achi lagegi vo.. Kyun ki aaj usne vohi dress pehni hai jo maine pasand ki hai" she informed proudly where as the boys were getting bored now listening her nonstop talking "Mr. Khan aaj aapka b'day hai... Kya Rehaan ne vo gift di jo maine use dene ko kahi thi... Wow kitni achi baat hogi naa aapka b'day aur hamari engagement" she spoke happily and was about to say more but

"Rehaan... Dilshad aunty bula rahi hai jaa..." he lied while pointing at Dilshad who was talking wd a guest when Surbhi looked at that side he moved from there making Rehaan giggled

"Kahan??" she asked frowningly

"Chaliye batate hai" he took her at that side

Tere dar par aake tham gaye

Nainanamazi ban gaye

Ik duje me yu dhal k

Aaashiqanayat ban k

Mai... Aur tum...
"Thank god bach gaya..." he took a sigh while walking to the corridor when his gaze landed on his better half who was talking wd Shagun on upstairs while he was down stairs staring up at her he had first tym saw her in white lehnga which was in white wd navy blue lases on it the long skirt was simple white but from down it had navy blue lace & above it attached a flowery lace which was in sky blue, her top was not too short or not too big it was simple but wd round neck the sleeves were small but was transparent ,her duppata was in white colour wd sliver border and blue lace and not to forget it wasn't too transparent but it wud show the diamond waist chain which she had wore under her duppata which was hiding her front and waist coz she had tied it like an saari pallu but the other side edge of her duppata was tucked inside her lehenga she had opened her hairs showing her long hairs her diamond earrings were shinning which was not so big but was simple she had wore her wedding chain and also putted the vermilion in her scalp showing she belongs only to him, on her right hand the same bracelet which he had gifted her and on left silver bangles which was not too much


"Daammm... I don't think so aaj control kar paunga" he muttered under his breath seeing her beautiful smile on her lips which had a light pink lipstick wd gloss on it an urge came inside him to take her at corner or somewhere and kiss her senselessly but he controlled and again diverted on her green eyes who were shinning showing her mascara and the eye liner of hers and most important her light blush was showing her chubby cheeks "aaj to tujhe isse... 100 feet ki duri pe rehna hoga... Varna i dont think so ki tu aaj khud pe kiyaa control sambhal payga" his mind spoke to him when she put her hairs on her right side of shoulder showing her back which made his breath stop for seconds her back was visible wd backless blouse but through net it was not so deep it had two strings from up and from down a small chain. Desire took over him to pull her strings and the zip so that he can clearly see her back Tracing wd his fingers and then kissing wd his lips on her back He so wanted to made her his completely but thinking she might get scared by this sudden move he came back to his senses, today she is seducing him by her attire "control urself Armaan... Kahin aur dekh kahi aur" he scolded himself while diverting his mind from her and looked somewhere else while walking opposite side when

"Armaan..." Kabir called from behind making him turn towards him

"Heyy Kabir..." he spoke surprisingly and hugged him

"Happy b'day Dude" Kabir wished

"Thanks... Kaisa hai" he asked after parting from the hug

"Main thik hun tu bata..." Kabir asked smilingly

"Jaisa dikh raha hun vaisa hi hun" he replied cooly making Kabir chuckled "By the way... Tu akele vo teri... Best friend kya naam tha uska..." he asked thoughtfully

"Kritika... Kiya" Kabir intrupted

"Yaa... Vo nai aai" he asked normally when

"Armaan..." Kiya whispered softly wd tears in her eyes making both to turn she walked towards him wd slow steps and increasing heart beat

"Heyy Kiya how r u???" Armaan asked formally coz according to him she was Kabir's best frnd and his junior when she hugged him tightly making him stunned where as Kabir closed his eyes

"Armaan happy b'day... Tttum thik to hona... Tum mujhe kaise bhul sakte ho" she whispered while sniffing to which Armaan gave a strange look to Kabir who tried to part her

"Kiyaa... I know tumne Armaan ko bahoot miss kiyaa but ab chodo use..." Kabir spoke in cool way so that Armaan couldn't get the deeper meaning and also hinted Kiya

"I think lagta hai... Itna sentimental hone ki jarurat nai hai... Right" he spoke slowly while parting her away from him who immediately wiped her tears and looked at him wd weak smile

"Kaise ho...??" she asked slowly

"I am fine but tumhe kya ho gaya tha yaar... Kabir ko to dara hi diya tha.. U know na may be he feel jealous" he joked wd a wink at the end

"Abbe oye bakwaas band kar... Ye bata Bhabhi kaisi hai?? Aur kahan hai??" Kabir asked smilingly where as Kiya was only staring at Armaan lovingly

"Kyun Armaan kaise bhul gayye tum mujhe... Tumne promise kiya tha" Kiya thought staring at Armaan who was searching Shilpa through his eyes

"Vo rahi... Vaha white dress mein" Armaan pointed in middle of the Hall where Shilpa was talking wd Surbhi

