Sunday, 18 June 2017

part 6 : Loves Me Loves Me Not

Ridz: Armaan !!! [ the person who teases me the most, who never leaves a chance to comment on me thinks i am the most beautiful in the class??!! i cant believe this!!]
(armaan was in a white tshirt n jeans with denim jacket)
Ridz: thanks

Armi:(smiles) welcome...
(Ridz is looking at him...surprised)
Armi: oh, u already have 2 roses..i dint know there are two blind people in our class who like this chasmish..
Ridz: 3...including you
Armi: me?? i thought no one would give you, i just wanted to lift your mood
Ridz: oh reallyy!! take it back mood is fine
Armi: no diya na..rakhlo...hehe..just kidding..its for you
(The contest is over...some other girl wins the contest..anjali misses it by just one rose..)
Anji: ohh!!! i lost it by just one rose...hey, whom did armaan give his rose?
Ridz: me
Sap: (smiles) wow, thats cool
Anji:(surprised) you? i thought he would give it to me
Ridz: who did Rahul give his rose to?
Anji: muskaan
Sap: i think they r childhood friends
Anji: ya, n may be chidlhood sweethearts also..heard so
Ridz: oh, is it? [ why am i not feeling bad? i was finding rahul handsome n interesting, then y dont i feel anything now?? strange !!]
(after some programs n dinner..the party ends..ridhima is searching for sapna..she cant find her)
Ridz: Anji, did u see sapna?
Anji: not seen her from long time..ask the boys..i m going...bye
Ridz: bye
(Ridz goes to armi)
Ridz: Armaan, did u see sapna?
Armi: oh ya, she left some time ago..she was searching for you but you were involved in some game..she told me to tell you that she remembered some important work, so she left suddenly..sorry, i forgot to tell you
Ridz: Armaan!! u idiot...i m stuck now...i dint even call my dad..i thought i will go with sapna..see, everyone is leaving now, i will look like a watchman for this hall..anyways i will call him now..
Ridz: no??
Armi: i mean its my fault, i forgot to tell will drop u
Ridz: no..its ok..thanks
Armi: r u sure..i mean i can drop u...i have no problem..y do want to trouble ur dad now..
Ridz: no..its alright [ u may not have but i will have a problem sitting behind a guy]
Armi: ok as u wish..i will stay with u till he comes
Ridz: thanks
(she calls her dad, he says he will be there in 15mins)

Armaan n ridhima are walking on the lawn outside the hall:
Armi: are you feeling cold? take my jacket
Ridz: no...i m fine..u look good in it
Armi: thanks
Ridz: the party was good na
Armi: ya..thankfully no ragging from today
Ridz: hey, actually i never thanked u for that day..thanks armaan
Armi: never mind...seniors have made me do tougher things..that day was just normal
Ridz: really, wat did they make you do?
Armi: many yaar... once they made me dance like a snake..u know that naagin dance...gosh!
Ridz: (laughing)
Armi: u laugh like a kid..without any inhibitions
(Ridhima looked at him...armaan is staring at her)
Ridz: [ again!! the same look that he gave on sapna's birthday, wat does that mean?? probably nothing..dont think too much ridzy]
Ridz: thanks..and..wat else did u do?
Armi:once they asked me to sing in a girl's voice..talking is ok yaar but singing like a girl..n they made me repeat it so many times pointing out some or the other fault in it...
Ridz: how do u manage to do all this without losing ur temper?
Armi: its simple..u cant escape, so njoy wat u do..thats
Ridz: u make everything sound simple..but i get very nervous in such situations
Armi: hmm..(pause for few seconds) u know wat u r wearing my favorite color..
Ridz: oh..white??
Armi: ya
Ridz: my favorite is light pink...isnt it a nice color?
Armi: ya but very girly...looks good on you..
Ridz: lagta hain aaj kuch hone wala hain..earthquake or floods or something...u r being so nice to me..(giggles)
Armi: arey nahi yaar..just like that...
Ridz: u know i used to hate u in the starting
Armi: oh!! that means u love me now?? (with a naughty smile)
Ridz: huhhh??!! i mean i dont hate u now...not my fault ok..u were very annoying
Armi: its fun to irritate you..
Ridz: (makes a pout and smiles)
Armi: so wat else r u good at other than being irritated easily
Ridz: i used to play tennis in school..was pretty good at it
Armi: oh wow, do u play now?
Ridz: no, i stopped after i started wearing glasses in my 12th standard..i miss the game a lot
Armi: hey, if u miss it so much u can go for lenses right? u can wear them atleast when u r playing
Ridz: no, i m scared of putting anything in my eyes
Armi: u dumbo...try them first
Ridz: no...i m scared
Armi: i m wearing them from 2 years..
Ridz(fully surprised): wattt??? u wear lenses???
Armi: ya, had to...i was the football team captain in my school...couldnt leave it just for glasses..
Ridz: Oh my God!! u urself use lenses and u call me chasmish.. eh no, i dont believe u..must be kidding
Armi: no..seriously..i m wearing them now..see
(Ridz moves closer to see..she cant see the she moves further)
Ridz: i cant see them
(now she is very near to his face..she sees his eyes...of her favorite color..looking straight into hers)
Ridz: [ gorgeous eyes!!]
(she feels his breath on her cheeks...realises she is too close n moves back)
Armi: did u see?
Ridz: wat??
Armi: lens
Ridz: no (innocently)
Ridz: huh!! u r such a devil armaan!! u made a fool out of me?
Armi: no need to make..u r already a fool..
Ridz: ughhh !! go to hell !!
(saying this she starts walking away from him..armaan holds her hand n stops)
Armi: hey..dont go that side..its dark it is u cant see in normal light..
Ridz: ughhhh !!! u r impossible !!
(she tries to go away again but armaan is still holding her hand tight)
Ridz: ok, i wont go, leave my hand now
(armaan leaves her hand)
Armi: hehe...i was the football team captain..thats true hun!!..n ya my friend wears lenses..she says they r comfortable...
Ridz: i will think
Armi: but u look good in glasses...waise bhi if u dont wear glasses whom will i call chasmish
Ridz: acha !!?
(Ridz mobile rings, shashank is there)
Ridz: ok armaan, i need to go
Armi: let me come with u till the gate..its late night
Ridz: ok
(they walk till the gate)
Ridz: papa, this is armaan
Armi: namaste uncle
Shash: namaste..thanks for being with her
Armi: not a problem uncle
Shash: ridzy chale?
Ridz: haan, bye armaan, good night
Armi: bye..bye uncle
(ridz sits in the car n peeps out to wave to armaan..he is standing there smiling)
Ridz: [ ahh!! i dont feel like going home]

