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part 34 : Sirf Tum


"Kahan ho tum Bracelet... I know tumhe kuch nai hua hai... I know mera dil keh raha hai" he spoke sadly to her ring which was on his hand he has tears marks all over his cheek he rubbed his face and again stood to search her after searching for hours he didn't find her and feeling broken he sat on a chair crying bitterly he was feeling lonely without her when his cell's ring made him receive the call "Haa... Dev...bbb bol" he spoke slowly but his voice was in trembling tone

"Kahan hai tu..." he asked immediately as he heared his voice

"Mmain... Vo... Bracelet Dev" he tried to say but at last broke down

"Armaan jaldi aa... Vo mil gayi hai mere paas hai... Waiting Area mein aaja" as Dev informed wdout listening anything he ran down stairs hurridely not even cutting the call

Tumko to aana hi tha

Zindagi me

Der hui aane me ku...
"Sorry..." he apologized wdout turning back at the man to whom he bumped and ran as much as possible he could and as he reached at the waiting area his eyes searched his life looking around at everyone who were injured or consoling their family member his heart skipped praying for positive "SHILPA!!!!" he shouted as much as his voice can shout making everyone to look at him but his eyes were desparately looking for the one n only person's eyes and guess what he found those green orbs who stood up hearing his shattered voice and as if his heart got his life back as if his body got his soul back he walked towards her wd steady steps

"Kaha tha na... Agar tum itna roogi to uski haalat aur bigad jaygi... Dekho use kaisi haalat ho gayi hai uski" Dev spoke from behind Shilpa who was only staring at Armaan Who came infront of her when the ring slips from his hand making him to look down following her eyes too who just wanted to hug him he bend down to pick that ring while wiping his tears which he didn't wanted to show her she was only staring at him wd moist eyes "Abbe oye agar utha hi liya hai to pehna b de isse" Dev spoke smilingly making him to glare at him and before he could say anything she forwarded her hand towards him hinting him to make her wear that ring he looked up at her who looked down wd a smile "Pehnayga ki muhurat dekhun" he mocked at Armaan who slipped the ring in its usuall place making everyone smile

"Chal ghar chalte hai" he stood up and said strictly but his gaze was fixed on her face still holding her hand who was just wanted to hug him, wanted to say how scared she got when she was here

"Haa chal... Sab pareshaan ho rahe honge" Dev said moving ahead which made him to leave her hand and he turned to walk when she entwined her fingers wd his who looked at her

"Chalo..." he said slowly and walked ahead wd her they both sat in car he on passenger seat while she was on back seat where as Dev was driving "Tune ghar pe kisi ko bataya to nai" he asked calmly 

"Nai... Haa bas unhe itna pata hai ki Shilpa Aaysha k saath hai... Matlab safe hai" Dev replied "Vo to acha huaa Aditya ne phone kar diya tha mujhe... Aur main jaise hi aaya Parking lot mein dekha ye Madam behosh thi vohi pe... Jaagne k baad kitna dari hui thi ye" he shook his head but hearing this his heart ache feeling how scared she might be during this "Aur rona alag samjhate samjhate mera sir dukh gaya... Fir jab handle nai huaa to yaad aaya tu b to pareshaan ho raha hoga iske liye to call kiya tujhe" he was saying all this but his gaze was only fixed at the rear mirror on her who was sleeping on back seat

"Kitna dari hui hogi na tum... Uswaqt... Thank u god meri life mujhe wapas dene k liye" he thought looking out of the window

"Aur haa... Uske haath pe chot b lagi hai dekh lena" Dev's voice made him to look at him

"Chot... Kahan??" he asked worriedly

"Shayad uske elbow pe" he replied and stopped the car infront of MM and as the car stopped he moved out and opened the car's back seat door he was about to take her in his arms when she opened her eyes slowly making him to step back

"Ghar aa gaya" she asked slowly but wdout replying anything he went inside the house making her sad "Kya abi b Armaan mujhse gussa hai... Isse acha to mar hi jaati main" she thought while clearing her eyes from tears

"To chale..." Dev's voice made her to moved out from the car "Don't worry vo thoda dar gaya hai tumhari is incident se to... Tym chahiye hoga usse" he spoke in concerned tone making her give him sad smile and they both walked inside