"Yaar sabne to white pehna hai" Kabir got confused

"Idiot vo... Jo Surbhi k saath khadi hai" Armaan spoke while hitting his head

"Oye bada hun tujhse" Kabir scolded

"To kya huaa.." he smiled

"Wow!! Bhabhi to mast dikhti hai" Kabir commented Kiya also looked at her

"Main tumhe paungi Armaan kuch b ho jaaye" she promised herself

"Milvayga nai" Kabir asked

"Nai..." he replied coolly making Kabir to smack his head when

"Heyy Kabir..." Dev spoke following Rehaan behind to which Kabir smiled

"Yaar Dev... Tera Bhai to abi b nai sudhra" Kabir spoke cheekly to which Dev and Rehaan smiled

"Kuch cheeze kabhi nai sudharti..." Dev chuckled making Armaan to smack his arm making boys to laugh they all were busy in making fun of each other when Kiya excused walking towards Shilpa

"Excuse me!!" she tapped on Shilpa's shoulder making her turn towards her

"Yess..." she replied politely

"Hii... Mera naam Kritika hai par sab mujhe Kiya bulate hai" she introduced herself to which she looked at her strangely "Matlab main.. Armaan ki dost hun" she informed making her to nod in YES smilingly and after chating for few minutes Shilpa excused for something and went from there



"Ye Armaan mujhe ignore kyun kar rahe hai" she thought while walking towards corridor coz since the tym he had entered in Hall he was ignoring her not even staring at her may be he is still angry wd her but the reason was not so big she thought when she bumped wd someone "Oh.. I am sorry" she looked up at the person "Armaan.." She whispered seeing him "Aap kahan thae?? Aur aap.." she asked but when she saw he has turn to go she gripped his wrist

Kaise dilagaai kar gaye

Ruh ki rubaai ban gaye

Khaali khaali dono the jo

Thoda sa dono bhar gaye

Mai... Aur tum...
"Damm... Ab kya karun" he thought while closing his eyes tightly coz her touch was making him crazy plus those "440 volt current" cud be felt and he just wanted to pull her at corner giving endless kisses to her

"Armaan ab tak gussa hai... Itna ki dekhenge b nai meri taraf" she asked innocently making him to look at her

"Nai aisa kuch nai hai... Bas...vo haa kuch kaam yaad aa gaya tha" he replied softly trying to ignore her touch while removing her grip from his wrist which made her to go closer to him making him moved some steps back

"I am sorry... Armaan subhe k liye" she spoke sadly making him smile he moved to cup her face when

"Armaan..." a girl chirped hugging him from behind making Shilpa shocked and he gulped "I missed u so much" she spoke happily while coming in front of him Shilpa looked at her she was tall and had wore a white one piece till her thighs

"Jessica..." he spoke uninterestingly and was about to introduce her to Shilpa when Jessica kissed his cheek making Shilpa's mouth fell and his eyes became big he looked at her scarily who was totally hurt he nodded his head in NO to stop her but she left from there making him close his eyes "Jessica u stupid" he scolded her and ran behind Shilpa who was now at verge of crying when she bumped wd Kiya "Sorry mera dhyaan nai tha... Tumhe lagi to nai na" she apologized worriedly

"Its ok... Par tum thik to hona" Kiyaa asked seeing her moist eyes

"Nai bilkul nai... Tum Party enjoy karo... Main abi aayi" she smiled to which she nodded and Shilpa went from there
"Kya ho gaya isse" she whispered "Shilpa meri tumse koi dushmani nai hai... Tum achi ho main tumhare aur Armaan k bich kabhi nai aaungi agar mujhe yakeen ho gaya ki tum dono khush ho to.." she thought staring at Shilpa who walked upstairs when


"Kiyaa mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai" Dev spoke sternly while Rehaan and Kabir were standing behind him

"Haa kaho" she answered slowly

"Dekho Kiya... Main directly tumse kahunga.. Ki plz Armaan ko bhul jao aur aage badho... Vo apni life mein bahoot khush hai.. Tumhare aane se fir se uski life mein problem aa jaygi" he requested "Aur agar aisa hua to main tumhe kabhi nai chodunga... Yaad rakhna" he warned "But I..I love him" she spoke wd moist eyes

"Par Bhaaijaan aapse pyaar nai karte... Agli baar to aapne kaha tha ki vo nai maante is shaadi ko but is baar to aap ye b nai keh sakti kyun Bhaaijaan Bhabhi se bahoot pyaar karte hai" Rehaan spoke in warning tone looking upstairs where Shilpa was walking and Armaan was following her everywhere

"Dekho dono bahoot khush hai" Dev pointed up Kiyaa looked at there where Armaan was blocking her way from left to right

"Agar Armaan khush hai to I promise main kabhi un dono k bich nai aungi" she promised slowly

"U better" Dev spoke

"Rehne de ab vo samajh gayi hai" Kabir spoke slowly keeping his hands on her shoulder to which Rehaan and Dev nodded and left from there

"Main wada karti hun ki kabhi inke bich nai aaungi... But agar Armaan ko koi problem hui yaa usko sab yaad aa gaya to main kabhi usse sShilpa k karib nai jaane dungi" she thought

