Friday, 2 June 2017

part 6: Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 6

"toh main jayuun??"
She asked softly nd his smile vanished hearing her.. He wanted to stop her but did he have that right?? he juz kept on looking at her intently wanting her to stop but didn't gather courage to  give words to his thought..
She too waited but then sighing she turned to go.. She juz took a few steps wen she heard..
"Riddhima ji??"

She stopped hearing his desperate voice.. He came in front of her quickly nd asked..
"Hum fir milenge, na??"
He asked being extremely nervous.. His heart was telling that its not the end.. Their story couldn't end this way but in the next moment, his mind raised the dreaded question... Do they have a story???
He waited breathlessly for her answer.. Only God knew how fast his heart was beating.. His fingers were crossed hoping to hear "yes" from her but why on the earth she was taking this much of time to answer such a simple question..?? Gosh!! this girl would kill him surely..

"To aap dono fir miley , na, naani??" junior asked impatiently..

"obviously armu, warna dono ki shaadi hoti kya??" Arima lightly smacked junior's head..

"oh ya.. ri8.." Junior relaxed hearing his mom.. nd arima smiled seeing her son getting so involved in her parents' story..

"that's not necessary arri.. Shadi to is liye bhi ho sakti hain kyunki humarey parents ne decide ki.. u know in our time, arrange marriages was very common.." Riddhima said nd Junior exclaimed at once before his mom could answer..
"wattt???? u mean naanu aur aapki .. arrange marriage??? ohhh no!!!"
he became very sad all of a sudden.. Riddhima grinned seeing her chotu armaan nd arima nodded her head hopelessly..
"kyun?? arrange marriage mein kya problem hain, bachcha??"
Riddhima asked innocently hiding her grin..
"no naani.. not like that.. woh actually.. love stories ki baat hi kuch alag hoti hain..!!" junior replied sadly again..
"oh.. aapko bada pata hain love stories ke barey mein?? kahi koi pasand toh nahi aa gayyee  na.. school mein??" Riddhima asked teasingly nd hearing her, Arima's mouth fell open in shock nd junior looked at his granny at once..
"u r pulling my leg, isn't it??" junior demanded nd this time in spite of trying riddhima couldn't able to resist her smile..
"naaniii... " he jumped on riddhima nd ordered.. "mujhsey nautanki??? hahaha.. very bad naani.. aab bina aapki love story complete kiye aapko sone nahi dunga, mind it..!!"
Riddhima laughed her heart out hearing junior's threatening nd said.. "ur wish is my command, sir.."
nd cuddled junior in a cozy, warm embrace.. wen suddenly junior looked at his mom nd saw her still shocked..
"aab yeh mom ko kya ho gaya??" junior whispered surprisingly nd Riddhima too looked at Arima.. "mommm" junior's shout brought Arima back to the reality.. "watt??" junior asked her but her reply made him more confused..
"mumma.. u okk??"
Riddhima chuckled hearing her daughter nd poor junior looked at his mom, then his granny nd again his mom.. Riddhima was still hugging her grand son nd casually replied..
"of course i'm.. mujhe kya hoga ??"
"mumma.. aap ne armu ko GF ko leke tease kiya nd u r asking me if i'm okk or not?? really mumma???"
Arima asked with questions written all over her face.. she couldn't digest the topic how her mumma teased Armu with GF??? is she her same mumma who created a biggg hungama wen she came to know about her BF !!!!
Riddhima chuckled seeing her daughter's hilarious expression.. She knew why she was reacting this way nd seeing Arima so shocked forced her to pinch her cheeks like she always did in arima's childhood..
"aauch.. mummaaa" Arima ran her hand on her cheek pouting, remembering how her mumma used to pull her cheeks wen she was young nd she always frowned at that but today it made her extremely happy.. This lill pinch on her cheeks brought back all sweet memories of her childhood nd she smiled widely..
"koi mujhe bhi bata do yeh ho kya raha hain??" poor junior being highly confused asked softly nd both the ladies smiled seeing him pouting..
"main batati hoon armu.. Aapko pata hain.. yeh aapki darling naani ko jab merey boyfriend yaani aapke papa ke barey mein pata chala to ghar mein kitna bada hungama hua tha...??"
junior became excited again sensing another love story..
"aur aaj woh aapney grand son ko tease kar rahi hain.. aur woh bhi kaun si topic pe.. GF ?? .. do u think armu.. yeh digestible hain, hmm..??" Arima asked her son but indirectly teased her mother ..
but junior wasn't find it as exciting as his mumma-papa's love story.. so, he asked joyfully..
"woww mom.. pop aur aapki bhi love marriage hui thi?? great.. toh naani ke baad, aapki bari hain.."
nd as soon as he completed his wish, he got a playful smack from his mom..
"badmaashh.. har waqt sirf masti.. haan?? abhi sirf naani ki hi sunlo.. meri wali baad mein sun lena.. Sona bhi hain ya nahi??"
"offooo mom.. its my summer vaccation!!"
"so wat?? vaccation hain to whole 9t jagoge kya?? padhai nahi karni??"
"par mumma... ??"
"no par war.. (then turning to riddhima, arima asked excitedly..).. age batao na, mumma??"
Junior at once remembered the story nd joined his mom.. "yess naani.. age kya hua??"

Each n every second seemed eons to him.. finally she whispered..
"agle haftey se school suru ho rahi hain.. "
she paused but he kept on looking at her trying to find the meaning.. He asked some thing but she replied some thing different.. But before he could understand anything, she started.. "mm.. aab main chalti hoon.. papa ji ka aane ka waqt ho raha hain.. " nd without waiting she flew from there.. Armaan kept on looking at her retrating figure until she went out of his vision.. He sighed nd turning started walking to his house.. He was feeling bad.. why didn't she answer him.. ?? didn't she like him?? then y did she go with him alone so far?? godd!! whoever said this, is 100% true.. understanding a girl is simply impossible.. He came far from the field nd was still very gloomy nd upset wen suddenly some thing stroke his mind nd he stopped..
"godd!! yeh mujhe pehle kyun nahi samajh aya?? (he smacked his forehead with his right hand nd sighed) armaan.. tu to gadha hain gadha.. " he cursed himself more nd then looking at the sky whispered happily..
"thank u babaji.. thank u sooo much.. i juz love u"



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