Jeena mujhe hai

Bas tere liye

Jo b karun

Its Only for u...
"Apna haath do..." he ordered in strict tone while sitting beside her on couch wd the first aid box making her scared by his this side and when she didn't moved her hand he shook his head grabbing her wrist he pulled her closer to him while she just looked down wd wet eyes she didn't want this 'Akdu Sadu Insensitive Heartless Arrogant Armaan Malik she just wants her Cheerfull Fun loving Super cool Full of life Loving and Caring Husband Armaan', pulling her sleeves up he looked at the wound a scratch apperaed on her elbow he looked at her face who was now on verge of crying

"Armaannn... Main vo" she spoke slowly but wd tears in her eyes

"Not a word ok..." he warned and put's the anticeptic wd cotton on her wound making her whinced in pain while closing her eye he felt her pain and a tear rolled from his cheek and landed on her hand which made her to opened her eyes and stared him quietly

"Armaaan.." she whispered slowly as she saw he was done wd his work while tears were making out from his eyes "Armaaan kya hua??" she asked worriedly cupping his face

"Agar... Tumhe kuch ho jata to" he spoke in cracked voice staring down at her hands "Main mar jata Bracelet" he spoke so innocently that she felt she wud fall again for him he looked at her and then hugged her tightly making her hug him back slowly "Mujhe nai pata... Tum kya chahti ho mujhe chod k jaogi yaa nai... Bas mujhe itna pata hai I can't live wdout u... I can't" he pulled her closer still hugging her where as she smiled wd tears and she moved back just to find her hubby's cheeks strained wd tears she moved her hand to rub it but he gripped her hands "Aur agar tum mujhe chodke jana b chahogi to b nai jaane dunga... Chahe bhale hi mujhe tumhe kidnap karna pade" as he said this authoratively she smiled and he kissed her hands lovingly

"Aur main kabhi aapko chodke jaungi b nai... Bas ek baar meri baat to sun lete..." she whispered softly staring at him who was already looking at her

"Tumhe lagta hai Bracelet vo sab padhne k baad mujhme kuch himmat hoti sunne ki" he cuts her calmly still holding her hand who nodded in NO "To kaise sunta... Main dar gaya tha ki kahin tum mujhe chod do to main tut na jaaun... Aur usse pehle ye ho maine tumse hi doori bana li... But trust me har pal main mar raha tha tumhare bina" he spoke softly but she slapped his cheek lightly making him stunned

"Khabardaar... Agar dubaara marne ki baat ki..." she scolded him makng him smiled "I know aap apni jagah sahi ho Armaan... Par mera yakeen kariye... Vo meri shaadi se pehle ki baat thi... Par aaj main sirf aapse pyaar karti hun... Aur main nai reh sakti ek pal b aapke bina..." she whispered softly

"To matlab main tumhe kuch force nai kar raha hun na... I mean kahin ye sab tum..." he asked slowly but fear was clearly showing on his face

"Nai... Ye meri marzi hai ki main ek aise ladke se pyaar karti hun jo... Mera pati hai.. Aur vo" she entwined their fingers making him smile "Mera sab kuch hai... Aaj aur kal dono hai mera..." she whispered and kept her head on his shoulder who hugged her tightly "Aur ek baat..." she said as she parted from the hug "Mujhe ye Sadu Akdu Arrogant Armaan Malik nai chahiye dobaara... Kyun ki mujhe sirf mera Armaan chahiye cheerful fun loving wala" she almost ordered him who chuckled and kissed her cheek

"Aye aye captain..." he smiled making her nod in YES wd a proud "Vaise kya problem hai usme" he asked teasingly pulling her closer to him

"Bas mujhe... Use dar lagta hai" she replied softly which made him laugh "Armaan I am serious" she pouted

"Ok..." he controlled his laugh "Par trust me... Mujhe jab gussa aata hai main kuch b nai dekh sakta aur us problem se hi dur rehne ki koshish karta hun... Ab kya karun ye khubi mujhme bachpan se hi hai" he informed while tucking her hairs side who has gripped his tie

"Matlab mujhe aapka gussa puri zindagi sehna hoga... Agar aap kabhi mujhse gussa hue to" she asked innocently which made him smile

"Nai... Ye aakhri tha... Coz I luv u aur mujhe itna b gussa nai aata ok jitna tum keh rahi ho" he spoke softly to which she rolled her eyes

"Aata hai... Mujhe pata hai" she said

"Fine jo b ho... I am sorry for that but meri b galti nai hai ok" he spoke coolly to which she nodded wd a smile "Bas promise me... Tum mujhe kabhi chod k nai jaogi chahe kuch b ho jaaye... Chahe Riddhima Panchi aur Sukirti k baccho ki shaadi b kyun na ho jaaye" he asked like a kid making her giggle while nodding in YES