"Chale... Engagement start hone wali hai" Kabir asked to which she nodded in YES and the moved towards the Hall
Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hun

Itni si baat hai

Mujhe tumse pyaar hai
"Lagta hai abhi b mujhse gussa hai" Armaan thought while staring at her from the mirror who was quietly sitting on front's passenger seat wd an angry plus pout face where as he was driving quietly "Ek kaam kar ek last try maar le kya pata maan jaaye" his heart spoke to which he turned to look at her who was watching outside from the window "Koshish b mat karna jab Party mein nai maani to yahan kaise maanegi" his mind warned making him to remember the engagement function where he was constantly apologizing her but she didn't listened anything neither gave any chance to say something which made him angry and they had a little fight and now they were driving back to Malik Mansion wd out any words b/w them and this is the first tym it was happening The engagement function went well infact after Rehaan-Shurbhi's engagement everyone bought a cake for Armaan and forced him to cut the cake and reluctantly he had to agree he gave cake's piece to everyone but he wanted to give first Shilpa but she was no where in sight so he inserted that piece in Dev's mouth he looked around for her when he saw her talking on phone wd her mother smilingly which made his all anger vanished Shilpa wanted to go home Aaysha also agreed coz Aditya didn't came coz of his work so they both decided to go alone but when he got to know about this he told them he will drop them and after dropping Aaysha they both left alone now

"All men are same... Bola tha tujhse pehle hi lekin nai tujhe to pyaar mein padna tha" her mind scolded her "par mujhe yakeen hai aisa kuch nai hai.. I trust him" her heart argued "O Madam koi b wife ye kabhi bardaast nai karegi ki uske Husband ko koi aur kiss kare... Aur sabse badi baat agar yehi kaam tu karti to shayad hi Armaan tujhe apne saath rakhte" her mind spoke which made her confused about her feelings that is she did right to accept her love or she made a rash decision she looked out of the window at the Weather which seems to rain in anytime

Yuhin nai mai tumpe jaan deta hun

Itni si baat hai

mujhe tumse pyaar hai...
"Bracelet..." he called after debating wd himself to which she ignored wdout looking at him "Come on Bracelet... I am sorry kitni baar kahun meri galti nai hai... Bas vo aa gayi mujhe nai pata" he tried his luck

"Agar ye mere saath hota to..." she asked suddenly wdout looking at him making him to stop the car "I mean agar mera koi dost aise mujhe kiss karta to aap kya karte" she looked at him who was already staring at her quietly and when she didn't hear anything from him she looked back again at the window

"To be frank.." he started slowly making her to looked back at him again "Main use zinda nai chodta" he finished staring deep at her he pressed his lips together waiting for her answer "I know meri galti hai mujhe use rokna chahiye tha... But trust me maine apna face ache se wash kiya tha paani se... Aur agar mujhe pata hota vo aisa kuch karegi to main..." he spoke in one breath making her looked at him wd amused smile "Use dekhta b nai... Infact dhakka de deta" he completed

"Pakka" she asked wd a pout while pointing her finger at him

"Bracelet wala promise" he replied cutely kissing her finger to which she smiled "Ab b gussa ho??" he asked softly staring at her who nodded in NO making him smile and he tries to start the car but it didn't started making him confused


"Kya huaa??" she asked frowning

"Pata nai gadi start nai ho rahi hai" he replied confusedly starting again but it again failed

"Armaan aapki tarah aapki car b kharab hai" she spoke teasingly making him glared her

"O really... Jab jab tum mere saath baithti ho tab tab meri car kharab hoti hai" he taunted making her roll her eyes

"Jo b ho aap car thik karo... Main tab tak bahar jaati hun" She almost ordered him making his eyes narrowed
Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hun

Itni si baat hai

Mujhe tumse pyaar hai...
"Main koi tumhara dri..." he replied and before he could say more she moved out from the car making his mouth open "Sahi kaha hai kisi ne... Biwiyo ko sar pe nai chadhana chahiye" he muttered under his breath and moved out to check the car

"Wow!! Its beautiful" she whispered taking a sigh while rubbing her arms taking the beautiful scenery in her eyes she looked around at the place it was an empty road which was in b/w a fields she faced a ground which was around by a field and in middle of the ground there was a small tent hut which was made up by woods and haystack inside it a lantern was put she smiled wide seeing the hut and got excited she was about to move further when a loud thunder made her to look at the sky as she looked up the cloud started raining making her wet wd its little drops she opened her arms to feel the rain she never thought that one day she will enjoy this weather coz since childhood she loved rain but when she grew up she started hating it coz of mud and dirty roads not to forget the rains looked sticky to her so that's why she started hating it but being wd Armaan she started loving it too

Mujhe tumse

Pyaar hai...


