Wednesday, 28 June 2017

part 5 : Want to spend everyday with U


Ridhima was soooooooo scared on finding the diary in his hand.
R: this is my diary… how did u got it??
A: ohhh see I was right …. Here u go (hand her the diary)…. I told arjun that this must b ur diary coz in the offive everyone uses company diary not this one then I thought that this must have fell when v colliede in the hallway.
R: ya…..uhh

A: don't worry I did not read the diary if that's what u r thinking of!! I m very prifesonal person I don't like ot read other ppls diary without their permistion…right arjun
Ar: ya right!!( OMG I  did not know armaan can lie this gud)
A: soooooo if u alow us can v come in???
R: ohhhhhhh I m so sorry I was thinking something n then I forgot it ya plz come in
A: were u thinking on how hot I m looking right or something else
Ar(did he just say that or it was my imagination)
R(OMG he is trying ot flirt with me n he is right that I was thinking about him n he is lokking sooooooo hot in this cloth)
Armaan n arjun walked in as soon as ridhima move but she frised at the dore on hering armaan then collecteg herself she walked in n
R: plz have a sit u r very early so noone has came yet
A: I know I wanted to see first that's y
R: what???
A: I mean I didn't wanted to b late the traffinc here is realy bad so I thought that v shud leav early n see u fist then coming late
R: ohhhh ya
Just then her mom n dad walked in
SP: oh hello Mr Malik how r u??
A: hello n plz call me armaan since u r like my elders ( he bend down n took their blessing)
A: this is arjun my friend n also VP of my company
Ar: hello ( he just joint his hand)
SP: hello its realy nice of both of u to come by but as u can see its nothing bigger just a family function type of thing
A: oh plz that is gud I like it that way less ppl n simple is gud
Just then doorbell rang
Ridhima got up n went to open the dore
All 4 of her friends yelld together
An: happy b'day sweety
R: thanxs anjy
Ra: happy b'day ridhima
R: thanxs rahul
M: happy b'day ridz u look soooooo buitiful in this dress
R: thnxs mushkan
At: ya ridz u look realy gud n ya happy b'day
R: thnxs atul finaly guys u came I was waiting for u
They al prosid together toward the hall
M: so what happen today did u got hierd in the mallik empire
R: ya I did
Ra: well that's a double celebration for al of us
An: ya so lets go in n hit it
R: guys wait…….(befor she cud finish her santance they al went in she wanted to tell them that armaan malik was here too btu they al burg in to the hall)

Everything was at freez anji, rahul, mushkan, n atul al were staring at ARMAAN MAILK armaan felt lil uneasy so he got up n was going to great them but just then mushkan lost her bellens more like fainted on rahul
They al rush to her n bu the time ridhima was also there she run to get the water from the kitchen
Rahul took the glass of water n sparkle some on mushkan she came to her conscious then without looking said
M: oye ridhima main na tere tarah pagl ho gay hun main abhi tere living room main armaan malik ko dekha tere parents se bat karta hua ha ha ha
then she turn around n found armaan looking at her she cont
M: (with frown on her face) who sapna nahi tha sach main armaan malik tere ghar main hai
After hearing this they al startd to laught
A: I did not know that my presents can mack girl faint
Ar: ya at firt I thought that she might not b felling well or something
M: sorry who apko dekh kere thodi…….
A: its ok hota hai Hi (forwrod his hand for hand shak)
M: hi mushkan ridhima ki friend ( she took the hand and shook it )
R: hi rahul garawal (forwrod his hand for hand shak)
A:hi ( he took the hand and shook it )
An: Hi anjali (forwrod her hand for hand shak)
A: hi  ( he took the hand and shook it )
At: hi atul (forwrod his hand for hand shak)
A: hi ( he took the hand and shook it )