"Aur uske baad b..." she hugged him who responded immediately kissing her head when a knock made them apart

"Tum baitho main dekhta hun" he said she stood to go but he made her sat and opened the door

"Shilpa kaisi hai??" Ananya asked as the door opened he was about to answer when

"Kahin lagi to nai usse??" Dadi asked and he looked at the three ladies wd little Anant on Aditi's hold

"Hatto tum... Lo isse sambhalo" Aditi pushed him lightly and give Anant to him

"Aree par..." he was about say when they walked inside leaving him and Anant behind "I don't think so ki ab inhe hamari jarurat hogi..." he said to him who looked at him quietly "Chale fir Chachu aur Anant khub masti karenge" he spoke in kiddish tone which made him laugh "Haina..." he smiled when Shao Pao's voice made him look down at his shoes where he was looking at him wd his small eyes "Haa aur tum b" he chuckled and they three left living the ladies chating

After 3 hours

Bcoz i luv u

I luv u

Bcoz i luv u

Bcoz i luv u till the end...
"Acha Bracelet... Tum Parking lot mein kaise faint hui" he asked slowly while caressing her hairs who had laid her head on his lap while his back was against the bed post whereas Shao Pao was laying beside her who was playing wd his small hands and a small smile kept playing on her lips "Bracelet main kuch puch raha hun" he tapped her cheek lightly making her hummed in YES still not looking at him "Tum Parking lot mein kaise faint hui" he asked again staring at her smiling face which made him confused

"Haa vaha... Vo jab mai bahar wait kar rahi thi Driver ka tab mujhe yaad aaya... Ki ring to main shayad andar bhul gayi to main andar jaane wali thi... But mujhe yaad aaya vo to Aaysha k paas hai... Jaise hi main mudne wali thi ki blast hua zor se aur sab bhaagne lage yaha vaha" she was saying this slowly and he was listening her quietly while caressing her hairs still "main dar gayi thi tabhi ek pregnant lady niche gir gayi main uski help karne k liye gayi aur usne kaha uski car Parking lot mein hai... Vo under ground pe.. Tha.. Hum vaha pahuche but fir ek blast huaa thik hamaare uper aur uski awaz se saari car hilne lagi aur mujhe nai pata main kis chiz se takrai aur faint ho gayi... Jab hosh aaya to Dev saamne tha aur usse pata chala us lady ko uske family members hospital le gaye I hope vo thik ho Armaan" she informed and looked at him who kept her head on pillow and making Shao Pao lay beside his other side he huggd her tightly making her giggle at his this antic

"I am sorry Bracelet jab tumhe meri sabse zyada jarurat thi main nai tha wahan" he said still hugging her which made her to ruffle his hairs lovingly

"Armaan ye kisi k saath b ho sakta tha.. So don't be sorry" she said lovingly and kissed his cheek making him smile and he put his head on her shoulder they both were enjoying this peacefull silence when he looked at her lying on top of her making her frowned

"Bracelet tum kuch daer pehle itna smile kyun kar rahi thi... Baat kya hai" he asked teasingly and how she missed her loving Armaan "Tum itna kyun smile kar rahi thi" he moved his face closer to her who pushed him lightly "Boloo na" he insisted making her blush "Ab to blush b kar rahi ho baat kya hai" he made her face towards him who was hell blushing

"Kkkuch nai... Kuch b to nai bas aise hi" she said looking away from him making him raised his eye brows "Acha woh chodiye ye bataiye... Ki aapko ring mili kahan??" she asked just to divert his mind which worked too

"Vo... Aditya ne diya.. Jab main tumhe dhundhne jaa raha tha..." he started narrating her while laying beside her wd his hand on her waist where as she was just staring at the ceilling wd a smile on her remembering about today's dinning table scene where Dadi said just to tease them "Khayal rakha kar Armaan iska abhi to hume tum dono k baccho k saath b khelna hai" Armaan rolled his eyes but Dadi's one sentence made her hell blush and it also made her to think that now she want their symbol of love that's why she was blushing while carressing Shao Pao's head coz it made her to think about their future kids and this she can't tell him thinking how will he react on this, So she have decided that she will say this to him on his coming b'day which is after five days...

"Hmmm" she took a sigh and looked at her hubby who was fast asleep now she faced him and carressed his hairs "Mujhe ek dum aapke jaisa yaa jaisi chahiye Armaan" she thought and traced his face wd her hand makinghim stirr, she smiled and hugging him slept peacefull in his arms!