"Bracelet..." he called looking away from his car but what he saw left him amazed coz his dear wife is now enjoying the rains while splashing water on her face she was smiling while twirling slowly making him smile "Hmmm... Isko to rains nai pasand fir kyun" he thought while walking towards her slowly "Madam aapko to baarish nai pasand fir kyun bheeg rahi ho" he asked teasingly to which she turned towards him

"Nai pasand but ab pasand hai" she replied smilingly moving some steps back

"Tch! Bracelet chalo gadi mein baitho... dekho pura bheeg gayi ho... beemar pad jaogi" he spoke in scolding tone moving towards her who giggled

"Nai mujhe bheegna hai... see kitna mast hai" she spoke happily while taking the drops in her palms making him to close his eyes
Lage na ye dhoop zaroori

Lage na ye chaano zaroori

Milte hai ishq zameen pe

Mai... Aur tum...

"Kyun nai samajh rahi... Ye" he whispered staring at her intently coz of rain her dressed was clinging to her like second skin her transparent duppata was stick to her waist which was showing her stomach and also the diamond waist chain from it Already he was controlling himself to take her and this scene was driving him crazy about her he have to control himself or else she will again go far away from him which he can't tolerate "Bracelet chalo gadi mein baith jao" he called when she grab his wrist making him stop in his track wd his thumping heart

Apna khuda b hoga

Apna hi rab lelenge

Khud ki banake duniya

Ye zindagi jee lenge

Mai... Aur tum...
"Armaan agar chalna hi hai to chalo.. Vaha usme chalte hai" she spoke while dragging him towards the hut not giving him chance to say something and they stood under the hut "Kitna mast weather hai... Haina" she said while looking at the sky smilingly where as he just hummed staring at her dazedly he can't take his eyes off from her today she was looking so beautiful that he can't trust himself wd her he was mesmerized by her "Acha Armaan aaj aapka b'day hai aisa kyun nai lag raha" she asked frowning while drying her wet hairs wd her fingers exposing her neck from one side living him dazed when she didn't got any word from him she turned

Haaa... Haaa

Ik tum ik mai

Teeja kya mangu khuda se

Dil doon jaan doon

Kya doon itna batade...
"Armaan... Kya huaa??" she asked frowning but seeing his intense gaze her heart beat raised.

she looked down feeling nervous he moved towards her who moved back shyly they both were taking rounds and b/w them the lantern was shinning he was only staring at her passionately where as Shilpa was only looking down to avoid her increasing heart beat she turn to another side giving her back towards him she was looking out at the sky smilingly when she felt his hands on her waist smoothly she shivered wd his touch he pulled her more closely while putting his chin on her shoulder both has their eyes closed feeling this new feeling between them he engulf her closely kissing her cheek she was trembling under his touch he turned her around slowly still wd eyes closed she was breathing hard he pulled her closer and kissed her softly on her cheek taking the drops in his mouth she gripped his shirt tightly pulling him more closer he kissed on her face slowly taking his own tym which was making her restless he was about to take her lips in his when the loud thunder made him to snapped open his eyes he looked at her closed eyes and trembling lips he immediately pushed her moving some steps back making her Shocked infact Hurt he looked at another side frustratingly where as her eyes got moist wd his sudden move she was hurt that Why he pushed her when he himself pulled her

"Chalo Bracelet... Ghar chalte hai... Main gadi mein tumhara wait kar raha hun.. Jaldi aa jao" wdout turning towards her he almost ordered her and went from there leaving her shattered she sniffed and living his car behind moved ahead "Dammm Armaan ye kya kardiya" he kicked himself mentally while hitting the steering he only knows how he had did this pushing her was unexpected which he did unknowingly in fact he wanted her right there but he has to control himself coz he feared what if he take this step and she will regret next moment he knows she will not stop him but he didn't want that she regret their special moment so he deliberately did this ignoring her lovely face"Main pagal ho jaunga" he moved his hands in his hairs frustratingly "Ab tak Bracelet kyun nai aai" he frowned
Tera mera rishta hai

Saanso se b naazuk

Tumsa humsa na hoga

Na hai...
"I hate him..." she sniffed while wiping her tears she was still standing on her spot facing the two roads she was confused where to go coz she didn't wanted to go wd him she was angry plus hurt wd him how can he do this to her here she is ready to submit herself to him in fact from heart she is ready to surrender gladly ignoring all her negative thoughts and insecurities

Yes she is scared to take this step in fact nervous about it coz she want him , Desires for him She missed him when he gone in Panchgani for three days and that three days made her want him she imagined him everywhere in their room his irritating Behavior,Teasing, Flirting & Kisses everything that made her to know how much she desires for him But never in her dreams also she thought that he pushed her that means he didn't wanted her not like her who wants him fully

First tym she desire any man in her life after Allu Arjun and that is her own husband whom she never thought that one day this will come in her way Ok if he didn't want her so why he started this To push her so that she realize how fool she is to trust any man or he wanted to prove that he is not interested in this all she is the one who is interested in him and this

"Bracelet..." his voice made her to clear her face but she didn't turn or looked at him "I am sorry... Chalo ghar chale..." he spoke slowly but carefully making her to close her eyes while another tear fall from her eye "Dekho tum kaap b rahi ho... Beemar pad jaogi chalo" he tried to grab her wrist but her voice made him stop in middle

