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part 6 : Want to spend everyday with U


After seeing armaan's face covered with the cake everyones was left shoked and had only one  thing in their mind what wud he do to ridhima it was like they have been put in to the puse mode. In order to change the atmosepfier padma jumped in
P: ok now everyone shud go n freshen up so we al can have dinner.
All: ya sure
They al left to get freshen up shashnk took armaan n arjun to his room
On the other side ridhima went to her room was sacred to face armaan but now she cant don't anything

After everyone came back to hall for dinner al the girls n padma serve the dinner to everyone this dinner was the most horiblew meal anyone wud have had in their life.
Armaan was very quit arjun saw that n he thought that mayb he is realy mad at ridhima  for the cake but it was not realy her fault. But now what can anyone do to  save her from armaan
Ridhima was thinking that she is going ot get fierd even before starting her job arjun was thinking whats going on in armaan's mind he is usely not this quit n angree I meen he has been very forgiven person then y was he fuming with anger in ridhima rahul, atul, anji, n muskan were praying to god that she shud not loos this job coz she has worked very heard for this padma was praying to god too shashnk was mad at himself for strting this fight in the first place''''''''
About half an houre later everyone finished their dinner girls were helping in the kitchen n boys were trying to make conversation with eatc other arjun was talking about some new movie that was coming out just then armaan's phone rang n he got up n went in to one of the room with out looking n started talking on the phone
As soon as he left the girls came out ridhima was very nervouse n shaking.
Arjun came forward with a lil gift in his hand
Ar: hey ridhima her u go ur b'day gift'.
R: ohh arjun sir u didn't had to do this
Ar: oh plz ridhima don't call me sir n take it n think that a friend is giving u this not ur boss ok
He put forward the gift and ridhima took it she opend it n it had a very nice braselat in it it said "for friendship"
R: wow its realy beautiful thnxs a lot arjun
Ar: ur welcome I m realy glad that u liked it
Just then armaan came in to the leaving room after finishing his phone call he came stringht to ridhima n had his both hand behin his back
A: Miss Gupta
Ridhima turend n was so scared to face him
R: I m realy very sorry sir I did not do that on purpose I was just ''.
A: Miss Gupta this was the first time I went to a b'day partbut since its ur b'day I want say much but''''
He pused n looked at ridhima who had closed her eyes on thinking that he is going ot eather fire her or slap her realy hard on her face
Armaa n gave out a lil smill bring his hand forward n v can see he had a hug pice of cake in his hand n in no time he rubed it all over her face like appling a lotion on the face
Ridhima opend her eyes n forund armaan staring at her n had a hug smile on his face with his dimple showing
A: its was a pay back ridhima Armaan Malik never back off from paying back
He let out a loud laught n after seeing ridhima everyone else also started laughing but ridhima was just string at armaan n armaan looked at her n winked at her
Ridhima's mouth left open on seeing him winking at her Armaan Malik just winked at her but this was not seen by anyone coz they al were so much in to laughing
Armaan went up to Sashank n padma n took their blessing
A: it was realy nice to meet u al today n I realy hade a good time of my life and the food was just gr8 just like my mom's food
P: thnxs beta
A: n it was realt nice ot meet u al too (looking at RMAA)
RMAA: it was good to meet u too
A: lets go arjun good night everyone
N they both lefet
Ridhima was still not in her sence n was standing I nthe same position with her mouth open
All turen around n founf her like that n stanted to laught at her she came ot her sace n saw that armaan n arjun had left so she ran to her room and in ot the wash room ot clean her face
When she came out she start wiping her face with the towel n then her eye fall on the box that was reped in the read wraping paper n had small note next to it
She went up to that box n picked up the note n started to read
Dear Ridhima
          I m very sorry for behaving realy bad with u but belive me it was al a joke. I was just joking with u but if I have hurt u then plz forgive me. I know after me being very quit u must have thought that I was going to fire u but how can I get mad at u'' thisred box is a gift for u from me. I hope that u like it n u accept it .
She picked up the box n open it there she found one beautiful kada in it. It weas made out of gold n its was just sooooooooo beautiful in the box she also found another note which said
          I hope u like ur gift I spaned resat of the day thinking what shud I get u as it was my first time buying thing for someone n that to for a girl. But only thing that came to my mind was this kada' this is my mom's lucky kada she always told me that with this kada on her hand she alwas had a god with her n she got what ever she wanted so now my mom is not with u so I thought that u shud have this as u need this n it will look realty good on u I wish u a very long life n very healthy life may god bles u n fulfill al ur desires. This kada will always keep u safe n sound n protected from bed dids I just hope that u like this gift my heart says u will love it'''''..
After reading this ridhima was hell shoked on knowing this that armaan malik had gifted her his mom's lucky kada this got ot b the best gift ever but then she thought
R: I cant keep this is lookes realy exapsinve n I m just his employee I acne take this I will go to him tomarrow n return this to him
Just then she head  a footsteps coming toward her so she hurrely hide the gift in her drawers n look at the dore
It was padma
P: beta come on go to bed its realy late n u have ot go to college tomarow
R: ya mom good night
P: good night beta
Ridhima changed in ot her night dress n went o her bed to have some sleep but it was miles aways from her she cud not sleep she had only one question in her head y did armaan gift her his mom's kada instead of anything else
On the other hand arjun n armaan were driving back ot their home armaan was drivinb the car he had this smile playing on his lipes n had a happy look on his face arjun saw that n asked
Ar: armaan why are you looking so happy its not ur b'day??
A: ya I know that but its ridhima's b'day''..
Ar: ohhhh so that's y u r happy
A: what r u trying ot say
Ar: I m trying ot say that y did u behave like this weith her like u were so mad at her n then u put cake on her face n u di not gace her the gift
A: well I behave like that coz she was looking soooooooooooo cute with that puupy face I just cant get over it n the cake well she throw the cake at me then y shud I have backed out n the gift well I gave it too her
Ar: u gave her the gift when???
A: well I did not directly gave her the gift I put the gift in her room by the computer n left a not for her
Ar: r u sure it was her room n how did u got to her room in the firt place??
A: arjun rember I hade to attend a call so ot attend that I went to one room with out realizing that it was her room then when I finished talking I lookeda round I figerd that it was her room coz it had al the girls stuff in it
Ar: ohhhhhhhh
A: so then I had an idea oh takking revasng of that cake n I also thought of give the gift ot her like that coz I was sure I wud not b able ot give it to her by myself
Ar: n why is that???
A: coz I don't know when i see her I just cant say anything
Ar: I u cant say anuthing but u can wink at her right
Armaan looked at him in shoke
A: u saw that
Ar: ya I did I m not a fool
A: but''''
Ar: but what hunnnnn
By now armaan was blussing on finding that his best friend had sen him doing something that he never had imaging he wud do in his wild drime
Now armaan was leying on his bed think about the party n tsalking ot him self
A: wow she was looking so gorgeuse n that slwar suit she is soooooooo simple yet so butiful she don't have to anything spacia to look beautiful I just hope that she accept that kada other wise I have to do some thing for her ot keep it
With this they both went in to their dram land thinking about eatc other


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