After five days later...

~On Armaan's B'day Night~

Meri to har ek subah

Hoti tere saath hi...

"Armaan chodiye... Mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai" she said shyly but little did it bothered him who was busy in kissing her neck Yes they both were romancing in their most romantic room where they united as one in this same day last year and this year Shilpa surprises him wd her bold look wearing a royal blue colour one piece which was till her knees and was strapless just above her chest and her hairs are done curls from down she was looking so stunning that he forgot to blink and she almost seduced him which resulted she being kissed by him and his shirt was long gone by her but now it clicked her brain to talk about her decision which she wants in their life now and also that small surprise which she did only for him "Armaan suno na main kya keh rahi hun" she lightly pushed him by her hands which was on his bare chest making him stop pulling down her dress' s zip from back "Armaan" she cupped his face who has became a slight angry by her sudden denial but right now he is looking so handsome to her his messed up hairs which was probably the result of the condition they are in now and that cute pout on his face making him so irressistable

"Jaldi bolo yaar" he whined pulling her closer by her waist

"Hmm... Pehle aankhe band karo mere paas ek surprise hai aapke liye" she put her palm on his eyes which made him frown

"But Bracelet... Ab kitna surprise yaar" he said as he removed her hand from his eyes

"Offo! Do minute shaant ho jaaye bas" she smacked on his chest "Ab apni hankercheif do" she forwarded her hand and shooking his head he pulled out his hankerchief from his jeans pocket and kept that on her hand who smiled widely "Ab cheating mat karna... Jab main kahun tabi rumaal hatana ok" she said as she tied the knot of the hankerchief on his eyes

"Haa baba par jaldi karna..." he spoke annoyingly making her giggle "Hass lo hass lo... Tumhe to thodi daer baad batata hun" he warned waiting for her to say something and after five minutes of silence when she didn't said anyhing he spoke "O come on Bracelet kahin chod k chali to nai gayi" he said irritably

"Ssshhh kitne jaldi irritate hote hai aap Armaan..." he can hear her voice near him "Fine... Rumaal hataiye" her voice was slow plus nervous coming from infront of him he immediately removed the hankerchief throwing it on a plant and after blinking his eyes twice he looked ahead where he find his dear Wife only in just white silky sheet which was wrapped till her chest her back was block by her long and little curly hairs he can sensed her nervousness from back but he wanted to see her face which can surly have red impact Today she is giving shocks after shocks


"Bracelet Wow..." he commented amusedly making her smile

"Acha... To abhi ek minute ruko" she said bitting her lower lip and pulled her hairs from her back to one side of her shoulder holding the sheet tightly from front which made him frown

"Kya??" he asked frowningly coming more closer to her back making her heart beat raised

"Armaan niche back pe dekhiye" she said shyly to which he got confused and looked down at her bare back coz she lowered the sheet more down till her waistline and he looked more closely at her back when his eyes caught a black thing which was engraved in small but he can see his name 'Armaan' in cursive way

"Bracelet ye..." he put his both palms on his mouth shockingly "Ye... Tum" he said trying to grip his emotion which was happy sad lucky shocked and many feelings were drawning in him she has made a tattoo and that to wd his name was making him fall again for her

"Happy b'day Armaan" her slow voice made him looked at her again on her bare back where his name was printed just in the line of her chest not on her back or shoulder it was written where no one has right to see her except him he traced it wd his finger lovingly

"Dard huaa hoga na..." he asked slowly but emotionally tracing it wd his thumb


"Pata nai..." she giggled making him to kiss her there to which she closed her eyes feeling him

Teri hi baato me beete

Din meraaa...
"Thank u..." he whispered huskily near his name and pulled her more closer by her waist putting his chin on her bare shoulder "So ye kyun??" he asked kissing her neck

"Bas aise hi.. Mera mood kiya" she said putting her back of head on his shoulder

"Acha to mood kiyaa mera naam likhwa liya" he teased making her smile "Acha tell me jisne tatto banaya vo male to nai tha na" he asked in full serious tone

"Armaan vo... Male" she turned and looked at him scaredly who has made his eyes big "Nai tha" and she chuckled making him took sigh of relief "Vo ek ladki thi" as she said this he banged her wd his chest making her gasped "Armaan" she whispered scaredly

"U know... I am falling for u again and again" he kissed her nose who has put her hands on his shoulder