They al got up n went to sit on the chouch n by then they had known each others name n gretaed al of them with smile plasted on their face. Shashnk n padma were insid n were stting al the thing for the cake n al
A: so u la r ridhima's friend n study same as her right??
Ra: ya but she is the smarty pants in out groop
A: hmmmmm no wonder she got job in my company
An: ya well she is good n she deserves it
A: ya u r right so what r u al planning to do after college
Ra: I m planning to go to London to my parents n help my dad with his business
M: I have no idea but most likely my parents will get me married by the end of this tearm
Everyone laughing
M: guys stop it its not funny ok ridhi u lucky ur parents don't ask u those stupid question n they dontm fors u to meet stupid boys n u also have a job now
R: muski its not likt that its just that I have already warned my parents about whole marriage thing to wait till I say yes I guess they understand me
A: y u don't want to get married or r u agines the whole marriage thing
R: no its not like that but in order to get married u need to know that the guys to whome u r picking as ur life partner u must love them n r capable of taking their behavior n al if u r not welling ot make the commitment ot this person then ther is not way this marriage will work out n I need ot know this guy so I can blindly trut him n lovew him without tust love commitment this marriegr will defenatly will fall n befor I get married I want ot have something in my hand just incase that guys to whome I trusted betraid me or left me in the middle then I do not wantot return to my parents house n b a burdone ot them I m their child I shud b taking care of them n providing them not other way around
A: in this case I agree with u ridhima I belive the same that's y I am not married yet I have not found that perfect girl for me yet
(In his thought but now my wait is over after finding u ridhima)
R; did u say something
A: no
Just then Shashnk n padma came in with the cake on in thir hand
Ridhima saw that
R: mom dad u did not hade to do this OMG this cake is sooooo big
S: well beta its ur birthday n what wud b a birthday without a cake right
All: ya
P: beta here blow al the candels n make a wish
Ridhima bend n closs her eyes n in her hadeshe said ( plz god give armaan what ever he ask for n plz keep my friends n family happy just like this n if u cud can u plz send my Mr Right for me I know that armaan malik is to mush to ask for so I m not even going there)
Then she  blow al the candels n cut the cake
She took the first pice n took it to her father as soon as he was going to eat it but she took it away n give it her mom
S: ridhu what was that??
R: that's called I love mom more then I love u ha ha ha
Everyone saw what she did so they al also joint in to the laughter
S: that's not fair ridhu ur daddys princess right so the first pice of cake goest to me n I was the one who bought this cake
R: dad I know al that but tell me did u gave birth to me?? Hun tell tell
S: uhhh no how cud I….. I m man n man don't do that
R: dad they can but that is y I did not gave it to u she mom knows me far better then u know me n mom n I know each other way far befor u knew me so this one goes to mom now if u want u cane have the second pice or I can give to my friends hun so whats is it??
S: smilled at her n said ya I will have second pice
She brought the cake near his lips to feed him n this time he hold her hand
After giving cake to everyone ridhima came back to table n was trying to cut a pice for herself but just then she foubf her dad standing next to her
R: dad u want a pice
S: ya sure
She gave hime the pice of cake but when she was getting ready to get one for herself found that her dad was looking at her
So looked up
S: happy birthday my sweet lil doll n put the cake on her face n rubed it on her face very well
Everyone saw that n the hall went silent
Everyone looked at ridhima with cake all over her face
N shashnk grinning at everyone
S: that's a pay back ridhu
N he was about to go away from there but was stope by ridhima when she took another ice of cake and put it on his face
R: dad I m ur daught how can I not pay u back the love that u have given me al this years
Then she run away from there n hide behinf her mother
R: so dad whats next
Atul found this hilarious so he just bust out laughting shashnk looked at him was very angry at him thinking that a lil slimy boy was lauging at him so he picked up another pic of cake n throw it to him n it landed on his face
By then everyone was laughing everyone was having a gala time on throwing cake at each other there were only 2 ppl who were not yet involved in this fight were armaan n padma………  padma was shoked to she her living room turn in to a cakt battle place
P: will u al stope this u r running this party n u al r running the furniture n………. while al this were going one armaan was sitting on a chare behind padma so no one can rich him
She was arbutury stoped by the cake on her face thrown by shashnk
P: shashnk tum bhi in sabh ka saath aur tum na muje pa kyun dala
S: to make u look more butiful
P: ohhh really then let my make u handsome tooo saying so she throw the cake at him but he duk n it went stringt to ridhima
R: mom what did I do?? Y did u throw it on me she pick up another pice of cake n thru it on the padma but to her bed luck padma duck the cake n it went to non another then our very own armaan malik
She looked at himself n then to ridhima the entir hall went Into a silence al were thinking only one thing what will armaan do to ridhima???????????


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