Friday, 16 June 2017

part 5 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

(Ridhima is taken aback by armaan's question..she turned to look at figure out if he is making fun of her..but he is just staring at her)
Ridhima: i will ask him if he is sure....hehe..just kidding...well, it depends on who is saying that to me..[ wat a strange question?]
Armaan: hmmm
Ridhima: if i am in love with that guy then i will jump and say that i love him else i would take some time to decide
Armaan: hmm..if he is handsome, then?

Ridhima: its easy to get attracted to good looking people but love...i donno...i m not sure..i should know the person first..for me love is not about just looks..i should like him as a person..[ ahh!! y is he so curious to know my views?? and y is he looking at me like that??!!..his eyes..something is different about them today]
Sapna: kya baat horaha hain?
Armaan: we were just discussing about love
Atul: wow!! abt love?
Armaan: ya, just general talk
Ridhima:[huh?!! general talk!! he asks my personal views n says general !!!]
Sapna: so wat do u know abt it? did u ever fall in love?
Armaan: yes
(everyone is surprised by his answer...all of them are looking at him curiously)
Armaan:(looking at every face) ya..i fell in love..(paused)..many times...everytime i see a beautiful girl, i fall in love..
(eh!! oh!! hehe!! came all kinds of exclamatory sounds)
Armaan:(giggling) seriously
Sapna: if u fall so many times..its not love ok?..u can call it crush or attraction
Armaan: exactly bcoz there is nothing called love..its all nonsense...
Ridhima: you will say this until u fall in love one day
Sapna: yaaa..n thats y they say "fall" in love...u cant plan or organise or arrange or even avoid it..u just fall
Armaan: only fools fall in love or shud i say they think they fell in love..and i m not one of them
Atul: i dont think so...i think its a beautiful feeling..
Armaan: ya ya, beautiful only when it starts..then starts the restrictions, demands, fights...y to get urself into all these troubles...better be alone n stay happy
Ridhima: that means u dont want get married someday?
Armaan: no way...commitment, kids, responsibilties...woah! i dont have so much patience
Sapna: well..its a personal choice but u will change your mind when u meet ur girl
Ridhima: ya..we'll see wat he says then [ he is so he the same person who asked me those intriguing questions..if wat he said now is true he must have found my answers very filmy..gosh!!..but why did he ask me...huh!! so confusing!! or may be i am overanalysing]
(Anjali comes..looking beautiful)
Anjali: hi everyone...sorry i m late...hey sapna..many happy returns of the day..
Sapna: thanks anji...hey...lets go, the food is ready

After the dinner,padma comes to take ridz:
Ridhima: ma, these are my friends
(she introduces them to padma)
Padma: ridz keeps telling about you all
Ridhima: ma chale?
Padma: ok take care bye
On their way back:
Padma: ridz, good to see that you have made friends so fast
Ridhima: (smiles)
Ridhima: ma, dad n u dont mind na if have guy friends
Padma: no are free to do wat u want..bcoz we know u wont misuse your freedom
Ridhima: hmm

Next day evening, in the busstop:
Girl: excuse me, the seniors are calling you
Ridhima: me?
Girl: ya..they r in the canteen there
Ridhima:(very tensed) [ o my God!! wat are they going to do now?]
(Ridhima enters the canteen hesitantly praying that they wont be harsh on her)
Senior: come in miss topper
Senior: ya, come n sit here
(they pointed her to a plastic stool at the centre..ridhima went n sat there..she looked around..she saw 10 people sitting around and looking at her)
Ridhima: [O Good Lord]
Senior: so, u r the top ranker in ur class
Ridhima: yes
Senior: can figure out looking ur glasses that u r a bookworm
Ridhima: (irritated) ahhh!! i m not a bookworm
Senior: oh, u mean u r intelligent enough to remember everything without reading?
Ridhima: (confused) no, its not like that
Senior: then?
Ridhima: i mean..hmm...[ gosh, wat to talk now, they seem to be scrutinising everything i say]
Senior: ok, how much is your eye sight?
Ridhima: 1.5
Senior: can u see anything without spects?
Ridhima: yes
Senior: why do wear them then?
Ridhima: bcoz my head aches if i dont wear them for long time
Senior: u know how to dance?
Ridhima: (shocked) huh!! dance!!! no
Senior: its ok, u can try now..
Ridhima:(tensed a lot) no...i mean..i donno how to
Senior: its an order, u have to
(Suddenly armaan comes)
Armaan: excuse me, whose bike is that parked on the way? can u remove it
Senior: wait for 10mins
Armaan: (arrogantly) no, i cant, i need to go
Senior: abbey, itni bhi kya zaldi hain? come n sit here...u get up (they signal ridhima)
(she gets up n moves aside..armaan comes near her)
Armaan: (in a low voice) get away from here...i will manage
Ridhima: huh?! hmm..can i bus is leaving
Seniors: ok, go
Ridhima: thanks
(she looks at armaan n gives a thankful smile)
Ridhima:[ i hope they dont trouble him much]