"Main aapke saath nai aaungi" she replied in serious tone making him to feel guilty

"See Bracelet... Raat bahoot ho gayi hai chalo yaha se its not safe" he tried in polite way

"Maine kahan na mujhe aapke saath nai jana" She turned and spoke angrily which made him also a little angry coz here she is shivering but she didn't wanted to go wd him he knew he made mistake but her condition was making him angry

"Bracelet hum ghar chalke baat karte hai... Abi chalo yaha se" he spoke in controlled voice

"Mujhe aapse baat b nai karni aur aapke saath jana b nai hai... Main khud chali jaungi" she yelled

"U know what..." he jerked her by her shoulder "Raho yehi pe main jaa raha hun" he spoke angrily living her he turned to go where as she cried "Armaaan... Armaaan... Idiot jerk" he cursed himself angrily stopping in his track "Bracelet" he whispered while rubbing his face and taking a deep breath he turned again towards her but left stunned not finding her on her spot "Bracelet..." he called looking around for her but not finding her any trance panic took over him "Gosh kahan dhundhu mai" he muttered worriedly while seeing the two roads "Hope so vo thik ho... Konse road pe gayi hogi" he looked at the roads confusedly "Unniverse plz jo select karun wahi ho meri Bracelet plz" he prayed and took the left road immediately
Do dil sa ek seene me hai

jaise mai aur tum

Ab Dono hai ik jeene me

Jaise mai aur tum...
"I hate him... Hate him" she spoke angrily while crying and also wiping her tears she was walking on empty road still wd tears when a loud thunder made her stop coz she got scared "Kahin maine koi galti to nai kardi.. Akele aake" she thought scared coz it was dark and empty road the rain was already stopped few minutes ago she looked here and here for something but she didn't wanted to go back to Armaan she is angry wid him Jerk yes he is jerk all man are jerk she was cursing him when she felt her hand being pulled from back and someone jerked her towards him making her banged his chest "Armaan" she whispered softly seeing his bloodshot eyes which was looking worried now she thought he will scold her but what made her surprised is that an instant she was in his rib crashing hug she felt as if he was crying he hugged her tightly engulfing her into him completely

Jaise zyada chaha

Tumko piya re

Harpal hardam humdam

Tumko jiyaa re...
"Armaan..." she whispered worriedly coz she felt his sob his face was hidden in her crook of neck and when he heard her voice wiping his tears he parted slowly she looked at his worried face who looked down for collecting some words to say 'May be she overreacted' she thought but its not her fault

"I am sorry Bracelet... Vo" he started slowly but Shilpa was not in mood to hear or talk anything so she cuts him

"Mujhe ghar jana hai" she spoke in full serious tone which Armaan understood that she didn't want to talk now so he let go of the words which he wanted to say

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hun

Itni si baat hai

Mujhe tumse pyaar hai...
"Hmmm chalo" he whispered softly not looking at her and showed the way where he left his car in search of her they both were walking slowly he wanted to say and ask many things but coz of her silence he kept his mouth shut this is the first tym they had fight like this he didn't want this he was confused that why she reacted to this so much he knows she loves him just like him If he was on her place definitely he also reacted in same way in fact much more to this but he wants her desires for her since the tym he fell for her he was controlling himself he only knows how much patience it needs to stay close to her but keep his hands away from her its difficult so is that means she too wanted him?? He opened the car for her and sat quietly they both sat quit in whole way wd their own thinking and feelings he decided to manofy her and she decided to avoid him Lets see who wins ??
11:12 @ Malik Mansion

"Aree tum dono itni jaldi" Ananya asked frowning as she saw Shilpa entered in living room while following behind Armaan who just entered

"Haa vo mera maan nai lag raha tha" she replied slowly making Ananya smiled

"Koi baat nai... Tum to pura bheeg gayi ho jao change karlo varna bimaar pad jaogi" Ananya spoke worriedly "Vaise tum dono to car se aaye fir bheeg kaise gaye??" she questioned which made the both flushed

"Amm main change kar leti hoon" she excused nervously and immediately ran upstairs

"Mom vo gadi kharab ho gayi thi iss liye bheeg gaye" he answered to which she nodded "sab so gayye??" he asked

"Haa sab kha k so gaye... Aur Aditi Dev late se aaynge..." she informed to which he nodded "Acha tumne Shilpa se baat ki Honeymoon k baare me" she asked in serious tone

"Mom plz... Honeymoon to bilkul mat bolo" he made a face

"Tumhaare case mein yehi sab sunna hoga tumhe" she scolded "Vo sab chodo tum batao baat ki tumne" she asked again to which he nodded in NO while picking a magazine from the table "Marungi main tumhe ... Jao abi jaake usse baat karlo kyun ki tumhaare Dad keh rahe the ki agle do dino tak tum dono ko bhej dena hai" she ordered making him roll his eyes