(after a month...the internal exams have started..there will be 3exams best 2 are taken n average is added to the final exam marks..its the day of first internal exam)
Ridz: sapna, prepared well?
Sap: ya.. kind of
Examination hall:
(the bell rings..armaan is about to switch off his phone when it rings)
Armi: hello...wat? ohh...i m coming
(Armaan is rushing out of the hall)
Ridz: hey kya hua
Armi: my friend met with an accident..i have to go
Atul: but exam
Armi: its ok, i'll cover up in next two
Anji: his family will take care..dont miss the exam
Armi: no, his family is not here..i need to go

Next day, ridz sees armaan as she enters the college:
Ridz: howz ur friend?
Armi: he is fine now..thankfully i was on time...they were about to take him for operation..
Ridz: thank God
Armi: i was so tensed till he came out of operation theatre..
Ridz: hmm..i understand [wat a friend i am gifted with!! ]
Armi: his parents arrived early morning today
Ridz: were u there till they came...u look tired
Armi: ya, slept for 2 hrs only
Ridz: ohh..will u be able to write the exam today
Armi: have to..already missed one yesterday
Ridz: hmm

Ridz meets keerti that weekend:
Ridz: howz ur college?
Keerti: good yaar...par bahut ragging horaha hain..
Ridz: hamara khatam hogaya
Keerti: did anyone trouble u?
Ridz: i was so badly fixed one day..thankfully armaan came n helped me out
Keerti: armaan??!! is he the same guy who called u chasmish
Ridz: ya, same guy..but he is good..we r friends now..
Keerti: u dint tell me all these days?
Ridz: u know na i wont accept anyone as a friend so soon
Keerti:, now u accepted?
Ridz: ya, he is completely different from inside...i mean he comes across as a very arrogant guy but actually very good hearted n helping...u wont know that unless u become close to him...opposite of wat he projects himself as ..donno y he does that
Keerti: everyone has a different attitude
Ridz: hmmm...he doesnt say anything but its tacit that u can go to him anytime for help n he will be there for you..
Keerti: trustworthy..hun?
Ridz: ya..but he is very naughty..irritates me a lot..though i dont get offended now
Keerti: hmmm

(its been 7months since the college started, all five have become a close group of friends)
A day before valentines day:
Sap: hey guys wats the program tomorrow?
Armi: tomorrow?
Ridz: valentines day dumbo
Armi: actually april 1st should be celebrated as lovers day..
Ridz: shut up.. u monkey
Anji: kuch celebration hona chahiye yaar
Atul: ya, i agree with anji
Sap: ok, tomorrow is sunday..shall we meet in the evening?
Armi: ya.. done
Atul: abbey tu kyu itna excited hain? pyar vyaar sab bakwaas hain na tere liye...
Armi: haan but just like that..i know u'll be bored without me..i m coming for u guys
Ridz: nautanki
Sap: i have a surprise for u ppl tomorrow
Anji: oh wow!!
Ridz: kya hain surprise?
Armi: yo chasmish..apne dimak par bhi chasma daal...surprise hain...kaise bataayegi
Ridz: oh ok ok..just got overexcited

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