"Me too" she smiled and kissed his neck softly making him pull her more closer by her waist

"Vaise tumhe kya lagta hai Madam... Tattoo sirf tumne hi banvaya hai nere naam kaa" he said wid a grin carressing her back who frowned

"Matlab..." she asked confusedely making him smile

"Abi batata hun..." he grinned and pointed at his biceps where his tattoo was printed she frowned when he pointed at a very small letter which was started wd hindi 'Brac' and ends wd english's 'elet' which made her mouth in 'O' shape making him chuckle "See I luv u more..." he shut her mouth and banged her wd him

"Armaan... Aapne pehle kyun nai bataya" she hit him wd her fist lightly on his chest who moved to bite her "Armaan... Bolo" she whined

"Ye tumhari galti hai... Ki tumne apne Husband ko kabhi gaur se nai dekha... U know ye maine tabi banvaya tha jab main Singapore gaya tha vahan" he pulled her closer by her waist and bite her earlobe

"Armaan..." she moved her head back "Haww ye itni purani hai aapne mujhe bataya nai" she asked wd a pout

"Bracelet... Ye maine khud k liye banvaya tha... To batane ki jarurat hi nai" he said in between kissing her neck making her to caress his head smilingly he was kissing and nipping her neck when his bite made her aware about her decision

"Armaan..." she whispered softly but it didn't effected him "Armaan" she said little loudly while pushing him lightly who made a face "Mujhe aapse kuch chahiye" she whispered slowly staring down

"Ohoo... B'day mera hai aur gift tumhe chahiye" he said teasingly pulling her closer by her waist making her banged wd his chest

"Armaan... Pls" she spoke slowly to which he kissed her on nose

"Farmaaiye Maharani" he spoke in royal way making her smile

"Vo... Actaully mujhe..." she started hessistately staring down while her fingers were playing wd each other making him frown "Aapka... Nai mera... Nai I mean hamara..." she fumbled wd words which made him chuckled

"Mera tumhara hamara kya??" he asked smilingly staring at her nervous face "Gosh aisa lag raha hai board exam dene jaa rahi ho" he commented to which she looked at him

"Amm..." she took a long sigh "Mujhe hamara..." she started confidently but at the end got nervous and slowly putting her head on his shoulder hugged him "Mujhe... Hamare... Bacche chahiye Armaan" at last she said which definately made him surprised Seriously today she is actually giving shocks after shocks to him

"Bacche... Ya baccha" he chuckled while hugging her back slowly and he can sure she might has blushed

"Armaan..." she blushed hiting him wd her fist lightly on his shoulder and moved back

"So... R u sure about this" he asked softly taking her hands in his who nodded in YES shyly

"Par Armaab aapko koi..." and before she could ask he kissed her lips lovingly cupping her face

"Mujhe to hamesha se chahiye tha... Bas tumhari ek haan ki jarurat thi" he panted as he came out from the kiss making her blush " Mera to thik hai but... Tum soch lo.. Tumhe double duty nibhani padegi" he said slowly while tucking her hairs behind her ear

"Soch liya.." she replied slowly

"Fir baad mein mat kehna ki Armaan main moti ho gayi hun" he teased while nuzzling in her neck who moved her hands in his hairs

"Nai kahungi" she said softly closing her eyes as he made her lay under him carefully

"Aur fir ye b mat kehna ki Armaan bacche hamesha aapko kyun importance dete hai" as he said while playing wd her sheet's knot she smiled hearing this "Aur ye b ki bacche hamesha ladkiyaa hi kyun paida karti hai" he spoke slowly while tracing her neckline making her heart beat raised

"Nai kahungi..." she spoke closing her eyes making him to kiss her neck lightly

"Fir yaad rakhna bacche meri tarah honge... Handsome charming dashing types" he said in between his kisses on her shoulder and wd an instant her sheet's knot were opened making her to grip the pillow tightly

"Aur shaitaan b" she said still wd closed eyes as he bite her collar bone making her hitched

"Acha to main shaitaan hun... Fine abi batata hun" and saying this he took her lips in his and started kissing her hard not giving her chance to responed while his one hand removed her sheet completely making her gasped and pulling the blanket up on them he made hard passionate gentle love to her who left moaning and groaning wd his love making "I luv u" he breathed on her lips pantingly after fulfiling their desires and kissing her forehead hugged her who was still trembling from his passionate love making. they both retired in sleep at the same tym waiting for their coming future which they decided for their symbol of love in each others arms

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