"Kaye ka Honeymoon yaha to honey hi gussa hai moon kya khaak hoga" he thought when his Mom smacked his arm indicating to go upstairs "Fine... Good night" he gave side hug to her and walked upstairs "Pata chala anadar aana hi ban kar degi" he thought as he stopped in front of his room's door and quickly peeping inside he walked and locked the door "may be washroom mein ho" he whispered and his eyes caught Shao Pao who was fast asleep "Aree waah kitna samajhdaar kutta hai.. Zara b pareshaan nai karta except meri shoe laces ko chod k" he chuckled while opening his shirt's few buttons and moved to take a new shirt from his wardrobe when his eyes landed on washroom door which was half opened he frowned and moved to see inside which was empty now "agar ye khali hai to Bracelet kahan hai" he narrowed his eyes and switching the room's lights off he moved to check in Their Heaven
Mujhko barsaat bana lo

Ik lambi raat bana lo

Apne zazbaat bana lo jaana...
"Samajh nai aata... Kya karun" she whispered while keeping her chin on her knees worriedly she was still in her white lehnga infact she didn't changed anything sitting on bed wd dim light of the room she was constantly thinking about the circumstances which occurred few hours ago while the white net curtains were hiding her inside the bed "Jaruri hai agar tera b'day kharab hua to tu inka b karegi... Sab bhul jaa" Her heart scolded her "Aise kaise unhone litterally tujhe dhaka diya bhul mat" her mind reminded her "Acha to tu ye kaise bhul gayi ki unhone tere liye kitna kuch kiya hai... Kitna wait kiyaa hai tere liye may be koi genuine reason ho" her heart took his side "Acha par ye b to ho sakta hai ki use in sab mein interest hi na ho" her mind spoke "Bhul mat tune jab b unse kaha ki kya chahiye to uhone ek hi jawab diya... Tum" her heart words clicked her brain to which she nodded and sit straight crossing her legs "Sahi to kaha... Aur main pagal din hi kharab kar diya unka" she mumbled in scolding tone "Par main unko gift kya doon" she asked to herself confusedly while playing wd her bracelet

"Ab tak gussa ho??" his sudden voice made her startled she turned her head towards him who was standing beside the bed crossing his arms she can see his guilty face through the transparent curtains which were hiding his adorable face "I am really sorry..." he apologized to which she turned her head at another side angrily coz now her ego came most important her self-respect "Brac..." he sat beside her while siding the net curtain where as she immediately moved down from the bed making him sad "ek baar meri baat to suno" he followed behind her who was standing away from the bed

"Boliyee" she asked sternly while crossing her arms and looking at him who pressed his lips together for giving the answer

"Actually..." he started slowly but nervously "Vo mujhe laga tum... Mujhe.." he fumbled to which she stared him bemusedly coz The Great Armaan Malik being nervous is a new thing for her "Mujhe..." he looked at her who raised her eye brows "Mujhe laga tum mujhe thappad maarogi tumhare itne karib dekhe jaise b'day pe maara tha" he completed while closing his eyes making her stared at him unbelievably "I know tumhe believe nai hoga... But mujhe laga tum baad me regret karogi... Kyun ki kal he tumne kaha tha ki tumhe..." but before he could complete his sentance she burst out laughingly making him looked at her
Mujhko alfaaz bana lo

Dil ki awaaz bana li

Ghera sa raaz banalo jaana...
"Brace..." he tried to stop her but seeing her laughing uncontrolibly he stopped and automatic a smile reached his lips he admired her coz he never saw her like this definatly its a gift for him "Ho gaya..." he spoke slowly to which she controlled her laugh and nodded in YES but still the smile was there on her lips

"Ho gaya..." she replied smilingly to which he nodded wd a coy smile "Toh..." she asked through her raised bows to which he moved his one hand behind his head and shrugged pressing his lips tightly "aapko sach mein lagta hai main aapko thappad marungi" she asked softly stooding in front of him who nodded in NO "to fir kaise soch liya..." she smacked on his chest lightly who immediately pulled her closer by her waist but slowly

"I was scared to loose u... Ki kahin mere aisa kuch karne se tum regret karo aur dur chali jao to" he directly said looking down at her then turn his face at another side making her to think how lucky she is to get him

"Armaan..." she kept her one palm on his cheek making him to face her "Aapko lagta hai main sach mein regret karungi... Maine aapko aur is rishte ko dilse accept kiya hai... Jisme koi regretion nai hai... I trust u" she said lovingly making him to kissed her palm which was placed on his cheek making her to look down shyly
Nasha hun mai

Behkne do...

