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part 7 & 8 : Beetein_Lamhe

PART - 7


Riddhima was going to her school riding on her bicycle with her frnz on their respective bicycles wen she intentionally stopped at the same place where her bicycle's tire got punctured on the last day of her exam nd armaan helped her..

Neetu : kya hua riddhi?? tu ruk kyun gayee??
Geeta : haan yaar.. jaldi chal.. warna pehle hi din daant padegi..
Ri : wohhh.. woh kya hain na.. main diary lana toh bhul hi gayee..
Sweety : kya??? Riddhi.. aab tu to gayee..
Neetu : oye chup kar.. aur mat dara bechari ko!! aab tu kya karegi riddhi??
Ri : mmm.. wohh tum log jao.. main ghar hoke ayyee..
Geeta : par yaar... abhi itna waqt kahan hain?? tu late ho jayegi.. issey behter tu abhi chal.. waisey bhi daant toh padne hi wali hain..
Ri : mm.. arrey koshish karne mein kya harz hain.. tum sab jao.. main bas abhi gayee aur abhi ayee...
Sweety : par..
Ri : waisey bhi daant parene hi wali hain kam se kam try to kar loon...

All agreed nd left leaving her behind. But riddhima didn't go back to her house but standing there started searching some one here n there..

"lagta hain.. wohh nahi ayee.."

She mumbled sadly nd decided to go to school..

"itni shiddat se agar yaad karengi toh bhagwan bhi aa jayenge aur yeh banda toh waisey bhi aapka deewana hain"

Riddhima turned at once hearing a manly voice nd seeing the person in front of her, her face glowed, eyes twinkled with happiness, lips curved into the sweetest smile nd in excitement she asked..

"aap aa gayyee??"

His face too lightened up hearing her.. Gosh!! that means she was expecting him to come nd that means may be she too like him nd missed him too like he did.. He smiled widely showing his cute dimples nd replied..

"main toh kab se yehi hoon.. teen ghante ho gayee hain.. "

Riddhima became shocked hearing this piece of information.. Its almost 8:45 AM now.. nd he came here three hours before?? that means around 5:45 AM ????? She was sooo surprised that she couldn't help but scolded him..

"aap pagal ho gayee ho kya??? teen ghante pehle koi ata hain kya?? (then in a soft n caring tone).. nashta (break fast) bhi kiya hain ya fir ainvayii..."

But before she could complete , she saw him nodding his head negatively like a lill kid being scolded by his teacher.. She couldn't help but smile seeing his cute, pouting expression nd felt a huge urge to pull his cheeks.. "Aarggg.. yeh main kya soch rahi hoon.. tu toh gayyee riddhi.. " she smacked herself mentally but before she could check her feelings, his reply blew her heart again..

"kya karta.. neend hi nahi ayyee raat bhar... (then bowing his head, guiltily he continued).. wohh kya hain na.. mujhse subah utha nahi jata.. agar raat ko so jata toh waqt pe yahan nahi aa pata.. (then raising his eyes).. aur waisey bhi uss din ke baad meri raato ki neend toh ek pari ne chura li hain.. aab toh jab tak wohh aapni dill ki baat nahi kahegi na main chain se so sakta hoon aur na jag sakta hoon.. (he sighed).. mujhe toh darr hain.. agar unhone 'Naa' keh diya toh kahi sach mein pagal na ho jayuun.."

He said so softly, so honestly, so warmly that she felt her heart being stolen at that moment.. She smiled shyly nd also blushed at the same time.. then coming near him, she said gently..

"agar ussey 'Naa' kehna hota toh woh abhi school ke andar hotii.. bahar nahi.."

He wasn't expecting this answer nd blinked his eyes to register the meaning..

"mujhey lagta hain.. jisney aapka dill churaya hain.. uska dill bhi aab uske pass nahi raha.."

Riddhima paused nd seeing his eyes became widen with shock , she laughed heartily :

"aabhi main chalti hoon.. warna sachchi mein pehle hi din mujhe bahot daant sunni padegi"

nd she turned bt before riding her cycle, she turned nd said in a lilll louder tone..

"aur haan nashta zaroor kar lijiye ga.. mujhe nahi lagta aapkey 'pari' ko yeh accha lagega keh aap usske liye sara din bhookha rahe..."

nd waving her hand she left for her school leaving a dazed armaan behind.. who was so shocked dat it took few minutes to react nd wen he understood wat she said , he found her out of his vision already .. but he was extremely happy... he jumped in joy throwing his both hands in air... nd shouted...

"i love you.. meri Pari..."


