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Part-3:Ek Tha Raja…Ek Thi Rani

                                                 AFTER 1 MONTH

This was the time to begin with the preparations. As promised Riddhima came after 15 days but unfortunately  Armaan and Rahul went to Australia for a business deal and it took them almost 1 month to come back to India.Today all are meeting to do shopping for the wedding.Riddhima met Atul the day she landed Mumbai..she had booked her hotel but because of Anjali and Muskan’s
blackmailing….they are staying together in Anjali’s house.Riddhima and Atul has developed a very strong bond.All of them were supposed to meet outside the mall but Armaan was late so they decided to move in.They introduced Ridz to Rahul:
Riddhima-Hi! Riddhima..Riddhima Gupta
Rahul-Hi. Nice to meet you…Rahul..Rahul Garewal.Bohat suna hain aapke baare main.
Muskan-Chalo andar chalo aaj bahot shopping karni hain!!
They entered the mall and went to the wedding section of the shop. The girls started selecting lehengas,gowns and saaris.Riddhma was trying a beautiful pink and orange lehenga when Armaan entered the shop searching for his friends.At that time Riddhima came out.When Armaan saw Riddhima he was spellbound.He sturck at that place only.

                                                 Armaan’s point of view(P.O.V)

OMG!!!Wow How can anyone be sooooo beautiful .She is not a human..yeh toh apsara hai!Control Armaan CONTROL!!! YOU ARE NOT A FREAK…ARE YOU??NOOO!!BUT SHE IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!WAIT A MINUTE…SHE IS RIDDHIMA,ANJALI AND MUSKAN’S BEST FRIEND!!!!
                                                           Pov ends

Armaan tapped on Riddhima’s shoulder.Riddhima turned around and got lost in those blue orbs,Armaan also got lost in those beautiful green eyes of Riddhima.After 5 minutes their beautiful eye lock was broken by the gang.Both Armaan and Riddhima were embarrassed.
Muskan(teasingly)-Kya hum statue-statue khel rahe hain?
Anjali-I think so!
Rahul-Armaan tumhe itni der kaise ho gayi?
Atul-Aur kya kaam-kaam-kaam Armaan agar meri baraat tere bina chali gayi toh meri galti nahi hogi!
Armaan-Nahi Atul itna bhi late nahi karunga uss din late nahi karunga promise.
Atul-Thik hain chalo tumhe Ridz milata hoon(looking towards her)Ridz-Armaan-Arman-Ridz
Riddhima(blushing)-Hello…am Riddhima Gupta. name is Armaan..Armaan Mallik.
Rahul-Chalo shopping nahi karni kya?
Anjali-of course karni hai!! I want everything perfect in my wedding.
All smiled and started selecting clothes for ceremonies.

                                                         After 2 hrs

Muskan-Guysss!!Mujhe bhook lagi hai??
Rahul-Oye Bhukkhad….Hum sab ko bhi lagi hai.
Muskan-Tune mughe Bhukkad bulaya?!
Rahul-Haan bulaya kya karlegi?
Muskan-Rahul main bol rahi hoon agar tune mujhse panga liya na toh main tera kachumbari bana dungi!!
Riddhima-Rahul! Muskan! STOP IT!! Chaar saal ke ho kya? choti si baat ko itnaa bara bana diya?
Atul-Sahi keh rahi hain Ridz agar bhook lagi hain toh chalo food court.
Armaan-Ab agar larai huyi toh tum dono ko koi khana nahi milega.
Rahul and Muskan-Nahi nahi hum ab larai nahi karenge!!!
Anjali- toh ab chale?
Armaan - haan chalo!
  They went towards the food court. And started to decide their food.
Armaan and Riddhima(together)- Dominos Pizza!!
Then both smiled.
Anjali-am taking Subway Chicken Salad and lemon juice.
Atul –Main lunga Dominos Pasta.
Muskan-kya boring khana le rahe ho kuch masaledaar khao
Rahul-Pehli baar kuch sahi keh rahi tum.Main toh Butter Chicken aur Naan khaunga.
Muskan-Main Hyderabadi Chicken biryani lungi.
They all ordered their food and started chatting:
Armaan-Toh aap hi hai Rajkumari Riddhima Gupta!!
Rahul-Sach toh keh raha hain!
Riddhima-haan Rahul par pLz mughe Riddhima ya phir kuch bhi bulao par Rajkumari nahi..plzzz
Rahul-ok Ridz!!
Armaan-Dekhunga Rajkumari jii
Riddhima scowled at Armaan.
  Till that time their food came. The talking minimized as everyone were very hungry.
They shopped for a few more hours then went back to their destinations. They have planned to meet in the café tomorrow afternoon and then shopping along with Nikki and Abhi.
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