"Oyye hoyye sach mein" he asked wd a teasing grin after she removed her palm from his cheek to which she nodded shyly in YES "that means tum ready ho koi b step lene k liye" he asked while nuzzling his nose tip in her ear getting answer from her in YES noding her head, gripping his opened shirt which only have two buttons closed from down "koi b??" he teased to which she nodded while playing wd his shirt "Baad mein mukadna mat" he asked as she hugged him tightly giving her answer "sochlo abi b waqt hai... Kyun ki tumne mujhe bahoot wait karaya hai to uska nateeja to niklega hi" as he said this she gripped him more tighly he can sensed her nervousness infact he himself is nervous but he wanted to complete their relation so they have to take this decision they love each other which is more important kissing her head he parted her "Acha to tum mujhe gift kya dogi" he asked smilingly

"Vo... Pata nai" she tried to say but she didn't have any idea he spoke

"Par Mere paas tumhare liye ek gift hai... Apni aankhe band karo" he whispered to which she stared at him and he made her to close her eyes wd his palm after few minutes she felt something cold on her forehead she tried to say something when "Ssshhh..." he whispered while tucking her hairs side "Hmm ab kholo" he spoke slowly to which she opened her eyes staring at him frowningly when he gestured her to touch her forehead
"Armaaan ye..." she whispered as she touched the 'Maang Tika' which was place on her scalp

Mere kaatil

Mujhe jeene ka haq to do...
"Acha ruko..." he grab her wrist and made her to stand infront of mirror which was hanging on the wall she looked at the 'maang tika' its a very beautiful but a simple maang tika made up of a silver diamond chain and in middle a pearl was hanging where as from sides the chain was shinning on her forehead she traced it wd a smile

"Ye..." she asked softly as if controling her inner feelings

"Ye jab main Hospital se wapas aa raha tha... Mujhe yaad aaya ki Surbhi k liye gift lena hai to main ek shop mein gaya" he spoke slowly while hugging her from back not before putting his chin on her shoulder "tab mujhe ye b usi shop mein dikha aur acha laga to socha tumhe le loon... aur le liye apni jaan k liye" he smiled to which she also smiled and turned towards him

"B'day aapka hai aur gift mujhe kyun??" she asked lovingly to which he kissed on her nose

Mujhko barsaat bana lo

Ik lambi raat bana lo

Apne zazbaat banalo jaana...
"Free mein thodi diya hai... Ye to return gift hai tumhara... Jab tum mujhe gift dogi" he spoke cheekly pulling her closer by her waist who was playing wd his shirt which had only two buttons closed from down

"Acha to kya chahiye aapko" she asked slowly blushingly still staring at his buttons Although she knows what he wanted but still asked for confirmation and her satisfaction

"Tum..." he whispered near her ear which she had already guessed no actaully not guessed she knew it

"Main aap hi ki to hun hamesha se" she whispered softly while putting her head on his shoulder making him to emberace her

"Soch lo baad mein backout nai kar sakti" he whispered huskily while playing wd her top's back strings making her hold tight on his back

"Soch liya..." she replied closing her eyes tightly

"Isse tum pregnant b ho sakti ho" he spoke teasingly to which she smacked on his shoulder

"Armaaan" she moved back from the hug

"Offo... Ek simple sa question pucha hai.. Tum backout to nai karogi na" he pulled her back again in his arms to which she hugged him in answer "Say I need words Bracelet" he spoke in hoarse voice while tracing her waist line by her waist chain from back sensously making her gasp

"Armaaan..." she took a sigh taking heave breaths while moving her head back facing him
Mjhe apne sirhaane pe

thodi si jagah dedo...
"Say yes or no" he whispered huskily while tracing her waist's out line by his index finger seductively making her hold his shoulder tightly "Yes or No" he again asked huskily while pulling her more closer by her waist chain smoothly making their lips brushed actually he was loving her response and his effect on her and when she couldn't take his smooth touches she mere whispered 'No' near his lips her breath kissed his lips and that's what he wanted to hear

He pulled her closely by her waist wd his palms banging her front wd his chest he move his both hands around her back seductively almost making her weak while bending his head to kiss her neck where as her hold on his shoulder got tight

He was giving her feather like kisses on her throat making her moan his name while his hands were doing their own work one was playing wd her blouse bottom line from back by his index finger and other was holding her tightly by her waist now he was getting more intense with his unending kisses, he has started smooching her whole neck which was getting difficult for her to handle it and when he removed her duppata's pin she turned moving away from him a little while taking breaths

Mujhe neend na aa paye

Koi to wajah dedo...
When she felt her duppata's end was holded by him from back reaveling her front, only the blouse was hidding her front she was taking long breaths when she felt him on her back who sided her hairs at one side absorbing her back's view clearly and when he traced her back smoothly by his fingers she gasped his other hand moved slowly on her waist tracing her waist by his knuckles where as he was kissing and nipping her back fastly making her to clutch her skirt tightly by her fist It's her first tym just like him but he wanted to go in slow so that she dont get nervous or scared he wants to make her relax under his hold or wild touches so he was taking tym to make her adjust wd his touch he didn't want something drastic which made her scared its their first tym so he wanted it to be remembered forever so that they wud cherish this moment in future
Mujhe apne sirhaane pe

Thodi si jagah dedo

Mujhe neend na aa paye

Koi to wajah dedo...
He pulled her more closely by her waist while tracing her belly button wd his thumb to which she put her hand on his clutching it tightly coz now he has started bitting her back making her to move ahead not resisting his kisses

But she felt a tug behind her back he has gripped her blouse's one string tightly which now opened making her heart beat skipped slowly steadly he walked behind her back and kissed on her shoulder while his one hand traced her arms from end to start and wd other hand he put her duppata back on her shoulder while kissing on her ear making her shivered he was kissing her more passionatly on her side of cheek when she turned to go but his grip on her waist made her stop in this while her duppata fell making her stop her breath but it didn't effected him who was now busy in giving her bite on her shoulder