"woowww.. pari????" junior asked smilingly .. he liked the name a lot... "fir aage kya hua .. naani??"

Riddhima smiled seeing junior soo happy nd looked at Arima who smiled in return..

"armu.. beta... baki ki kahani kal sun lena.. abhi bahot late ho raha hain.. come.. let's go to sleep" Arima said but in return junior juz protested..
"no wayysss .."
Ari : bacchha... kal fir sun lena, na?? aapki naani ki love story mein abhi bhi bahot kuch baki hain.."
but it juz excited him more.. Arima sighed and looked at the clock.. "2:10 AM"... Ri : armu...
Junior : no naani.. aab aap mat suru ho jana.. u know na, mera summer vacation  chal raha hain.. toh fir problem kya hain??
Ri : bacchha.. problem kuch nahi hain.. par aabhi toh aapki chuutti hain,na.. toh roz raat ko hum aisey story sunenge aur masti karenge, yeh zyada acchha option nahi lagta aapko??
junior started thinking nd became confused.. Arima at once started getting her mumma's hint..
"aur nahi toh kya... aisey late 9t gup-shap ki toh baat hi kuch alag hoti hain.. aur ek din ke badley agar full vacation iska maza uthaya ja sakta hain toh... i think 2nd one is far better option.."
junior looked at his mother being extremely confused.. Arima hugged him nd whispered..
"naani bhi tired ho gayye honge na, beta?? so.. hum baki ki story kaal continue karenge, thik hain na.. baby??"
nd with this junior looked at his naani nd then turning to arima smilingly he said.. "yess mom.. u r right.. (then turning to riddhima he said making a puppy face).. cholly naani..u must be tired, nahi?? woh kya hain na.. aapki aur naanu ki story itniii pyari hain ke dhyaan hi nahi aya.. (then smiling widely)..okk.. baaki ki kahani aap kal sunana..good night naani.."
Riddhima smiled sweetly seeing her junior's care for her nd stretched her arms widely. on the other hand, understanding the meaning junior too came quickly n hugged her tight..
"love u naani.."
"i love u too bacchha.."
nd soon Arima took junior with her biding riddhima.. "good night mumma.."
"gud 9t arrii.."

"kabhi kabhi ek sweet si 'i love u' iss nacheez ki kismaat mein bhi aana chahiye.. nahi??"

Riddhima heard a voice at her back nd smiled widely..


PART - 8

"kabhi kabhi ek sweet si 'i love u' iss nacheez ki kismaat mein bhi aana chahiye.. nahi??"

Riddhima heard a voice at her back nd smiled widely..

"mm.. Tum kab ayyee??"
Riddhima asked softly..

"maine kaha tha na tumse, jaan... itni shiddat se agar yaad karengi toh bhagwan bhi aa jayenge aur yeh banda toh waisey bhi aapka deewana hain"
Riddhima felt the voice coming lill nearer than before nd blushed heavily feeling his presence..

"oyyee hoyyee.."
nd it did nothing but added more shyness to her..

"waisey tumhe pata hain.. tum aaj bhi mujhey waisi hi lagti ho jaisey pehli baar mujhe mili thi.."


Riddhima sang his name nd turned to him glaring... He laughed a lill nd said..

"aur tumhara yeh gussa.. aaj bhi bilkul yehi (pointing to her lill nose) pe rehta hain.."

"very funny .. jaao main tumse baat nhi karti.."

He came in front of her nd said chuckling..

"buddi ho gayye ho.. fir bhi nakhre dekho.. baap re baap !!"

"hawww!!! Armaan.. main??? main nakhre karti hoon??? aur.. aur.. aur.. buddhi kisko kahan tumne?? for ur kind information Mr. ... i'm 6 years younger to you, remember..??"

she said pointing her finger to him nd also with a threatening tone.nd here he was having his gala time teasing her like alwaz n so he decided to play along..

"oh really Mrs. Mallik... mmm.. let me remind you some thing then... now u're 7 years elder to me.."

but this did reverse effect on her.. Riddhima realized the bitter reality nd became upset at once.. on the other hand, armaan smacked himself mentally for raising this topic unknowingly.. He so enjoy teasing his wifey that he completely forgot wat he was saying in the flow of the argument... Riddhima turned her face side ways trying to hide her tears.. Armaan felt terrible causing pain to his love.. he still loves her madly nd cannot see her in pain.. He made her look to him nd sitting in front of her he tried to say something but riddhima was faster than him, this time..

"tum kyun chale gaye , armaan??"

she asked this simple question so deeply, so painfully that it wrenched his heart badly... nd that was not enough wen he found her eyes bleeding with tears... He wiped off the tear stream gently nd controlling his own pain tried to make her normal..