Ridhima's home:
(Ridhima is looking worried)
Padma: ridzy kya hua?
Ridhima: woh ma, aaj meri wajah se armaan phas gaya tha
Shashank: kaise?
Ridhima: he tried to save me from ragging n got himself in a fix instead
Padma: ohh..
Ridhima: i m worried for him, his mobile is switched off
Shashank: do u know his landline number?
Ridhima: no...(thinking)..ya, i can try asking atul
(she calls atul)
Ridhima: hello atul, ya hi..ridhima u have armaan's home number?
Atul: ya, note down
(Ridhima calls at that number)
Ridhima: hello, can i talk to armaan...(pause)..hi armaan, how r u?
Armaan: i m fine, y
Ridhima: i was so worried, did the seniors trouble you much?
Armaan: hey, thats ok, i m used to it...infact i have faced harder ones before..
Ridhima:(sigh of relief) thank God..i was so worried...y was ur mobile switched off..i was even more tensed bcoz of that..
Armaan:oh, that!! i forgot to switch it on after the class
Ridhima: tum bhi na..dumbo..daraa diya
Armaan: relax chasmish...i m fine
Ridhima: ok then, c u tomorrow
Armaan: bye
(ridhima cuts the call n smiles)

(After 2months, the seniors have arranged fresher's party...some of the juniors are busy planning the event while others are just waiting for the day bcoz seniors wont rag them after that day)
On the day of party:
(Ridz is confused wat to wear..she hovers a lot n finally decides to wear a white salwar kameez with a matching set of earrings n a chain..looking pretty simple)
Shashank: (dropping her at the venue) ok beta, when shall i come to pick you?
Ridhima: i m not sure how long it takes
Shashank: me when the party is over
Ridhima: anyway sapna will also be with me..we can come together dad..dont worry..
Shashank: ok be careful
Ridhima: ok

(Ridhima walked into the party...she saw sapna...went n sat beside her)
Ridhima: hey, where is anji?
Sapna: did u ever see her coming early..
Ridhima: hehe...where r the guys?
Sapna: must be here somewhere..organising some games
Ridhima: ok
(the senior who is hosting the event comes on to the stage)
host: welcome juniors..
(he gives a welcome speech n tells about the programs and contests for the day)
Anjali: hi ridz, hi sapna
Ridz: hi...u r looking very nice
Anjali: thanks
(the host tells about the rose queen contest)
host: each boy is given a rose when they enter this, every boy has to give his rose to the girl whom he thinks is the most beautiful in the class...ok? when everyone is done we'll count how many roses each girl has got n the one with the highest number of roses is the rose queen
Boys: hey we need more roses, difficult to decide man! so many gals are beautiful
Host: thats wat is the trick, u need to decide who is the most beautiful n give ur rose to her
Anjali: I hope i win
(Ridhima looks at anji n smiles)
(After 5mins, all the guys n gals are scattered over the hall...Ridhima got 2 roses...she is more than happy with two..she is looking at them when a hand comes forward to give her the 3rd one..She smiles n lifts her head to see who it is)

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