Hawa hun mai

Lipatne do

Mere kaatil

Mujhe jeene ka haq to do...
"Armaan..." she gasped wd his this move and wdin a second he relieved her also from that bite she tried to move out from his grip but he turned her abruptly that she landed on his chest her both hands rested on his chest she can hear his thumping heart beat his nose tip brushed wd her's while his one hand was holding her from back and other was stroking her waist outline by his finger making her heart raised his gaze was fixed on her closed eyes he then descended his finger down above her skirt and slowly but carefully he pulled her duppata's end out which was tucked inside and now she was only in her skirt and top her breath stopped for seconds

He pulled her more closely moving his hand up from her back seductively feeling her skin completely he traced his one finger around her another back's string which was still tied while other was already opened by him where as from front he brushed his lips on hers who gasped he traced her lips wd his thumb while his gaze was fixed on her beautiful face where as his finger was playing wd her back's string when suddenly he pulled that also making her eyes opend stunnedly she was about to open her mouth when he kept his one finger on her trembling lips
Mjhko barsaat bana lo

Ik lambi raat banalo

Apne zazbaat banalo jaana...
"Ssshhh... Kya tumhe pata hai aaj jab maine tumhe Party mein dekha... Meri halat kyaa thi... Mujhe itna to pata tha aaj main khud pe kiyaa control bhul jaaonga... Aur tumhe dekhte hi tumhe vohi usi waqt apna banane ka maan kar raha tha... Kiss karne ka maan kar raha tha..." he whispered huskily near her lips who closed her eyes to feel him he can felt her heaved chest by his heart he kept his lips on hers making her to open it and pulling her closer he took her lips in his chewing her upper lip passionately making her to responded who immediately responded by sucking his lower lip they both were kissing passionately sometimes tasting each other he now started smooching her making her hands to roam on his chest slowly and in this process she opened his leftover buttons he was kissing her like a hungry lion where as she needs breath so she dig her nails tightly on his abs when he left her mouth for some seconds but again took that pulling her closer she can fall anytime he can sensed it leaving her lips he kissed her forehead pantingly when he looked at her swollen lips which was making difficult for him to leave it as if inviting him so again he took that in his mouth this time slowly sucking it while his one hand which was placed on her back opened her back's zip slowly and her back reaveled completely making her eyes opened and she slowly moved her head back making him to opened his eyes too he looked at her blushing face and understood her nervousness after kissing her forehead he picked her up in his arms

Tere sang guzar jaaye

Ye umra jo baaki hai...

He made her laye down on bed which was inside this room and it had white sheets and hided by white net curtains he laid straight above her drinking her beauty who has her eyes closed wd her uneven pacing heartbeat he can see her heaved front which was moving up and down arrousing him to make her his compeletely to consumed her fully

"Tumhe pata hai Bracelet... Tum bahoot beautiful ho" she felt a small kiss on her nose making her to open her eyes and stared at his enchanted face which was looking so adorable now she kept her one palm on his cheek making him to closed his eyes feeling her he kissed her palm and bend to kiss her forehead who already closed her eyes moving his head back he traced her face wd his index finger moving it from her forehead till her neck's outline she was moaning his name when his finger descended from her collar bone too her waist where he stopped his finger above her belly button he moved his finger slowly around it making her to hold the pillow tightly then his finger hold the waist chain around it and trace her waist through that teasingly making her to take his name in building needs he removed his shirt completely and hidded his face in her crook of the neck

He was kissing her whole neck passionatly while his one hand was doing his own work pulling her blouse slowly down by her shoulder making her hitched he nipped her collar bone making her groan by arching her head back his hands started exploring her curves by his itching palms appreciating at the same time where as his mouth was tasting her whole neck which aroused a tingling sensation in her coz his hairs were tickling her neck moving above he took her lips in his giving open mouth kisses
Has do na zara khilke

Kai he ki udaasi hai...
"Bracelet... I so... Want u" he panted on her face making her to open her lashes which he traced her eyes wd his finger then kissed on her forehead while removing her one earing and then he kissed her there

"Armaan..." she gasped feeling her earlobe was sucking by him giving her jlitters "Aaahh" she hittched as he chewed it

"I love u" he whispered while moving on other side of her ear and removed her earing and did the same just like the other one which was making it difficult for her so ,to hold the pillow cover he removed all her accessories one by one except the mang tika and her waist chain she was trembling and shivering under his touch who was caressing, capturing , pressing & holding her curves wd his palm she was looking intoxic too him right now

Tere sang guzar jaaye

Ye umra jo baaki hai

Has dona khulke

kai he ki udaasi hai...

"Armaan..." she gasped opening her eyes as he pulled her top a little down just above her chest she hold his hand which was pulling her top he stared at her nervous face which was looking soo inviting to him her flushed face her red cheeks swollen lips everything was inviting him towards her and now he can't stop

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