"sshh .. jaan... dekho main toh yahi hoon, na!! tumhare pass.. tumhare sath.."

but he was cut in between with her second encounter..

"par maine aisey to nahi manga tha na tumhe?? kyun chale gayye tum??"

He couldn't help but hugged her nd she too started crying miserably now..

"i miss our old days armaan.. i miss u like that.. tum kyun nahi rukhe mere pass.. armaan?? aur nahi mujhe aane diya tumhare pass.. tab tumne kaha ke arima ko meri zaroorat hain par.. (breaking d hug n looking straight into his eyes),, par aab to junior kafi bada ho gaya hain, na... to fir aab kyun nahi aa sakti main tumhare pass..bolo na armaan.. kyun nahi aa sakti main???"

she confessed her desire nd it panicked him more...

"rid.. ridhimaa... (then cupping her face).. jaan .. aabhi bhi unhe tumhari zaroorat hain.. aur tum kyun aisa soch ti ho?? dekho yeh tumhare pyaar ka hi bandhan hain jo maut bhi mujhe tumse door nahi kar paya.. kaha tha na tumhe itni shiddat se mangogi to bhagwaan bhi mana nahi kar sakte.. aur dekho reh gaya na main tumhare pass.. humesha ke liye..."


"no par war... kitna roti ho yaar... abhi bhi tanki full hain... itney saal ho gayee.. yeh tanki khali kyun nahi hoti??? chakkar kya hain?? pacific ocean se connected hain kya??"

he asked innocently nd received a playful smack from her..

"aur tum bhi toh waisey ke waisey ho.. grand papa ban gayee ho par abhi bhi shaitani.. tum kahan se latey ho armaan.. itneyy sare nayee nayee shaitan ideas.. hmm??"

he laughed nd relaxed at once seeing her becoming normal again nd said.. "kahan se lata hu yeh toh mujhe bhi nahi pata par kyun lata hoon yeh mujhe pata hain!!"

"achcha??? "


"to fir kyun karte ho itni masti??"

"bata doon??"


"tum firsey naazrey to nahi churao gi , na??"


"okk .. batata hoon.. itni shaitani iss liye krta hoon taki MERI PARI ki hontho pe wohh hansi dekh sakoon jisme meri jaan basti hain.."

nd as soon as she heard him, she turned her gaze blushing heavily.. Armaan smiled nd thanked god for allowing him to stay with his love.. nd he extended his hand to her nd asked gently..


she looked back at him, then his extended hand nd then back to him nd smiling widely said..

"agar tum gana gaaoge tohh.."

he smiled widely, exposing his dimples he started her favorite song which he wrote himself for her on their 1st anniversary...

asmani rang hooo...

Riddhima smiled widely seeing him singing her fav song.. how she loves this song!! nd all the past sweet memories with this song came to her mind.. how she felt extremely lucky wen armaan wrote this song for her nd never the less the way he sang it for the 1st time juz took her into some other land.. a land of love.. a land of satisfaction..

pyaaar ki boond hoo..

her thoughts broke wen she felt him dragging her close holding her hand.. she looked in his heaven blue eyes nd saw the same love she used to see once or more than before... she smiled nodding her head side ways.. he is still the same armaan.. nd put her another hand on his shoulder..

roshni hoo dhup hooo..
chahaton ki gunj ho..

She kept her head on his chest as she did on her 1st anniversary nd closed her eyes remembering that day..

aanchal mein hain phanak chandni
haathon mein woh chand hain
gairon se bhi hain waastan apno mein pehchaan hain ...

Both swayed gently with the song cherishing each n every moment of their life.. Armaan smiled remembering her expression wen he told her about this song.. she was sooo shocked with happiness that he could never forget that expression of hers.. 1st she froze knowing that he wrote a song for her, nd wen he sang that for her, he was sooo happy that she cling onto him suddenly nd kissed him tightly.. goshh!!! nd after that her face was worth watching.. she turned into scarlet in shyness for kissing her own hubby that too after completing one year of togetherness.. He sooo loved her for her naive nature that he couldn't express in words.. she is the most valuable gift in his life making him complete..

taratarira taratarira taratarira tu zindagiii ...
mera izhaar hain pyaar hi pyaar hain yaaron ki yaar hain tu zindagiii
tuhse main kya kahun tu hi mera sukun sang tere rahun tu zindagiii...

both were dancing slowly embracing each other remembering their old time nd also thanked god in heart for allowing them to be together because its far better than the pain of permanent separation..



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