Monday, 26 June 2017

part 4 : Want to spend everyday with U


Arjun was driving the car to the mall as per armaan's wish but he was bit worrid coz fome past houre armaan was not saying anything and just reading something I was worried for armaan too coz seeing him sooooo serous he did not know what was written in that diary but he was sure that it must b something very serouse.
As they reach the maal he asked armaan to get down
Ar: armaan v r here! Lest go in'.
A: hun did u say something??

Ar: yes armaan I said v r at the mall lets go in v have to buy a gift for ridhima right
A: let go to coffe shope then v can think about the gift
They both get doen from the car n enterd the mall arjun saw that armaan was still holding that diary that he reading few minutes ago then they reasch ot the caf that was in the mall
Ar: armaan what is this that u been reading so serousl
A: its ridhima's personal diary
Arjun speet out the coffe that he had n looked at armnn with a shoking exppration on his face
Ar: u r reading ridhima's personal diary? Armaan have u lost ur mind or what???
A: she love me'''.
Ar: what who loves u??
A: ridhima' arjun she loves me to she has dreams about me she is soooooo deply in love with me that she diffines eatch n and every thing I do she drems about me telling her that I love her asking her to marry me
Arjun was heel shoked after hering al this from armaan
Ar: armaan how do u'..
A: she wrote al her drems about me in this diary she also had described her feeling for me in here now u tell me what shud I do I mean I know I m kinda attrecred towards her n she is beautiful n intelegent but I mean I just dome understand what to do now
Ar: armaan what u said is wrong u r not attracted otwerd her u r in love with her she changed u in 2 days she had enterd ur heart she had deeply impacted u like today u invited ur self in to her birthday party and to find a gift for her u canceld al ur mittengs n now u say its just attraction I don't think so
A: arjun u realy think that this is love but I have meet her only twice n that to in one week I mean how can I fall in love with her in this ahort spame of time
Ar: armaan u have fall in love with her the time u laid ur eyes on her she is the girl that will keep u happy for rest of ur life n u think that this is al just atrection do u know how happy u look when u talk about her or even thibk about her u just brok al ur personel n profesnel rules for her it soooooo simple that she has tht effect on u that u shud have for the one u love now tell me  armaan how many females have u meet so far??
A: many
Ar: right n many of them were very famous celabrities n also few sexy models right
A: ya
Ar: then how come u never paid attention to them n now suddenly after meeting ridhima u r al changed in a gud way hun n also u never ever cared to buy a pracious gift for any one but her hun tell me why u want to do that?? Armaan this is not attraction this is love at firsdt sight''''
A: I think u r right I do love her no wonder I always think about her n cant sleep at nights n cant focuse on anything besid her'''..
Ar: exactly'.. so r u going to tell her that u love her??
A: no I want to wait till the valantines day( I know that this vantim will come lil late sorry)
Ar: that's a gud idea''.. wow u r thinking romatic now
A: yup love teches u al
Then they both lught
Ar: so what do u want to gift her
A: lets go home I have perfect gift for her
Ar: what????? What r u planning to give her??
A: mom's kangans the pustanai kada thatr mom gave it to me for my beloved wife so noe I have fond my beloved to b wife so y wait to give it to her
Ar: r u serous n what will u tell her ho ridhima her eu go this is our pustana kada its urs from now on come on she will defenatly''
A: shut uo arjun I know how to give it to her so now if ur coffe time is over can v go home I have to get ready to b with my to b wife
Arjun shake is had right to left on thinking "to b wife" but he was very happy for armaan on finding the perfect life partner for himself n also thinking on how this love has changed him sooooooooo much in a realy gud way
They both left
It was almost 6pm n ridhima was in her room thinking on what to where since armaan malik was coming she still rember how her parents had rected on learing that the armaan malik was coming to their house to wish ridhima on her birthday''.
She finaly desided on to wering a red salwar suit for tonight
After about an houre later she hard thr dore bell ring thinking that it must b her friends she opend the dore n was left breathless on  find armaan malik where bule jens white almost transplant shirt n a black jacket''''''..(OMG he is looking soooooooooooo handsome in this clothe wow he has a gift for me n whats that IS THAT MY DIARY)  


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